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‘Drink-driving’ musician Tererai Mugwadi in court over culpable homicide charge

By Lovemore Meya

Musician Tererai Mugwadi, who is facing a charge of culpable homicide after she was involved in an accident while drunk, reportedly boasted that she was prepared to compensate any death.

Tererai Mugwadi
Tererai Mugwadi

This came out yesterday in court when a State witness Nomatter Mahute was giving evidence. Mahute told the court that on June 23, at around 8.40pm he was on his way from the city centre when the accident occurred.

“I boarded a Toyota Hiace Truck which was being driven by Tichaona Takaeneya in company of four other people. On approaching a certain point along Seke Road near Tusilago Kitchens, I suddenly heard a noise of impact caused by the accused,” said Mahute.

“Our vehicle overturned, throwing out all the passengers. After the accident, I realised that the now deceased, Marvelous Seremani and my friend Lucky Taderera were lying in a pool of blood.

“Seremani was already dead and I approached the accused, who appeared drunk, for help. She told me to leave her insisting that if any of the people, who were injured dies, was going to pay them.”

Mugwadi (32) of Stapleford, Mount Hampden near Harare denied the culpable homicide charge when she appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Oliver Mudzongachiso.

Mugwadi, who is represented by Mugwadi and Associates law firm told the court that she found herself in a state of emergency. “I deny everything alleged because I found myself in a state of emergency having been flashed and dazzled by the lights of an oncoming vehicle,” she said.

Prosecuting, Mrs Itai Chikono alleges that on the day, Mugwadi was driving a Toyota Rav 4 along Seke Road under the influence of alcohol.

It is alleged that Mugwadi failed to control her vehicle, swerved and encroached onto oncoming traffic and hit a Toyota Hiace truck that led to the death of one person on the spot. The Herald

  • Accident do happen, drunk or sober. I know her lawyer will ask the witness if he checked her blood alcohol level to check if she was above the limit. What if she was actually flashed and lost control of her vehicle. She won’t be convicted for this unless there is overwhelming evidence that she was driving under the influence. If she was drunk as claimed, then her blood alcohol should have been checked. Or if someone with solid evidence come forth. Acting drunk or smelling alcohol in your breathe doesn’t substantiate that someone was drunk. Though she has to show remorse and stay away from the “quote and unqoute” characters.

    • Guess you are her lawyer..with such kind of defense…

    • Defending the drunk killer!!! Ngozi has no defence. Ask Jason Machaya of midlands

    • Drunk or not drunk one should try to not be responcible for any deaths let alone boast when they should feel remorse.

    • iwe joz i dnt get u propery can u eloborate in other wayz.in brifely utter yo point in short.it seems you defending the acused the killer y?

    • She is not a killer retards,she is an accused of which the court of law can find her not guilty,Joseph you dishing out rocket science to creche kids here,they will never understand

    • Mqow calm down calm down

    • But she must not boast saying i can compensate ko zvakanzi toda mukadzi anoenda here cz she is ready to compensate .

    • She is a killer coz the victim is no more,dead.

    • Observer79

      100%. And if ZRP took a breathalyser, they can still be bribed to corrupt the results.

    • Apa hako wangoda kuita chilawyer chisina basa iwewe pauri ipapo ungatadze kuona kuti munhu uyu akadhakwa muno hamusi mucourt usanyepedzere kudzangaira,we know that in our country there is still a big number of people who still drive after heavy drinking and in most cases they are left scott free because they have money or are daughters of some top gvt official

    • Mqoe SelalamaCd Dube are you saying there are chances it will be proved to the court the late person died of pneumonia and not injuries from the incident? That is the only way she will be acquitted of the charge. Tererai caused the death of a human being and now it’s up to the court to decide whether it is culpable homicide or worse. But whatever the case she must at least be remorseful of what happened

    • Uri Duzvi….!!!!!!

    • This is a word said by someone who might aswell be lying right?Whatever that person died of is for the post mortem to say,a court of law does not work like your imaginary kangaroo courts

  • That’s a clear Admission of guilt.

    • Observer79

      She’s not denying causing the accident, but denies being drunk. That has severe implications on her sentencing.

  • Kudeura ropa kunongotyisa just apologise because ngozi haina lawyer

  • nxa how can this stupid thing brag about compensation any death when she can’t even attract any meaningful crowd at her shows & driving those unsafe second hand x Japanese cars?

    • hahaaa my friend you are correct but woman hav soo many ways to get money remember she is a laddy .laddies are diff from men .kana uri murume wotosunga dzisimbe but vakadzi aaaah haiwa i ges you knw wat i m talkin abt.

