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Tendai Kwari: Tribalism and the sickening memes of Masvingo people

By Tendai Kwari

We have always had tribes existing next to each other precolonial era. While it is true that colonial governments emphasised ethnicity in their policy of “divide and rule,” they can hardly be said to have created ethnic divisions. 

Some of the Memes of people from Masvingo that are doing the rounds on social media
Some of the Memes of people from Masvingo that are doing the rounds on social media

Is it surprising then that the modern African speaks the same tribal language of divide and rule? Is it a surprise then that the modern Zimbabwean speaks against and mocks other tribes in our motherland? Is it a surprise then that a Shona mocks, ridicules, belittles and insults a brother or sister from Masvingo? 

I am not from Masvingo but a proud Zimbabwean. I am a Zimbabwean first before my tribe. I am a proud Zimbabwean first before my Humba-Makombe clan. I proudly fly the flag of my nation and I love it. I love being a Zimbabwean. I love Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe is my Zimbabwe as much as it is yours.

If you happen to be one of these fellow Zimbabweans creating mocking and spiteful memes to target the people of Masvingo, I encourage you to redirect this initiative to developmental issues in Zimbabwe. As a devil’s advocate, suppose I propose that these Masvingo memes are a product of the G40, a Zanu PF faction aiming to discredit Lacoste faction from Masvingo. Unknowingly, the online moles molesting the people from Masvingo could be driving someone’s political agenda.

There are a lot of social, economic and political issues bedevilling Zimbabwe and we must use this energy to rebuild Zimbabwe. The social media tool is powerful and we should harness it to share developmental issues. We must debate about the future of Zimbabwe. We have great political activism going on in Zimbabwe and we need to harness this energy for the good of the nation.

We are all Zimbabweans first before we become political affiliates. For too long, we have been divided along tribal lines. This weakness has been exploited by unscrupulous politicians who use it as a weapon against their opponents from other tribes. Shallow minded politicians often exploit tribal loyalty to advance personal gain, parochial interests, patronage, and cronyism.

Tribalism has caused a lot of misery in Africa. Think of the panga wielding Kikuyus and Luhyas of Kenya. The 1994 genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda should have jolted us out of this idyllic stupor. The massacre of the Ndebele people in Zimbabwe is still an open wound on our conscience.

Ethnic cleansing is a result of ingrained hatred of other tribes and is usually politically motivated. We are entrenched in genocidal tribalism, which is a tragic result of decades of political manipulation by our politicians to incite hatred in order to control and retain power.

Well, in a much more modernised world, for instance in United Kingdom, Gordon Brown ran that country as a Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer. The issue of Brown being a Scottish became irrelevant at national level.  Yes, he met some tribal challenges from shallow minded people alike, but the impact of tribalism is of less significance in more developed democracies.

As we approach our next harmonised elections, we must remember that tribalism can hijack any democratic process. We must emphasise the importance of building Zimbabwe around ideas rather than clan or tribal identities.

While we are busy creating and making viral sickening Masvingo memes, Zanu PF is busy campaigning from cell, ward, branch, province and national levels. Even if the electoral field is uneven, let us register to vote en masse. Let us campaign hard in our respective political parties.

By so doing, we will make it harder for anyone to rig the elections. We can use social media, such as WhatsApp and Facebook to educate our families in the impenetrable Zanu PF stronghold rural Zimbabwe. We need to make them understand the importance of making a right choice on Election Day.

Most of the voters aged 18 – 40 are on mobile phones with WhatsApp and Facebook platforms in Zimbabwe. Let us take advantage of this technology to rebuild Zimbabwe and to grow our democracy. Tribalism is detrimental to nation building.

Our attention should not focus on trivial tribal mockery. Let us scrutinise the impact of the MDC coalitions.  In order to avoid a coup or a civil war after Mugabe, let us agitate for a peaceful leadership transition from the president. Let us task our members of parliament and demand for answers.

Let us debate and focus on the future of Zimbabwe. There are a lot of issues bedevilling Zimbabwe. Let us channel our ideas on how to develop Zimbabwe, not on ridiculing fellow tribes’ men and women. Let us refuse to be used by politicians and further antagonise ourselves on tribal lines.

 Tendai Kwari – Son of the Soil.

  • Truly speaking I’m reading so many comments about funny pictures of people of Masvingo. May some of the guys highlight me what is the bottom line about this. I truly asking. I did ask from one of the friend in a group who sent a funny picture they all reply by giggling at me.

    • Cz it’s meant to a joke nothing mo

    • Jußt jokes

    • Courage Munyawiri you need to develop a strong understanding of what institutional or structural discrimination is inorder to realise the intricacy of these issues.The fact that budgets and resource allocation reflect this scourge of evil accross the country is a good sign.

    • Ok thanks my brother. But some jokes demoralize others making them inferior to others. I’m one of those who hate it coz I usually takes them serious. But anywhere if it’s a joke with people not feeling offended it’s ok.

    • These are not jokes

      • Dr. Dhewa

        Those tasteless jokes are a creation of people who believe diesel comes from rocks -G40.

        • givaldo

          Unenge mumwe wekuMasvingo newewo. Mocheka chingwa negrinder.

          • Dr. Dhewa

            Ndinobva kuMasvingo, iwe uri bwidi? mafungiro ako awo tingakudii venjere shoma.

    • Then we need not to support such coz we are a one nation. Can we behave like the citizens of the country that I’m hidding in who calls some black Africans with derogatory names not us guys. We are known of being smart and clever worldwide. So let’s live by our definition.

    • Dayi ari chinoz arikudaro ndaita of peak sezvo uriwe hako fungawo semunhu Mukuru chii chinorwadza ipapa tabirwa here vanhu vekumasvingo

    • There are no derogatory names being posted. Am yet to see one. Thanks to the one who started the memes at least we can afford to laugh the economic stress out.

    • ‘l truly asking ‘chaiiii hokoyo English


      Its just a joke inga it has spread to Honde Valley / Mutare/Kwa Nhema uko its just a joke nothing more Tendai Kwari donr take it personal its going to be like that for all the regions kkkkkkkkk Hauna kuona yekwa Mutare here the guy in blankets on his bed with a 5 ltr Tin full of weee its just joking kkkkkkkkk

    • Wasu

      The jokes border on tribalism and looking down on others……..Isu anawasu tinogara takasekwa ngewanhu ngemataurire atinoita, however for me the difference is that when it happens it does not offend me a bit……in fact I always give it back to the person who tries to be sarcastic and funny about my language…….The same argument I use about racism equally applies to tribalism in a way……where one group of people try to denigrate another on the basis of some common thread….(be it colour, origin, language, appearance etc) The objective being to ridicule or invoke feelings of worthlessness, anger or self-hatred on the target victim. Too often the target victim plays into the aggressor’s game plan by feeling offended or ridiculed, which in turn perpetuates the behaviour of the perpetrator. However the moment the target victim makes it crystal clear to the aggressor that their (aggressor’s) action or ridicule has no effect on them and in fact transfers the ridicule or anger back to sender that will sure silence the perpetrator.
      So to the Masvingo forks I say ignore those idiots who are circulating the equally stupid memes……don’t stoop to their level……be the better men/women…….and soon the idiots will hide themselves in the caves where they came from…..

    • Ahhh tibvireipo ko wekumasvingo havatvsinyirwe nendawa?what’s special about them?vharazipi is doing the marketing fr u kkkk abaiwa ndabude mudariro ,I find nothing offensive or incitive about these jokea

  • i hate tribalism more than racism

  • Samanyika ambozorodzwa this time zviri Masvingo

  • Iwayo majokes kutoita news😅😅

  • These Masvingo memes existed way before the 2 Lacoste and G40 functions had life…Why do you always take jokes with Hard feelings?

    • Masvingo

      The fact that they existed Lacoste and G40 doesn’t mean that they cannot be exploited for political reasons after the formation of those factions

  • Aaah zvakangofanana nezvinoitwa Chinos zviya.hazvirevi kuti ndizvo zvaari.they r jus jokes.period

    • lm from Masvingo and am no taking offense in those pics, you re very rite Bro, it jus needs a person with a sense of humor to understand that these are jokes.

      • Masvingo

        Horman Robert from Masvingo. Really?

    • Joseph and people of Masvingo are two different things.Take a second for an objective reconnaisance of our system.Why do we still have the marginalised?It is structural discrimination.Please join us in being part of the solution.

    • .Hapana munhu ambotukwa apa.explain the difference(jokes)

      • Masvingo

        These jokes are used by people to bully people from Masvingo. You must understand the impact of social media

    • kana chinotimba wacho he needs to be respected

    • Oooh someone understand this too.thanx.apa those masvingo pipo vanotowanzirao chinoz wacho but now they are acting all legit.

      • Masvingo

        Do you have evidence on you

    • Vanhu weMasvingo ndimi makatanga nyaya yese imi

    • Who else can respect Chinoz, agh not me

    • We will respect Masvingo but not Chinoz Chinotimba my foot

    • Anyanyisa kunyanya kwacho

    • Chinotimba and Chamisa are politicians they are on spot light.They know that.Chamisa was heavily criticised following the ground breaking judgement between two managers vs Zuva petroleum.And rightfully so.Did you hear us crying fowl simply because he is from Masvingo?Of course not.What you have presented is a dichotomy I find hard to deal with.

      • Masvingo

        well said

    • Chinos is originally from Masvingo though.

