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Cash-strapped Zimbabwe plans $1 billion Robert Mugabe university

By MacDonald Dzirutwe | Reuters |

Zimbabwe’s cash-strapped government plans to build a $1 billion university named after 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe, the higher education minister said on Wednesday, a move that was quickly cricitised by the opposition as a waste of resources.

Jonathan Moyo (second left) and President Robert Mugabe (centre) at the NUST graduation ceremony in Bulawayo
Jonathan Moyo (second left) and President Robert Mugabe (centre) at a NUST graduation ceremony in Bulawayo

Jonathan Moyo, Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, said the Robert Gabriel Mugabe University would focus on science and technology and have an institute focusing on research and “transformative and revolutionary leadership.”

“Cabinet has approved a grant of $800 million towards the construction of the Robert Gabriel Mugabe University and a grant of $200 million towards the University Endowment Fund for research and innovation,” Moyo said.

Mugabe and his wife Grace are the founding trustees of the university that would be built outside the capital Harare.

While Mugabe’s rule was promising at independence in 1980, the ageing leader has been accused of wrecking the economy of the former breadbasket of the region through populist policies such as the seizure of white-owned farms.

The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), criticising the plan, said Mugabe’s government should instead improve existing underfunded universities around the country.

Students at state run universities and colleges struggle with lack of accommodation and crumbling infrastructure, while the government does not offer grants to help the universities.

With formal unemployment above 90 percent, most graduates are forced to take informal jobs, mostly hawking goods on the streets or seeking employment in neighbouring countries, to pay for their studies.

“This is populism that defies logic. It is meant to stroke Mugabe’s ego because we know this government is broke,” Obert Gutu, MDC spokesman said.

Zimbabwe struggles to pay its workers and spends more than 90 percent of the national budget on salaries, leaving very little for roads, hospitals and education.

  • Where did they get that 1billion, is it from that 15billion that went missing?

  • Africa we want to build and cannot maintain our old institutions which are colapsingm

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  • Maybe it’s right because his leadership is a monumental disaster.

  • Adding more vendors to the already saturated streets.Sorry maningi.

  • Education centres are enough they must provide other services to the people

  • They should put the money towards health care

  • No child on mine shall ever set foot on that evil place!!

  • Are these ppl normal…hero worshipping t its highest!

  • Someone is about to loot big amount of money and he will make sure that he will continue pushing for it until that so called Bobo university has been built

  • These old fools are really loosing their marbles… Its really time for all of them to disappear for good.

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  • We do not need anymore,we have got enough

  • Misplaced priorities.

  • And who is going to employ the graduates? What a waste.

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  • Why not using the money wisely e.g. Health,old people and children care,roads,pay off international debts ,starving population etc

  • kkkk is it a waste of resources though coz some Chinese will build it and then study Mugabeism Road to Singapore Medical Degress

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  • Ayas

  • Why not pump that money in Zisco steel, Steel Makers, Lancashire, Zimasco, Sable Chemicals and decongest the city of roaming graduates

  • The current educational institutions are crumbling, schools are struggling with lack of funding. Hospitals are in a terrible state that even Mugabe won’t set foot in a Zim Hospital. He has to go abroad every time he has a headache. I’m sure $1b can go a long way in sorting out these issues than building a new University.

  • Mukanya

    Typical warped planning and thinking based on hero-worshipping!!

  • I think its time for marginalisation

  • too much Hero Worshipping and people lose focus and their senses.

  • We have too many universities and very few industries to employ the graduates. We have built enough universities let’s now build the industries to employ the graduates

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  • Skindo

    All this time in power Bob has nothing solid to show but poverty, death and desperation of the citizenry.
    Now he thinks ok maybe if I build a Uni they will remember me to eternity.
    No need they will remember you for gukurahundi, political violence, your butchery of men women and children in chiyadzwa simply for trying to survive by panning diamonds. What, are you suddenly hearing their screams, seeing their faces?? They will remember you for the lost aspirations of your citizens. They will remember you for the thuggery, rape of children and corruption and lawlessness that you turned a blind eye to and also participated in. The 1 billion if pumped into the country’s hospitals, upgrading water and sewage treatment plants, upgrading the current Unis,going into schools etc etc, we would appreciate it Mr President.
    You can name it Bob University ,when you gone we will call it something else!!

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