    • I get yo point,,,, ladies mek mo money selling their God given products

    • Hapana hapana nowadays commercial sex yaflooder ma50 cents

    • Kkkkkk ayaaas

  • what if the complainants say they want kuberekerwa naye?

    • The complainants of culpable homicide and murder are the deceased

  • People like her must never see the outside of a jail she thinks its all about money u cant replace life nomatter how much u pay worse she was drunk

  • How does she compensate life to the life loser don’t boast when someone is dead because of you either you where right or not killing someone is not a joke

  • Can she just resurrect the deceased

  • Hindava kachimama kutaura kudaro.Kubhadhara ndokumutsa munhu?

  • ngaaende iye anoripa ngozi oitwa mkadzi wengozi hanti she said she can compansate any death. Brothers and Sisters where possible lets try to avoid open trucks to transport people ( as a safety measure) but nekuoma kwazvinhu topedzisira tisina choice

  • She knows that the law has lighter sentences for ladies

  • no one causes the death of another in an accident deliberately. it is the circumstances or driving conduct of one or both drivers that may lead to police deciding to prosecute 1 driver or both of them. now to say Tererai said i can compansate any death ummm. i think in state of shock akatoti ndinoripa hangu but kana zvaakuiswa muchirungu zvoita as if akatodhumha mota iyoyo achida kutiuraya munhu

    • Iwee uri spokes person weMhondi iyi here? Sei uchireverera munhu ari careless nehupenyu hwake nehwe vanhu vese, kutyaira wakadhakwa. Zuva raachatsika mwana wako, l hope u will keep on saying akazviita nemistake.

    • Kuda no offense but most people esp wkends drive drunk.sober or not accidents d happen but handisi kureverera Terie apa akakanya hake

    • kuda hauna kunzwisisa zvandataura.

  • Teri shaa

  • I prefer Facts not Assumptions. This here is a Circus. She is Innocent until proven guilty…. He say she say gets us nowhere…

    • Simba at what point can u be satisfied. She acknowledged that she will compensate for the deceased meaning she knew she is guilty…hence no amount if money can bring back a lost life.

    • If i say that you said does it mean you actually said it. Speculation …

    • If she the accused admits to having said so then i will gladly retract my statement.

  • haanyare.munhu wemukadzi

  • Kunyange lawyer rikamumiririra ku court bt pangonzi enemy ave ega

  • Ngaitwe mukadzi weikoko

  • Hw does she intend to do it

  • Imbwa yemunhu,ungadeura ropa wotaura bullshit yakadaro,tichaonavo firo yako

  • Ho nhai she knew she ws goin to cause death thats murder

  • Picture iyo inodudzira kuti munhu wemadrugs nguva dzose chero kucoart kwacho aienda akadhakwa.

  • Jail jail pliz

  • My sister you might boast but wanengozi.?just leave drugs and turn to god.nerunako rwako all will be fine. Unororwa mushe


  • Anyanya mwana uyu.maskiri wakakanganisa mwana

  • I really doubt is she ever said what media is saying koz these journalists have mastered a way of twisting the facts to attract ppls attention

  • Ndondodza

    kkkkkkkkkkk zvakaoma

  • kungozvininipisa kwakanaka apa ndiwe uri wrong futi

  • Hope one day she will have someone close killed then she will know its not about paying. God help and deliver her from the demon of drinking.

  • So u willfully killed coz u can compensate. If it was my relative hmmm u were going to resurrect him and keep him in yo display cabinet

  • Let her face the full force of the law. No remorse whatsoever. What a creature, so disgusting. Justice must prevail and it’s for all, poor or rich.

  • She is a drunkard since the days of Urban grooves

  • No guys accident haiplanwe so lets be humble to a young girl Teri pliz spare her she is still learning for sho

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  • Did she really say that……….

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  • She can go to hell with her money….she must just await karma coz it surely is a bitch😏

  • Mwana ane tarenda uyu but unfortunately she hangs around bad company, jail will definately reform her.

  • TestCase TestCase

    Did they test for alcohol? Its what you can prove in court…

  • Diplomatic immunity futi

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  • Jail is good for her

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  • Then the talent is making her feel bigger than all. Ane demon

  • Never ever heard of this woman and it doesnt matter whether she is famous or not she has committed a crime and therefore must pay for it by the courts with a long prison sentence.Money cannot be paid for a persons life,stupid whoever she is.

  • She better be silent otherwise she won’t see us at her shows

  • Haaa ndopamunoyi rasira haiwawo toda hunhu kamari kako is nthn compared to someone’s lyf

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