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Cosatu wants Grace banned in SA

By Gift Phiri

First Lady Grace Mugabe could be banned from ever entering South Africa if that country’s powerful trade union federation and opposition groups get their way in their bids to have the decision to grant her diplomatic immunity overturned.

First Lady Grace Mugabe
First Lady Grace Mugabe

Grace was granted diplomatic immunity by the South African government last Saturday after spending close to a week holed in Johannesburg as police wanted to arrest her over allegations she severely assaulted a 20-year-old model Gabriella Engels whom she found with her sons — Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine – at a luxury hotel in Sandton on August 13.

Powerful trade union federation, Cosatu wants Grace to be declared a prohibited immigrant (PI) — a decree that would mean if she ever sets her foot in South Africa, she would be swiftly deported.

“Ms Grace Mugabe should be banned from ever coming into this country,” said Sizwe Pamla, the Cosatu national spokesperson in a damning statement yesterday.

“Our government’s camouflaged surrender and cowardice is shameful. We are turning into a Banana republic very fast because of our government’s misdirected idealism.”

This comes as South Africa’s main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, called for a parliamentary inquiry into South Africa’s decision to let Grace leave.

Pamla said the decision by the Department of International Relations minister Nkoana-Mashabane was “disgraceful and a camouflaged surrender.”

“This makes a mockery of our rule of law and the principle of equality before the law. It is clear now that the citizens of this country cannot be guaranteed protection by this government.

“This ill-thought decision is proof that our so called exceptionalism is an amount of scale, not of quality anymore.

“While we agree that government has every right to maintain healthy relations with our neighbouring countries but this should not be done at the expense of South African citizens. We cannot allow the political anarchy and vandalism of the Mugabe-led administration in Zimbabwe to be imported into our country,” fumed Pamla.

Cosatu is considered a strong ally of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) as they are part of an alliance which also involves the South African Communist Party (SACP), a relationship which dates back to the struggle for  South Africa’s independence during the apartheid era.

The demand by the powerful trade union federation to declare Grace a PI leaves the ANC in a spot of bother, given that the ruling party needs Cosatu’s vote-gathering ability, especially among the poor, to retain control of many cities and provinces in the forthcoming polls in Africa’s largest economy.

The civil rights watchdog AfriForum legal representative Willie Spies said “the granting of diplomatic immunity to her is however not the end of the matter.”

Spies said AfriForum has already given notice that the organisation will assist Engels in bringing a review application in order to set aside the decision to grant diplomatic immunity to Grace.

“The fight for justice for Zimbabwe and for Miss Engels will therefore go ahead until it is won,” Spies said.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, an alliance of 300 civic groups, said Grace’s alleged violence in South Africa was part of a growing trend made possible by a sense of impunity.

“We hold that her decision to seek diplomatic immunity was baseless and unwarranted and only serves to entrench a culture of impunity,” the coalition said.

“Grace Mugabe’s violence continues to bring disrepute to our nationhood as Zimbabweans compromising our stature in the Sadc region, Africa and the global community.” Daily News

  • doesn’t make sense though.. very Unconstitutional, politically insane… Cosatu are a bunch of losers

  • Banned for Assault? Get real

    • Elisha ,Do you know that upto his death Mudenge could not set foot in the USA because he displined his son by beating

    • I didn’t know that @Bothwell. Its understandable cause it happened in the Americas. I wouldn’t expect that harsh sentence from our brothers down south

  • Thats being Stupid…………. South Africans have “KILLED” more than Hundreds of people in theirv”SENSELESS” Xenophobic Attacks. And now the First Lady just Disciplined the little girl……… And its big News. [email protected]

    • Uri pahasha Tinashe kkkkk she just discipline coz the little girl no manners kkkkk wandipedza kkkkkk

    • Look up discipline in the dictionary

    • Kkkkk, guys ofcourse Mai vakakanganisa havo BUT South Africans hav no right to see Hypocricy on others And yet they are the biggest hypocrites themselves.

