Jilted headmaster calls cops on ex

By Leonard Ncube

A headmaster at a school in Dete in Hwange District has reported his ex-girlfriend to the police after she allegedly insulted him over the phone.

Mr Trevor Nchindo (46), the headmaster of Songwa Primary School, allegedly had an extra marital affair with Sibonweyinkosi Clodatah Millie (29).

It is alleged that Millie was no longer interested in the affair and insulted Mr Nchindo when he kept phoning her.

Millie was supposed to appear in court last Friday but prosecutors put the case on hold as there were still some issues to be investigated.

According to state papers, the two spent the weekend together last week at Mr Nchindo’s place of residence at Number A23 Kamativi Compound and Millie later went back to Songwa Primary School where she resides.

It is not clear whether Millie is also a teacher at the school.

“On 26 July 2017, at about 9.36PM, the accused was phoned by the complainant who wanted to know if she had travelled well from his place of residence,” read the court papers.

It is alleged Mr Nchindo also wanted to check if Millie was still travelling to Bulawayo where she was supposed to go on the same night. Millie allegedly answered the call and started insulting Mr Nchindo.

She allegedly said: “Wena nja ufunani kuSibo? (You dog what do you want from Sibo?)”

The other words cannot be printed in a family paper like The Chronicle. Baffled, Mr Nchindo reported the matter to the police leading to Millie’s arrest.

She is expected to appear in court in due course. The Chronicle

  • Chokwadi

    I am really impressed with his response: very few men are self-respecting. The fact that you are in a relationship with a woman doesn’t give her any right to be verbally, emotionally or physically abusive, or to be disrespectful. It’s very sad to see how young men allow themselves to be disrespected and even mistreated by women they are currently in a relationship with, just because of the fear of losing her.

    I am reminded of how my ex would gradually raise her voice during the early days of our relationship and how I would calmly ask her to lower her voice each time we had a disagreement. There after she never raised her voice again during our three year relationship. A man who respects himself and others and expects the same and nothing less from others is very attractive to women. Her insults and shouting were simply a ‘ sh#it test ‘ most men would have failed by allowing and ignoring them.

  • Edson

    Is that Mr Nchindo who was recently transfered from Katete Primary school in Binga for dating female teachers?. Is so, i don’t doubt that he still has not dropped his habit of wanting more ladies in abundance.