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No more night driving for buses

By Debra Matabvu

Cross-border and inter-city bus companies will be prohibited from operating between 9pm and 5am as part of measures Government is crafting to curb road carnage.

File Picture of a Proliner bus burning near Chivhu along the Harare-Beitbridge highway in August 2016
File Picture of a Proliner bus burning near Chivhu along the Harare-Beitbridge highway in August 2016

Illegal taxis, commonly referred to as mushika-shika, will be taken off the road permanently. Stiff penalties will also be introduced for overloading, speeding and defective vehicles.

Authorities are tweaking these proposals for onward transmission to Cabinet which is likely to deliberate on them within a fortnight. A Government official who preferred anonymity told The Sunday Mail last week:

“The draft proposes that driving for public transporters stop at 9pm and resume around 5am. Discussions around the issue are still underway as some are opposing the idea, arguing that it is not good for business.

“The proposal has been taken from other countries such as Zambia, which prohibit public transporters from operating after 9pm.”

Civil Protection Unit director Mr Nathan Nkomo confirmed the proposals, but would not be drawn into commenting further.

“A Cabinet Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management came up with a position paper that contains a raft of measures which will try to address the carnage issue,” Mr Nkomo said.

“We have realised that most road carnage is being caused by human error. So, we are working on how best to curb speeding, overloading and removing unroadworthy vehicles from the roads. We have also included stiffer penalties for urban transport such as illegal taxis as they are contributing to deaths. All this comes against the backdrop of several accidents that have killed many of our people this year.”

Mr Nkomo said road traffic accidents cost Zimbabwe millions of US dollars yearly.
“We are supposed to receive US$2,7 million from Treasury as part of this year’s disbursements (to road traffic accident victims’ compensation). However, we have not yet received anything.

“Since January 2017, we have been helping families with burial assistance for their loved ones while mainly relying on donor funds.

“For the Mvuma accident, for instance, Government used over US$20 000 on DNA tests only. So, these measures will also help save meagre resources and channel them to other areas of need.”

Last April, 31 people were killed when a South Africa-bound bus they were travelling on was side-swiped by a haulage truck and caught fire near Mvuma.

Two months later, 43 perished when a King Lion bus en route to Zambia rammed into a tree along the Harare-Chirundu Road.

On Thursday, 11 people were killed in Kamativi when the lorry they were travelling in burst a tyre, veered off the road and plunged into a gorge. All the accidents occurred at night. The Sunday Mail

  • pakaipa

  • zvekumama izvo. Toorera pa border takamirira nguva here?

  • The intention is good but the solution is outrageous. This will lose travelers a lot of time. The reason they travel overnight is to save time and take the pain of sitting for hours better as it’s easier to sleep at night. The solution is to build appropriate infrastructure to accommodate volume and easy night driving. The roads we call highways are worse than back roads in comparable African countries. The result of this will be accidents will occur during the day because everyone will speed to be at the border by cut off time. On the other hand there will be a flood of busses released every morning and our roads are not ready for those volumes. The volume in traveling against the volume out during the day plus truck and other road users will make daytime lethal! Please address the problem and stop infringing on people’ rights to free movement! Roads today look the same as they did in 1978 and yet traffic volumes have grown 100 fold!

    • Good roads or bad roads night driving is bad. What time do you save when you dead. Better late than never

      • big

        It would obviously be unsafe to drive at night if you have roads that are full of potholes, with no visible carriage way markings and signs, full of livestock and are too narrow with a single lane on either side.

        So this must be a temporary ban as it is very impractical and inconveniencing. People who travel overnight have various valid reasons for doing so.

        • israel israel

          Big you are no different from passengers that encourage drivers to over speed . This is the best solution for now. Crying about bad roads does not stop the night carnage but this bill if enacted will to some extent save lives

    • Point

    • Good point ngavagadzira maroad kwete kuzadza mapurisa

    • Mari yema toll gate vari kuisepi. Ndobasa rayo. Ngavaimprove on the roads mhani

    • Yes Rose l agree with you ma roads anoda kugadzirwa makore mangani nzira dzedu dziine ma

    • Very true. It is not bad to drive at night if you are doing it on a real road not our potholed roads. They are running away from the problem by creating another!!!! Nxa

    • Good point. Zanu Pf believes in banning everything instead of addressing the route cause of problems. Banning is unconstitutional. People must travel whenever they want.

