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Dog meat seller ‘syndicate’ attacks municipal police

By Pamela Shumba and Nqobile Tshili

A Bulawayo City Council (BCC) municipal police officer was attacked by three men looking for carcases at a dump site, an incident that the municipality has said raises suspicions about the existence of a syndicate selling dog meat.

Mr Ndebele, the dog meat seller

The attack follows the tightening of security at the council’s Westondale dumping site near the National Railways of Zimbabwe Steam Shed after a homeless men was found selling dog meat he collected from the site.

The homeless man identified only as Mr Ndebele sold the dog meat to Mpopoma and Sizinda residents.

There are now suspicions that Ndebele could be part of a syndicate that was selling dog meat to residents after the three unidentified men went to the dump site on Monday night in the hope of getting carcases.

They attacked a municipality security guard Mr Andrew Nkala who had confronted them.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango yesterday said police were investigating the savage attack on the city council employee.

“We are investigating an incident where three unknown assailants attacked a city council security guard after he tried to bar them from gaining entrance to the dogs dump site. The three wanted to dig for carcasses of dogs that were put down by the SPCA. They used shovels to severely attack the security guard, breaking his leg and leaving him for dead. They only left him after he had lost his consciousness,” said Insp Simango.

She said Mr Nkala was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital for treatment.

Insp Simango urged members of the public who may have information that may lead to the arrest of the three men to approach the nearest police station.

BCC senior public relations Mrs Nesisa Mpofu said the municipality was working with the police to put the matter to rest.

She said members of the public should avoid buying meat from vendors.

“What is now clear is that the first person was not working alone. The attack on the employee shows that the first man was not working alone. This could be the work of a larger coordinated group. Residents should avoid buying meat from backyard facilities who are selling meat which has not been inspected, exposing themselves to diseases,” she said.

Mrs Mpofu said the municipality will step up campaigns for health education. The Chronicle

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