Open Letter to Mama Khupe

Dear Mama Khupe

Sorry about what happened last Saturday. It was rather unfortunate and uncalled for. Indeed, the culprits need to be brought to book. If they are members of your party I humbly suggest that they be expelled. Such behaviour would only tarnish the image of your party and keeps it in the doldrums of continued opposition politics.

MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe
MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe

I, however write this small note, not as a member of MDC but as an ordinary citizen who is concerned about the continued downfall of our once great nation and put hope in people like you to stop the rot. I sincerely feel this great nation which you and I love so much, is more important than individuals and our personal differences.

I am reminded of this great man, Joshua Nkomo who despite being humiliated and harassed would sacrifice and say, “for the sake of Zimbabwe, let me be the nugatory despite my being the “Father Zimbabwe””. Sometimes as a leader or mother, you give in and forego for the sake of your children.

The coalition that is being fashioned is far from being perfect, but is a noble thing that I think would rally people to participate and play their part in restoring Zimbabwe. It gives us an opportunity for the nation to speak with one voice and say we are tired of this Zanu Circus. I believe it will create momentum for apolitical Zimbabweans and for the civil society to engage in the mending of the broken socio-political system of Zimbabwe in a non-partisan way.

Our battles, positions, abhorrence for individuals and wanting to control Matabeleland seats should not override this cause. Our political egos should not supersede the common good and a noble cause. Remember most people who vote MDC are not members of your party, but individuals who are only trying to extricate themselves from the Zanu ruin. We owe you nothing.

You cannot have your cake and eat it. Unfortunately, often, someone has to eat it for you. Just as in life, you have to give and take. What good is it to be in perpetual opposition? You can split into as many opposition parties as you want after removing this national curse, Zanu. The coalition is or rather should never be permanent. It is not an end in itself, but only a transitional arrangement to achieve what you want.

Since when has the Herald spoken on your behalf and go to the moon extolling your stance on an issue. To discern how offside you are on an issue see how the Herald peppers you with all the praises. Check for yourself.

Come on Mama Khupe I know you can do better than this. Do not be like the big brother in the Prodigal Son Parable. Go join and rejoice with others in this train of fight for our freedom. You are a key player in this journey to freedom.

Yours in diaspora yearning to come home.

Tendai Chamboko

Non-MDC Member