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Man, wife, mistress share bed in single room

By Gibson Mhaka

The French have a name for it but it’s somewhat taboo locally for a man to share a bed with his wife and girlfriend. That’s the amazing world of one Ticharwa Mugabe from Gwabalanda in Bulawayo but his wife of two years Cynthia Mugabe is traumatised.

Paidamoyo Muranzi (in red Jacket and Cynthia Mugabe (right) in black jacket
Paidamoyo Muranzi (in red Jacket and Cynthia Mugabe (right) in black jacket

Cynthia’s trauma came out at the Bulawayo Civil Court when she made an application for a peace order against her husband’s alleged mistress Paidamoyo Muranzi saying she no longer wanted to live under the same roof with her.

Cynthia said she could no longer stomach seeing Muranzi enjoying her husband in her presence.

“I got married to Ticharwa Mugabe in 2015 under the Marriages Act Chapter 5: 11. The respondent Paidamoyo Muranzi is my husband’s girlfriend.

“She has been emotionally abusing me. The abuse started on 24 June this year when she moved into our one-roomed house claiming she had been chased away by her parents.

“Since then we have been asking her to move out but she is refusing. Just imagine Muranzi and my husband go to an extent of (sleeping together) in my presence and this psychologically disturbs me,” said an emotionally disturbed Cynthia.

In response, Muranzi left the courtroom in astonishment when she claimed that she was also customarily married to Ticharwa adding that he (Ticharwa) was habitually taking turns to sleep with them in full view of each other.

“I am also married to Ticharwa but customarily. When I got married to him, I was not aware that the two were married under Chapter 5:11. It is true that I am sleeping with Ticharwa in her presence. Our husband said we should take turns with him and she is also enjoying it with him in my presence.

“I am now surprised that she is saying I am abusing her yet she is the one who invited me from the rural areas to come and stay with them. She even phoned me before she gave money for bus fare to our husband so that I come and stay with them,” said Muranzi.

Cynthia, however, refuted Muranzi’s claims saying she sent her the bus fare after she lied to her that she wanted to come and leave her child so that she could go to school.

“I never phoned her so that she comes and stays with us. I just wanted her to bring the child after she said she wanted to go to school. I even complained about the (sleeping) roster to my husband since we are living in a one-roomed house,” she said.

The presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure, however, deferred the ruling after Muranzi said she was going to look for alternative accommodation. B Metro

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    • Makaveli101

      lol, are you seriously putting this on the government again ahahahahaha

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