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Grace Mugabe was detained by police in Singapore, and it was not the first time

By Maynard Manyowa

Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe was briefly detained by no nonsense police in Singapore after she assaulted reporters and threw their cellphones into a pond at the Gleneagles hospital. She had to reimburse the victims, about $1300 USD each to secure her release.

File Picture of President Mugabe and his wife Grace (REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo (ZIMBABWE)
File Picture of President Mugabe and his wife Grace (REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo (ZIMBABWE)

In addition, Grace Mugabe’s protocol team went on overdrive, paying hefty sums of money to reporters in the Southeast Asia city state to prevent the ‘assault and detention’ making its way to front pages of newspapers.

Nonetheless, it still did. And in the aftermath, her family has engaged in a desperate witch-hunt. One top aide, and a member of Mugabe’s close protection unit has been accused of leaking the details to Khuluma Afrika. He is being tortured and beaten repeatedly as we speak.

The poor bodyguard has now spent a few nights in cold dark holding cells, first at a detention barracks owned by the central intelligence organisation, and now, at some high security facility owned by counter intelligence (secret service).

The Mugabe’s are upset. Especially Grace Mugabe and especially because this is not the first time she has been involved in such a debacle. All other times she has managed to somehow get away with it.

In 2009, Grace Mugabe happened to be travelling through another Asian country. This time, it was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was scheduled to spend about 2 hours in the VIP transit zone at the airport, while waiting to connect another destination.

However, Grace decided she needed to walk around, and left the transit zone, proceeding from the international transit zone to the domestic flight zone. When she was done, she attempted to walk back to the VIP area using the same route she used to exit.

This despite the fact that the route was clearly marked ‘exit only’.

Airport security quickly stopped her, and told her that she would need to use the entrance, and go through a check-in process, as all passengers who exit the transit area need to go through immigration, and must go through security procedures.

But Gucci Grace owns the world. At least in her own mind. She refused, protested, and went on to assault some of the airport staff.

“She grabbed some of them by the collar, and bellowed that she was the wife of a President and could do whatever the hell she wanted to whenever the she wanted to”, a source at the airport who witnessed the event said.

“In all my 34 years working here, I have never seen such rowdy behaviour, from anyone at all. I have hosted all bad boys, rappers, artists, and even seen real Presidents come here. This one was so disgraceful” the source added.

The Malaysian authorities would have none of it. Members of Grace Mugabe’s protocol had to plead with them not to be too harsh, after they had resolved to declare her a security risk, and likely arrest her.

Members of her protocol and security team had to beg authorities for her release. While some of them had to beg her to cooperate and avoid causing a scene.

Eventually she made her way through the normal procedures, but not without cursing at anyone and everyone using excess vulgar language.

The Malaysia incident is not the second one either. It is not even the third, or the fourth. Khuluma Afrika has seen documents detailing at least five other incidents.

In Zimbabwe, there is a Shona saying that goes, “Mbudzi kudya mufenje hufananyina”. Another says, “Mhembwe rudzi inozvara mwana ane kazhumwi”, while another says, “Chaisiya huyo chaikuya nei”.

All sayings carry the same moral, that, “The apple does not fall far from the tree”.

In recent weeks, and months, several reports have exposed the lavish wild lifestyle that Mugabe’s children lead.

Robert Jnr was expelled from Dubai for bad behaviour. In SA, both him and his brother were evicted for all night drug parties. Grace Mugabe herself is on record for saying “Vana vandinesta (these kids trouble me)”

Perhaps in this case, Mrs. Mugabe needs to look at her own violent record first. Her kids are wild, and it is probably cause they learnt from the best.

  • Maynard Manyowa is a Zimbabwean journalist, and co-editor of Khuluma Afrika – a nonpartisan center for investigative journalism and political analysis


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  • Can’t you see this is FAKE news. These journalists and their media houses are not mentioned by name and obviously they should have been looking for news how come it was never published in their media platforms. More than half of the story is dedicated to a story that is alleged that it happened in 2009 but we are getting to hear it for the first time here

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    Mugabe children are innocent .Njabulo:libertyatliberty at gmail dot com .What must be taken into cognisance is that all humans are by nature unique.One may have inherent intelligence ,skills or physical features of their biological parents or siblings ,but they are unique.So,the world must not expect children of a pastor or of a president to elicit or exhibit behaviour which is exactly the same as their parents.It has to be taken into consideration that environment also plays a pivotal role in the shaping of one’s behaviour.One’s parents may nurture them in a good way ,but for the fact that there is “subculture” which young people adopt through interacting with their peers.Peers are very influential in shaping one’s behaviour that is complimented by social media,technology ,and other unforeseen circumstances or completely unbeknown circumstances. Social media is part of popular culture,the boys in question enact some behaviour from it.Peers have great influence on the boys in question .If they do not conform to the norms and values of peers ,they will be ostracised by their peers.That is why one of those boys was into drugs.Where would he have learnt to take drugs if not for peer influence?Parents may want their children to behave in certain way that they desire,but for external influence ,they may not achieve their desired objectives .So,in this case ,it would be partly wrong to blame the parents ,although there is high expectation from the public and the world ,to see the children of the president being well behaved.One renowned sociologist once mentioned that deviants are necessary in society because they make society to be functional.If society was void of deviants ,then society will be dysfunctional .Anyway ,even if their parents are seen by others as not good people ,they should not be made to suffer for the sins and crimes of their parents.A son or daughter cannot be held responsible for the crimes or bad behaviour of their parents.And society cannot unleash punishment on the children after their parents are gone.More so ,even now society must not abhor them or hate them for the actions of their parents.Those boys are innocent.Let’s show them love although they are not well behaved.Most of the people made many mistakes during the time they were growing up.Life is a journey which is bedevilled by many perils.When one takes a moment to think about the despicable things that they used to do when they were growing up,one would not want anyone to know about that.As people grow ,they change the way they do things.That too is certainly going to be the case with those bo ys.Behaviour is not fixated or ascribed at birth. My opinion .(impartial