Zim pastor, wife shot dead in SA

By Mashudu Netsianda

A ZIMBABWEAN pastor and his wife were shot and killed by two armed robbers in South Africa while their two daughters, one of them aged three years, watched helplessly. The armed robbers went away with two cellphones and a laptop.

Pastor Proud Kanyungwe and his wife Belinda Tarisai Mukucha
Pastor Proud Kanyungwe and his wife Belinda Tarisai Mukucha

Alexandra Police Station spokesperson Captain Kholeka Mhlongo confirmed the incident, which occurred on Thursday shortly after 2am at the couple’s rented home in Scottsville Extension in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal Province.

Capt Kholeka Mhlongo said the suspects used a concrete brick to break the front door to gain entry into the house.

He identified the deceased pastor as Proud Kanyungwe (32) and his wife, Belinda Tarisai Mukucha (28).

Kanyungwe was a senior pastor at the Grace International Church.

Capt Mhlongo said Kanyungwe woke up and went to investigate after hearing noise.

“Two armed gunmen entered the deceased’s rented house at around 2am. We suspect when he (Kanyungwe) saw the door opening he tried to wrestle with the suspects and during the scuffle, one of the two men pulled out a gun and shot him,” he said.

The suspects then got into the house and shot Mukucha, while she was walking out of her bedroom as her children were watching.

The suspects came through the backyard and tried to gain entry through the garage roof.

“They removed some tiles and couldn’t get access into the house. They then came to open the garage door and disconnected the alarm there,” said Capt Mhlongo.

He said the robbers then forced open the security gate and hit the door with a concrete brick.

The suspects are still at large and police have since launched a manhunt for them.

The incident comes barely a month after another Bulawayo woman was shot 13 times by unknown suspects, while on her way to catch a taxi in Pretoria’s Soshanguve area.

The woman identified as Sikhethiwe Moyo (30) died on the spot.

The suspects took out a cellphone SIM card from her phone and fled.

The phone was found next to her body. The Chronicle

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  • Rip my brother Proud .Our former church mate.

  • Hey nehanda this happened two weeks ago.

    • Your point is?Lots of people missed the item.

    • I thought u wld say it never hapened 😬

    • To weeks dzipi, tinogara muPietermaritzburg baba. Get away

    • Its over a week when l first saw this story

    • I think it’s more than two weeks.

    • Its not even more than a week these people are related to one of my friend Lordmore Karanda he can tell you the story why people you want to lie Pride Machaka

    • Case is i saw this post two weeks ago. I dont know maybe they are different cases!! Sorry

  • ….and they’re busy fussing over Grace yet they harbor murderers

    • Grace is worse.

    • 2 wrongs don’t make a right numb nuts

    • Grace and mugabr are murderers as well,

    • EnCik Prince so you mean the slaying of that couple is nothing compared to Grace’s case? You are son of an idiot, creeping vermin!

    • Who told you they were killed by South Africans? Zimbabweans are committing a lot of crimes in SA

    • Grace is worse…she killed Sally, stole someone husband, give birth of different kids from different fathers and knowingly blame the innocent grandpa, stole Manzou farm, stole Mazoe dam, poison Mahofa,bought a degree, looted billions, destroyed the whole country, beat up muroora etc.

    • Don’t blame SA but your leadership

  • So sad RIP amen

  • If only people could make Zim habitable, no-one would stray into crime infested South Africa.

    • “People?” U can b the change u want to c, it all begins with u..

    • By ” people ” I mean those who own and run Zim. I’m not part of it

    • When God’s time is due, we will rejoice.

    • We are not getting any younger Gratitude Nhongonhema. Time is moving. We have been waiting and waiting

    • Before this year end it will be jubilee in zim …..

    • I beg to differ with Pilot. How can you possibly be the charge. You try to work the environment is not workable so by going out of Zim thats the best they could do to start with change on their own

    • The problem in Zim is simple, too many useless people!!!

    • The problem in Zim is simple, too many useless people!!!

  • Rip…

  • R. I. P hama munashe


  • So sad.RIP

  • Sad development RIP

  • Sad. RIP

  • Murders are worrisome in SA.
    Zimbabwe is also upping its murder rate. Just today alone, the website has stories of 3 murders and suicide by the culprit in Gwanda, Karoi man Kills wife and Kids. Gokwe family heheaded and burnt.
    Some could get killed by being given stale food.
    SouthAfrica has a population of 46 million citizens then add immigrants from the entire continent and see that Zim is just trying to catch up on murder rate

  • Mm mm mm mm, South Africa is a sad story, at the end we bring such spirit in our Land, isu atizwizive zwerudzi uru, but ndiyo nyaya yedenga kana ukafamba zwakanaka pamberi pa Mwari, kufa it’s Gain so says the word of God, our Br and amai rest in peace

  • Shame RIP

  • kufira cellphone nelaptop here chokwadi

  • South Africa is not a safe place to stay

  • Shame

  • Where is Afriforum

    • you can ask again

    • charles


  • Wotonzwa vamwe vachichemera kurohwa kwe pfambi asi vedu vachiita zvekuuraya soo

    • Musarase nyaya pple this have nothing to do nepfambi,Grace was suppose to beat her misbehavior son not girl,rest in peace mfundisi na mai mfundisi so sad

  • Too bad. So sorry. May their souls rest in peace. In SA you live for the day. Robbery and murder occurs rapidly, randomly and indiscriminately.

