Romance of the gullible and charismatic preachers in God’s vineyard

By William Muchayi

In his classic masterpiece, A contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right published posthumously, the German philosopher and economist, Karl Marx argued that religion is the opium of the people and in particular, the oppressed who happen to be economically marginalised.

The Big Three in Zimbabwe: Walter Magaya, Uebert Angel and Emmanuel Makandiwa
The Big Three in Zimbabwe: Walter Magaya, Uebert Angel and Emmanuel Makandiwa

Marx observed that religion’s purpose is to create an illusory world of fantasies far detached from the harsh economic realities people live in which prevent them from finding true happiness, thus, providing solace for those who have lost  life’s meaning .

On this premise, for a people in distress, religion provides solace just as people who are physically injured need relief from opiate-based drugs. It is in this context that prosperity gospel has to be understood all over the world and Africa in particular.

In fact, it is no mere coincidence that the Makandiwas and Magayas emerge at a time Zimbabwe is in economic doldrums as millions are reduced to paupers due to the debilitating economic hardships that ravage the country. As central government collapses due to mismanagement, the Makandiwas, Magayas, Bushiris, Mboros and Mudungwes emerge to fill the vacuum and give hope to the hopeless.

At a time Silicon Valley entrepreneurs compete to shape and exploit the merging worlds of technological innovation, the Papas spread a twisted doctrine of seeding among their followers as a quick fix to economic woes. More often than not, followers are made to believe that their economic woes are self- inflicting as opposed to poor governance by central government.  

In order to open the doors of heaven for them, followers are dosed with a concoction of poison before they fall into a trance and in this state, they feel no pain at all, until they wake up. Imagine the hysteria that grip worshippers as Paul Sanyangore of Victory World International Ministries Church claims he is having a telephone conversation with God!

As followers are still in a trance, Walter Magaya through Mussana Levi of Ashelroi Group from Israel convinces the gullible that a rock allegedly curved from Mt Zion, adjacent to the Last Supper room and King David’s tomb in Jerusalem has healing powers.

As Magaya throws himself onto the ground weeping uncontrollably, congregants get into ecstasy.   Since this brand of gospel retards its followers’ ability to reason rationally, no one questions the authenticity let alone magical powers of this rock Mussana Levi parrots before congregants at Magaya’s Prayer Mountain.   

Like sheep before the altar, the gullible followers are made to believe that because of this ‘magical’ rock, the shrine will become a magnet for tourists from all over the world as Mussana Levi predicts, ‘’Christians will stop the trips to Israel for the centre of all nations as Israel will be connected here and by this, we are making way for the second coming of Jesus Christ.’’ 

Bizarrely, Levi praises Mugabe for the peace that prevails in the country in spite of the fact that it is the latter’s misrule that has created the poverty that drives congregants to Magaya.  

As if that is not enough, it’s none other than Walter Mzembi, the Minister of Tourism who commissions Magaya’s shrine.  And, with due respect, did anyone ever remind the Honourable Minister why tourists shun Zimbabwe as a tourist destination?

It is investments in Hwange National Park, Victoria Falls, Chinhoyi Caves, Chimanimani mountains and other attractions in addition to the rule of law that lure tourists to Zimbabwe and not this gimmick at Magaya’s shrine. It is only the gullible who are made to believe that by seeding into these prophets’ coffers they will ultimately get rich without realising that it is their tithes that enrich the Papas and not miracle gold from heaven as promised by Makandiwa. 

And, drunk from this concoction of poison, followers of Penuel Mnguni, the self-proclaimed general overseer of End Times Disciples Ministries are allegedly forced to eat live snakes, pants and rats in South Africa while Lethebo Rabalago sprays worshippers with pesticides in purported healing services. Regrettably, no one protects victims as ministers grace such occasions with Kembo Mohadi, the Home Affairs Minister sitting next to Bushiri with the white cloth stuck in his pocket.

Far to the East, Pastor Njohi of the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Kenya advises his female congregants accompanied by their husbands to come to church without underpants so that Christ can freely enter their bodies with his spirit. By the same token, it is only the gullible who watch their wives being abused in whichever way while they watch with the belief that Papa’s semen brings about blessings in their future lives.