    • Wanyepa wangu

    • As for Chinoz, the memes were, and are directed at him as an individual. We used to have such memes directed at the late VP Mzenda during his life but no one complained simply coz the honors lied on the individual to complain if they felt offended. This is not the same in this case where the memes have turned into ridicule of a tribe/ethnic grouping consisting people of varying tastes and senses of humour. Why should one expect everyone to respond in the way he wishes only because he thinks his statement makes the best of a joke? If repeated over and over, a joke becomes tasteless and eventually turns into an insult. Most fights in beerhalls are a result of such statements said in jest with one expecting the other to receive it as a joke.

    • Mabasa ngaawanikwe, tarirai muone vana vatambura nokuda kutaura zvakafunda.
      The memes are an artistic way of addressing current trends in fashion for example and even technology. People are used to utilising rudimentary methods or technology instead of embracing current things. Maonero angu

    • Makadya mari yeCement yepaGreat Zim.we will not stop until u pay back that money kkkk

    • Jayden Mutambanashe kkkkkkk

    • Mukosho wako Jayden,tinyarewo hatitambi newe,tamba nambuya vako plus ini hangu tuma jokes twenyu turi kundibhowa.

      • givaldo

        VeMasvingo tinyararirei apa. Magara muchiwanzira ana Wasu and nobody complained about tribalism. Zvinonaka zviri kwagudo nhasi chava kwatsoko oti kwangu kudiki. Hindava mune mentality yevanhu vekuMasvingo nhai imi????

    • Manje isu tinenge tichitozvifarira hedu asi mukada kutoratidza kusvotwa nazvo mavakutowedzera moto kkkkkkk

    • Futseki

    • Kkk

    • Svingosburg woyeeeee

    • But maZimboz you are full of silly jokes !Munotozo nyanya zvenyu !Kana kushaya zvekuita here vanhuwee ! More over you are not best actors and actresses ! Umm chisahwira chenyu muno chiwanza especially pa social media umm !Dai Mwari vakuitiraiwo nyasha mugone kuposter nyaya dzinokomborera kwete kutsoropodza vamwe !Remember vamwe vane vana vadiki vari muzvikoro !You never know how these silly jokes affect our own children in schools! Ngatitambe zvakanaka zvino fadza Mwari for we are all created in his lMAGE !

      • Masvingo

        well said. I agree. Our children are affected by these silly “jokes”

    • Joyce Phiri wataura dama

    • why are pple getting emotional about this mara.. kkkk … tikutisekawo we all hv relatives who come frm Masvingo… its jus jokes hey ….chill

  • Hazvina kana justification izvi. The question still remains unanswered. What have the masvingo pipo do to deserve this

  • Let’s now take social activism to another level.We are a divided society even though in silence, but structurally we are.It is time to take every step to identify these instances of discrimination inorder to rehabilitate perpetrators while educating our society towards a better united Zimbabwe.

    Everybody born in Zimbabwe is a Zimbabwean.A parent of Zimbabwean has equal rights to be respected just like you.

    Today a white child born in Zimbabwe has no freedom to walk and enjoy their country because someone told us that there is nothing like a white African.These are Zimbabweans.

    The way budgets are allocated among different places makes us question whether we are wrong to think that there is structural discrimination in our country.If not why are the people of Tsholotsho feeling marginalized among others?

    Even within the Shona dialects, the ongoing insults between Harare and Masvingo is senseless or insensitive.The way people live in the metropolitans is shaped by this scourge of ongoing discrimination.Is that right?

    Just because one’s ancestry is in Malawi or anywhere else doesn’t give you the right to treat them like second class citizens.If born in Zimbabwe cannot make one a Zimbabwean what else is easier?Isn’t it time to derecognize the idea that some people deserve to be treated as less humans than others?

    This is Zimbabweans against racism and tribalism.There is hope for Zimbabwe.But restoration of common sense is key.

    • Please follow my page

    • That aint tribalism bro.you are making a small issue a big issue.if you are really a true zimbo you would find that it didnt started with masvingo.there are alotta people affected by this eg tonga people but have you ever heard a throwback from them?taking a meme on social media seriously like seriously? Dudes oooh there are a lot of issues to engage to not this masvingo thing.i am from chipinge and wherever i go people always say “arent you a witch?people from chipinge you are dangerous we are afraid of you”.but never one day i got pissed by that.i just make jokes with it like saying “guys kana pane arikunetsa ndiudzei ndomugadzirisa” and we go along well.now just imagine i throw tantrums to every person saying that to me. In life you have to be realistic.take every situation the way it is not the way you want it to be.you master that and you are good.there is no issue with this masvingo thing.vanongozviziva izvi maybe its jus 5% of all masvingo people

    • We look forward to deal with this problem.There is structural discrimination in the system which is perpetuated on the same basis.The problem of institutional discrimination which is consistent with this stereo typing must remind you that these are no jokes.Trust me I know guys from Checheche whom I worked with.They are equally tired of this mayhem.

      My movement will not address a Zezuru -Karanga issue perse.We want to address all forms of discrimination.Those white kids born in this country and somehow somebody told us that there is no such a thing as a white Africa, must be recognised with dignity as citizens.

      What about people whose ancestors were immigrants?Zimbabweans with Zambian,Mozambican ancestry among others have felt this discrimination for too long.

      The distance which a child born in rural Masvingo or Matebeleland and more has to endure to get education or medical facilities is not the same as in Murehwa inta alia.This is simbolic of cognitive bias in the allocation of resources which is either normalised or eulogised by this ongoing trolling.My argument is based on empirical evidence beyond question.The way people live is defined among these lines.They are not jokes.We can no longer tolerate open disenfrenchisement.

      You heard one of the country’s best attorneys Tendai Biti, putting it into argument that certain information need to be excluded on identification documents.Inorder to curb this problem.It is clear that this problem has an institutional background which directly impact on certain people.

      Join our forum.Zimbabweans Against Racism and Tribalism for a united and better Zimbabwe.Hope is there for Zimbabwe, but common sense is key.

      • Masvingo

        very true

    • #pfidzai it all starts frm there,it is no different with what south africans insults foreigners by say kwirikwiris. #Tinashe well said

    • Thanks a lot PFIDZAI you mentioned it exactly the way it must be.we are a population of roughly 20 million truly we can set aside the tribalism and prove other nations that we smarter than what they laugh at us.wish we can have 5 million people of your mentality we can dilute 15 million and become a strong smart Zimbabweans

    • So long white owned properties are still being looted on racial basis makes the case that there is nothing smart about discrimination deniers.It’s an alternate universe.Until people give us a proper exaplanation on issues of structural or institutionalisation, then there is no other way to look at it.

    • Tinashe do you have stats to support your claims?Zimbabwe has a centralized government, provinces do not have their own budgets.How many Vice Presidents have been from Masvingo?Compare Masvingo province MPs with Murehwa MPs.What exactly can Shuvai Mahofa and Auxillia Mnangagwa do for the province?Murehwa has more mission schools and hospitals (run by religious charities) so its a lie to say the government has built more schools there.Buhera is a so called Zezuru are but do you know how poor they are there?Do you know that in Harare and Bulawayo most residents can’t afford to go to state hospitals?We need to accept that the current government is for people affiliated to Zanu PF, if you aren’t then you are doomed regardless of your tribal identity.As long as we view our pauperisation in simplistic tribal terms we will always have the kind of leadership we have now.They actually want you to hate the Zezurus or the Ndebeles so that you don’t think of yourself as the victim of an incompetent government but the victim of tribal inequality.

    • Follow my page Zimbabweans Against Racism and Tribalism.I have no time for that here.

    • Since you have refused to join our platform of hope and objective reconaissance, here is a brief answer.

      The primary duty of an MP is legislative.They are law makers.Of course they hold the executive to account including challenging the budgets prepared by the ministry of finance and presented & approved by he president.

      The people who develop the land are ministers assigned to a specific portifolio.These are nominated and often shuffled or reshuffled by the presidency.Now this makes the burden of liability well defined.

      It is the administration or government which is responsible for service delivery.The way in which the education and health budget is allocated defines the priorities of the administration.That’s where the concept of institutionalisation comes in sir.Wizzy Zvoushe.

    • Tinashe une njere wena

    • Tinashe, your analysis is broader and a lad in th right direction. Th system that has been created by th current leadership is becoming a nuisance to th survival of right minded when hate is propagated in hidded manner like indeginistion, community schemes, land and assets grapping coded land reform etc. This culture is th one execerbating all these institutional descrimination and hate a habit that will take a genaration to difuse out. I feel we need to be very careful on how we approach and relate to things enmasse as Zimbabweans.

    • Thank you so much Mr.Mabwe Trust.I posted a similar article on my page saying exactly the same thing.We need to be sensitive in the way in which we approach the subject as it is so intricate.Our objective is a united Zimbabwe free from institutional discrimination.Here is the link to the page below

  • Time and life is getting hard in zim so leave ppl alone as long its bring bac smile on dem very very sad faces


  • Kana shungu. Muchaneta chete. Isu hatingarambi kwatinobva nekuti tasekwa. Zvine basa rei? Saka kana zvisina basa saka zvine basa rei

  • Hameno ikoko kwamuri kutaura Muri ini handina hanya nezvakawanda as long my life going on

  • Hameno ikoko kwamuri kutaura Muri ini handina hanya nezvakawanda as long my life going on

  • People should understand the difference between structural discrimination and jokes.There is already a problem of marginalization.What these jokes do is either become contortions to normalise or eulogise this complex issue.But you can’t deny that there is structural discrimination in Zimbabwe based on tribal and racial lines.

