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Gerrie Nel sets sights on Grace Mugabe

Private prosecutor Gerrie Nel is preparing to offer his help to the Johannesburg model who accused Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe of assault.

Private prosecutor Gerrie Nel is preparing to offer his help to the Johannesburg model who accused Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe of assault.

Nel is one of this country’s top criminal prosecutors. He successfully prosecuted former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi for corruption and Paralympian Pistorius for murder.

There is a seeming impasse SA authorities and Mugabe’s team‚ as it is believed she is seeking diplomatic immunity after she was accused of assaulting the 20-year old woman on Sunday night.

The alleged assault had taken place at the Capital 20 West in Sandton.

The alleged victim Gabriella Engels‚ said Mugabe had beat her with an electrical extension cord and opened a case of assault against Mugabe on Monday.

Nel will announce how he plans to intervene later on Thursday.

AfriForum issued a media advistory stating: “Advocate Nel will announce at the conference what steps will be taken to support Ms Engels.”

Gerrie Nel
Nel is one of this country’s top criminal prosecutors. He successfully prosecuted former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi for corruption and Paralympian Pistorius for murder.

When he began his new job under the helm of the civil society group AfriForum in February – heading a private prosecutions team intended to bring justice to South Africa’s political and economic untouchables – Nel said he firmly believes in the South African justice system and this is a way of assisting the National Prosecuting Authority.

He said it would not attempt to be a parallel justice system – it is a team that would only pick up cases which the NPA selects not to prosecute.

Late last month‚ The Times reported AfriForum’s private prosecutions unit had two potential cases in its sights.

The group’s CEO‚ Kallie Kriel‚ confirmed that the tenacious Nel’s unit was preparing to pursue a criminal as well as a corruption case for private prosecution.

Kriel said they were putting a lot of effort into preparing the cases‚ with an announcement planned in the next three months. TimesLive

  • kuteya mari

  • Gerrie Nel ur a small boy

  • Acharohwa mbama

    • tamama Ndimugabe


  • Gerrie wabantu

  • go get her Gerry #GraceMustFall.

  • Let’s have fun as a TV series

  • isu tiri kuma terrece hedu

  • he wants to b a hero.

    • Which he already is unlike you who is scared even to tell Grace that she was wrong by assaulting someone’s child leaving his drug addict sons.

    • u think those girls ar innocent.wait she wil respond and hear the othersides story

    • This guy is a hero already, he nailed Oscar Wani?

    • Kkkkk bhooo twakamamiswa kuda zvemahara kunge honye

    • He is a Hero

    • You should have warned your lunatic disgrace to refrain from violence while in SA.She will face the music

    • No no no its not about being a hero but its about doing the right thing period.

    • they r guilty of.what jack?

    • guilty of taking drugs.

    • hes doing his job chete

    • manje hahawine.ayita mutete.anozviitira kunana oscar

    • Hada just wait and see this guy is a gud lawyer.

    • He’s doing his job. Amai venyu ndovari kuda kuita hu hero hwavasiri vari hure!

  • He is the man to toast and roast Grace. Take it on Gerrie!

  • Gerrie you are pushing for the removal of the remaining whites in Zimbabwe. Your decision is good, but I think you have erred on this one. Let Angels find other black folks who can assist her. But thanks very much for your offer.

    • its not an error its all about justuce being served chief!

    • you are very stupid to say that..you forgot that millions of zimboz are scartered all over europe and america?..fools like you thinks like your old mugabe.sis u

    • Kkk varungu vakabva muzimbabwe havafe vatambura vakabva vacho vari kurima zvine mbiri wani muZambia ndisu tine nhamo vekuenda kunyika dzevamwe tave kutevera varungu vacho futi kkkk

      • Tsakatire

        spot on kkk we kicked them out and now we follow them big tyms Loliest kkkkkkkkkiest

    • Celestine Nwankwor good point you stated.

    • Even scattered in my country Namibia.

  • zviroto zviroto

  • gerrie nel. zvanzi kana uchida kuty suspect neafrikaans unoty chii uyu nel wacho maone apa english hakuna lol

  • Taking chances.

  • Free help anonyepa he is doing that bcz of the hate for Mugabe

    • Saka?