In this warped mindset, Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church of South Korea believed that the female reproductive organ ‘’ is like the open mouth of a snake filled with poison.’’ And, in order to neutralise this poison, Moon reportedly engaged in ‘’blood separation’’ in which the Good Reverend (Moon) graciously purified females’ innately sinful organs by sticking his manhood in them.

And, luckily for the Yankees, they have viable institutions capable of dealing with such perverts and Moon wasn’t spared either.  In Africa of the Mugabes, these malcontents roam and prey on victims in broad day light without repercussion.

As recent as 2016, it is alleged that congregants had to fork out as much as US$1 500.00 for ‘’solutions’’ in a one- to- one engagement with either Magaya or Makandiwa for those seeking spiritual solutions to their problems. Rumour is it that it’s almost impossible to have access to these papas without making the requisite payments outside normal church services. 

Indeed, the gullible already drunk from opium never subject such practices to scrutiny by referring to scriptures as Proverbs 14:15 teaches, ‘’The gullible believe everything they’re told, the prudent sift and weigh every word.’’  The Bible is quite clear on such naivety by congregants, but, alas, who listens?

It’s reported that three days of stay at Makandiwa’s Life Haven costs the congregant a whopping $300.00 and for executive lodgings, one forks out $900.00 for three days while Magaya’s PHD charges a minimum of $300.00 with executive accommodation in Marlborough costing up to $900.00.

And, with due respect, these charges are demanded from an impoverished folk who have been reduced to paupers by Mugabe’s poor governance. In Nigeria, some of Chris Oyakhilome’s church members of his Christ Embassy Church have even gone as far as stealing just to meet their Papa’s demands.

The case of Lawrence Agada, an assistant pastor who was a cashier with the Lagos Sheraton Hotel and Towers is a typical example. Agada donated cash gifts to the church totalling N39 million allegedly stolen from his employers. In the same fashion, another church member, Gbenga Kehinde, an assistant bank manager with the now defunct Eko International Bank, drunk from the same opium as Agada, is alleged to have stolen N40 million from his employers and donated N10 million to the church in order to receive blessings from God.

The case of Mr Upenyu Mashangwa and his spouse Blessing who are suing United Family International Church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa for US$6,5 million over alleged ‘’fake prophecies, fraud and defamation’’ is a tip of the ice-berg and it will not be the last.

It has to be acknowledged that prosperity gospel is not just a bad theology but a form of oppression and exploitation. It is no wonder that Botswana has started clamping down on these bogus prophets, with Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering ( ECG) prohibited from entering the country without a visa. In the same way, the Zambian government in a bid to clamp down on this menace is alleged to have deported Uebert Angel, aka, Uebert Madzanire of Spirit Embassy from the northern neighbour.

As Godfridah Sumaili,  the  Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs argues, Zambia is no haven for fake prophets and pastors whose main mission is to extort monies from poor Zambians for spiritual attention. The minister argues that it is wrong and daylight robbery for Uebert Angel to demand from Zambians desperate for spiritual attention K2,000 at a conference dubbed Millionaire Academy and that only men of God preaching the true word of gospel will be allowed in the country.

In contrast, Zimbabwe has become the breeding ground of these thieves with the blessings of the state. This sober stance is in contrast to Zimbabwe’s situation whereby the government condemns these prophets’ activities in forked tongues. In as much as the writer rarely agrees with Mugabe’s views in most occasions, to an extent, the nonagenarian appears to be spot on in his admiration of traditional churches that brought Christianity to the country as opposed to the prosperity gospel that preys on the vulnerable.

As the 31st of December draws closer, Pastor Prime Kufa, Emmanuel Makandiwa’s spokesperson is already busy preparing for New Year Cross Over Prayer Nights and this time worshippers will be urged to release money in the nines of digits as opposed to sevens in order for them to obtain blessings from God, failure of which the heavens will not open.  That is the way it is as central government collapses and those with ears let them hear.

William Muchayi is a pro-democracy campaigner who can be contacted on [email protected]

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  • It’s very true. You make money when the street is in blood

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  • Yeah kind of gospel usually finds fertile ground in desperate people who are very guliable.

