Woman kills self over cheating husband

By Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu

A 50-YEAR-OLD woman from Bulilima committed suicide by drinking an unknown poisonous chemical because of her husband’s alleged infidelity.

Chief Kandana confirmed the incident which occurred in his area.

He said Siphiwe Moyo of Gwambe area drank the poison last Friday and died on Sunday at Plumtree District Hospital where she had been admitted.

Chief Kandana said Moyo left a suicide note stating that she had decided to kill herself because her husband, Manuel Ndalumane, was unfaithful.

“There is a woman from my area who committed suicide by drinking poison after accusing her husband of infidelity. Moyo drank the poison on Friday night and they rushed her to hospital where she died two days later,” he said.

Chief Kandana said Moyo went to her husband’s workplace on Friday night and is suspected to have already drunk the poison as she was breathing with difficulties.

He said Ndalumane talked to his wife, but she did not respond.

“Ndalumane later called their neighbour and told him that his wife was not breathing properly and couldn’t talk.

“Minutes later Moyo’s condition improved and she told their neighbours that she was tired of her husband’s infidelity and she wanted to end her life.

Ndalumane and their neighbour then escorted Moyo back to their homestead in order to discuss the matter.

“Along the way Moyo indicated that she wanted to rest for a while and remained behind. She then drank a poisonous liquid that was in a plastic container which worsened her condition,” Chief Kandana said.

He said Moyo was rushed to Sikhathini Clinic and was later referred to Plumtree District Hospital where she later died.

Moyo had a suicide note in her pockets which was addressed to her husband. The note had a message for her husband to remain enjoying life with his girlfriend when she was gone.

Chief Kandana said Moyo also stated that she could not stand her husband’s infidelity anymore.

“It’s saddening that Moyo decided to end her life because of her husband’s reckless behaviour. At the same time it’s important for people who are going through problems to seek counselling services and engage family elders or community leaders because suicide isn’t a solution,” he said. The Chronicle