    • You nailed it

    • big

      Let us hope it’s a temporary ban that will have to be lifted soon as the roads are made safe by widening, marking and smoothening.

    • Very true

    • I am shocked by the way Tapiwa Ndundudzo thinks .

    • Tapiwa Ndudzo asi uri hama yaDokora. Mafungiro ako akadhakwa wangu.

  • IMPROVE ROADS. U just increasing more day time accidents. Remember trucks already do day driving. Put more buses there and you make it even more difficult to drive on these roads.

  • ndizvo zvakaitwa nehurumende ye zambia izvozvo but still.hapana zvazvakabatsira kana 9pm dzakuda kundokwana mafambiro anenge akuita ma buses aya haana kumira mushe and also there is gng to be congstn at beitbridge border post espcly in e morning vanoziva ma weighbridge emuzambia espcly repa kapiri Q ine iri makuseni inosvota so wat mo pa border vanhu vachidzika kudho dhidhisa ma passports

  • Hatigadzireyi economy

  • Pamberi mberi neHurumende iri kutonga

  • As long you improve border management

  • Angu mabhazi achatofamba husiku zvenharo, handibvumi zvimitemo zvisina basa.

  • aaaah pfungwa idzi dzakabuda nekumusuri

  • Tosvika nguvai manje 😢🤠🤠😬

  • Will this be the best solution in preventing road accidents?Are 90% of the accidents happen at night.As most of the road users travel during the day to work won’t it cause disaster .Thus creating a problem on top of another problem.

  • More midhizo

  • Ko magonyeti?

  • Nonsense if the police and responsible authorities do their jobs properly this wouldn’t be happening. Proper driver long distance alertness monitoring procedures should be in place like for expample – every cross boarder bus should have a minimum of 2 drivers and each driver drives for a maximum of 4 hours before rest. It’s common practice here.

  • Ma1

  • That’s the best of measures regarding cross border travellers, better to be late than risk losing lives. Zambia did it and it’s working perfectly. All PSVs should park @ 9pm and start off @ 5am. These bus drivers don’t dip tgeur lights when meeting otger vehicles and some have even installed extra dazzlibg lights jus to flash into other drivers’ eyes. Ngavaparke zvipere

  • Punish plus GOOD GREAT MOVE.

  • How do we even come up with such solutions? God help us

  • Solution for now ban trucks at night and let the buses move.

  • During the day ,lots of delay by traffic cops and zimra,

  • Ma truck drivers voita mari Dashboard settings

  • Itori bhoo

  • That has come too late although it’s the right thing to do. Why are the so called gonyeti exempted?

  • How about you fix those roads first?

  • The major problem is not having good roads to service our borders. Harare-Beitbridge has gone beyond it’s service life and moreso it’s not worthy to have toll gates.

  • Good move, most of these accidents take place during those odd hours

    • Usanyepa Binga accident was it during those odd hour, nyanga back then was it during the night dont generalise

  • Fix roads

  • Well done in congesting the roads during the day which obviously will cause more problems and carnages.

  • Think about sleeping in the bus in chivhu for 8 hrs on your way to Harare from jbrg, that means most of the buses must all start their journeys at 5am ,that also means so many buses heading the same way at the same time ,that means so much overtaking of buses ,etc more chances of fatal head collisions,

  • Slowing an already underperforming economy !!

  • stupid solutions from grown men…….. absolutely clueless bunch of idiots

  • If you start by improving the roads and just reduce all those many roadblocks all the way from Beitbridge to Bulawayo they so nagging then you plan will be considered

  • Brilliant idea government dont look back, here in Mozambique they are doing the same,it is reducing the road accidents .
    Drivers are sleeping and killing loved ones it is too much I thank you for taking a step towards this.

    • Its not being adhered to and buses continue to travel at night

  • Botswana and Zambia has done it for buses and haulage trucks and the carnage has gone down significantly.

