Bonang’s book publishers admit mistakes

Queen B was ready for a stunning launch of her book, Bonang: From A to B, but social media posts slammed the autobiography for its ‘grammatical errors’.

Bonang;s book cover

The book where the TV personality talks about her career, an abusive relationship as well as her friendship with Somizi, among other things became a talking point on social media after readers pointed out grammatical and typographical errors which made the book a disappointing read.

Twitter users also shared screenshots of a page where words were missing.

Part of the book where she explains her fallout with Somizi reads: “Somizi didn’t even realise why I had stopped friends with him. He thought it was because of something he thinks I think he did, but it was none of that. I stopped being friends with him because he became one of the people who clearly did not have my best interests at heart.

“It is important to get rid of people who no longer have your best interests at heart, and you don’t need to explain yourself, just get out, Just get out and get as far as possible as you can.”

At the posh Sandton City launch last Thursday, the book’s publisher – BlackBird Books, Thabiso Mahlape, told the press she was at fault.

“I take full responsibility for what happened. The last thing I want is for black people to be accused of mediocrity and I should do better. It’s on me as the publisher. I ought to have done better,” she said.

BlackBird Books further released a statement in response to the backlash.

“As publishers of black stories, one of our most important missions is to protect the author’s voice and to keep the story as authentic as possible. It was with this in mind that when we started working with Bonang on this project, we wanted to ensure that Bonang’s voice landed as truthfully as possible, hence the direction and conversational nature of the read.

“We do acknowledge that there’re a few typographical errors in the book, which are regrettable; however, the core of this book is a story of a woman who inspires millions of women to find their sparkle.”

But the social media fiasco did not take any shine off Bonang’s glittering launch at the luxurious Diamond Walk in Jozi.

For her, it was a special occasion. And instead of dwelling on the errors, she spoke about her journey through life with pride. The Chronicle