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Bishop Dave Chikosi – Zimbabwe government got it right on Zodwa but is dead wrong on Masiyiwa

By Bishop Dave Chikosi

My apologies to Mr Strive Masiyiwa for putting his name in the same sentence as one Zodwa waBantu. I do it only to make a point. The trade they each ply is as different as darkness and light.

Bishop Dave Chikosi
Bishop Dave Chikosi

Zodwa’s only claim to fame is cavorting and frolicking around Johannesburg’s nightclubs with no undergarments. How bizarre is that? What lewdness and decadent exhibitionism!

And now she wants to come and spread her ludicrous smuttiness to our daughters across the Limpopo? Hell no! We are not that type of country.

We have enough abominations and home-grown reprobates of our own without importing additional moral barbarity and social ribaldry. No thanks.

This woman has already had her fifteen minutes of infamy. We won’t dignify her ignominious shenanigans any further. And so we will move right along.

Too many zeros and too few heroes

Question: Why does our government continue to strive with Mr Strive Masiyiwa? We have seen this movie before in 1995. But now we watch a re-run with reference to his Kwese TV. Why won’t they give him a license to operate?

Is he not one of Africa’s own great son to come out of our nation and rise to the top in his industry? How many great sons does Africa have? Not nearly enough I would opine.

It is common cause that true greatness is a rare commodity in Africa. We have a plethora of zeros and a serious dearth of heroes all over the continent. And so when we find greatness or heroism anywhere, it behooves us to recognize it and celebrate it – something we are good at doing after the person is dead and buried.

But true heroes are rare. We have plenty of celebrities but very few heroes. There is a difference between a hero and a celebrity. The former is an asset and the latter is simply an ass. Unfortunately we have more of the latter than the former in African politics.

And sadly these navel-gazing zeros are the only “heroes” we have to showcase to our kids who are in dire need of great role models to look up to. Our kids know Batman, Spiderman and Superman, but many have never met in real flesh and blood true living legends whose life stories ignite the passion to soar higher in life.

This is what heroes do. The stir in us the passion to reach for the stars, even when our reach seems to exceed our grasp. Heroes make us believe in ourselves and go after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

There is a very real sense in which business heroes like Strive Masiyiwa (and there are a few others) give us “permission” to succeed. Because “they did it, we also can did it!”

Surely if one of us can climb to the dizzy heights of success, perhaps we all have it within us to climb up too, whatever our field of endeavor is. This is the transcendent importance of heroes – they become peaks to our human mountains.

Our heroes reflect who we are as a people

Here is what I wrote about that in my 2006 book titled “Dynamics of Heroic Faith”:

“The nature of a community’s heroes reflects its occupations and concerns. The people we look up to, talk and write about reflect the deepest, most significant trends of our individual and national history. Our choice of heroes as communities literally speaks volumes about where we have been and where we are going” (Dynamics of Heroic Faith, 2006, pg xii)

This is why it was said of the famous J.C. Cain of Mayo Clinic in America, that whenever he would select young men for medical training, he would always ask them who their heroes were. One’s heroes are usually an indicator of the direction one is headed in life.

What direction are headed as a nation when we persecute and chase out of the country our entrepreneurs, philosophers, poets and prophets?  All because they hold a different viewpoint? Why is diversity a liability and not a national asset?

Don’t the powers that be not know that if two of us are exactly alike, one of us is unnecessary?

A tide that lifts us all

You can slice it whichever way you want, the fact remains that Strive Masiyiwa is Zimbabwe’s biggest and most internationally celebrated business hero. Founder of Econet Wireless, a telecommunication and media behemoth, Masiyiwa is also a huge philanthropist who has, through his foundation, provided scholarships to over 100 000 young Africans.

He supports over 40 000 orphans and has sponsored university students in USA, UK and China.

With a Facebook following of over 2.5 million, he has the most engaged following of any business leader in the world, including Bill Gates and Richard Branson, who occupy second and third position respectively.

With that kind of resume you would think the Zimbabwean government would be proud to have a son of the soil putting our nation on that world map and representing us with such class, dignity and decorum.

But alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Perhaps our leaders have never heard the old aphorism that says “a rising tide lifts all boats.” If they have, then why will they not allow this particular tide to lift us up as a nation?

Why stand in the tide’s way to erect levees that impede its progress, when its self-evident that the benefits of its progress can redound to the nation by way of jobs and infrastructure? How daft can anyone be?

A self-centered pedestrianism that hurts everyone

But all this “self-centered pedestrianism” (to quote Chinua Achebe) is really no skin off Masiyiwa’s nose.

Does anyone seriously think Masiyiwa will lose sleep at night for a single day because our tin pot rulers won’t grant him a license because of a crab mentality that says, “If I can’t have it or own it, neither can you”?

If the political leadership won’t let him, and others like him, set up infrastructure and create real jobs (vs Mr Maziwisa’s 2 million phantom jobs), these guys will simply pick their bags and go set up somewhere else.