    • Botswana buses travel during day and night except trucks with cargo only travel during coz weigh bridge close at 8 pm

    • Mbonisi Matobo Moyo thats why i said haulage trucks and buses apologies for not splitting for you that in Botswana its haulage trucks only and both in Zambia however by the end of the day their 6pm to 6am on haulage trucks has seen significant reduction in carnage on their roads.

    • Botswana weigh bridge is 24hrs except kazungula only and THE haulage trucks they don’t travel at night on weekends only I’m struck driver I’m talking wat we du in Botswana as for buses all the local bus which travels 500km or les they are not allowed at night only cross-border buses and long-distance local buses which covers over600km distance

    • Thank you for you detailed information which still brings us to the fact that one way or the other measures have to be put in place in Zimbabwe to cut down night travel for trucks and buses. Weather it’s 5 hours or 2 hours or km travelled something has to be done to control unnecessary accidents which seem to be happening at mostly at night.

    • Measures yes but tyre bursting for a lorry carrying a large number of people whether night of day there is no difference. The best is to improve the roads, patrol the roads, not road blocking( to cause unnecessary delays and encourage corrupt practice’s)

    • Musango tevedzera zvakaitwa nevamwe moda kutevedzera zveBW kuroad madii matangira pakuchinja hurumende. Tichinjewo zvinoita BW neZambia

    • it wont work well.mu Zim mune high movement of ppl frm country to country ma cross boarder and foreign worker ,vaka daro boarder ronenge ratoipa.

      All ey need are new roads,and to complete dualisation

  • Creating a problem to solve another, that’s total rubbish

  • This was long overdue. We can’t afford to lose more people to deadly night accidents.

    • big

      Think a little further and you will see that this is going to create far more problems than we already have. It can actually lead to an increase in accidents. Think about congestion at borders, tollgates, etc.


    • So you can afford to lose people to deadly day accidents…

  • Dualise all highways

    • big

      Unfortunately ZANU PF do not do long term thinking.

  • Improve Roads first

  • Poor road network

  • iiii tofamba sei kkkk

  • Actually it’s a measure meant to allow the roadblocking police mafia to be able to stop every bus nekuti vanenge vakachasvinura.

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  • Proliner rakatsva husiku here

  • Gadzirai nzira kwete Kuda kuvanda nemumwe do u know the reason y those buses opt to drive at night they are avoidng bursting of tyres especially this summer yatave kuenda u can’t drive long distance nguca yekupisa matayi netara kuchipisa hazvipindirani so we nid to face the truth here checking both sides zim haina nzira chete.and wat about traffic congestion trucks buses private cars @ the same time u just creating another anarch apa I hope this z not going to be passed.

  • Good proposal, BUT best solution is for the Rogue insensitive and thieving gvt of Mugabe to leave and we have a caring and infrastructure-propriety-oriented gvt.Ensuring there are Jobs in Zim and the roads are in good condition!!!Lastly new recruitment at ZRP and VID…

  • fix the roads finish and clara

  • Cheri zvamada tinotora…..ndimi varidzi venyika

  • What about roadblocks

  • Kufunga kwanambwa uku madii magadzira ma roads akafa first

    Make the police and vid guys do their proper jobs of checking tyres permits and number of drivers per bus and eligibility

    Empower the Emras or the creation of an emergency response team fully equipped in every province

  • Fokofo gadzirisai road …maaccident anngatadza imo mukaroad kengoro ikako.tht one aint a highway but a typical countryside road.

  • Gayle Gorejena

  • The main problem is the state in which our roads are in. First address that, then tozotaura

  • Guys bhazi rekwedu kuGokwe Gandavaroyi rinobva mumbare na6 amrosvika gandavaroyi na11pm so tinenge toita 2 days muroad here

  • vamama gotcha,vari careless pa road ana dako ve marori ne ma bus

  • I think this is just a therapy to the problem. The solution is to upgrade our roads

  • why avoid real causes of accidents by lying to people and inconviencing people like this.now accidents will be very high due to traffic congestion being created by such an uninformed decision like this

  • i can call this the worst decision made

  • Who said accidents dont happen during the day

  • The main problem that needs to be addressed first is the issue of roads, I travelled to Zambia this weekend and the Chirundu highway is so bad, potholes and all that, no markings , not cateyes, thin strip of tar yet its a busy road, why need to inconvenience travellers we all don’t have private cars ,

  • We gonna spend a minimum of one week from B-Bridge to Harare.