  • It will pass

  • It all started with Simon Muzenda.Just jokes.No hatred

  • TRIBALISM reveals its menacing horns through social media jokes and jesting, this time targetting the KARANGA people (vanhu veMasvingo). After 37 yrs of Independence we can destroy what we have achieved by sending these senseless jokes which transmits other unintended signals especially among children and youths that now shun their cultural identity in case they are labeled. And just today one of my colleagues who is a South African asked me from which province of Zimbabwe I come from. I said Masvingo, then he burst out laughing and started teasing me, so you’re the most stupid tribesman of Zimbabwe, I know this from the blonde jokes about your people. Let us be careful vanhu vaMwari, in case employers, police, the courts, the legislature, the academic institutions and colleges adopt this creed and start practising discrimination using the creed ndewe Masvingo. In Rwanda they called each other cockroaches the eve they massacred thousands of hutus/tutsis. In Libya they called other tribes rats just before a civil war. A girl or boy may be heartbroken now after being rejected or jilted because she/he is from Masvingo. Someone may loose a job offer because ndewe kuMasvingo. A university may not offer a vacancy, trainees may fail to be attached, recruting agencies may segregate vachiti, ndewe Masvingo. What if Masvingo as a province would lock doors and chuck out every one who is not a muvhitori? What if other provinces retaliate? Stop entertaining tribalism, don’t share jokes that divide us according to tribes. There is no weMasvingo or weHarare, we are all of Zimbabwe. One nation.

    Copied, but worth sharing👆

  • Washaya!

  • Masvingo is not a tribe.it is just a Province of Shona speaking people.only their dialect is different from people of other Provinces.Fortunately,the jokes are not tribal related…If it were another tribe such as the Ndebele oeople,there would be a cause for concern.even i,myself,would have spoken strongly against it.But still it is not good how people are carrying on about the people from Masvingo.

    • *only their dialect is different from pipo of other Provinces* can u explain here, ar u saying all other provinces speak sem dialect?, so where is Zezuru, ndau, Chimanyika , chitoko coming from. Are these dialects the sem?

    • Clarify

    • Sorry for failing to explain well…my point was that it is a Shona speaking Province and there is no reason to worry about what’s going on.It is different from other individual Shona dialects as Zezuru is different from the rest of the dialects.People could make jokes of the Zezuru dialect and i do not see any harm in that…or people could make jokes of Ndau dialect because Ndau is different from other dialects…its difference from other dialects is what makes it a target for jokes at the present moment…it is not surprising for Chimanyika to be a target for jokes in the next few months,and i do not see any harm in that.It only becomes something if people start making jokes of the Ndebele people because that one is another story.unless there is something going on behind the scenes which i m failing to see.

    • Muchena true I remember be4 social media it was all about Samanyikas. You would hear samas this, samas ati that but we would just take it in good faith and laugh it off.But then again May be there is something that we don’t know about these Masvingo jokes

    • Ndebele is a tribal grouping as well contrary to what your historians made you believe.

    • Are you saying there is also tribalism among the Ndebele people?

    • Isaac F Muchena why are u sparing Ndeveles from these jokes, if u can do so for karangas or samanyikas why not Xosa of Zhombe, Ndebele of whtever place, Kalanga of Plumtree, Tongas of Binga/kariba, etc. That is a tribal mind against the ndebeles

    • it is not a tribal mind…i have read a comment of a Shona speaking person somewhere making a veiled jibe at the Ndebele people and the bitter comments which were sent back in response to that jibe made me cringe in fear.Plus who doesn’t know that Ndebeles are a distinctively another tribe?i m not trying to be tribally against them but that is true.so if those jokes were aimed at them,surely,even the powers that be would intervene.i have always tried to be one with them because our being together dates back to over a century.

    • You failed to bring home your point. I wouldn’t agree with the writer that this is politically motivated. Well it’s just satire directed at Masvingo people. We are Karangas on the receiving end from Samanyikas and the Zezurus. Let’s leave politics out of this rather peaceful satire. Many people experience lighter moments after reading a Masvingo jibe

    • Onesimo Mutembwa maybe he’s just trying to say. Dialects jokes are not tribal jokes which might have bigger concerns. …this is just passing wind

    • The zezuru people need education

    • Masvingo is not a province of vashona pple only….if u go to chiredzi there is vatsonga, chitanga area is also a vatsonga area and some ndebeles in chiredzi south……so its not a provimce of shonas only

    • Saka dialect yekumasvingo yatadzei,urigudo remunhu,mbwa yemunhu.

    • ..

    • kusvika mati sorry ana wezhira muri pama One

    • Mazezuru moda kuzviita van hi vakangwara … kunyebera kuziva difference between joke me insult…

    • KuMasvingo kune maVhitori and mazezuru zvinotoreva kusiyana kwematribals. People are just being full of tribalism here. Thts the truth. Hazvinakidze

    • Ini ndiri muzezuru but handione zvuchinakidza zviri kuitika over people from Masvingo. I hate it to be honest. Lets not make our fellow citizens feel like aliens in their own ancestors land.

    • Tichawarega kana wadzikisa pfuma

  • Chero ukaita mazita emadunhurirwa uchituka pa facebook uri kwauri uchazikamwa hako zvingatora nguva asi aaa azvikoni .

  • mukati zhangandirira tinokushagadai mukapazha apa hamuna mvura muharare imomo

  • Ko GOKWE inonzi varoyi wani,ko vanaWasu Manicaland.I don’t see the problem there

    • Ask dem bro.vakuda kuitaa twuchiki nekuti chakwavo.havagoni kugara nevanhu zvakanaka.manje toda kuona vakaiwina iyi.9 provinces against 1.+ andiregi kunakirwa.#MasvingoPose

  • Its aint tribalism.it ddnt start with masvingo.those from masvingo were doing it to people from binga,bushu,gokwe,etc but people from those areas never complained.izvezvi chaakwavo they are becoming moody like a lady in her periods.dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe.hanty zvainaka zvichiri kwa gudo?nhasi zvave kwenyu vana soko makuti penyu padiki.tibvirei apa tiseke zvedu isu.kana magumbuka yambukai save muuye pachipinge ndopandiri.ndiri wenyu sahwira veduwee.#Masvingo_Pose.

    • Hats off for this guy! I salute you bro. You have said it all , ko Chinoz akarehwa zvingani takamboti chii isu ve Buhera? Vanhu vemasvingo ngavadzikame inga vane university wani, we consider them “enlightened” kkkkkk ngavaite vachiteramira kwete kuita senzou iri kumwedzi we like them these Svingos.

  • vose vanotishora murivagwere.. mongoti iwo mazizheve

  • Aaaaa u confuse mi nw

  • yaivo VeHarare choshamisa chii Chizezuru chacho choshamisei zvipere izvo ende fut hatina ukamanemmi Zimbabwe inonzii ne zezuru

  • People are now brewing a storm out of a cup, it’s just a joking thing and you are taking it seriously.

  • Haiwawo tibvirwe hedu tirege kutapirirwa nevanhu veku masvingo vakahwina jackpot yekuzungaira pamberi nekushungurudza vana wezhira

    • Mukosho wako iwe..

    • Beche ramai vako ephrait ….yes redzidza rako rese …

    • Iwe wakachenjera unei

    • Kungwarira paduri sehuku.musatanyoka mai vanohura.iwe wakangwara uneyi.wakajaidzwa nambuya vako vaimama vakakubereka.usafunga kuti to descrimanate other pole kungwara.imbwa yemunhu.

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkk cant stop Loughing pidigu dhii

    • Ndopanotaridza kusakwana kwevanhu vekumasvingo kunyangwe ukatondituka it wont change kuti uri weku masvingo zvese zvauchatuka newewo ndopanoti kuzungaira kaapo ende hatidzori tsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata mwana muchakasaririra vana wezhira majaira harurwa nemakodo kkkk asvotwa ngauye ku inbox

    • Stanley newako

    • Regman newewo

    • Nessilah ndakachenjera handisi weku masvingo

    • Zidofo vanhu vasna kuenda kchikoro munonetsa anoshungurudzika neumbwa hwamunoita ihwohwo ndyani bt hamutigoni zvekumhanya kushaya mabasa ndokunokuitisai chibharanz ichocho mwana wehure

    • Tapiwa Nhedza kkkkkkk unotuka wena lol

    • Kwaaaaaaaaaaks ini kuseka hangu cz handibve mass vingo

    • Leticia iwe ndiwe hure mukanwa musina kuzhezheudzwa ndirikukuvinga ku inbox ,zvinochinjei nekuzungaira kwako zvinochinjei kuti unobva kumasvingo majaira harurwa tsek zikubenzi remukadzi

    • Masoja asatani nxaaaa zvinochinjei kuti unobva ko huya ku inbox ndiku zhezheudze tsek wako

  • The writer of this article ndiwe ukutotambisa this platform to write on petty issues you could have written something better …
    Shaa we zimbos are going thru a lot let us have fun tichiwanzirana no harm intended anonzi ma Jokes kana usingazive

    • Ruvengo rwamunarwo nesu and yu showed us yo colours we shall treat as such

    • Ruvengo rwupi Wangu I don’t discriminate no do I hate kungoti pipo are blowing out of proportion nyaya isina basa
      Patinowanzira matonga or ma bhandaya pakamboita nyaya here why get emotional nekutamba

    • Hapana nyaya apa, handione tribalism ini. Kutamba

    • Ana samaz vakambofambwa navo wani zvikangopera chiiko chanyanyoshamisira masvingo nekuti kwane social media?

    • Thats stupid Chinua Achebe said- You can not trample upon the humanity of others without devauling yours

    • Kana chakaipa chatsiurwa ngatiteererane sevana vaMwari vakasikwa nemufananidz o wake ! Ko mweya wekutsoropodza rumwe rudzi ndoo chiiko !

    • Zimbos are educated but not learned. Surely people can’t see this is no laughing matter at all. Regional tensions are brewing and folks don’t realise. Dai tawirirana sama Zimbo.