They are simply not going to wait for our leaders to finish playing their silly “king of the hill” political games which do nothing but further cement our place in the global village as the quintessential banana republic.

C’mon guys, give the man the doggone license for Pete’s sake!

What do we have to lose if he gets it? His success is our success. Allow him, and others like him, to come home and create jobs. Set up seminars that enable these business heroes in the diaspora to come back home to mentor our young dreamers and visionaries.

The truth about the important role of mentors is stated in my book as follows:

“Everyone is inspired to run faster, reach higher, and work harder when they have someone great to follow. When dreamers study the path of those who scaled the treacherous heights of success before them, they dare to believe that they too will one day stand on the lofty peaks where dreams actually come true” (quoted from Dynamics of Heroic Faith, pg xvi). 

Our government must get over itself and do right by this man and this nation. Ndatenda. 

(Bishop Dave Chikosi’s book, Dynamics of Heroic Faith is available online on Amazon.com as well as various other online platforms)

  • Who gave you the right to tell a woman what she can’t do with her body.Don’t use the pronoun “we” because you speak only for yourself.And for your own information Kwese TV will carry what a prude like yourself would call decadent shows.

    • How do you know who all he speaks for?

    • Nyathi

      All I can sat to the Bishop is: “……..let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.

  • In Zim they are already many who are even worse than her ….look at hiw Anne Nhira dresses its even more revealing than Zodwa .Tell us something better than her not only wearing a pant. They is a hidden agenda here.

    • That is why bishop pointed out that we already have our own madhimoni echihure muZimbabwe and dont need to import mamwe futi from Jobeki. Hamuna kupabata?

  • What about your own daughters from across the Limpopo selling p***y in Mzansi to make a living because nyika yavo ye chizvarwa ave manvemve! And when xenophobia & hate crimes towards Zim’s from SAfricans start again because of such irresponsible behaviour from one ugly, silly, little, girl start you cry foul! Double standard much. Iko ka Anne kacho what is she doing in Mzansi if all was well? I really hope the SAfricans teach her a lesson…just once!

    • This article sabhuku has nothing to do with Anne or Annie or whatever

  • What kind of a bishop are you who knows that Zondwa exist you’re the very pple who sleep with our women in the church distance yrself from these issues

    • My thoughts exactly

    • Why shouldnt he know Zodwa exists? He reads news like everybody else! You people are a piece of work.

    • Birds of same further

    • What a question!Zodwa’s issue became a national issue,thusly, everyone came to know of her existence regardless of profession,moral standing or otherwise.

    • its spelt “feather”!

    • At least you know what I’m saying, and it’s also typing error 😜😜😜

    • Fungai

      The way people are defending Zodwa’s coming to Zimbabwe reveals our moral station as a society; hence the very reason why Bishops like him should address such issues.

    • Whether typing error or not English was never our grandmother’s tongue chero azvinzwa zvawasasa kkkkkkkkkk

    • Kubvunza such a question in this digital era? Ndatya ini…..a bishop is a human being who reads news just like any other citizen. Kana bishop akasangana nechakaipa panews akasachitaura anenge atadza basa

    • Daniel Daniel Daniel !!

      How many times did I call you??

      This is 2017 not 1981.

  • Stick to preaching in Church

  • @Bishop Chikosi, your argument is shallow. Primafacially, it is motivated by two things; xenophobia and tribalism. Because NtombiZodwa is Nguni and she is from SA. Your own Beverly Sibanda has made a considerable fortunate parading virtually naked in night clubs across Zim. I find it strange that you and Anne Nheri are suddenly offended. Because it’s Zodwa your spitual inner self has started to breath. It is cheap politicking, grand standing. You are showing double standards of high note.

    • Nyathi

      Maybe dwell on the xenophobia angle, Bev Sibanda is also Nguni.

      • God of War

        Bev is not Nguni, she is using a stage name. Her real surname is Zinhu. Research first before typing son.

        • Nyathi

          Thanks for the correction. I look at someone’s name which point to origin/belonging. I cannot be researching every time I see someone’s name. Anyway, I am not your son.

          • God of War

            Just learn to research. FYI, calling you son does not mean you are my son. In hip hop culture, its a term that you give to someone when you are addressing them. I hope you are answered, son.

          • Nyathi

            I will only research meaningful things. Don’t call me son. Am not your hip hop colleague. Done talking to you.

          • God of War

            Whatever son! You can go to hell for all i care.

          • Tamu

            Hahahaha, I wouldn’t waste time doing research on Bev either.

  • Less than 60 years ago your manhood was conducting orchestra between your thighs and the females were eating bust. Today, you want to moan about someone who is comfortable in her nature, fresh air breezing through her genitals with a dress on. Who are you? Spend time talking to and about the system which is denying us underpants and panties.

    • Yes he spent the majority of the article attacking the system that denies Kwese a licence. The Zodwa bit was just a paragraph. Im guessing you didnt notice?