    • Wrong is wrong that was assault

    • South Africans commit crimes in their country why didn’t she flew the gal to zim bit her thoroughly and flew her back…ndeup S.A diplomatic wawakanzwa kuti a commit crime muneimwe nyika nxaaaaa actually she should be banned from all African countries she is a disgrace

    • But guys, I think we are being too emotional and political on this issue but We all hav our own opinions at the end of the day

    • Gloria chiweshe&Gift mhlanga whatever it is south Africans deserve to be despised what was done to their kin girl is very good. The crimes they committed during xenophobia are tantamount to crimes against humanity . to hell with them nxaaaaaaaa Gabriella Engels mxiiiiiim

    • Pamberi naDr amai. Chero vakavabanner hazvititadzisi kudya sadza.

    • Dai vakarova mwana wavo kwete mwana wemumwe munhu uchisiya wako

    • #melusi wakadhakwa ndimai vako kwete weveruzhinji usaty pamberi naamai ungati makafanana murimabitches mese

    • pamberi naMai south africans need to b taught a lesson.payiwurawa vanhu pa xenophb hapana zvaitaurwa

    • assaulting and discipline it’s not the same thing why she didn’t discipline her own kids or take them to Zim do u still remember the story when these kids were found with drugs in China how much she paid?? Do u remember when her son’s were suspended from school ?? now they are paying R70 000 monthly rent hence civil servants are suffering

  • pliz nyaya First Lady yakubhohwa yakapera basa.nyorai zvimwe

    • And here you are reading it

  • SATAN! South Africans murdered a lot of people but we never heard these swine going crazy like this, fuck off those gnashing their teeth on Grace Mugabe. How many evils have been committed by those south African creeps and yet we never heard from this junk headed AfriForum. Mxiiiiiim Cosatu

    • Dont you know by now that two wrongs dont make a right?

  • Cosatu is a toothless bulldog.It wishes to solve a diplomatic issue yet it failed to ban LABOUR BROKERS leaving the majority black people working like slaves.

  • Using an electric POWER cable to beat a defenseless girl = abuse of POWER!

    • What were you going to do if those were your kids,all kids were disciplined in this case there was no selection

    • That wasn’t discipline. She was only venting her anger on anyone nearby. Apparently she just overreacted and ended up acting unreasonably.

    • She acted irresponsible, thats cruelty. Discipline your children before brutalizing others.

    • Kkk thts hw our mothers used to beat us its unfortunate kuti munhu wa first lady munorohwa mese

  • Tiudzeiwo dzimwe nyaya kwete yenyu yeruvengo iyi first lady anoita one varipo Dr Grace Mugabe asi mune wenyu amaida kuti avepo zvikaramba kani tibatsirei mazama kuvasvibisa munhu zviri kuramba chiuyai nedzimwe nyaya dzine ungwaru

  • Cosatu ine nyika here ? There are more pressing issues in SA which need urgent attention than someone allegedly been abused

  • U guys are weighing this wrong,she abused that girl,counting on who she is,the SA and Zim gvt further worsened it by letting her go and giving her made up diplomatic immunity which we all know she ddnt have,and considering that we are tired of this woman,it will serve her and her family ryt to ban her frm ever entering SA again until she owns up to her crime,that is justice by the pple because the responsible authorities failed

    • She disciplined a little girl that had tresspassed ,cosatu has nothing to do wth that issue they have to deal wth labour issues no diplomatic issues

    • Stanford Angel Nkomo,if u get invited by the occupants of a house are u tresspassing??Fyi,Cosatu is a trede union that has a say in politics in SA,if they want Disgrace banned,im with them,all she had to do was ask her to leave not best her up dude

    • Everyone in that section of the hotel got a share of the beating from disgrace. Had that girl been at the right place which is her parent’ s house none of this could have happened in the first place.Cosatu has workers suffering in mzansi through slavery by labour brockers .Grace is a diplomat n it cant change because of a silly incident

    • Dude all im asking is that did the girl force her way into the place or her adult children invited her??
      If u r honest that,then u will know whom she was supposed to discipline

    • Omg what kind of discipline is that?
      So now she is good at disciplining other people’s children while letting her own runaway?