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  • Satanism iyo unonzwa vachitoti muno mune musatanists kunge ivo vanoita zvaMwari

    KJV Revelation 16
    13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
    Vanoita sematatya
    Datya rinoshandisa rurimi kudya ndozvirikuitwa vazhinji varikuitwa lure away all in the name of miracles…thou shall work for six days but they say you should receive your car for free, recieve your house pasina kushanda imi verengai shoko

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    • Miracles miracles miracles ummmm vapara vanhu nekushaya zivo ,I like my Jesus at 1 time satan ask Jesus for a miracle,if you are the son of God change thz stones to bread bt Jesu unoramba oti iye aiwa tinodya tashanda hachingouya chingwa usina kushanda man shall nt leave by bread alone bt evry wrd ……

    • The Gospel is about Word and demonstration of power.Gospel without miracles is fake and miracles without Word is fake.If you hear someone denying the power of God is a Satanist.

      • Bhora Resimbi

        Wataura iwe Edmore,

      • mafirakureva

        That is true. It is also a two sided sword. Problem we have no word but demonstration of power. A lot of conduct which is not biblical emanate from these prophets that is why people question the source of the demonstration of power. Those who worship will worship in spirit and truth.

    • Jesus said you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.He said these things I do you shall do.Even greater things than these if you believe.The Apostolic Gospel is accompanied by power.Kutoramba power i Satanism ir i serious

      • Bhora Resimbi

        True Eddy…..1 Cori 4:20 The kingdom of God. The Christian life, with all its attainments and all its hopes. Is not in word, but in power.

        • mafirakureva

          Matthew 4:4For a man shall not live by bread alone but by the word that proceedetth from the Lord’s mouth. The word has the power. You should study more about the word.

          • amuregi

            Sounds contradictory there. The word has the power IF it is spoken (prov 18:21), and after speaking the word into reality a miracle is born. Now where is the problem?

      • amuregi

        You are grounded in sound doctrine….👏🏿

    • Ko imi muri kuita nezveiwo

    • Kuisa.nhamo mubag hanzi ndoenda nadzo kunopa Mwari….kudyiwa takatarisa samatemba..

      • Bhora Resimbi

        God does not finish your problems you do by being taught his word by Pastors,any time you see money as an issue it means you still a child in the knowledge of GOD,we expect such comments

        • mafirakureva

          money will always be an isssue. No matter how much you get. Billionnaires do not sleep thinking about money

          • Bhora Resimbi

            Who said money is not an issue? also God is the issue

    • Problem ndeyekuti vanhu variko mazuvano havadi kushanda vanongoda zvimashura izvozvo

    • Magaya proved starving Zimbabweans fools. Chokwadi vanhu vonzi nyora nhamo dzako pabepa ndiende nadzo ku Israel? Mukai mhani. Nxaa

    • Edmore KJV Revelation 16
      13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon(satan), and out of the mouth of the beast(Pope) , and out of the mouth of the false prophet(pentacoastal)

    • Murikushandiswa nekuda mari

    • Iiwe ndiwe Satan wacho

    • Iiwe ndiwe Satan wacho

    • Vatanga vanhu vaMagaya kkkkk

    • False prophets will deceive many, even the elected one if possible.

      Time is no more … time to awake .

    • #Yes ey *FALSE PROPHETS* iagree BUT THEY ARE ALSO *TRUE PROPHETS* since in Ephesians 4 vs 11 reveal tht ey True Prophets among us .

      Since u know abt The Fake Prophets then show us True prophets.Bcoz u cannot claim to know abt Fake money or Fake anything yet u dont know the True /Genuine Money(Notes or Coins).


      • mafirakureva

        Make Jesus your true prophet first . Establish a relationship with him. Then the first church disciples. Study more about this man Jesus Christ and those disciples in Acts. Even Just literally reading what was happening . Spend a month at home reading the bible without listening to these prophets and anyone else.Then you will start to have a different perspective. You are not giving yourself much time with the Bible. Because everyday you are busy trying to find out what TB Joshua said, Makandiwa said, Magaya etc. You are not giving yourself time to establish direct connection. If you do that , you will answer yourself your question.