    • Mazezuru imboko. After coming all the way from Malawi to destroy our country, they still have the audacity to insult us

    • Ma JanGe ndo zvinoita kuti vanhu veMasvifontein vawanzirwe izvozvo don’t take it personal kubva kudhara zvingoriko zvemasvingo izvi saka nhasi chashamisira chii…???

    • How is this a joke seriously ?

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • T D Goredema i accept yo appology

    • Taura hako hama yangu

    • Ukaona mnhu avakubhoyekana nezvaunenge uchitaura kana kuita rinenge risingachanzi ijoke iroro unotambirey nezvinobhowa vamwe

  • For years karangas had been used by the Zezurus …you voted for a Zezuru since 1980 but look and at underdevelopment in karanga provinces…..Wake up..😂😅😂

  • Vanhu vekuMasvingo hasha nezvinhu zvisina basa.
    Dai maiziva kuti makarwadziwa hamupore

    Hapana zvamungambotiita

    If you can’t beat them! Join them… Simple

    Sei musingakwanise kutamba nevamwe imi

    Munogara makakoka kunge pfuti!

    Taurirai dzinza renyu kubva Kuna sekuru kusvika Kuchizukuru- mvi kuti mutambo

    Zvino kunyanyo svotwa ndiko kunyanyo bikwa kwemamwe Majee

    Ndakatonzwa mumwe muimbi anemukurumbira we Zimbabwe Dancehal ari kutostikisa kambo kekuMasvingo zvekare

    Chitofarai zvenyu tiri tose semvura yemubvumbi
    6 to 6

    • you are right we will ignore all this and it will come to pass. With time all progressive individuals who spend their ample time creating these jokes will tire up.

    • Uriduzvi godzva chairo

    • Uchijoiniwa pachii??, These are stupid jokes meants to take other provinces as fools. I am sure its coming from a Grace / Munangwagwa thing because I started seeing this mazuva e Zezuru Uncongerable….

    • Hoook kkk

    • Ukapererwa nekufunga unotuka vamwe…. Hindeeee!

    • Uneducated people can not distinguish between jokes and politics

    • Chii chinonz zimdancehall muchirega kuendesa vana kuchikoro iye vaakutinyangadza vachiimba matuzvi hatiteereri zvsna basa chero akaimba tozoona akaita mari nazvo

    • Inga ndakuudza kuti knowledge not applied is equivalent to foolishness.
      Taura zvaunoda kwete kutaura zvinyadzi.

      We want facts here nor emotions

    • Leticia ava kuwanza hasha, dzorai moyo wezhira idambe iri don’t personalize the social media debates, people will attack your ego

    • There goes another idiot

    • Boniface Makuyana you are so mature! Ramba wakadaro mwana wamai

  • Masvingo yanetsa sa #ZODWA_WABANTU asi ndko kwaanobva

  • Kana mashaya mabasa musade kumatsvagira kwatiri hatina Mari yekukutambirisai. Heh Masvingo Masvingo kudii kwacho asi kani unobva kumasvingo here munyori if yes zivayi zvekubopa mombe nekumuswe

  • Masvingo yacho hainzwi

  • Why so harsh masvingo.just join the jokes.only

  • Vese vanoshamisira neHarare zvimanyasarandi zvakauya kare tikazvichengeta muno zvimwe zvakauya nemamai azvo ,hazvitorina dzinza

  • vanhu vekuMasvingo nevekwaMagaya makafanana,munoita hasha padzisingaķdzeri,ko imi kuwanzirawo vamwe hamugoni here,how many times vanhu vachiwanzira ana Wasu bt hpna pavakambozvitora serious coz hapatorina chiri serious imi muromo mumhino pfeee kunzi tatukwa,munobhowa sterek kunge vanhu vekuMasvingo,kurai

    • U said wasu correct. Say wezhira no problem. The problem is now the name masvingo. That alone is now tribal. This is no longer a joke. Ppl very soon will be fighting. A lot of things is gonna happen cause of these extreme jokes.

    • Zivengwa une problem

    • Ukataura matuzvi unomamiswa. Mazezuru nekusadzidza ikoko makawondonga nyika, pane akambokuwanzirai?

    • Ma Jange kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Mukodza,hanzi nevekwa Magaya kkkkkkkk

  • misinformed tendai kwari siya vanhu vafare iwe isu tinobva masvingo siya vanhu vawane chinovapa mufaro panguva yekuoma kwezvinhu

  • Haiwa kana vana Samutoko nana Wasu munombovawanzira waniii. Masvingo netara

    • Vanhu vanozviti mazezuru ndimi munowanzira vamwe too mucmuchizvita vanhu vakangwara vastereki.tikada kutarisa munozviti mazezuru bt 80% hamusi mazezuru hamuzivi kumisha yenyu.only kuti makahurirwa mumazezeru.vamwe muri manyasarandi vazhinji vacho.

  • Kwa

  • Just because it’s Masvingo being attacked you start to complain the Ndebeles have been attacked since chimurenga era … You not saying nothing about them….. Nxaaa

  • Kkkkkkkk pakaipa nhasi zvirikumasvingo saka vakutsamwa, pozvaimbove kunanavasu no one complained. Kkkkkkkk pakaipa. Masvingo yazviita zvekare zvekutsamwa. Ngatifare vakomana tiri pamasvingo apa

  • Is it true that when they photocopy their documents they compare with the original documents to check for spelling mistakes

  • #masvingo_zvekare

  • Seriously? ? Jus close this account nd reopen waane news.
    These Masvingo memes existed way before the 2 Lacoste and G40 functions had life.

  • All those who are creating suching jokes,thy must take hot water and burn their a$$è$

  • We’re enjoying the memes. It’s just banter. That is why Zimbabwe is in such a mess. Every time people become happy a law or something is created to stifle the happiness. G40 and Lacoste muchatitadzisa kufara

    • There is no banter like that and banter is two ways and done mutually

    • Oh I see Vakaranga hamuite chisahwira. That’s why you can’t understand the banter

    • No wonder why Zimbabwe is such a mess. It’s in the hands of the dumbest tribe

    • Who are the dumpest

  • get away you want to politicize everything nxaaaa makutisvota manje

  • Inini handibvi Masvingo but i hate vanhu vanowanzira vanhu vemasvingo Umwe ndakazomubvunza kwako ndepi hanzi ndobva kuMufakose ndikati veduweeee

  • Yaah true if you look its Masvingo or Gokwe…sherm on this…

  • It started with the Masvingo pple. They claimed to be the most educated pple, most developed in the country (remember Masvingo netara) They boasted for being the best pple in Zimbabwe saying the name Zimbabwe comes from Masvingo. Now they are enjoying their fruits

    • misconception surely it is,when the ones who said masvingo netara was just advertising of the province,ingawani mutare they say kumakomoto the list goes own.but to look at it to be proud of thr intellectual education is not a problem but it doesn’t mean hakuna vamwe vakadzidza in other provinces.each province must be proud of what you have and advertise,be proud of it kana pasina then let be it

    • True this, people were just trying to reduce them to size, but I gotta admit, it’s getting out of hand.

    • uri tsuro chaiyo iwe

    • Leo karimatsenga, what do you mean by “getting out of hand?”

    • Trust Tsuro your talk is surely full of hatred. How can you say they claim kuti vakadzidza. Is really how you are justifying the media abuse…. Hezvooooo

  • haaaaaa iro team reku masvingo rinozonyanya error ummmm

  • AS SOON AS THE government PASSES THE LAW ON CYBER BULLYING IYEWE NEHANDA RADIO should be THE FIRST TO be prosecuted for POSTING SUCH DEGRADING INSULTS ON FACEBOOK. This is wrong. There are so many things which are of importance you can post than this. Zvirinani kurega kuposta panekuposta zvinhu zvinodzikisira vamwe vanhu.why uchiwana mufaro nezvinhu zvakaipa kudai

  • Admin unobva masvingo ndazviona..masvingo zvekare

  • Sheedzai baba Tesnen vauye kuzokurwirai

  • Pamunotaura nezvedu vana wasu tinombofara nemi wani. Take it on the chin n laugh too no big deal

  • 🤣🤣 Masvingo yajamuka Bvute Ishe Tungamirai, Kudzanai Muvoti, Joyce Ndoro Chavarika, Mai Chloe Munyari, Prosper Muvhuringi

  • The Karangas are considered sub humans, yet they are the largest tribe, and people have been brain washed by the smaller tribes. Thats why Tongogara’s death raised a lot of suspicions.

    • Zezuru is e largest tribe in Zimbabwe baba, get your facts right

    • No. Zezurus are the least. Largest Karanga, then Manyika, Korekore, Ndau, and lastly zezuru. The president is from vaKorekore.

    • You understand now?

    • Kingstone, Mapiye is right,iam also zezuru but check population figures

  • Ko ana samanyika zvavakambofambwa navo wani….zvakangopera wani

    • Nhai hako Beaven hatina kana kumboreketa chiro takaramba tiri mwiro…kkk how are you

    • Kikikiki asi nhasi vava kureketa,its just a wave gwendo guno ndezvawo wogwadziwa manje

  • How can the ‘initiative’ be redirected to developmental issues??? You are starting to sound like one of the characters in the memes

  • I am from Gutu

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Some people take life too serious, like REALLY? What’s wrong with a little laugh here and there.

  • Gokwe yakawanzirwa no one complain. Cde chinoz vakawanzira he ddnt complain. Vemasvingo makambotumira majokes muchizvikoresa muchizviti u are the most learned pple inthe country no one say its tribalism. Nhasi twumajokes itwotwu twemaphotos evanhu vamwe vasiri vemuzimbabwe ndoyamava kuti tribalism. Zvino kana muri province yakadzidza as u claim wy cant u use yo brains kut these are only social media jokes not tribalism

    • Too much of something. Pane kwazvakuenda. Pple are no longer taking it as joke. U will hear kuti vanhu varovana nazvo kazvakuenda. Zvinonzi wani nhambetambe inoregwa ichanaka.