  • Remove all ramshackle of buses on the road etc


  • Better coz maSatanists anorura usiku.

  • While the gvt is at it they must also maintain the infrastructure,the blame must not entirely rest on the operators

  • You copied the number plate system from Zambia and nw you want to copy again this outrageous traffic ban without assessing the results. Please look at the bigger picture than just copying. Imagine the rush that will take place when drivers want to reach a certain point before the cut off time. Transport is an industry on it’s own and effecting this ban is tantamount to stopping a whole production line. Think about the effects before going public with such foolish ideas. We are not stupid though, the real cause of accidents on our roads we all know it, don’t try to divert the attention. Period!

  • ngavagadzire ma roads chete. ndokupedza nyaya

  • Just wait and see the level of congestion during the day

  • It does nt work 1st they tried to ban left hand drive trucks. Remember over 80% of busses to S.Africa pass thru Zim

  • Death is everywhere, drain lake kariba and remove crocodiles eating people year in year out or close night clubs that contribute to spread of aids kana muri serious nezvema bhazi

  • Early morning is the good starting of heavy vehicles then have a break in the evening depending where road traffic lights are. If they start as said no one will get to work in time due to traffic congestion. Planning is not a bad idea but executing.

  • It’s a useless solution! Night driving is not the cause of road carnage. And forcing everyone to drive during the day will cause more harm than good. Imagine the congestion at the border! Fix the darn roads!

  • Chinokushamisai chili ipapa, inga kana mabond makaaramba mukanzi ndooanopedza nhamo yemari nokuti US ranetsa.Izvozvi muchamboona vanhu pamusuwo webank?Mumaecocash inga mari tirikungoiwana tisina jumbo chajwa ma20% wani?Kuswiper mari yakazara wani.Mozoda nyika yakadii?

    • Iwewe une properganda mkoma sorry unogara kuzimbabwe IPI irikuwanikamari usadaro ukataurazwakadai uripavanhu varikurwadziwa nenhau yedzimari dzavo dzisirikuwanika uye ma ecocash auchataura tanzwanekupa munhu mari akagara asinakushanda

  • corruption destroyed everything and everyone


  • Just fix the roads

  • Goooooood

  • Veduuuu

  • Someone with a wooden head is better than the person who just like to ban everything. Why can’t u ban yourselves from banning everything. Just upgrade the road and remove ZRP in the road please. Every 10km police ahead. Imagine when someone is giving u a ticket for not having a spare wheel.

  • Problem starts at VID, people just buy licenses. Then ZRP, drivers pay for passage. Then unemployment : too much traffic to other countries especially South Africa. If buses people going to SA were few, it wouldn’t be so bad. The government should be ashamed. It’s only us who have thousands crossing the border daily.

  • But gud idea is to improve our roads kwete kubhana transport imi muchizivavo zviroad zvacho itoriwo imwe accident pairi kuzobonderana kwema truck nemabus yava result yemigwagwa yakadhakwa tarirai muN1 mabus anofamba zvinodakadza zvekuti unokotsira ukarota dzehumambo urimubus chingoti muzim pfee unosvika kumusha wakupazha manyoka usina kudya poison

  • The cops also want to sleep rest and rob them in broad day light

  • Or its a way of promoting air zim

    • Not at all coz vanhu havana mari yacho, kutotadza kufunga chete chete

  • Aaaaah.night driving is more safer than day,for the long distances transporters,thee only solution is for the drivers to make sure that Life is Good forus all.speed speed speed haaa.

  • Zimbabwe

    Just fix and widen the roads you corrupt leaders. Better transport link reduces the risk.

  • Mina Makoti

    According to the Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Board, most road accidents occur during dusk and dawn when visibility is at its poorest.

  • I know the roads are a problem but banning night driving wil be a gud solution for now…

  • Chikiti

    More money for the traffic police in bribes as there are now more rules to be broken.

  • Concerned

    They should restrict truckers not buses. Buses and trucks should not shared the road at night They should make it 6 not 9 for truckers.