    • Velempini Vee Lunga wen u visit Rome and it catches fire it wont matter where u originally from ,whether you are a border jumper or diplomat u all get burnt because of location bro.

    • Ur reasoning baffles me bro,

    • Nkomo u don’t know the whole story do some research the girl is a model who was staying in the same hotel in the other room she had the right to be in that hotel

    • Gabriel Chisango,this guy bro,how do u even begin to justify that kind of behaviour,even if she was from another town,she was there by invitation and she had no right to lay her hand on her!!

    • She has no right i do agree with u it’s not the first time she has bullied n abuse people recently in Dubai she was detained after assaulting a photographer n get away with it hope this time justice will be sreved

  • And her children please

  • Hatipindiri nyaya dzemahure arovana isu

  • Better

  • Day dreaming what’s in SA ? Rubbish was the girl killed or what??

    • What’s in sa? Grace bought $10m worth of property there thats whats in sa. Was the girl killed or what? So in your reasoning grace can only be banned from entering a country if she kills someone there? You sure are shallow tendai chawasema

  • Could be..

  • Grace is banned in USA but she goes there for UN and she is allowed to do shopping 40 km around UN in europe she is free to move around in vatican in italy and in geneva Cosatu just playing to the gallery instead of fighting people issues people were actually killed in marikana for demostrating were was cosatu

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  • Always posting rubbish, mashaya nyaya here?.

  • She is untouchable .she can enter south Africa anytime nothing will happen.

    • Ohh you think so. You think sa is an extention of zimbabwe?

    • She managed to leave South Africa without any hassle.she is very powerful ,she will get away with murder..

  • Moto

    If one of Zuma’s wives came and assaulted a Zimbabwean over nothing, I would expect repercussions. But Grace’s matter will not be settled by my opinion… nor that of internet trolls. Let us wait and see.

  • [email protected] Zimbabweans meddling in SA Politics will lose their work permits and PR.

  • “Could be” and u make news outof that

  • And the plot thickens.This isnt going away anytime soon.

  • Did anyone hear Amai version of what enraged her to that extent.?

    • Who gives a fuck what bullshit she has to say?

  • Idiotic lady ..like mother like two useless Buffon kids ,,

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  • Cosatu iyoyo ngainopengera kure &leave our first lady alone.
    Takaona vamwe vachena vachipfanyirira munhu mucoffin arimupenyu…Cosatu iyoyo yakaitei navo?
    Marikana massacre?Xenophobia etc?Why majoring in Minors?Why ignoring murder issues & then concentrate on exaggerating a mere disciplinary issue to a terrorist attack???

    • are u oky 100% ok ? dzokorora tinzwe waty leave our first lady ? iwe ndifirst lady kumba kwenyu wanzwa kwete kwatiriwo isu hatina first lady hure isusu ndomunhu akutobvongonyora nyika futy nxaaaa wandigumbura msoro sechiribhani

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  • Fyi Grace is south african by birth.

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  • Nonsense

  • Why r people so obsessed, amai will not be arrested like some common low life criminal , as long as she is the 1st lady
    There r people who have killed people bt people r quiet abt it then want to make news abt this 😒😒😒

  • Justice delayed justice denied

  • redicuios

  • Cosatu is dead, they make no impact on what ever they say.. let them Tsek and sit down, we are going to fight for Grace here in SA against White supremacy

    • And get deported back to your poverty stricken country where there’s no more law

    • Nicky, u r a settler here..u cnt do anything

  • Nonsence nxaaaa

  • Does she even care. She is a disaster that’s about it

  • Leave Grace alone , Pigs..