    • The Strive matter is of no consequence to me because he is as hypocritical as the system. His projects do not bring any relief to the PEOPLE. He is only fleecing the PEOPLE, always the first to hike tarrifs.

    • you want freebies? welfare mentality much?

    • I think you the one with a “minimum effort, maximum profit” mentality. The mentality which has brought Africa down, chewing your brothers for self aggredisement.

    • 😂😂

  • Ko Bev arikungoita wani , musada kurasika pachena

    • Exactly the point. We are protecting our local content

      • Nyathi

        Guys, I think we don’t need to take that angle. If SA starts “protecting” their own local talents, it will be bad for us – looking at how many South Africans can do exactly what our brothers and sisters are crossing the Limpopo to do in that country. Maybe looking at it from a moral angle like the Bishop has done.

  • Regai ZODWA auye takatorodza miBOBOBO kare. NB: DZAUYA DZEGA TINOTI IPENA

  • Zodwa is A Bitch,to hell

  • Ana sisi venyu mumaAvenue umu mavarikuitira chihure vanenge vanemaundergarments here? nxaa. rubbish

  • Fact

  • Pusteekkkkkkkkkk

  • Mdidiwakho pastor wokunuka

  • vanhu vari busy kutaura nezva zodwa insteady of talking about how we can at least start to build zimbabwe , why would people be worried about someone’s lifestyle leave zodwa alone she has a life to live

  • Doesn’t our govt got better issues to attend to than worrying about a bitch

  • really mr bishop speak for yourself and not for everyone isu zodwa wacho takato mumirira.at least the good thing about her is that anongo zvidzikisira ega unlike zanu pf inongo dzikisira munhu wese look at our sisters in the avenues it has actually spread to many ares angoma nude corners ega ega everywere but you busy about zodwa, chihure chirimunyika muno magona kuchipedza here nxaaa.

  • Hozhwa

    If you want attention just write an article and mention Zodwa’s name. Click bait.

  • Bishop, please let me inform you. This zodwa you talking about hakuna club inomu hire kuno Ku SA. Anopihwaarii?? Naani?? Vakadzi variko vari mu serious business rekutamba vakashama from whites ,blacks ,Indians ,Chinese, etc vanoenda kunovaona vachibhadara r5 . Uyu Zodwa haatokwani nokuti she is ugly compared to 10ns of 000 beautiful ladies who dance through out the night completely naked.
    This really shows how fat apart people live together even if they are neighbours devided by Limpopo river.
    Shame honestly !shame!

  • Zimbabweans sooo haya manje manje memakutendera vanhu kuti vasvirane mkosho

  • You are shamefully wrong Bishop and l wonder why you call yourself with that title.Strive Masiiwa is no saint.He is a capitalist and l trust you will be intelligent enough to know what a capitalist is.So to me it appears there is more darkness to find in Masiiwa than in Zodwa.l would wish to stop going into intricate details though

    • If you think being a capitalist is a sin then you have drunk more ZanuPf cool aid than is good for you

    • lm not Zanu Ndlovu there u are wrong.l just dont think Strive is a saint and l guess that s why you are hurt

  • You are shamefully wrong Bishop and l wonder why you call yourself with that title.Strive Masiiwa is no saint.He is a capitalist and l trust you will be intelligent enough to know what a capitalist is.So to me it appears there is more darkness to find in Masiiwa than in Zodwa.l would wish to stop going into intricate details though

  • Bishop makadiiko?

  • my apologies to the bishop, calling a spade a shovel,the bishop sounds like a total arse !!!

    • “You cannot separate fools from their foolishness, even though you grind them like grain with mortar and pestle” (Prov 27:22)

  • Bishop wokunya lapha lifuna ukuzenza abantu abazwayo ngebhikwanyana labelungu sukaaa!!

  • Amen Bishop

  • If Zodwa is a bitch and prostitution is legalised in zimbabwe so bishop I think the only way to deal with this Zodwa issue is by dealing wuth the corrupt zanu pf government wch lets prostitutes do their business wirhout a licence and not allowing Masiwa to do business.

  • Makumbo anoshamisei aya nhy varume .kushimiswa ne zvisingashamise

  • Mike Ndlovu jnr i have been following your comments,ure so genius

  • I support u

  • Mseyamwa

    Bishop, to bar Zodwa from the carnival is to remove speck of dust in the eye while letting the log, which is the entire carnical itself roll into town. The is nothing african or zimbabwean about half dressed Brazilians and for another partially dressed contender to join in is as natural as releasing a zoo animal back into the jungle. The entire thing has no grounds in morality and if you as a bishop would consider the spiritual dimension, i am sure you would find that the carnival was born out of pagan worship and i believe that should even interest you more for the country is now inviting more dark spirits into the already congested arena.

  • jacobian

    So says the bishop with permed hair

  • Eramunah

    Bishop i don’t normally agree with your sentiments but on Mr Masiiwa Strive you are spot on.