    • What is a true prophet go to Isiah 8.20

  • VANHU NGAVAVERENGE SHOKO RAMWARI VAZIVE NGUVA NEZVICHAWANIKWA PANGUVA IMWE NEIMWE ,ZVIKURU NGUVA YATIRI VANHU VAKUMHANYISA Cash kunyanya, vanoverenga zvinonzi vushamwari nenyika bunopesana namwari but ivo ava anoda kuti muumbe vushamwari nenyika, look Jesus himself he separated himself from the kingdom of earth but ivo vanoda vanotomhanyisana nepanecash ,to see him you pay kuti utaure naye ,what type of investment is this?

  • these guys are worthy to be called foxes, makava vanhu Ava. They are diviners, enchanters, hypocrites, …….

    • Bhora Resimbi

      you are also worthy to be called satan

  • Chikiti

    They sell false hope and the buyers buy it without questioning

    • Bhora Resimbi

      Bible is not false hope baba,

      • Chikiti

        I did not say the Bible but their heresy

        • Bhora Resimbi


  • He came to the men’s all-night as a spectator but got his deliverance

    Bernard Dzimanga last came to the Arena of Liberty on 1st of May 2015. Prior to his attendance he was addicted to alcohol and smoking. He would drink at least 15 litres of alcohol and would smoke up to 20 cigarettes per day. His drinking and smoking addiction triggered mayhem between him and his wife as he did not want to questioned about it.

    His wife was introduced to Yadah-TV and became a follower of the channel. Bernard could not tolerate that and would fight with his wife over the channel.
    When his wife wanted to attend services he threatened her with divorce and out of fear she could not attend. A friend of his introduced him to the “Men’s all-night” prayer service and he came to see, not as a believer. During the service he felt his whole body shivering when Prophet W. Magaya arrived at the Arena of Liberty but could not associate his condition with Prophet W. Magaya’s arrival.

    When he got home the next morning he headed straight for the fridge to take his beer as usual but could not finish one glass as he started feeling weak. Again, he did not want to associate his condition with his deliverance and went out to drink with his friends.

    Upon arrival, Bernard failed to finish a glass again and that was when he realised that he had been delivered. Prior to his deliverance, much of his money was going towards his alcohol or medical bills for his children.

    After his visit to the guest house his financial position improved drastically, all for the glory of God.

    We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

    • So yu think satan izvozvo haazvigoni manje kuti imi mutende hanti maakutotenda manje if yu read your bble properly no 1 knows the tomb of Moses and he was buried wth angels bt tommoro satan was seen on th tomb anga audzwa nani satan was an angel of ligtht bt ndokukandirwa pano pasi nekuda kwekutora humwari and haana kubiswa simba rake

    • Bob

      Are you sure of the testimony that you are giving? Do you know what 15litres look like?

    • Amen

  • After reading a few paragraphs, one wonders in which planet the writer lives in.
    How does an individual writes such absurd analysis about Christian religion.

    There are hoards of people that flock to traditional healers who are swindled of their hard earned money. If your investigative journo skills are that good, why don’t you expose such?
    Why do you find it amusing to vilify man of the cloth?
    Why is the clergy so dishonoured in countries that purport to be Christian countries??
    Who has made you judge over the clergy?

    • Even these so called prophets dear are n’angaz

    • If a country is to progress, it should first honor those whom the Creator has commissioned.

      Please let us as Africans honor servants of Jesus Christ so that our countries may prosper.

    • Bhora Resimbi

      True,they take advantage because man of God has put their Gospel on TV for everyone to see, hakuna sangoma tv,the journo is a fool and unbeliever who with there is no GOD,ask him who is true man of GOD has no answer but to question,when charity work is being done they don’t write anything ..such reports about GOD are so silly and show satan lives in people

  • where is the name nehanda derived 4rm b4 you read the article?mashave,akatanga rini kublamer vanhu vechurch,vanemhosva munovatya.

