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Open Letter to Mama Khupe

Dear Mama Khupe

Sorry about what happened last Saturday. It was rather unfortunate and uncalled for. Indeed, the culprits need to be brought to book. If they are members of your party I humbly suggest that they be expelled. Such behaviour would only tarnish the image of your party and keeps it in the doldrums of continued opposition politics.

MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe
MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe

I, however write this small note, not as a member of MDC but as an ordinary citizen who is concerned about the continued downfall of our once great nation and put hope in people like you to stop the rot. I sincerely feel this great nation which you and I love so much, is more important than individuals and our personal differences.

I am reminded of this great man, Joshua Nkomo who despite being humiliated and harassed would sacrifice and say, “for the sake of Zimbabwe, let me be the nugatory despite my being the “Father Zimbabwe””. Sometimes as a leader or mother, you give in and forego for the sake of your children.

The coalition that is being fashioned is far from being perfect, but is a noble thing that I think would rally people to participate and play their part in restoring Zimbabwe. It gives us an opportunity for the nation to speak with one voice and say we are tired of this Zanu Circus. I believe it will create momentum for apolitical Zimbabweans and for the civil society to engage in the mending of the broken socio-political system of Zimbabwe in a non-partisan way.

Our battles, positions, abhorrence for individuals and wanting to control Matabeleland seats should not override this cause. Our political egos should not supersede the common good and a noble cause. Remember most people who vote MDC are not members of your party, but individuals who are only trying to extricate themselves from the Zanu ruin. We owe you nothing.

You cannot have your cake and eat it. Unfortunately, often, someone has to eat it for you. Just as in life, you have to give and take. What good is it to be in perpetual opposition? You can split into as many opposition parties as you want after removing this national curse, Zanu. The coalition is or rather should never be permanent. It is not an end in itself, but only a transitional arrangement to achieve what you want.

Since when has the Herald spoken on your behalf and go to the moon extolling your stance on an issue. To discern how offside you are on an issue see how the Herald peppers you with all the praises. Check for yourself.

Come on Mama Khupe I know you can do better than this. Do not be like the big brother in the Prodigal Son Parable. Go join and rejoice with others in this train of fight for our freedom. You are a key player in this journey to freedom.

Yours in diaspora yearning to come home.

Tendai Chamboko

Non-MDC Member

  • Gymbunny

    So the Warvets are too old for Mugabe to use their muscle. The polie force is weak and there is not enough money to keep the soldiers appeased. He can’t afford mercenaries so his only option are the youthies. He has basically created a pseudo militia at no cost. Those degrees have been useless to the country but this old guy is using them to keep himself afloat.

  • Gymbunny

    So the Warvets are too old for Mugabe to use their muscle. The polie force is weak and there is not enough money to keep the soldiers appeased. He can’t afford mercenaries so his only option are the youthies. He has basically created a pseudo militia at no cost. Those degrees have been useless to the country but this old guy is using them to keep himself afloat.

  • When a sane voice speaks, we expect even the deaf to hear and understand.

  • I hope she listens otherwise her political career will end

    • Her political career will end at the cost of thousands of votes my friend.

    • Trust Nkulumo Ngulube that’s the sad part. Zimbos we are selfish. The most interesting part is she was promised her VP no matter what. Welshman agreed to be a minister

  • MDC T needs her more than she needs it.

    • How.

    • ncube was more influential than this khupe woman ,i wonder how the mdc needs her more ?

    • She can listen to you but remember Wrlshman was a more influential member than little known Khupe

    • s

      its not about mdc t, its about people. the writer has said most of us don’t support mdc but we want mugabe and zanu out.

    • Doc

      That’s just silly.To day one person is more important than millions.

      Do you think she is more important than MDC t,we’ll let her try to go independent or start a new party,and let’s see.

  • I expected that many opportunists would rise to try gain some form of popularity through siding with Tsvangirai and his hired enforcers instead of real democracy and tolerance for differing views. Shame on such personalities

    • Could Khupe explain her absence from the coalition signing. I do not condone the violence visited upon her but I blame her for the tension she caused. Those who disagree with her could have handled it better than what happened.
      For her to shun a unifying rally it beats me. What does she want? A fragmented opposition?

  • Opportunist

  • Why did Morgan appoint two more VPs? Are they using Khuphe to gain Mat’land votes? Come 2018 we want MDC T out of Mat’land!!!!