    • I dont think so ini ukatarisa cde chinotimba pavaiwanzirwa taitoti semunhu mukuru munyika vanhu vanodarirei asi pavakatanga kubuda ivo vakutevedzera majokes aye vanhu vakabva vanyarara. I f u remember gokwe inenge ndiyo yakatangidzirwa asi people from gokwe never attack back. Chirikuita kuti masvingo zviite kunge zvanyanya variku attacka back. Vana wasu chaivo vakawanzira kadingaperi asi vanhu vakanyarara wani.

    • Bukaaa musarwadziwa nesuuu

    • Gokwe yacho yaiwanzirwa for what reason? It’s because kune maKaranga and munangagwa is the target. Midlands and Masvingo are Karanga speakers, and they are being targeted

    • Its wrong to equate Cde Chinos s jokes with the Masvingo jokes, remember Chinotimba actually said many of those statements. all those people rediculing Masvingo are doing so with a political agenda they are pursuing. ko kana vasingade kuwanzirwa munovamanikidzireiko nhai vanhu!

    • but kutaurawo shuwa sometimes Masvingo ine vanhu vakapusawo mhani 😂😂😂 ndakazoona dzimwe dzaidya sadza nemaspaghetti

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk kana ndakatarisa hangu sofar muZim hapana kusati kwawanzirwa kungoti masvingo yabata seProvince ndosaka yaita mukurumbira

    • You cant just make funny of Masvingo and get away with it. Its no simple pple

    • @Kenny aidya sadza nemaspaghetti kana kuti ayiseva nemaspaghetti? Zvinorambidzwa here kuti munhu adye maspaghetti ozodya sadza or vice-versa?

    • MaZezuru magara makamaka maKaranga that why you have grabbed these jokes with 2 hands.1.Munhu wekuMasvingo akataura something pane maZezuru vakanzwa accent unonzwa vachiti ‘asi unobva kuMasvingo as if it’s a crime kubvako. 2. Vasikana chaivo unonzwa vachiti handiroorwe kuMasvingo wobvunza kuti why haatombozivi meaning kuti kudzimba dzavo vachikura vanotodzidziswa kuti vanhu vekuMasvingo vakaipa jus as white children are taught kuti mu black haazi munhu.

  • mazezuru chii vapambepfumi vakawondinga nyika thru corrupt activities they are just devil in carnate.Ini i dont pretent to love these creatures like others do,hate them with a passion

    • Pamhata pako go hang yourself

    • Trabalist

    • #Dzorai tanga wadzidza maspellings wozotanga kutuka nekuvenga vanhu. Mazezuru api auraya nyika and how?

    • ana tawanda tribilist kana zvataugwa nevekuMasvingo but muri kutu ka Masvingo every day wakanyarara

    • ana Fungurani major ne minor issue spellng ine basa rei just get the point and give yor side zvataugwa hant wazvihwa

    • Fungurani chirudzii

    • at Shakespear Madzima Zhou matevera njanji awo

    • Dzorai have you investigated kuti vanhu vari kuposter maphotos acho Mazezuru here.Harare yakasangana people from everywhere,so do not generalise

    • hw is tht comment relevant to Masvingo memes…smbody explain m lost here

    • Mazezuru imboko, after coming all the way from Malawi to destroy our country, they still have the audacity to insult us

    • ndezvenyu izvo vana mazvihwa

    • Aiwa corruption yei imi veku masvingo ndimi makatanga nayo,makadya mari ye cement makavaka great zimbabwe isina cement,mbavha dze masvingo

    • sorry…u don’t sound like a zimbo…. who the far…key…are yu? which country without jokes you do belong to?

  • It used to be samanyikas for a long looooong time

  • I think it’s an insult somehow.

  • Ibvaipo musada kuita mafeelings apa, do you own Masvingo, ndeyenyu, ndimi makasika chikaranga imi,

  • I would love to direct them to the ndeks

  • Jokes are jokes vamwe totobva kuMasvingo but am liking. No hard feelings why politicize everything. Ko zvihuta zvakayendepi.

  • Mumwe acharoverwa kamuromo ikako

  • These are the works of divisive zezurus one day Zimbabweans shall rise and fight this devil.


  • I think we don’t need to compare personal issues with personal issues, this so called cde chinos issue to the masvingo issue does not match, maybe he wants it that way, from an artistic point of view.

  • Am not from Masvingo but any joke carried too far and too much can begin to make people uncomfortable…

  • But ichokwadi hacho chirikutaurwa newanhu

  • Saka anasamanyika nana samutoko emayi wanzira makore ese aya heana basa

  • Mohotidini

  • Ini semunhu wekuMasvingo hazvindibate hangu bt ndatomaka mazezuru zvakaipa

  • Isu veMasvingo hatina kana pressure nazvo. Tasiyana neveHarare nedzimwe nzvimbo dzakati poteredza dzakazara mabhurandaya chete wotonzwa vozviti veharare 40% dzevanhu veharare originate from Masvingo 50% Mabhurandaya chete kusanganisa neVAKURU venyu 10% the others

  • Majokes chete kufara

  • Ndirikunzwa kunge kunge ndinobva ku Masvingo hameno kuti zviri Normal here?

  • Hapana nyaya apa vanhu vese vanongotaurwa

  • Masvingo is in Zim and and we are Zimbabweans too its only Facebook jokes neh

  • The problem mazezuru mods kuzviona sevanhu vari nani kudarika mamwe matribe.why pole muchida kujoker nedzikisira vamwe vanhu.vanhu vemahure ndivo vanozviita mazezuru becz Havana kumusha.kukura muchirara namai mu1room ndokwakushaisai hunhu.

  • these are simple joks hv a sense of humour. no harm intended. development ipi ysunoita wen things are so tough. regsi vanhu vafare imi vabvise stress

  • Vanhu Veku Masvingo u are too pompous thats why u are always the butt of all jokes if u could jus humble yourself no one would pick on u

  • Ko zvazosvika ku tribalism rini manje.

  • Vanhu vangaitei muZim yakadhakwa kudai vakutotsvagawo zvingavavaraidze , vagumirwa ,vapererwa ,takarasima neMasvingo , zvino imi vaMasvingo mukaratidza twu cheek twenyu muchaona moto asi hamusati makushayawo nekugumirwa hr? ?? Itai mushe

  • munyori uyu anenge wekumasvingo. aite catch mafeelings.. avhura feeling station

  • The jokes are directed to Masvingo not Karangas, and the province reside many people from different provinces. So where is the offence. We come from Masvingo and we laugh at these jokes. Pls continue to make us laugher even louder its healthy. Kkkkkkkkk ndahozipigwa zangu wezhira.

  • vatanga vaye vemasvingo honai kkkkkk

  • Nothing tribal there.just simple jokes.you need to relax your mind sometimes and be humorous isnt it

  • mere jokes …. tribalism munoiziva imi…. i tribe ipi yekumasvingo hanti its the same shona … kwanai uko…

  • Last mth chaiyo l almost lost it umwe musikana awanzira mukadzi we cousin bro yangu ndiripo kuti hanzi vanhu vekumasvingo unovagona iwe.beak azimuth mid a kuzvidzora bt she later on apologise ndikamuti mamwe majokes ako ziva pekumaita.hasiri majokes bt yatova tribalism and descrimanating

  • These are just jokes to forget socio and economic issues we are facing. Kana marwadziwa dzoserai.

  • kkkk anenhamo anovatikana nekunzi vanhu vemasvingo isu vakaranga kana kutombonzwa kubatikana zvedu.its not about wc province you come from but how you live yourself.zvobetserei kuseka wemasvingo ini ndichikumanyisa pabasa kwauri ikoko kusiri kumasvingo

  • Haaaaaiwa, besides jokes….vanhu vekuMasvingo vagara mabharanzi apa vachizviita vanoziva, vagoti kuziva kuJubhegi apa kuHarare vasinga kuzive.
    Hubharanzi hwavo haunei nePolitics dzamada kutanga kupinza idzi

  • Those are just jokes with nothing serious

  • Those are just jokes with nothing serious

  • Those are just jokes with nothing serious

  • Hapana chakasiyana vanhu vemasvingo nevamwe vose vemuZimbabwe.Akzvitanga was just cracking a joke hatimbofa takaita sana Rwanda we are a peaceful nation in Zimba.

  • The word social media itself means a way to socialise through media. I thought the wezhiras were so learned to understand this simple thing. This is not a serious media but a social and a way to socialize.

  • Guys mukutoita mafeelings kunge vanhu vekwamagaya……and if you ask the reason behind thw jokes munoudzwa kuti makadya mari ye cement to built GZ…iwe ndipo powoenderera mberi nekutsamwa ………no wonder muchingo wanzirwaa you are the first kuitiswa majokes n u wnt be the last…..the more yamunotsamwa the more yaanowedzera the best way is to play along…..#WEZHIRA

  • hooo zvorwadza nhai,how many offensive jokes has been directed towards vanawasu/samanyika /vanhu vekuManicaland or vekuchipinge anamutape ko vakambopopota here.there is nothing serious on this issue zvakangofanana naChinoz wamunowanzira muchiseka the whole day.Wanzaiwo hapana anything tribal or political apa.