    • u have a gud observation tho i disagree with your analysis a christian mustnt like n read stories dzemashavi its time to unlike gudnite

    • we have to research bro nt tht l lyk the page kkkk

    • The bble itself says many prophets hv emerged on earth plz test the spirit

      • Bhora Resimbi

        True ,just remain in where you believe than to undermine a man of GOD,if u dont attend his church you will not know anything about him so why kungoshora shora zvisina basa

        • mafirakureva

          You are paid baba to write and fight back. Motoita vekurwira ka too many scandals these prophets.

          • Bhora Resimbi

            i dont need to be paid to follow GOD, even Jusus akadzoka panyika nhasi few will follow him we understand lack of knowledge is dangerous

  • Ndakanzwa mumwe wavo ipapo achiti lets not blame our leaders 4 thy r chosen by God .achiziva zvake kuti he is benefiting from the circus

  • Desperation is of concern to the level of tithing the last cent what a shame hey

    • Bhora Resimbi

      iwe u dont tithe what do you have nhai hama? it like u think better those tithing,why dont you stick to your own church tirege tipe vafundisi mari because we know why

  • Thieves!!!!!

  • Zimbabwe is a Democratic nation which means everyone is entitled to choose what he wants to do, freedom of worship and belief is also included. There are many religions in Zim for your own info and just that someone does not agree with the way you think does not make one a stupid. It only shows that people are different and with different opinions. Like it is said one man’s meat is another man’s poison and others choose to say mind your own business. Those prophets you mention had never forced anyone to join their churches and anyone who joined it was through free will. The are more dangerous religions were one may be initiated without his/her free will like Satanism and Sorcery and even if someone decides to join those cults its not yet a crime in Zim. So please save our breath and sit down.

    • U r right bt what does God say

      • Bhora Resimbi


      • amuregi

        About what?

    • Bhora Resimbi

      We said Oversea Widzo : zvinogotaridza kufa pfungwa chete kana woshora munhu waMwari:

      • mafirakureva

        Most governments have taken steps because it is getting out of hand.South Africa, Botswana, Kenya to mention a few. Things have seriously gone wrong tichingoti munhu wamwari. We should not act like we are under a spell. People being sprayed with doom , then you expect people to keep quiet. Munhu wamwari.

        • Bhora Resimbi

          You lack Biblical understanding : what is getting out of hand,who died after sprayed doom: people do worse things kun’anga no one is saying anything: the world can not rule the Kingdom of GOD <which people shld talk ,if those doing those things are happy who are you to talk for them?

    • God says a lot of things that people are not doing .It is easy to pluck a scripture and say that is what it is talking about.Put your energy into fighting corruption from the state leave the churches alone they dont collect taxes by forces people go to them because thry have something to offer.You want to control everything but have nothing to justify your position.Sit down you have nothing to offer.Blessing is unmerited favour meaning you CAN have things that you did not work for modern day Israel is an example.Mana many things in the bible that God gave to His people that they did not sweat for.If you cant believe God then enda kun’anga and see if you get your money’s worth.

    • mafirakureva

      Democracy, freedom of worship and belief, are you sure with that? The political landscape allows that in Zim. Ok , why are some religous figures barred from entering zim. Bring TB Joshua today and see. Dalai lama is another example. even Desmond tutu. Uerbert varikumhanya izvozvi. Those are just empty words.

  • Itai mari zvenyu imi ndopanoti 2 million jobs created

  • why didn’t we have more prophets in Zimbabwe way back around 2001 2002, they all appeared at the same time when the US dollar arrived.

    • I think that’s an answer you should get from God because he is the one who elevates and has the appointed time to bring out a man to serve him
      Everything has seasons it’s not you watch that moves national or world events it’s God’s time
      It’s more like saying why did we get freedom in 1980 rather than 1960 times for change and liberation differ depending on the seasons God has set

      • Bhora Resimbi


    • Apa wanyepap tinashe ,vanhu ava vakangonyuka pakangouya US$, ende madiro avanoita mari yoo!,these are devil worshipers hiding wth a bible

      • Bhora Resimbi

        thats what you think because you live in darkness ,Iwe itaka yako church if its about money?

    • Tobias Mutsvaka US dollar was always there hama

      • amuregi

        Muregerere haazivi

    • Bhora Resimbi

      which time was supposed Zim to have prophets ,which pre-school do u attend?

