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Namibia expels Zim engineering expats

By Andrew Kunambura 

The Namibia government is letting go Zimbabwean engineering expatriates seconded there on a government-to-government agreement.

The Namibian Information and Communication Technology minister, Tjekero Tweya
The Namibian Information and Communication Technology minister, Tjekero Tweya

This comes ahead of the expiry of a five-year Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) signed between the two nations in 2012.

The Namibian government last week appeared to be giving in to pressure from militant labour groups there, which besieged government offices demanding the immediate repatriation of Zimbabwean nationals based there.

The Namibian Information and Communication Technology minister, Tjekero Tweya, said in a statement the country’s Cabinet was reviewing the five-year MOU.

“Having heard of the public outcry, Cabinet has directed the ministry of Works and Transport, in consultation with the National Council of Architects, to avail itself to a public consultation with the young, graduating professionals so as to gauge the continued need for expatriates in the civil service,” reads the statement, in which Tweya also warned against xenophobic attacks on Zimbabwean professionals.

“Government must, however, caution that xenophobia should be avoided in our efforts to ensure that we protect the interests of these our professionals.

“Namibia is a product of international solidarity and we are proud that many citizens of the world would like to come and live in Namibia and help us expand this Namibia house.

“We urge calm and trust when the ministry engages in dialogue. There will be a date set aside when those aggrieved can come out and contribute to the resolution of the matter for the long run,” he said.

According to press reports from Windhoek, unemployed Namibian nationals coalescing under the banner of the Namibian Society of Engineers besieged the offices of the ministry of Works and Transport on Monday last week demanding that all posts occupied by Zimbabwean engineering expatriates be immediately advertised.

The engineers, press reports say, read out a letter of their grievances to the ministry’s permanent secretary, Willem Goeiemann, and left 300 curricula vitae of Namibian architects and quantity surveyors, as well as professionals for immediate employment consideration.

“Advertise all positions that were or are currently filled by seconded Zimbabwean staff in the papers to allow Namibian professionals the opportunity to apply for all positions. T

“his is the most transparent means to prove whether there are suitably qualified Namibians to take up those posts, as per immigration regulations,” a representative of the Namibian professionals Tangeni Tshivute was quoted telling the permanent secretary.

The Namibia Institute of Architects (NIA) has also added its voice in the growing tension, urging the Namibian government to abandon the MOU in a statement.

“The NIA expresses its concern regarding following issues: In-service training had to be provided to Namibian individuals. The NIA is unaware of any in-service training that has taken place. Registered Zimbabwean professionals were to be employed.

“As per NIA investigation, it appears that a number of the Zimbabwean expatriates (professionals) are not registered. It is the role of the NIA to protect the interest of its members and promote the architectural profession.

“It is for this reason that the NIA does not support the extension of the (MOU),” the statement, which was issued by the NIA board on Monday last week, said.

Although other professionals are not affected yet, fears are that this could spread to other sectors on the Namibian economy where Zimbabwean citizens are currently dominating. Daily News

  • Pakaipa

  • ask chii nhai manamibs thought we are brothers .taiti ka tauya kuzokubatsirai with our expertise hamuchatida futi

  • Do you know that only in Zimbabwe do you find Engineer as a title?

    • Muchati Bhuu

      Ndimi here Headboy,are you in Namibia? Dai nyika yedu yanakawo then the professionals who left can troop back home …zvekudadirwa mu diaspora zvopera.

      • khanda1

        It is used all over the world but you will find that in western countries they are not much bothered about it….as long as you are a qualified registered engineer you have the privilege to use Eng….in your salutation

    • Mukango weToki

      KKK. I know. We love our titles in Zim.

    • 😂😂 Nigerians use that silly title too

    • Stop lying, the title is used everywhere

    • Dzimwe nhema hadzidi pa Facebook

    • Elyas T Young where is everywhere. I’ve worked and stayed in Botswana and South Africa they don’t have that title. Even in Europe I don’t see that title in the papers

    • I agree and it makes me sick even those with stupid PhDs want to be called Doctor so and so..

    • Nyathi

      In Mozambique everyone with a BSc degree, like in Agriculture, is called Engineer.

    • Ah indoda ilamanga leyi

    • Are you even an engineer? Shut up. When someone is registered as a professional engineer he/she gets the Eng. prefix

  • These people vanotoshamisa vakadzidziswa basa nhasi vave kuona kunge tisina basa apo hapana kana chavanoziwa nxa

    • Nothing wrong there. Their locals vakudawo mabasa

  • Aaaaaah well so much for friendship. Pauya Pharoah asingazive Joseph

  • Ok

  • Kana time yakatenderwana yakwana hapana chakaipa, but kuzoita zvekuita besiege ndokudii as if varamba kudzokera kumusha kwavo be civilised namibs!

  • Expels??

  • good move give chance to the local people and see how they handle it

    • this is Engineering, poor workmanship could risk lives and compromise standards hence the need to be understudies untill such adequate experience has been gained

  • Using wrong English words. Contract yakapera zve nhai

  • Nyimo

    Its within their rights. They the Namibian government should see the folly of abetting Mugabe’s misrule. Those Zimbabweans should come back home let us suffer together or we fight together for the prosperity of our country. Namibians are rightfully entitled to the wealth and jobs of their country and their government should dutifully avail these to them.No hard feelings for the move.

  • It is not.expelling!! Time yavakawirirana yaperaka so why should they stay. They must come back.home

  • Those engineers should come back home.Namibia for Namibians nje

  • Trymore Tzstones Mwoyosvi

  • Give locals a chance,its their country, if they can,let them take over.

  • Come back home boys and girls.

  • This is how these idiots thank Zimbabweans, when they feel that they now have the know how they expel,When the M.O.U was signed,there was mutual understanding….shame on them Damaras

  • smiles sram

    I was one of those people who was always suffering set backs;little seemed to go right for me,money always passing through my hands and always dogged by sheer instances of bad luck,no progress even with all the yrs i worked,anxious and worried about the life and future of my children,family pressure until i sought the help of a very powerful traditional healer called Mama’ Micah {+27715 529 472} whose “jujuu oil” has since changed everything from my work;finances,relationships. contact her for any help.>/

  • Petros Magomazi

    I think people must respect that these Engineers went to Namibia at the invitation of the Namibians hence the MOU. They should not treat these guys the same way they treat exiles. I am pretty sure that 5 years ago they needed these engineers. If they think that they are not needed anymore I am sure there are ways of communicating that message without embarassing these professionals who assisted them at the time of need. Be that as it may the Namibians must be reminded that we are giving them electricity from Hwange because of MOU as well and they must think very carefully before they make their decisions. They must ask the SA guys who stopped Air Zimbabwe planes from flying out of OR Tambo. There is no nation that can exist on it’s own. We need one another.

  • Even the educated Namibians have got no eyes to see that the economy is not growing. Taking Zimbabweans back home might worsen their situation unless the seconded engineers are incompetent ,remember engineering is not like political scientist

  • Come home and sell juice cards on the streets.there is no industry to talk of here

  • donasto

    I am in Namibia as we speak and would like to ask the editor and journalist of this article to get their facts right. This heading title is misleading. Some expats have contracts of 5 years with min of Works and will work out the length of those contracts.

    Other info, see link below.


  • PSYCOLOGY Mazibisa will create jobs for all of them.

  • Ryan Jackson Lonsdale

    Zvavari pa tight. Muti watemwa haukanganwe


    Ahhh well it’s Africa. A few jobs up for grabs.