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God is punishing me — sleep-around pastor

SOUTH AFRICA – A pastor from Mangaung claims God is punishing him for his sins. The 48-year-old man from Phase 2 kasi says he has slept with 21 women in his church and now his 4-5 won’t get up.

He believes God wants him to change his ways and stop poking his congregation.

The holy man is appealing to anyone who can help him get the sex demon out of him. He can’t reveal his name as he does not want the husbands of the married women he slept with to find out.

“My wife died three years ago. I would invite choir members to my house and sleep with them. My problem became worse when I started poking married women in my church in exchange for prayers.

“Now I’m in a relationship with a woman I want to marry but my 4-5 won’t get up. I’m afraid she might leave me for another man if I cannot satisfy her in bed,” the pastor said.

“I have been to doctors for my problem and was told I have a low sex drive. I’ve been taking pills but the problem hasn’t gone away.

“I need help from someone who can save me from my 4-5 horror. I don’t believe in sangomas as I am a man of God.”

The archbishop of the Holy Second Apostolic Church in Zion, Tefo Modise, said: “Any sin can be forgiven. The pastor needs prayer and cleansing for what he has done.” — Daily Sun

  • mmm these pators ey dat y i no longer go to church

    • The devil used his agents to snatch you from the truth. He wants you accompany him and his angels to eternal fire. ( Matthew 25:41 )

    • That shouldn’t stop just because some pastors err, let Jesus be your model.

  • Hey

  • Let it sleep forever and ever..until Jesus come

  • god is punishing him for sure

  • Serves him right.

  • He needs to repent and ask for forgiveness. Further he needs to have real faith and live th word

  • Download a song entitled gwagugwa negugwe by Paul Matavire u wl learn a lesson

  • kumamira holo sa mukanya

  • Vakadzi vacho vaitenda kukwirwa ndomapenzi evakadzi.

    • Saharawifoxx

      Wakadzi wazhinji have fantasies of getting fucked outside marriage. Zvinongoda murume ane zviwindi I guarantee you, you can fuck most of them easily. Once u get the courage and break the ice.

  • Kunta Kinte

    You slept with married women sorted with juju ,most African men are not idiots .They are very aware of pets like you . You were very lucky ,some will get stuck .Since you are not ordained by God you never saw this coming .

    Your church business game is over .Remove the veil of anonymity and be delivered .Then start looking for a job .

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  • Mina Makoti

    Erectile dysfunction: According to current medical statistics, at and after age forty, 40% of men develop erectile dysfunction.

  • Muchati Bhuu


  • Problem inevanhu vechikadzi rutyiwa rwakanyanyisa ndozviona pambapandogara.!

  • Saka zvichiitanyore kuti munhu akwirwe nekuti anengeagara achidakutiumukwire

  • Go and worship the devil playing with gods name is a sin

  • Muchengeti Masiya Musarakufa

    He cannot go to a sangoma because it is a sin but he can sleep around with married women.
    So tell me, is adultery not a sin just like going to the sangoma? Lets not live a lie. If I cannot follow what christianity requires, then why should I follow the religion. What exactly do you preach when you know that deep down you are not worth standing and proclaiming the word. There is no demon you claim you are possessed with, it is a choice. I give up.

  • WAIITE CHEUPOMBWE ERE MUZODZIWA WOYE. hino chiona manji handi Mwariba arume acho akakugadzirisa tshotsho