  • Whoever is trying to criminalise the jokes about Masvingo is not up for any good but just someone irking for a “donderstorm”. These jokes have been existing for centuries across the entire land, ana Wasu kuMakomoyo had had their share, Buhera my home district in manicaland had received its through Cde Chinoz, etc….. we never heard any complaints cause there’s nothing concrete in these jokes and mark my words it will just end some day. What tribalism or political agenda drive can one bark about pertaining to these jokes? Zvimwe zvaazvekungoti tinzi hatibviri tnoziviva kunyora but muri imi maakutorwisa vanhu. Naivo vanhu veMasvingo vacho if they are really level minded I don’t see any reason for them to become emotional. Tomorrow it will be Matabeleland, Midlands, MASH East, Vic Falls, Gokwe, Murambinda, Mazowe, Mutare, beitbridge, plumtree, Harare, …… the list continues to the last days so why papaz??? I wish there is someone cooking some for my home town. Itai mushe!

  • ahaha

  • everyone is facing tht, isu vekwamurehwa tatowanzirwawo, Tendai Pfari u got yo own political ambitions that’s all.

  • Tendai Rusere, Cletas Nyakambiro, Tinashe Kafemba, Willard Maponga, Anne Annie Santia Makurumure, Angela Chigwada, Lameck Patson…

  • Vana wezhira wezhara wezheve wezhowezhowe. Tribalism imi ipapa, ko kudzidza kwenyu ndekupi kana musingazivi musiyano wekufara nekutukwa? Anawasu tinongofara nawo iwo wachidekarawo, vekugokwe, vekwachihota , muzarabani anasamutoko ndizvozvo…. Hapana akamboita zhowezhowe so wats th big deal now ? Asi munonyeba kuti makadzidza kani? Muri vanhu vekumasvingo zvechokwadi ndazviona ende mukuzviratidza kuti muri vekumasvingo zveshuwa

  • Mukarwadziwa ne Facebook-Watsapp jokes of Masvingo hamupore……Take it the way it is-justjokes, for fun period….have a sense of humor pls..

  • fury

    we Masvingo wanozonyanyawo Munangagwa wo futi haaite ini handichavhotera ZANU PF kana ari Munangagwa

  • Haha when u r desperate to politicise everything. ZANU PF inopinda papi ipapo?

  • hapana apa unopenga iwe… tipei chimwe futi boys

  • Zvobgo once said about Ngoma huru

  • Masvingo yapamha futi ….

  • Is Masvingo a tribe

  • Makaita

    Ko hamuzivi kuti maZezuru mapenzi kanhi ..murikuvaita vanhu vakakwana here?

  • PaMasvingo paita mafeleengs

  • I am from masvingo but i am not bothered buy that those are only jokes. If you were to find the truth you will find that those funny people are not from masvingo at all. Same like chinos joke.

  • Masvingo vachema chema hanzi matinyanyira at list mandau tombozorora.

  • I commend the sincerity in this write up. Honestly, I pity my self and my generation in various African countries, were mediocres has consistently holds ransom the continent – worst hit is Nigeria. Nigeria is ably in the firm grip of Islamic Hausa/Fulani tribe, with just nothing to add to the nation’s development. With the help of Britain and America, they do everything to control the power at the center, just to keep other tribes – especially, the most enterprising Igbo tribe in the dark.

  • These so called memes and jokes are pure and harmless fun.lam really astonished that some people are starting to attach political and tribal labels to them.These are just stupid jokes meant to make people laugh

  • Admin must be from Mas Vingo

  • Zvarwdza imi vemasvingo ko ana wasu vamaiswerera ko chinotimba hapana nyaya apa kufara uku

  • KKKK Nehanda uchatirovesa nemifananidzo yako iyo wakaitora sei kupi nguvai.

  • And the biggest evil is this Nehanda radio ….., if they just kept their unprofessional journalism away from this issue there couldn’t be all this noise. From now handichadi kunzwa nezvayo Handa inonz nehanda radio iyi. Mnxiiiii

  • What about the Wasu jokes…. now it’s the Masvingo jokes… next it will be the Gokwe jokes and so on and so on. No harm done

  • masvingo rakapenga

  • Isu muma group e whatsapp totoona veku masvingo ndivo varikutotumira ma images akanyorwa zve masvingo these are just jokes. Politicians now want to take advantage to act as if they are sympathising with masvingo to gain political mileage forget it.

  • Vamwe mai vaiva nekamwana kavo kasikana vari mukombi kwaMutare kumakomoyo uko kwaana Wasu, kamwana ‘ndokuzviitira’ mai ndokukabvisa vochinja pamber faster faster ndokutanga vakasasa Baby powder kumagadziko nepakati pemakumbo apa Wasu akaringa hake anyerere. Vapedza mai vaye Wasu akasheedzera akati “ahhh yasi mani saka akadzi echinaka anobviro iswe glucose achiri ana adoko” Ko imi veMasvingo twuhasha twemunhu ari pachamber twuri kubvepi?

  • Bgana bgembga

  • What political effect does this have?

  • Its truely sickening how pple find the funny side of these memes;even being so creative to come up with one but do not concern themselves with pertinent issues that affect the nation.We got to move away from the jokes tht are in bad taste n probably start to seek information to do with national building

  • you take petty issues too seriously, hapana nyaya apa, Svingosburg pwahahahaha


  • Zvanyanya wo sure

  • Criticism is the best advice ngavasiye chibharanzi *period*

    • Masewage anodhaka. Kugara mumatuzvi kwaakupa mazezuru hasha

  • Rollingmass

    Kwari you are right. The Masvingo jokes are very primitive, shameful and a very shallow expression of humour. Its sad some people cannot see the politically divisive objective in those jokes. They are in very bad taste. I come from Mashonaland Central and believe in respect for all the people of Zimbabwe. Yes, I would not be surprised beneath it all to see the hand of the usually shameless political Professor. We need to liberate ourselves from this bondage of regionalism and filthy tribalism.

  • Haasi ma jokes asi i plot yeku tanisher makaranga sezvo akatungamirirwa na vp munangagwa

  • *ATTENTION ALL LOVING ZIMBABWEAN PEOPLE.LETS THINK DEEPLY AND STOP THIS AT ONCE* TRIBALISM reveals its menacing horns through social media jokes and jesting, this time targetting the KARANGA people (vanhu veMasvingo). After 37 yrs of Independence we can destroy what we have achieved by senting the senseless jokes which transmits other unintended signals especially among children and youths that now shun their cultural identity in case they are labeled. And just today one of my colleagues who is a South African asked me from which province of Zimbabwe I come from. I said Masvingo, then he burst out laughing and started teasing me, so you’re the most stupid tribesman of Zimbabwe, I know this from the blonde jokes about your people. Let us becareful, vanhu vaMwari, in case employers, police, the courts, the legislature, the academic institutions and colleges adopt this creed and start practising discrimination using the creed ndewe Masvingo. In Rwanda they called each other cockroaches the eve they massacred 1 000 000 hutus/tutsis. In Libya they called other tribes rats just before a civil war. A girl or boy may be heartbroken now after being rejected or jilted because she/he is from Masvingo. Someone may loose a job offer because ndewe kuMasvingo. A university may not offer a vacancy, trainees may fail to be attached, recruting agencies may segregate vachiti, ndewe Masvingo. What if Masvingo as a province would lock doors and chuck out every one who is not a muvhitori ? What if other provinces retaliate? Stop entertaining tribalism, don’t share jokes that divide us according to tribes. There is no weMasvingo or weHarare, we are all of Zimbabwe

  • So somebody caught feelings because of simple jokes,this is inexplicably ridiculous.Let me ‘ve my coffee.


  • Isu vekwaBushu kuMashCentral tangatadzwa kunge tirikumapiripiti , chinzwaiwo kuti zvinonyangadza sei kungoitwa point of reference nezvose zviri negative .

  • Whatever the case Masvingo pple or the Karangas remain the most pure Shona people in the whole country givrn the fact that Zezururus are a mixture of Nyasarands(Chewa) and Korekore

  • Tingateedzera anhu ve harare vanogara vakadhakwa nema sewage avo here😂😂😂😂

  • True I think zvanyanya we all Zimbabweans !

  • Great minds discuss ideas and simple minds discuss people !

  • The truth hurts,but Masvingo u need to upgrade yourselves,that’s the only way to tackle this issue

  • Munhu wese anoda kunzi weMasvingo bt hazvichaiti manje cz hatichapi vanhu minda takakwana. Proudly Masvingo musingadi muchida tisu vezhira vacho hazvichinji!

  • Izvozvo zvekungoti tribalism pese pese zvakasara manje

  • Zviri kwese izvi even here in s.a they make jokes about Limpopo chese chiri funny zvinongonzi limpompo, unotonzwa vachiti om leaving satafrika ndiyende ku limpompo saka if u take it to heart unefa ne stress kkkkk

    • Yah true kkkk. Have seen lots of Venda girls jokes Masvingo yashamisei

  • I think admin must delete vanhu vanoposter abt masvingo
    For the sake of peace ndiyo solution ingatoita or isu veMasvingo tichatora matanho tega. Tikakuziva chete yokugadzirisa tokudzidzisa magood manners

  • Obert Dzvimbo

    I am from Masvingo, kwaGutu Kubiku area
    after Bhasera (Madyira Chitova) but I am not touched as these are just jokes, with no truth in them, I also send the jokes to my friends so we laugh, life is never about being serious and taking offense at the most available opportunity, sometimes people tease you just to get to see how mature you are mentally and emotionally, unfortunately most people aren’t so they overreact on trivial matters and it shows! Come on keep them rolling Aah, Masvingo futi!!

  • Gumwe toruvhuna svikumbo siyanai nesu vezhira mazvihwa

  • Imbotisiyai please imi muri serious neupenyu mavaka nyika papi ah nhai skuzu

  • Hoo mazwa butter pematiwanzira ana Wasu takaite quiet nyamusi ndimwi mwakurodza mhere.