    • wether he hates mugabe or not we want justice that’s all..

    • Flary basa kumirira kupindura zvanyorwa nevamwe haugoni kunyora zvakowo dofo remunhu iwe hauoni kuti anoda kuva munyaya bcz he hates mugabe though grace ari wrong and am not protecting or supporting her either

    • Taura hako iwe. Uyo arikuramba zvaurikutaura its just a brainwashed person. He don’t know what he’s talking about a little man.

    • That white stupid dog must be careful.

    • WHAT ABT JUSTICE ON XENOPHOBIC VICTIMS.what happened to th king of Kwazulu Natal who caused 2016 xenophobic violenc???

    • This App has an option of replying , liking , adding a Gif etc dont stop people from using them

    • He gets mileage from this. Zvinotosimudzira zita rake kuti akatongesa first lady

    • Saka he is not helping the girl, he is helping himself to attack mugabe

    • Gymbunny

      in which case he is acting for millions. ini rangu dollar ndinoisa,

  • The true African mother hatidi zvemahumbwe we stand by u galant daughter of e soil

  • nonsense

  • Thats good lets go

  • That guy gave Oscar a tough time he will live with forever

  • dzinenge pesenari idzi kkkk

  • rubbish

  • u wont win it sir that much i assure u

  • So shocking that Zimbabweans are ignorant of international laws

  • Go Gerrie. Go get her. South Africans want to see the mug shot of Grace Mugabe the Heartless First Beast of Zimbabwe somewhere on a major highway in South Africa.

  • Dont play around Bob ….

  • Hohoho Gerrie After polishing his own name now …they say he is a Bulldozer but Gigi’s lawyers drive bulldozers man so get your handkerchief ready

  • To all the Zimbabweans who are supporting Grace Mugabe for exporting violence into South Africa you need brain transplant.Gerrie Nel must grill this lady at least the South African government got a taste of the intimidation of oppposition supporters by ZanuPf which is led by Grace’s husband.Recentry a ZanuPf member addressing a rally told the people that even if ZanuPf loses the elections they wont relinguish power instead they will declare war because they got keys to the armoury.Why should we support her on a crime she committed.Don’t bring recism where it doesn’t fit.We lost a lot of friends and relatives under ZanuPf.How do we exclude the first family from all the violence which took place in the country if the mother of the nation is such a violent person?.Zvimwe muchinyarawo imimi,rudo rwenyu runoshamisa.Even vakauraya munongo supporter nxaaaa.

    • Well said bro.

    • Vamwe pfungwa ishoma , vanhu vari kuda vachijumper maborder kutiza nhamo yakasikwa navo vana grace vamwe vachifa nexenophobia chaiyo nekuda kwekuraramira munyika dzevanhu zvese zvakakonzerwa navo vana Grace but unoona vanhu vasina kukwana vachisapota mharadzi iyi nxaaa

    • Funny though human transport from Apes or from where? Award winning comment.

    • Oh meant human transplant typing error.

  • 🙊 its well known,goats will never win a battle against lions

  • No Sacred cows!

  • why is it people muchipusa vry recently most our relative a killed in south xenophobe so whts so special abt tht girls and those who kill our brothers their a not evn toucherd tit fo tat lets go grace thts gd kana pachitanga hondo we aware for it

    • The reason why they were killed in foreign land is coz Zim economy has been destroyed so before u say anything think about that , dai Zim iri right noone would go and get killed in a foreign country

    • why thy don’t kill the white people

    • Why should u worry about which people they kill just stay in your well run country

    • I will cos we a one zimbabwe we encourage each other

    • y u donk kill those who kill yr relatives in 2008

    • u cant see some of them in twn wakupenga hr

    • its yakambotambura wani wakauya kuno is ther anyone akawurawa hr

    • U r failing to see the source of problem what u r doing is like treating symptoms uchisiya chirwere chakonzera

    • evn u y have right to treat it go ahead

    • each. n everyone go by her own

    • Saka dont blame a parent wepa next door if they beat up yo kids kana vaenda kunokwata because u have failed ti feed them

