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1 Zimbo killed, 9 wounded in Jo’burg shooting by Zimbo gunman

The South African police Monday said 10 Zimbabweans were shot, one of them fatally, by a suspected Zimbabwean man who allegedly opened fire on revellers during a musical show at a Hillbrow theatre on Sunday.

File picture of South African police
File picture of South African police

The South African Police Service (SAPS), in a statement on Monday, said the suspect, who is still on the run, was likely to be charged with murder and attempted murder.

“The suspect jumped onto the stage while a band was performing. He then grabbed a microphone and claimed that he would stop the band unless he got back his stolen cellphone,” SAPS police spokesperson Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said.

“After getting no response from the crowd, the accused indiscriminately fired shots into the crowd, killing one male and injuring nine others, of which one was a female. Eleven (11) spent 9mm cartridges were found on the scene at the theatre.”

He said paramedics were summoned and attended to the injured.

They certified that one person had died, while the injured were taken to Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital.

While the names of the deceased have been withheld, as relatives were yet to be notified, the list of the injured released by SAPS is as follows: Annie Ncube, Allied Ncube, Samuel Ndlovu, Makakula Sukoluhle, Buyile Nkumo, Alex Savanna, Aggrippa Chuma, Witness Mpofu and Forget Ncube. Radio VOP

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