    • we had prophets komapostori haporofite vanhu?

  • What hell is this pastor Mboro
    I think he knows how the word mean in Zim. Where does he come from

  • Test the spirit and the testimony if they don’t speak according then don’t follow them

  • Iiiii nhai veduwe naMadungwe wo pfeee pamamonya ipapo here nhai ? 😂

  • caleb2011

    I know that Karl Marx has been an atheist and a critique of the word of God from the beginning based on his argument about evolution compared with the bible version. So l don’t believe you William Muchayi because there is evidence now that Karl Marx’s theories were invalid and misleading. William Muchayi should stop relying on the internet or the media to avoid defaming other people character who are innocent.

    • amuregi

      Muchayi is basing his article on rumours and allegations without substance. Nehanda radio must be desperate to give such mediocrity space to spew this rubbish. Is he a Christian who knows about the bible and false doctrine? The answer is no, testament to this rubbish article. Don’t even know where to start to critique this. It’s all hogwash.

  • those that are able bodied and healthy see no need for a doctor . so b careful

  • Teaching: Spirit of excellency
    Scripture: Daniel.6:3

    3 Now Daniel so distinguished himself among the administrators and the satraps by his exceptional qualities that the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom.
    It seems everyone wants to recognised in this life by their superiors yet we lack the spirit of excellency. Do you think you carry the quality of being promoted?

    5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. 6 Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. 7 Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, 8 because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.
    9 And masters, treat your slaves in the same way. Do not threaten them, since you know that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no favouritism with him.
    Most of us want to do good because someone is watching. The spirit of excellency does not require you to be monitored. If you do not have the spirit of excellency you might not even see dirt around you. People are not necessarily promoted because of professional Degrees or qualifications but their performance.

    Even the spirit of excellency will caution you on your facial makeup. The spirit of excellency makes you a cautious person. Do not just sit or throw things around. You might wonder why you are not being promoted despite your good qualifications when in actual fact it is because you lack the spirit of excellency. When you lack that spirit even if you are given something new, it loses value in your hands.

    When a man who lacks the spirit of excellency marries a beautiful woman he batters her till she loses that beauty. Most of us are perfect when people are watching us. You need to change the way you perceive and handle things. Do not be a person of eye service; work because you are responsible not because your superiors are watching. If you are comfortable with average, you cannot be promoted.

    When you enter the toilet you don’t bother to flush. You also throw litter around. God must see how much you appreciate life before men see it.

    People who love you must rebuke you and not pamper you whilst you continue to do wrong. Do your things with love and start with small things. Start caring about your general outlook and your immediate environment.

    We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

  • ‘Our leaders are selected by God’, yet people go for elections. Some will say, “the elections were rigged”. Then comes another question: Does God rig elections?

  • These are fack prophets why this tym.where are they coming from or do we have new God.You can not define God,s works or magic from them coz they can print miracle money. Money notes are counted when printed and have numbers so how do these man make miracle money.

  • give hope to the hopeless or opportunists who fleeced the desperate with miracle promises and made them sing ‘ when you give to the lord he will give back to you ‘ as they give their tides and offerings and behold the millionaires

  • Prophet makandiwa was there before the US iye zvino US rapera have these man of God also gone
    Please zimbos wake up and appreciate what we have aren’t you already complaining kuti vawandisa
    At this moment munyika hakuchina kana mari mukurara muna queues cash is being sold on the black market you continue shouting zvekupenga
    GOD has remembered Zimbabwe yet we keep fighting the gift he has given
    Many people are being assisted by these man through God’s grace the nation is on its knees the health sector is disfunctional and there is divine healing taking place please don’t attack what you don’t understand but seek information and become knowledgeable for you will end up attacking what you’re looking for
    God is love let love lead Zimbabwe open your eyes

    • It’s not about healing, financial, health or marriage breakthroughs. It’s about directing pple to God. The essence of worshiping is to glorify God

    • You can’t separate all this that you have written for God it all matters it is his nature
      A good life is what God wants us to attain and every good thing comes from God

    • Not in Zimbabwe only. This is in Africa so can you define God and magic

    • There are two forces behind if it’s God you can discern if also it’s the devil you can discern that’s when the spirit of discernment comes to play

    • mafirakureva

      He was Pastor Makandiwa before US $ , then Prophet Makandiwa after the US Dollar.