    • Kkk ndazvishayirwa pazvo ndisu tiri kutiza kunyika kwedu toda kudzorera mushure mokunge taitirwa zvakashata varungu takavaita sei munyika medu ndega ndinonzwa kuzvinyarira zvotoda Jesu

    • I will cos u have to show mie the right procedure zimba a everywhere so why only south bother

    • Inyika yavo gadzirai yenyu

    • this is.not about race but its about abuse evry1 must obey the law no1 is above it

    • Vachatimutatsira hombo mbuya iyi nxaa

    • Dont even understand the reasoning of this tatenda because of poor poor gramma tjooo please re post again

    • Endaka kusouth kwacho unotsvaka vakauraya dzako dzacho. Let the law take its course . U cant tell South Africans wat to do.

    • Tatenda u ar a disgrace to manhood n ukaramba une mafungiro ako ayo uchauraya mhuri nenzara

    • Tatenda Charamba utoribho iwewe. Dai Grace akadambura nzeve kana kuputitsa ziso chairo. Usaterera mahypocrites asingazivi zvaari.

    • Ini ndinoshaya kuti mbudzi dzinoshora Grace kuti aresva chiiko imi? Maidini kuvukura too much pakauraiwa vana veZimbabwe nemasouth africans? Makakwana here imi?

    • Mbudzi ndimi munoda kugadzira fixed wardrobe pamba pauri lodger ungasvike pamba pangu kuzondipa mutemo Shuwa ndinokutyoredzera SA dayi yambomuomesera nekuti mukadzi anoda kuzviona seanemachende , ndidzo typ dzinonwa tea machende aripatafura idzi

    • This Tatenda guy is confused as his grammar

    • Manje anyura gire apa haabude?

  • Gerrie plz nail her to the last.SA is not Zim were she do whatever she wants and no rule of law.

  • He must look into the case of Zimbabweans beaten and killed for no apparent reason in South Africa first..

    • Well said Cassius MwanaWepasi…he just wants to be a hero of defending a golddigger isifebheeeee …

    • poor comment. what abt zimbabweans beaten & killed by the zanu regime? i wonđer hw som ppl reason

    • Poor comment?????are yu ok in your head..so you not aware of Zimbabweans who were killed in SA..we talking of SA here…who doesn’t know about the Zim situation…better not comment if don’t have a clue…

    • I condemn violence against anyone..but when Zimboz & other Africans were attacked we never saw Boers(mabhunu, Nel etc) ganging up giving press conferences and supporting us…people lost their lives and nothing was done…

    • Kule imhata vanhu veku South Africa….mboko dzisina musoro

  • Akanyudza Pistorius mdara uyu.

  • Here comes revenge of chasing out whites in the farms

  • south africans knows human rights..unlike mugabe and his evil systerm in zim..its hellfire to be in zim..the remand prisons there are where you eats with the devil.

  • mr gerrie must teach that drug user of a woman a good lesson of her life time.

  • Gerr Nel you are a small boy. You are now playing with fire .You get off your fake high horse. These are wrong people .We are watching you. this not your fight.

  • This z now very interesting!

  • Kwaakutsvaga mbiri uku

  • Ndizvo zvazvajaira zvimabhunu izvi zvino hakuna izvozvo izvi zvatoratidza kuti zvine politics mukati .zvino vatema tazviona

  • isu tinotomira namai vedu zvichioma zvichirwadza ,chii chinoshamisira pakubuditswa turopa apa vamwe vans veZimbabwe vachipiswa kuSA

  • This has created a big headache for Zuma Govnment on one side he wants to help a friend and fellow comrade on the other there is pressure from civic organisations and the world to do the right thing , eish Grace and her boys !

  • I remember this guy on the oscar trial he is something else

    • Anozorodzwa neZanu uyo aita mutete hatitsigire hedu zvakaitika asi

    • Did he win?
      Isnt it that oscar lost?
      Anyway his help is only due to the fact that a white person was beaten senseless by a black person.
      Worse of all a black person from zimbabwe that they consider to be scum.
      How many sasafrican gelz r in nid of free legal representation. .
      Kure uku

  • Thank you Mr justice must prevail I hate grace that’s why she is married to a man double if not triple her age

  • You are now trying to cross the sea on foot

  • Zimbabweans Sorry



  • Yazobhadharwa

  • Tatenda Charamba that’s a different story here we should go around preaching peace (fist first lady Mugabe is not emotionally intelligent)

  • Oscar asiyana naGrace tsano apa dzungu renyu ndipo parinoperera,gushungo izita hombe.

