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‘Cannibal’ says he’s ‘tired of eating human flesh’ as he hands himself in

By Oliver Wheaton for Metro.co.uk

A suspected cannibal has turned himself in to the police under bizarre circumstances.

Police were led to this house by the alleged cannibal (Picture: Mydrim Jones)
Police were led to this house by the alleged cannibal (Picture: Mydrim Jones)

The man, who is described by local media in South Africa as a ‘traditional healer’, reportedly walked into a police station to hand over human body parts – a leg and a hand – while telling officers: ‘I’m tired of eating human flesh.’

Police say the man confessed to the horrendous crime before leading them to a home in the town of Estcourt where they found more human remains.

They allege that the man raped, murdered, dismembered and even possibly ate several women.

He also implicated two other men in his crimes. All three appeared in court yesterday charged with murder.

A fourth man was also charged with possessing human flesh.

Councillor Mthembeni Majola said he fears more victims will be discovered.

‘When the police were following this matter they discovered eight ears in a pot where one man was staying,’ she said.

‘That means there is much more to this.’

Police spokeswoman Captain Charmaine Struwig said: ‘The three suspects are alleged to have murdered a woman and then cut her body up.

‘Allegations are that some consumed some of her flesh while some of her body parts were shared with the fourth suspect in Amangwe.

‘Human remains were found at one crime scene in Estcourt and another crime scene at Amangwe.

‘At this time only one person is suspected of having been killed and her identity is as yet unknown.’

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  • Ngavasunge nemabuyer acho

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  • Ndovanonzi varoi ava

  • Nhema dzako.fake journalism.lt ws nt the traditional healer who aproached police.plus maparts akatozowanikwa nemapurisa after the other cannibalist reported to saps

  • Kikikiki it was actually the traditional healer’s accomplice who approached the police,then led the police to a hut where they apprehended the healer,n 2 others and discovered other parts.vLater the councillor of that ward held a meeting with 700 people and 300 admitted to knowingly eating the human flesh from the healer and digging bones from the graves for him.

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  • South Africa should consider hiring ZRP CID Homicide, they know how to handle such cases. The Gurundora case is a good example.

  • Kana vanhu vachidai ..toti ma Prophets nema Pastor hatimade pakudii??? …

    Prophets n Pastors hav worked tirelessly by th HolySpirit to expose most these typ of ppl.Some are helped and converted thru Deliverances and preaching and teaching to them the gospel of th Lord Jesus…

    i salute all Man of God who are workin on th ground Evangelising,Teaching,Prophecying ,Delivering and healing evn th victims of witchcraft – frm such ppl.


    • Stop trying to use this story to sell your religion and fake pastors/prophet you opportunistic parasitic worm.

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  • Ibvapa iwe n’anga yakatozonosungwa mushure mekunge 3 suspects dzasungwa one ndiye akataura kuti taneta nekudya Nyama dzevanhu pane neshona unganzwe

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  • They foreigners eats people they hope they Ar local foreigners kkkkkkk

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  • Hit like if a house = cannibalism.

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  • Growing up hearing about this thing of cannibalism ,it was like tale to me.Strange things happening here in South Africa.How can human being eat another human being? This is not all about hunger, ubuthakathi ilanga libalele .

  • I wonder what was the response of the police officer on duty who received this culprit………surrendering a leg n hand on the desk.

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    Come and eat Mugabe, Grace, Chatunga Rb Jnr before resigning please