Trump a ‘good fool’: Mugabe

By Helen Kadirire

Donald Trump is a ‘good fool’ who stopped Hillary Clinton from becoming the United States president, President Robert Mugabe said.

President Robert Mugabe and Donald Trump
President Robert Mugabe and Donald Trump

Mugabe said Clinton would have added more sanctions to Zimbabwe, which is already reeling under restrictions imposed some 17 years ago following the controversial land reform exercise.

The nonagenarian leader believes the former US First Lady and presidential aspirant hates Zimbabwe.

“We do not know about Trump. Some claim he is mentally-challenged while others profess that he is indeed a mad man. I do not know about that, but if he is a madman, who was able to remove that woman who wanted to come after Obama, we would say he is a good fool, because she was going to bring more sanctions, so we say well, we also are children of God, and our prayers are heard, we are good neighbours and the Lord Almighty will just judge and assist us in our endeavours,” he said.

Source: Daily News

  • Whats “good” abt u Bob.

  • Guest

    Trump is financially wise , Mugabe has lived off the state for 37 years and counting.

  • mnnngj

    Mugabe invoking God? What next?

  • Mugabe imboro iyo

  • What about zim First Lady who is forcing her self into presidential issues yet she is only a wife of a president lets focus with Zimbabwe coz us youth we finish schools we never work guys zvinorwadza moyo mufunge we are suffering out here abroad Musiki ndimi munoziwa when it’s going to be okay

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