Bullied Form 2 pupil in school suicide

By Walter Mswazie

A form two pupil at Silveira High School in Bikita allegedly committed suicide after being bullied by a schoolmate, an official has confirmed.

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The body of Wesley Shuro (14) of Harare was found hanging from a beam of a building at the Roman Catholic-run school on Monday at around 3.20 PM. It is alleged he left a suicide note indicating that he wanted to take his life.

“Wesley went missing on Sunday morning after an unidentified boy had been seen threatening him with violence over an unknown issue. It is suspected that due to fear of being assaulted by the boy who was more muscular, Wesley disappeared from school only to be found hanging in their dormitory on Monday, late afternoon,” said a source.

Some said he committed suicide after being threatened by a fellow pupil who claimed to own a big snake that he intended to use in harming him (Wesley), in a suspected satanism threat.

“He was threatened with a snake by another boy identified as Fatso. Fatso claimed he had a snake in his possession which he would use to harm Wesley and this frightened him leading to the tragedy,” said another source. It is believed

Wesley jumped on top of one of the bunk beds in the dormitory before reaching for the beam in the roof. He used his school tie to hang himself from the beam.

Shocked pupils reported the matter to the school authorities who in turn made a formal report to the police.

Police attended the scene and took the body to Silveira Mission Hospital for post-mortem.

Acting Masvingo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa could neither confirm nor deny the incident as he said the report had not reached his office.

However, in a statement Vicar General and Education Secretary Masvingo Diocese Father Walter Nyatsanza said Wesley’s body had since been handed over to his family for burial.

“The boy, Wesley Shuro, a Form Two pupil at Silveira High School comes from Harare and was reported missing early on Sunday, August 6, 2017 by the boarding master. On Monday at around 3.20 PM his body was found hanging from the roof in one of the storerooms by Form One boys,” reads the statement in part.

“Police advised the school and the parents who had already arrived to take the body for post-mortem at Masvingo General Hospital and later gave the body to the parents for burial.”

Fr Nyatsanza declined to disclose the full details in the suicide note.

He said the boy wrote: “I want to kill myself,” without mentioning the reason why.

However, sources said he wrote: “It’s better I die, I can’t stand this torture.”

Bullying, studies have shown, may cause a victim to become suicidal, have low self-esteem, depression, bed wetting and nervous habits, among other symptoms. The Chronicle

  • This a sad story .

  • Shame

  • Satanism

  • Bullying and taunting and constant mocking of a pupil at school has devastating consequences on a child. Some people this bullying and taunting and mock name calling can affect them even up to adult hood. Some people never get over the bullying, taunts, mock name calling they were subjected to at high school and some people never forget or forgive those who bullied, tortured or mocked them at school and this can last forever. Its so unfortunate most high schools in Zimbabwe treat bullying as a normal experience which should happen in their schools. bullying if not stopped can even lead to death as the bullies sometime use excessive physical methods which may include beatings, torture etc. Some kids end up being so stressed, humiliated and under pressure psychologically that they commit suicide.I feel there Head of that school and his/her deputy should be fired for failing to put in place structures and policies at their school which prevent bullying. Bullying can be cleaned out at a school if heads and teachers commit themselves to it and truant,unmanageable kids should be expelled without any negotiations because somrt kids come to school with their rotten spoilt brat behaviour from their homes where some parents don’t groom and mould and instil discipline in their kids at home and this nonsense spills over when the ill disciplined kid mingles with good well behaved kids at school.That kind of kid becomes more like a rebel a renegade a rubble rouser at school giving teachers and students problems including extreme bullying of innocent kids at school.

    • Wasakura nekuzunza,but pupils dont report especially about bullying for the will labeled cowards.I wish Wesly akapupurira Headmaster nezvenyoka

    • bullying is bad shuwa i remember a few years bek a form1 student who was bullied pa Chaplin in Gweru akarohwa and was in ICU fo smtym ku Mpilo in Byo unfortunately he had a different heart wen he came out of coma n out of hsptl he actually forgave the idiots who nearly took his lyf…

    • ha its so sad ,bt the schools must put stern measures to avert this evil act ,no place for terrorists at school .

    • Jonso

      well said my brother school heads should instil discipline among kids, like expelled straight away if u do an silly thing at school. That way no one will never bully anyone at that school.

  • Satanism at work

  • Zvinorwadza izvi hey

  • Satan akuda kupinda nendzira yakashata manje

  • so sad

  • Catch them young there! Now see Zim politics is run by former secondary school bullies thats y we have series of heinous politically associated violence.

  • Oh shame RIP

  • RIP

  • lack of support from home isu taiziva kuti ndikanoudza mai vangu ma1

  • Nyika yapanduka veduwe

  • Chii nhai vakomana paChikoro chandakadzidza.What a nice school.Rip

  • Taguta Padare

    I beseech the Minister Dokora to comment about this. What is his take? For how long will this kind of thing continue to happen? What is going to happen to the young man who bullied? Will the parents of the dead child just take it with their hands down?


  • Mweya yemadzinza iyi,pane ane chikwambo mmusha haadi kuzivikanwa kuti auraya mongoti azvisunga,fungai kut zera rake rinonetswa nei

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