  • Its jst miracles I don’t trust these tsotsis’malast days ano,tosangana kudenga

  • If you are a believer just believe but if you’re in doubt don’t coz some of the people they wont help even a single person or the underprivileged but u utter bad worlds these prophets . Open your eyes and find a better way if living to get higher than those prophets so that you can help those in need. There are mny rich people ministers memberz of parliament but u cant utter bad words to then coz they do their things in a hidden place, they do not help underprivileged. I love those prophets. They are doing a great work in our nation.

    • hey leave the ministers coz whatever they do,they dont do it in God’s name


  • Mateo 24″” kuchava nemaprofita enhema

  • Matanga kuhumana suyanai nevanhu vaMwari

  • The best way of life is to do what is good for you. Not to fight what someone is doing . And to judge someone who are you under the sun to judge

  • Jesus christ chaiye achifamba pasi pezuva vanhu vairamba kutenda minana mikuru chaiyo yaayita. munga zogona maprophets aya. chenjerai kushandiswa nasatan kuti musaone chiedza muchigoti fake fake. believe what you believe.

  • ndinorwadziwa neveruzhinji nekushandiswa and being blinded by these croonies ,i thought we are clever and educated ZIMBOS inhema takapusa

  • That’s savage by William. wabaya dede ngemukamwa

  • If the bible was written by white man then I guess he prophetised right cz what’s in the bible is what’s happening today

  • I have a solution. My first solution would to close all these minana churches, if not, start charging them taxes.

    • ngavatange nevana roma, salvation army komari ivo vanowanepi?

    • Oh yes I agree vese must pay taxes or forced to close.

    • that’s very undemocratic and unconstitutional, people should have freedom of association and freedom of worship no matter what religion you come from.

  • Endai kuMasowe

  • Hanzi the mboros

  • God’s true judgement day is coming.

  • mwana wacho

    Preachers have distorted the Gospel that believers no longer know what is true or false. Vaparidzi vawanda hatichaziva wekutevera: Mutukudzi said so in one of his songs. (We have so many preachers that we do not know who to follow).

  • #Jus bcoz u started knowing them during tht time it doesnt mean ey were not there.Prophet Makandiwa ws around in Afm,way back b4 US$….Achito rova vhangereri se vhangeri,minana achirova,he had one of the biggest branch in AFm among Afm Pastors all over th world.Prophet Magaya ws Youth Charismatic leader ku Roman Catholic vaito paridza ikoko kudhara.Prophet Angel ws already rich as a Lecturer in UK and based in Britain kunobva Foreign currency kwacho

    #Hakona kutsvaga veku blaimer ne nzara yakurova.Shanda,na mata or protestera Government.U are afraid to face President Mugabes government wakuda kungo batanidzira wese wese what a shame

    • mafirakureva

      Changed from Pastor Makandiwa to Prophet Makandiwa vaona US $. The same with Prophet Chiza vekuBulawayo vaimbonzi Pastor Chiza Now Prophet. Vakaona kuti the title Pastor haina mari.

  • Death by ‘mboros’ 😹

  • man of God kkkkkkk chinek

  • Living Bible 1 Thessalonians 4:11 This should be your ambition: to live a quiet life, minding your own business and doing your own work, just as we told you before.

  • Sei musingade kutaura n’anga asi maporofita aMwari chete asi vakambokumbira chikafu kumba kwenge uchazowada waporofitwa

  • Madukwe anopenga

  • When u see all these things happen ” u must know that the Son is around the conner. These are all false prophets, they must come to pass fast before the Son.
    Remember ” when u hear that, spread your hands & say! God!!! Don’t let the enemies to destroy me: let alone to destroy itself!!? In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  • Mboro ‘s

  • The Bible says’ many will perishable for the lack of knowledge’and further state’s that”touch not my annointed ones” for God will fight for them.pple must have limit in commenting such.besides pple that live under God’s government are different than those of this world.

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