Triumphant Zuma says the ANC is powerful and difficult to beat

By Mayibongwe Maqhina | IOL |

President Jacob Zuma was up upbeat moments after he survived yet another motion of no confidence that was debated in Parliament.

President Jacob Zuma addresses his supporters after he survived a no confidence motion. Picture: Mike Hutchings/Reuters

In an address punctuated by many “thank yous”, Zuma described the ANC as powerful and difficult to beat.

“I want to thank you especially leaders that came from the provinces, particularly the chairmen and secretaries. I just came to say thank you to all of you,” he said when addressing the hundreds of ANC supporters and members on a screen outside Parliament.

“You came in numbers to demonstrate that the ANC is powerful. It is difficult to defeat the ANC. You can’t try,” Zuma said.

He was particularly thankful to the ANC MPs for defeating the motion.

“We must thank comrades in Parliament who worked hard to defend the ANC, but also thank comrades who mobilised you to give support to those inside Parliament.”

He, however, noted that his narrow survival of the motion was the eighth.

“Always they come. They don’t want to learn that you can’t touch the ANC. If you don’t like it that is your baby,” he said in apparent explanation of of the failed motions of no confidence as nothing but hatred against him.

Zuma accused the opposition of using propaganda when they campaigned for the motion.

“Once again we have proved that the ANC is organisation of the people,” Zuma said.

Zuma said the ANC was projected by the opposition in that as no longer enjoying majority support.

“There is something interesting in this scenario. The interpretation of some of the things are interesting,” he said.

“The ANC was voted overwhelmingly by the majority of this country. No party received such number of votes. We represent the majority,” Zuma said.

He also accused the opposition of using a “technicality” in Parliament to take over from the ANC.

“It is impossible.”

He insisted that the ANC was supported by the majority. “They will realise in 2019 when we win.”

Zuma said the opposition has too much to say.

“Your organisation is greater, the ANC. Thank you very much indeed,” Zuma said.

However, he took a jibe at the media.

“They can speak and speak. They can write and write. They can analyse on the television. They will never take the ANC.”