  • All for 2 cell phones & a laptop gosh. Sad country.

  • R I P

  • Some robbers. I mean people should go to school at least up to a stage where reasoning is attained and be able to know what the learned call value

  • Joni yakangopenga. Tirikumusha taitya kkuin munhu akafa joni kungoona uchipfuura.

  • Sad story hey….rip

  • pastors pastors pastors
    It’s pastors allover the news!
    good ridence!

    • Really??why are you so heartless? Repeant

    • Mmmm Nyasha wandirwadza.we grew up with these pple,so nice.none of them deserved this.the good ridence part shows how heartless u r

    • Why are yu happy for the death of these two.

    • ZibabaRemaRounds


    • Kasi uri musatanist nhai Nyasha?

    • Her Surname explains it all

    • Are you ok upstairs? Like seriously ?

    • Yu will reap what you sow how can you say that chi chinofadza pakufa kwevanhu in that manner ita mushe

    • Watch out for your bitterness it will soon turn to witchcraft

    • Horrible person 😡

    • Ukwane nhaika, mwoyo wetsvina uyu haukusvitse kure. How dare you celebrate gruesome murders.

    • unomuvenga ndiwe wakamuita mufundisi here,u are a heartless psychopath.. repent

    • Idiot

    • Wow really zvakakuomera.

    • Ahhh zvakaoma

    • whatever these pastors are parasites which have spread like a plague inflicting desease while sucking blood from the suffering people which they mislead. in the name of tithes! heartless my black ass!

    • and you can all go fuck yourselves! hapana kana one wenyu ane significance in my life

    • hezvooo

  • Its true, it happened here where I am in Pietermaritzburg.

  • may thr souls rest in erternal peace

  • So sad


  • RIP

  • Rip so sad

  • Alfmaz

    Very sad indeed. Fare the well our dear brother and sister

  • Oh pastors are corrupt and evil but by the way RIP

  • you kill someones mummy and daddy for a cellphone and laptop

  • Fucking south africans, I caught “thy went away with phone and laptop “, and thy won’t do anything

  • Most dangerous criminals in South Africa are from Zimbabwe.


  • Home sweet home ! SA its a horrible place to live…..to the kids find comfort in hands of the Lord Jesus Christ…

  • Tine urombo nema tambudziko

  • Ndebele’s

  • Hate rage !

  • Uuum so sad

  • So sad may their souls rest in peace


  • Condolences to thier families and friends

  • I don’t think it was robbery,may be a plot.no way why they should kill his wife as well,they new them

  • Eish, shame shame, may their souls rest in peace. Why didnt they take the things they wanted only.

  • Maybe they were killed by fellow Zimbabweans who knows

  • It seems like robbery, but i don’t think so, these are like hired amateurs, thief can’t just trigger a gun to kill two bcoz of laptop and two phones while children we watching, they must investigate this case accordingly not to just conclude its a robbery, vanhu ava havana kuuya kuzoba vakauya kuzotouraya laptop and phones yaitenge yatova bonus nekuti zviratidzike kunge pabiwa, anywy ngavazorore murugare

  • Boko

  • So sad

  • Sorry

  • Rest in peace vazodziwa vashe.but zvorwadza

  • How can you kill someone for laptop and cellphone poor robbers

  • Better to steal n leave than kill. In SA u can steal n just hide a kilometer away for a year, u will never be catched by police. Think of Senzo Meyiwa’s perpetrators,i dont even think they are still looking for them

  • Ooooh shame. May their souls rest in internal peace.

  • Most of those robbers are Zimbabweans

  • Watched the guy growing up in my hood. Thankful to God for His life in Christ. May their souls rest in eternal peace gone too too soon

  • ,very sad rip

  • These dogs dnt change pakarohwa wavo nagrace they talked too much nxaa idiots

  • Looks like a hired hit to me .Most probably thugs were paid to kill pastor and his wife.Could be jelous church rivals within the church or he was banging another man’s wife in the church.

  • Shame nyika yashata veduwe tjoooo may their souls rest in peace.

  • sure he must not merry over other people misery

  • Sad news indeed

  • Maemura

    PIP brother and sister. What a lovely couple you were

  • So sad …may their soul rest in peace

  • Veduweee

  • Taking life just 4 a laptop & cell phones.Human waste brains.

  • Ahh shame

  • So sad

  • Cell phones and a laptop? Are they worthy killing for? Why not go and rob a bank or something not people who are trying to make ends meet

  • PaJoza expect anything kana wauya

  • Yoooo ma 1

  • Dreadful

  • But why pipo of SA do this?

  • So sad umm

  • Rip

  • Chikiti

    I hate SA for this

  • Eish

  • Kill kill kill That’s all the stupid young thugs of South Africa have in their minds

  • South Africans do not value human life

  • SA has the highest crime rate in the world. That’s why you see most Prophets in SA move about with body guards all over the shore to protect them. They fear of their dear lives.

  • Rip

  • African Cristiano

    Lord have mercy. Killing for a laptop and cellphone? Eish

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