  • Whats wrong with that woman on the photo,the same devil of tribalism,xenophobia,racism,please we have better jokes,not demeaning one another as Africans

  • kkkkkkkkkk

  • kugocha kunoda kwaamai kwemwana kunodzima moto.

  • there’s nothing wrong nemajokes guys…even in S.A zvakunongonzi maZulu wani

  • wezhira

    newe wakapusawo futi tendai kwari. kasi uri wekumasvingo. kubvira rini ana wasu vachiitwawo kudaro bt they accept that they are jokes votoitawo. kangani chinoz achiitwa wo soo achingofara hake. zvarwadza coz yamasvingo. the more yu try n defend this, the mo interesting it becomes. wake up

  • As for me I don’t bother myself kutukwa nemwana wemubwidi coz takatosiyana

  • Shuwa ndozvinganzi tribalism izvozvo? Since when did Masvingo become a tribe? Njere shoma dzinorema kutakura idi. Ko ivo vanobvumira zvinyorwa zvisina musoro mumapepanhau avowo shuwa. This person just needs to develop a sense of humour.

  • Here we go ,its now politics ,Really ? Kkkkkkkk everything is now politics . People are just joking like always , zvihuta , pamamonya ,zvinhu, masvingo . izvi hazvinei ne politics izvi. Mirai kungorwadziwa nezvisina basa muchida zvese zvive zvepolitics .

    Kwanai vanhu imi , everything is now becoming political chero uka sura unotonzi wasura pachiZANU.

  • I think vanhu vacho veMasvingo are not worried about sesu mabrandaya zvataiomboitwa kunzi matera njanji…mabwidi etc

  • this is pure tribal -itz against the mighty Karangas -i see know joke-

  • Zvipiko ,,Pane asingazive Masvingo is the heart where most shona people originated , uyo ashaya zvekunyora ,,, Kohhh kuHarare its even more direct because whenever deception or failure is at its best on projects or business people are quick to point ana Museyamwa wani ,,,

  • Vanhu ava vamuri kudai vachazoguma vatesvera manje manje

  • Ndichamamisa vanhu vanotaura rubbish nenyaya yeMasvingo chete.Pandindichadimbura umwe musoro muchazvirega.Matuzvi evanhu

  • Wagona , mwana wevhu. This must stop . No jokes like that should be tolarated. People of zimbabwe , i ‘ m pleading with u lets stop tribal jokes. Don’t say out something today to be regreted of tomoro. We are one blood one people and one country.

  • ED is not from masvingo, if my geography is correct, zvishavane falls under Midlands. Dont turn humour into politics, pple shld be allowed to laugh, times are hard

    • Imasvingo iwe vanobva pakushanduka farm nxt from purnhurst farm paseri pembungo

    • Masvingo to Hararians is anyone who speaks the Karanga language. ED’s birth place in Zvishavane but some of his relatives have a farm in Masvingo.

  • Kana vanhu vashaya zvekuita ma jokes nazvo kunyarara hakurambidzwe

  • Obert Dzvimbo


  • Obert Dzvimbo

    Hahaha! Proudly Masvingo, I love this!!

  • rwendo runo vachiona veMasvingo coz mamwe majokes acho anenge echokwadi, kuvhunduka chati kwata

  • We are eyeing them.

  • Haaa MaJokes ane phase aya anongodarika. Gokwe yakambopinda wani. Harare manje manje.


  • Ehe vazorwadziwa

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂Ichi chabva futi nepaMasvingo….ndatozoseka worse manje

  • Plus kudhura kuroora ndokunoipinza busy masvingo. Vakadzi vacho ameno chakanyanya pavari

  • Tsitsi Banda

  • guys kan munhu ukaramba nickname ndopainoita mukurumbira; saka siyai zvakadaro murikutokutyidzira huni

  • Ooh really?It hurts now?How about when Shona people in general mock,ridicule and look down upon Ndebele people and Tonga people? How do you think these tribes feel everyday?Now the tables have been turned and fellow Shonas are now embroiled in their own sickening regionalism and tribalism amongst themselves and now zvakurwadza/sokubuhlungu lamhlanje?

  • Zanu pf is good in disrupting only ,not rebuilding and uniting our nation.

  • This is a social platform we are socialising man. No politics on this. Just jokes but we are very sorry for offending u in anway.

  • Kkkkk

  • Its on all areas, it started with Mutoko, it shifted to Gokwe and now Masvingo don’t take it emotionally

  • Wezhira

    Pfeee tapinda vana weZhira weGwendo, mashaya nyaya isu veMasvingo kana Hanya nazvo, chedu Kudya mabhuku chete.

  • Lindy Tandavarayi Nemasango Lilly Cerez Leona Mundingi Loyce Rungano manje soooooo

  • mwana wacho

    I do not support ridiculing anyone or another tribe but I think this started as a counter to the boasting and self praise of people from Masvingo. Remember the days of Masvingo neTara and the saying ‘Most educated people are from Masvingo” which was most coined on Doctor Zvobgo who boasted of having taught at Harvard University and everyone of his siblings having a masters degree or a PHD. They said they do not kill a cow for a teacher’s diploma because all their cattle would be gone in one year. The people from Masvingo boasted of being the most intelligent and Educated people. PLEASE LETS STOP MAKING FUNNY OF OTHER TRIBES. Hanzi ana Wasu vamboende paleave.

  • Evangelist Tazen Mahlanya Baloyi honai vanhu vaya vatanga futi….

  • Defend they way you like. Do that about other provinces ,tribes,religion, etc. They will cut your head off.

  • If a white man calls a black man baboon and say I was just joking . Would you agree with them?

  • Siyinai nesu vanaWeZhira. We don’t pretend to be something we are not panemi manhingirikini anonyepera kuva zvaasiri . Get a life , I said get a life

  • That moment ;a person starts feeling more human than the other , a tribe starts feeling superior than the other , a race starts feeling special than the other…….. generational evils and a whole lot of evils floodin. Stop this!

  • Musombodiya waakuva vhiringa brain ma zezuru

  • Varikufunga kuti cash crisis ingangopera

  • Chinopa hasha ipapa chiiko nhai veduwe hanti kutandara hedu here tichifara

  • Even the late reggae icon said “with Respect the world will be a better place for all of us “

  • You are cry babies munobhohwa these are only jokes not political or tribal grow up mhani

  • I used to like Nehanda, because it appealed to me as made up of tried and tasted journalists of highest integrity.

    It’s common cause to know that no Public media worth its salt can champion hate speech , esp tribal speeches.

    They have run out of steam, but simple advice is there are so many areas which are still very underdeveloped and if Nehanda could highlight such.

    Nehanda was too nationalistic to have her name tarnished by such malcontents who ironically chose to use a nationalist name.

    Grow up.

    Two Karangas poised for power in ruling and opposition hence the concerted attack. But sorry we too clever to know that few elements in some tribe which thinks it has right to rule forever are being exposed early enough

  • Ndirikunzwa kunge munhu wekuMasvingo is it normall? JAHGUIDE

  • Isu vanasuu tirizii zvedu kunge tisipo

  • SaManyika akambo complainer here iwe nyarara enda unodya harurwa wakanyarara.

  • Hahaha. iwe ndiwe urikutotaura zvisina msoro.

  • They are lot of things created by people in Zimbabwe just to push time saka vaitesei pasina basa? Nayo Masvingo guys

  • Haiwawo,hapana nyaya APA,kufara chete!mashaya nyaya!

  • Its happening everywhere kana kuri kuno Ku SA Limpopo yanzwa .

  • Pasi ne tribalism mu focuse nenyika yenyu ikuenda mawere iyi

  • Proudly Masvingo ndikuhwe fut uchit masvingo

  • Jaque Line

  • Handiti iri kuzviita masvingo yacho

  • kkkkkkkkkkkk very funny Samanyika was under the block for many years but they loughed coz it was just a joke .we would go to other provinsies with our school and damn we would make sure we danced to their songs moking us

  • Kkkkk yoo

  • Kkkkkk

  • usatijairira iwe!

  • We love the people of Masvingo, just don’t get too emotional, there are just jokes. They are slowly losing taste but if you make a big deal out of it mark my words those memes will keep coming and this time in 4DX . Peace.

  • Masvingo people have relevance mazezuru haana dhiri. How can u have people like zhuwawo, matibili , phiri , mafios claiming to b zezuru who can take u serious

  • Hey siyai mafeelings pamajokes. Nzvimbo dzese dzinongo wanzirwa gokwe mutoko mutare bulawayo harare etc .

  • ndopazhira apa here

  • Wezhara wezhira wezheve

  • Mazuvano vanhu vakubhowa ukada kuti mutambe motoona kuti ahhh mumwe watsamwa akutonyora bhuku hee heee inifiria infiria respect respect hapachina kutamba .Ana wasu takabviro wanzirwa kubva kare hapana kana kuchema kwatakaita asi ngekuda kwe ma pratifom awa akadai kuuya vamwe vowanzirwa mochema chema ini hangu pa feelin station handiendepo zvekumhanya kutamba basi

  • This is not political.These are just jokes.No hard feelings

  • Kutamba kani kkkkk

  • Ndobve Great Zimbabwe Masvingo

  • People should just grow up and at least practise love. Humanity is the best weapon we can use to tackle all this tribalism and stuff. These were the causes of Gukurahundi. We are all Zimbabweans guys. Lets just stop this bloody tribalism.

