Macheso falls in love with Beitbridge

Beitbridge is not only the busiest border town in the country due to trade and travel, but also in terms of entertainment.

Alick Macheso on stage in Jambezi
Alick Macheso on stage in Jambezi

Many musicians have performed in the town over the past years, with most of them making many trips to the town every year to entertain travellers in transit as well as residents of the place.

Gigs in Beitbridge are usually packed to capacity due to high activity in the town. The coming of popular live show venue Pagomba Caf has enhanced the merrymaking mood near the border.

The venue has hosted various musicians and on Friday sungura star Alick Macheso travels to the town for one of his many shows there.

Macheso has fallen in love with Beitbridge and performs there on several occasions and has had sold-out shows.

His publicist Tich Makahamadze said the musician has fond memories of the town.

“He always talks about shows in the town. He wants to perform there everytime he gets a chance. It is far away but he loves it like his home,” said Makahamadze.

Organisers of the show said they regularly invite Macheso because of the huge following he has in that area.

They said people have been talking about the show since the sungura musician confirmed his show about a month ago.

“People are waiting for him anxiously. He has been there several times and has staged unforgettable shows.

“He actually says Beitbridge is one of his favourite towns in the country and we are happy to have him again this weekend,” said one of the show organisers.

Being a date when the long weekend attached to Heroes and Defence Forces holidays begins, Friday is a prime day for entertainment providers and Macheso’s choice to reserve it for Beitbridge shows his attachment to the town.

People in the border town are likely to have a memorable weekend since the musician is playing some songs that have been finalised for his upcoming album that will be released later this year. The Herald