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The First Family’s stinking billion dollar scam

By Jacob Mafume

The People’s Democratic Party stated before that the First Family is bent on destroying everything in its way like a delinquent teenager. Zimbabwe the nation state needs salvation from them.

Robert and Grace Mugabe
Robert and Grace Mugabe

Otherwise this bunch will drag everyone to hell, at least they have successfully done that with the Cabinet, many other sections of the state and ZANUPF.

There are so many Universities in Zimbabwe proportionate to the population without factoring the argument on people who afford tertiary education because of ZANUPF’s failure to create and fund the Welfare State.

Universities in Zimbabwe are under capitalised, many of them are just but elevated high schools. Apart from the University of Zimbabwe, National University of Science and Technology, Midlands State University, Women’s University, Selous University, Africa University and the Zimbabwe Defence College, the rest lack proper university infrastructure.

It is therefore irrational to invest a billion dollars in a whole new University instead of developing the existing ones making them competitive institutions of higher learning, providing quality education to those who enrol.

At present most universities are like prisons where the student wishes to leave as soon as they can, the state has failed to invest in the comfort of the learner yet priority is given on massaging an individual’s ego.

The State is already spending 60 million dollars a year on a Presidential Scholarship which benefits highly connected individuals, while back at home Universities are owed millions of dollars by the same government.

These are the same universities which are underdeveloped, the ones that are at the top are now lagging behind on world standards due to lack of vision and support from the political leadership.

We are also concerned by the valuation of the University which is pegged at a billion dollars. We raise questions about the Quantity Surveyor; documents of the valuation process must be availed for public scrutiny if those involved have nothing to hide.

The official statement released by the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education also shows that a Family Trust shall be responsible for the university. State resources are being committed in building a personal empire.

This family already own multiple farms, are evicting hundreds of families in Mazowe even deploying soldiers to pursue a private cause against the dictates of the law. Court orders were defied by the First Family from hell.

Recently they seized the Mazowe Dam declaring that the state asset has since been turned to private single person ownership.

The establishment of the university is no different from their quest to build a Gushungo Empire anchored on corrupt and primitive accumulation transactions.

The University will be in Mazowe just a few kilometres away from Bindura State University and the Zimbabwe Defence College.

If it is about massaging the egos, why not just change the Defence College to Robert Mugabe Military College after all it has state of the art facilities.

A billion dollars can be put to better use and transform lives of many Zimbabweans; this university is certainly not one of those ways.

Jacob Mafume, PDP Spokesperson

  • I agree with u mafume hazvina zvazvinera izvi

  • Most of the ppple who are the critics of today ,s gvm have beñefited from the same gvm which have expàñded the educational sector without which they will not goñe to school.Thank Ģushungo for another university creat more jobs.

    • But this time they are going, people lost more jobs under that Mugabe regime.

    • The same gvt of Mugabe made them rich and poor. The government of Bob benefited for his family and relatives only .

    • Benefiting from a government is not a privilege, its a right, the same way paying tax (p.a.y.e), duty, vehicle licences etc are mandatory, not voluntary.

    • Ah Robert kugara I’m with you

    • Shuwa Tinashe, many a people are either misinformed or brainwashed. In the rural areas where some of us schooled we used to carry bricks and sand to school. Parents dug blair toilets.

    • I always say it, what free education did the gvt provide. Since 1980 my poor parents always paid building fund of which without you wouldn’t get into class. It was all money being paid. So I for one never had free education. We have more than enough Universities. Better equip polytechnics who churn out ready to work students. The country needs them more.

  • There days are numbered

  • An individual interests supercedes the interest of the country. That’s Zimbabwe for you. The existing universities are under-resourced and irrational to spend a billion on building another one. There is more than meets the eye. Corruption might be at the center of this morass

  • Kuyedza kuvhara nyaya yemaresettled farmers aarikutambudza kuMazoe nekuti maelections aripadhuze nekutsvaga vatsigiri panhau yesuccession.

  • Muchati Bhuu

    Imagine another five years of oppression…kuti Bhuu chaiko

    • Doppelganger

      Sha, ma1.

  • Mbuya Maswa

    Ko akapfeka hat yemupurisa futi Mugabe?

  • Who is going to be inspired by Mugabe University?????????

    • Mandigo

      All the thousands who vote for him off course and PanAfricanists across the world.

  • Mandigo

    Great job. The university is a property of all Zimbabweans. Blind criticism will not lead us anywhere. This guy makes a living from opposing, he must be seen to be opposing anything ZANU-PF otherwise he loses his job.

  • Jus another way of pocketing millions I guess

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    Sadly this is true.

  • BCG is not there in hospitals plz oga help children wooo with that monie