  • Imi velacoste makutotidzvanyirira imi musati makutonga.to hell nemi.mugabe wil never allow such nonsense.hudzvanyiriri

  • Vanhu vekuMasvingo vakaoma vakadya mari yeCement yese kwaakuvaka Great Zimbabwe nemabwe oga, Masvingo kuseri mhani

  • Learn to be humourous pple.Iko kakushatirwa kamunoita aka ndekekuMasvingo futi.

  • Haiwawo zvana zvatete tibvireipo makawanzira the whole country no one complained. You always boost as educated manje educated people must be able to take a joke at its face value and nothing serious. Kwanai

  • Why troll MASVINGO though. ?

  • masv vegas

  • Why call it tribalism because masvingo is a province that consists of different tribes zezurus anaWasu makorekore.saka pakambonzi karanga ndepapi pamapics ayo

  • Ahh writer uyu zvaatori horo… No malice intended with all the masvingo talk its nothing but jokes

  • instead of putting issues to do with development the writer is just adding fire to the fire..shame!

  • Jokes that have no harm…intended for laughing

  • There is no trabalism here

  • 1 The largest tribal group in Zimbabwe (karanga about 4.9million population ) is in Masvingo

    2 The first established state in Africa as whose was in Masvingo (The Great Zimbabwe State around 11th century )

    3 The province with most educated people is Masvingo

    4 The name of the country was taken from Karanga early stone buildings ( DZIMBADZEMABWE ) found in Masvingo

    5 The bird found on a national flag was another stonework of Karanga Civilisation… Masvingo again


    Pakati Masvingo ndipo pakati Zimbabwe

    *KANA UCHIRAMBA IZVI URIWE Masvingoo*… 🤣🤸🏽‍♂🤸🏽‍♂🤸🏽‍♂🤸🏽‍♂🤸🏽‍♂

    • Muchati Bhuu

      Taura hako….Wezhira runs the show…it is well known that wezhira is better educated and well read on average by virtue of having good mission schools .Hapana tribalism apa…ini ndinobva paMarondera apa ..pane mbiri yembavha nemhondi..dont know how far true is that…but have never taken offence…just like Wasu is ridiculed for his use of English…I have not seen even one taking offence neither

  • Pamaiwanzira wasu zvainakidza nhaika. Nhasi ndezvenyuwo

  • Muchati Bhuu

    Tsvaga zvimwe zvekunyora…Wezhira is not easily put off by such small issues

  • This is just harmless fun and humour, and it’s been there since way way back in time, no need to read too much into this very normal Zim humour. This writer needs to go observe a similar kind of humour between the Mrehwa Zezuru and their neighbours in Mutoko the Budja, it’s always good for a laugh as they take a dig at each other’s cultural norms or dances and even language, noone gets offended or links such to some obscure political agenda. Infact we are eagerly waiting to see retaliation in a similar vein from the Karanga of Masvingo. It’s just humour, and it lightens the mood as well as reduce the stresses brought about by the times we live in. Anyone who is hypersensitive to such humour has a problem and needs lots of help from psychotherapists, and such a person is bound to be an unrepentant tribalist

  • Ko paimbotaurwa Gokwe Inga Havana kutaura nezve tribalism wani

  • Iyo masvingo yakapereiko nhai

  • veMasvingo muchinyanya,hee dam hombe muZim ,Tokwe Mukosi,Masvingo,heee minister nhingi,hee Masvingo,maakuwachiswa manje maakuchema chema,ndimi munotanga nazvo saka dyiwai! muri nyama imi! hehehehe rega mumosken ndikusekei zvangu

  • Kkkkkkk kuMasvingo kune vanhu vakazungaira guyz hautozive diffence ye Tribe ne Province kkkk unotiratidzireyiko kuzungaira kwenyu vanhu vekuMasvingo kana wakuziva difference ye tribe ne province ndopatichasiyana nemi vanhu vekuMasvingo

  • Kkkkkkk kuMasvingo kune vanhu vakazungaira guyz hautozive diffence ye Tribe ne Province kkkk unotiratidzireyiko kuzungaira kwenyu vanhu vekuMasvingo kana wakuziva difference ye tribe ne province ndopatichasiyana nemi vanhu vekuMasvingo

  • Kkkkkk

  • Vanhu vekuMasvingo….zvokwadi zvino tikati Tribalism because of Jokes tovaka humwe seyi. Let’s join in the fun
    Life is too short…
    Proudly Mukaranga!!!

  • this is jus tribalism funny thing people want to hide under amusement, anebhora ndiye anomakwa Masvingo Province ungaidii??

  • Ndakakuudzai kare Harare izere vana vemahure they pretend as if vari too intelligent jus bcz vanoona motorcade yaMdara everyday misoro izere sewage

  • Its just a dry sense of humour get a life kushaya zvekutaura 😩😩😩😩👎

  • Majokes acho saka bhowa dei takapusa u think taizogona kupinda pafacebook here itai easy guys

  • asi unobva kuMasvingo🤣🤣🤣

  • It’s really a big surprise that we have been so politically manipulated and influenced that we see politics in every picture and in every line of written. Come on guys. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Haiwawo tibvirei pakarlepo,imwi wanhu wekuMasvingo.Ko pamunondobwodoka muchitikana isu hedu maKorekore,muchiti hatina nokundodzidzako maiti zvine gumisira poyi.Zvarliwana nyarungwe kukwekweta abiyarlo iro kana rakuhwerlurludziwa rlakuti tehwe rlangu radzvederehwa dope.You come to our villages and tell us we are less educated,you relocate to Korekore area in search of fertile soils for ploughing-for food.Mapedza pakarlepo metitukana.Zvivharlana semakore ededza.Kkkkkkkk.Korekore power.

  • Ake lisiyeke sizihlekele thina. How many times have you guys made memes about the Ndebele tribe and we just took it lightly and laughed along? What’s now different with y’all from Masvingo. Relax guys, it will only worsen it if you take it that personal. Yehlisani umoya lina. Hay suka madoda.

  • Kungotamba uko isu Masvingo tinoida fulltime coz June mari. Ivo vanoti Harare vane Mario muHarare imomo? Hatigwadzigwi Masvingo coz ndiyo ine yese.

  • lot chitakasha

    A very good article…remember jokes about people from Malawi, they came to be accepted as fact…or people from Manicaland…mheni……chipinge…mushonga…these are stereotypes!

  • lot chitakasha

    A very good article…remember jokes about people from Malawi, they came to be accepted as fact…or people from Manicaland…mheni……chipinge…mushonga…these are stereotypes!

  • Paul


  • Just because it now affects you.Feel it as been others you belittled for being a certain tribe in your stupid nehondo radio.

  • We are proudly maVhitori,we are not even bothered by those who doesn’t know their orgin

  • Why you always gotta link everything to politics, people have been teasing one another since time immemorial so just get over it

  • This is a well thought tribal and stupid move with political connotations which no one entertains

  • Sickening indeed. If only people realised that these have a long effect our our own self confidence and identity.

  • The Karangas are the ones who built Great Zimbabwe ruins. All the other shona tribes came from the Karangas. Zimbabwe, Mozambique and some parts of Zambia and Tanzania, used to be called Mukaranga Country by the Portugese traders. So the Karangas must be respected like any other tribe.

  • masvingo wo futi eish.

  • Ndiri wezhira but i dont care,vanhu tatamburisa zvokut ndinongodawo ka smile per day,its just jokes y u takt personal

  • this jus goes to show kuti amunaeo basa imi majenarist ndonyaya yaungatofarira pasi kunyora iyoyi. vanhu varikutambura th economy is down skuna mabasa etc pple are stressed nw pple are just hvng fun harmless fun evn vekumasvingo vacho they are just laughing it off coz they knw kuti they are just joks.

  • iwe munyoti development yawaita chii instead of exposing corruption etc u busy wth memes kushaya basa chaiko. y not channel yo energy to developmental stuff

  • Succession politics masquerading as humour.

  • Gideon Gidds veduwe 😂😂

  • Pliz guys forgive Tezvara zvangu Va Mujere.musavatambudza.Masvingo ndiko kunevana vanoziva ,chinonzi ,Rodooooo

  • nyangwe mukati masvingo this masvingo tht …..it doesnt change the fact yokuti mugabe is contesting fr next year n winning again…..

  • THESE ARE JOKES MUSANGODE kutsamwa zvenhema apa

  • Just gore rino tichadzidza zvakawanda n zvihuta it will pass don’t worry ve Masvingo zvopfura izvo

  • Zimbabweans don’t be evil tell me what’s wrong about Masvingo?

  • munonyepa this time haalume

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Totambira kupi manje

  • personally i think Masvingo means Zimbabwe, why the highest number of educated people emanated from there secondly the Zim bird tells the whole story

  • Kkkkk pink lips.

  • Mobvepi imi?

  • Tribalists are those who are denying that these people come from Masvingo.

  • am just sitting on the fence watching where is this going but at the end of the day one side of the story will prove itself to be right..

  • Peace

    It just jokes Tendai you article is not holding any water.Please we are allowed to joke.Lets not be seriously all the timr..pple need to laugh sometimes.

  • inga ana wasu havana kumbochema chema wani

  • Recently l visited masvingo family.aah rega ndinyarare hangu chana chatete

  • Ndingazonzi ndaita politics

  • Just jokes don’t take it hard

  • Why do Zimbabweans fight against each other like this. Surely there are better things for us to stand against. We need to change our mindset.

  • Stupid people talking nonsense against people from Masvingo the owners of the land.

  • Stop posting this rubish we are dstryng our own Zimbabwe by tribalism

  • Bt we really dn care as makaranga we proud of wht we are gd o bad we all people

  • Ibvapo apo mavhitori majaira kungozhamba

  • Chaimbova chachinotimba kkk

  • Masasi eMasvingo: http://youtu.be/4MS87OL259I