    • Another idiot

    • and this stupid milton guy believes he is matebeleland

    • Mutasa Tafadzwa Paul unyoko phela, yes she is a big idiot 🤣

    • Kozanayi Mhlanga as ugly as you are bro, ucinenini ukugeza mpuuuu!

    • ummm lawe so

    • brunohzw

      I feel sorry for you my brother.

    • Doc

      What’s important about the matebeleland vote?

      It’s obvious, khupe thinks she is more important and has grown to big for her size 7 boots.the other vps were to bring humility to her.

      Mthatatebeland is not more important than ZIMBABWE.

      Draw lessons from Zanu Ndoga,they tried regional politics and failed.All matebeleland parties that have tried regional politics have failed.

      You know what ,for once I want a regionalist party to win,so we can actually see if matebeleland will stand and succeed against ZIMBABWE.

      Why is it mhatatebeleland thinks it is more important than any other provinces in ZIMBABWE.

      Some of us are sick and tired of that dry tsetse fly infested place

  • Nxa engunyoko why ungamhlalisi phansi ukhulume laye?

  • our dear zim needs visionaries ,,madam khupe must take off her blinkers and face reality ,,we desperately need a united pple to rebuild our precious zim ,i am not an mdc sympathiser ,but i strongly blve in an apolitical society ,whereby pple join hands for a good cause ,and i blve that this coalition is a good beginning

  • Like I said before we need people who are visionary and who take the plight of the people wholeheartedly. I can not rule that out , that vp Thokozani Khupe fell short of it but she is still the executive member of the party. Her absence from the signing ceremony as a senior member of the MDC was totally a sign of undermining and betrayal of the people who are attempting to collectively come together for a common purpose. This is not the time to fight for your political position but cogitating for the future of the people. No one is bigger than the Alliance so if you decided to disembark from the ship before the final destination then we have to respect your decision. You were never used but you served your party deligently and you still can if you come to senses .I hope you were not infiltrated to cause confusion and to put the party into disrepute for personal ego. You are better than that Thokozani. Zimbabwe is bigger than this tribalistic tendencies you are trying to exhibit. We are all Zimbabweans who are fighting the common goal of poverty be it Ndebeles,Zezurus,Manyikas,Tongas or Karangas or Kalangas.

    • Donald Trump

      You speak well, I want to add that her future is not in her hands but in Morgan’s and by her absenteeism from the meeting she effectively lost any chances she had to be an influential player in the Zim game of thrones. She’s a nobody who thinks she’s someone. Her claiming power she’s V.P by popular vote holds no weight in the face of the disrespect she endured from her own party members.
      Respect is earned.

    • Doc

      Hats off to your comment

  • If she ddnt like the coalition are there no proper channels tu follow than just absconding ?

  • Donald Trump

    Nice little “note”. Now think about this here, if you, a non-MDC member can come up with such a simple and sensible way forward, then why don’t we hear such transparent words of wisdom from the MDC leadership? The answer is simpler than the wisdom: those people are not mature and their infantile tug of war for power will result in their own demise, kurumwa nechekuchera.

  • Farther

    I hate the way she was screaming “get out” in the video. She came out as a dull person. As a result, I will have to think twice before voting for her. The attackers need to be jailed though. They need to stay in jail.

  • s

    in mdc we need mama khuphe, but we can do without her if she decides to be stupid. Tsvangirai for me as a leader is so patient with people always taking the diplomatic way. not that he is not weak but because he hears what people want. he has his weaknesses but hears what people want even those from Matabeleland. his being a former workers leader makes him hear people well. at present we people can reject him, but his agenda as he presents it is so people based. I cant compare him with zanu who give us m/meal and the take all the diamonds and then say they care for people. I see Tsvangirai going beyond party politics now for the sake of people like Joshua nkomo. is mdala spirit rising? I think so.

  • The swii

    So this woman gets beaten up by people from her own party and she is the one who has a problem? hahahahaha…MDC is full of jokes

  • tee cee

    well said tendai besids the disagreement which may be there towards a coalition khupe is being selfish and playing the gender and tribial card

  • uth maitano

    khupe is stupid sei asina kuuya kucoaliation.mutengesi.we can do without her.she is big headed.inyaya yemapost hapana chimwe apa nxa