  • I also offer my support m behind u Gerrie im so saddened by this pple who think dat bitch is above the law this is nt Singapore

  • Uuum yaa the grace drama continues the issue z now political can grace come out wher she z hiding nd tel her side of story bf the issue complicate the friendship of the two countries cz wher it stands nou it jst want to give msholozi wabantu and anc part another head ache since they hv their own pblms.i think Grace was suppose by now done a damage control by myb apologizing to the frmly of the kid nd SA gvmnt by so doing myb it was going to be luked other way.

  • If I may ask to those who know law hw mny yrs fo assult case?

  • Patai swima kare pane kwainzi kuDeep end ….let the sleeping dogs lie Ziiii zvangu

  • Marcus Tee Matewe just read the article again this time slow for the sake of understanding please.

  • Saka vanoda ivo masouth africans kuita basa rekuuraya mazimbabweans vasina zvavanoitwa

  • Whites must leave blacks to sort their issues alone…..let them not to mix FARM INVASIONS with this issue. Lots of whites are beating blacks they turn blind eyes …last week whites forced blacks in coffins …Gerrie kept quiet why?

  • Is she her Daugher-in-law to be?She should just hamble herself,it was there long back,these Grudges betwwen Mother in laws and Daughter in laws

  • Those who stay in glass house don’t throw stones why did she provoke First Lady

  • What about xenophobia victims did they get any justice ha suka you cry babies but u burn people alive nxa

  • Which ever way the case goes a wrong is a wrong and right is right,

  • White must live blacks to solve our issues. They are offering help because they want to score political points in SA. 6 white men attacked a black couple and 2 white men put a black boy in a coffin they never even come close now because its Grace mugabe they offer help mmmmm racial and fighting for whites who loose their farms 😅😅😅

  • its a new begining

  • This man i think is too young to fight those witches; soon he will be six feet underground

  • Haiwavo ndatoroviwa nemusouth African izvozvi saka draw draw

  • Personal

  • Hapana tsitsi dzakadai kumurungu uyo we know the motive behind ndo the same vanhu varikuda kuti Zuma abude awo atowana chance nyaya iyi dzatowe politics paxenophobia akanyarara wani nxaa

  • Go Gerrie we are with you through thick n thin 🤗

    • Are you sending some legal fees love? Handei tese lol

  • Will mobilise with fellow black Africans to stand with Dr Amai coz yave nyaya yerace.

  • Long arm?

  • All I see in these comments is racism. 😢

  • Gerrie Nel took the feared South African police commissioner Jackie selebi to jail he went for Oscar pistorius so intimidation does not exist in his vocabulary him being a private prosecutor is gud news coz the issue of diplomatic immunity will be put to the test justice must be served maybe our country zim might learn a thing or two that judiciary is a separate arm of the state that requires independence

  • We do have 5star rated hotels in Zim, so what were they doing in Sandton those two rascals, after all their Sekuru bob allways preach about people to stop going to ZA so whats the fuss here???? Grace must fall period!!!!

  • DisGrace must fall.Period

  • vharirai munhu wakaipa uyo

  • It’s smelling fishy now..

  • Muchati Bhuu

    Afriforum has a tainted image.But lets see if they can nail the loathed Dr Amai

  • Can someone explaine to me abt the difference btwn murder n assault. It seems as if assault is a big offence in SA than murder

  • Murungu uyo haahwine apo

  • So ya’ll are seriously looking forward to seeing Grace Mugabe behind bars? Whatever you’re smoking, it’s not good for you..

  • josefa chinotimba

    Now with this guy Gerrie Nel,Grace anotopinda busy chete.Handei tione!

  • You don’t commit a crime and choose your victims defense! If that girl wants Neil on her bench that’s it.. Nothing racial about that!! Face it!! Regime change my foot!!

  • Big dreamer

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