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Hubby demands $500k for wife’s death

By Fidelis Munyoro

A Masvingo man is demanding over $500 000 from King Lion Bus Company following the death of his wife in the Nyamakate bus disaster in June.

A tow truck recovers the wreckage of a King Lion bus that veered off the road and hit a tree killing 45 people in Nyamakate, Hurungwe – Picture by Walter Nyamukondiwa

Mr Isaac Madungwe was married to the late Tendai Madungwe and the couple had five children.

Tendai, a nurse by profession, doubled as a cross-border trader.

She was among 43 people who died on the spot in the horrific accident involving the Lusaka-bound King Lion bus along the Harare-Chirundu Highway.

Mr Madungwe has engaged Mr Charles Ndlovu of Ndlovu and Hwacha Legal Practitioners to act for the family.

He is seeking $549 974 from King Lion for loss of support for the family.

In the letter dated July 13, Mr Ndlovu accused the company’s bus driver of causing the accident which claimed Madungwe’s wife.

According to the letter, the driver was negligent in that he was speeding, the bus was overloaded, failed to keep the bus under control and failed to act reasonably when the accident was imminent.

“Before her untimely death, our client was gainfully employed as a nurse earning a monthly salary of $563,” said Mr Ndlovu.

“She was aged 31 and was going to retire at the legal age of 60 years. In the premises, her working career was cut short by 29 years.”

In the claim, the lawyer considered that his client’s wife was a cross-border trader realising $1 000 per month.

“It is common cause that the driver of the bus was acting within the course and scope of his employment and you are vicariously liable,” said Mr Ndlovu.

The bus driver, who also died on the spot, lost control of the vehicle at the 257km peg, near Nyamakate shops at around 10pm on the way to Zambia.

The bus veered off the road before ploughing into a big tree, killing 43 people.

King Lion was given until end of last month to make the payment of $549 974, failing which legal proceedings would be instituted against the company without further notice.

The ultimatum expired on Monday and King Lion is yet to respond to the demand. The Herald

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkk ramba wakashinga

  • So that’s how much she was worth to him. All the best

  • kuti mkadzi wacho akapondwa nemunhu here,

    • patrick matekenya

      aka pondwa nadriver webhazi

  • Let’s try to be logical in life, unoda 1/2 million kuti ugoitei nayo kkkkkkk

  • Kuti mwana wake here ,ko vakazvara vozotii

    • Ndofunga aka dhurisirwa paka roora kikkķkk man frm masvingo

  • Ngaabhadharwee pane rimwe reku Tanzania rakazopinda mutsanga muno raakuda kubatwa na mess of court

  • Unopenga zvikuru ndiye unemukadzi watanga kuita tsaona,hazvina kutanga nhasi zvetsaona kana ukawana nguva ugondikwanira

  • 500k anga apedza kuroora hre kkkkkk

    • patrick matekenya

      Hazvina basa kuti akapedza kuroora . Ndiri tezvara vake. The husband akaroora mwana watete vangu. If the company could bring back our daughter we would appreciate very much.

    • patrick matekenya

      Hazvina basa kuti akapedza kuroora . Ndiri tezvara vake. The husband akaroora mwana watete vangu. If the company could bring back our daughter we would appreciate very much.

  • Hama dzemukadzi anga akadzipa marii pama roora

  • Let him try. I think it’s a good move because vanyanya kuita reckless

  • Ini zvangu ini.$0.5m?really?vamwe vanhu havafungi…apa pamwe haana kubvisa neroora

    • good point

    • kkkkk iwe besty anoda kunoroora neiyoy ka iyaaa

    • Hahaaaa besty akuna zvakadaro.ndirini baba emukadzi uyu zimukwambo rakadai ndorirumbirire ngendonga.

    • kkkkkkkkk ngei

    • kuroora kana kusaroora insurance ngaibhadhare

    • Asi imari yako yaari kuclaimer?

    • Oooh please fellas i dont argue with people like you esp that sibs guy.my money?really?am i king lion?if you come here for that pety arguement then wrong move dump ass.two idiots.you no differ with that brainless cunt claiming half a million which his whole generation wont worth. Please dont start with me.your stupid mindset is realy starting to grind my gears

  • Instead of the Government milking these motorists from their road blocks they must introduce accident funding and that will help all those disabled during these accidents and also the Children or relatives of those who died during accidents.Better for motorists to pay too much money funding accidents than to pay bribery everyday

    • patrick matekenya

      positive contribution.Thank you

  • Mupei anokupedzai uyo

  • Ndiye akachekeresa mkadzi nekukara mari nonsense

  • Why shd some1 seek a fortune frm som1’s death. So if h gets it, th death of his wife wld b th best thng to ever hev happened to him? Infact h wl enjoy & obviosly celebrate her death fo lyfe. He sees an opportunity in ths. Let th dead rest please!

    • accident funding is new to you hanty?

    • Tsano people get paid after an accident… just go pa South Africa apo pakatirongekei.. .. If it’s Airliners there is no negotiations, they do pay Tsano closer to a million dollars or more… May be with a little research you will be okay.

    • It’s not like he needs $500k….but he needs the court to determine a reasonable figure which will be a precedent for future accident. No matter how long it will take, definitely he will win this case.

    • It’s true compensation has to be done and lawfully it’s correct BUT inini if he was my in-law asina kuroora and wasn’t good to my sister i wouldn’t take that lying down

    • Its not new to me. I am saying it borders on immorality. Feastng on th dead

      • tariroyashe shaba

        Is it moral to continue with business while killing people each year. Is it moral to

    • How is seeking compensation feasting on the dead? Must people just ignore a wrong doing because someone is dead n the bus company continues to flourish as though nothing ever happened?

    • #evelyn you’re lost my sister my wife is my wife no matter hw much i did pay for lobola chinosara mkadzi or mrume wako munhu anofana kubhadharwa

    • vanhu mkakura makadzvanyirirwa zvinonetsa kuziva zvakawanda

    • You wrong,

    • True how seeking compensation is feasting on the dead. They should pay for their negligence on their part which caused death and loss of earnings. Irs very common in other countrues. Kungoti kuZim kwakasiyana nedzimwe nyika hakuna law. All 45 dead and survivors shud seek compensated full stop.

    • The so called smart guy has never heard about accident fund.i wont blame u its 1 of those ‘things’ with Zimbabweans if you know what im talking about

    • And yu thnk thr z a prize tht can pay for lost lives?

    • Hayaaaaaa. Zimboz so ndinobva Ndanyora. How can some1 say seeking compensation is feasting ? At times it is better to do a bit of reading and research before posting

    • patrick matekenya

      I think as one of the relatives if you allow me to put you in the picture . Then your comment will be irrelevant.

    • patrick matekenya

      I think as one of the relatives if you allow me to put you in the picture . Then your comment will be irrelevant.

    • is this the first time you hear about compensation after someone s death .

    • these buses are insured its a right to pay if it was drivers careless driving… that is the reason we pay insuarence

    • Kkk. Thanx guys. M enjoyng th debate. A gud1, zn’t t?

  • yes they must pay him for their reckless

  • This man is 100% correct if his wife was a bread winner. The bus company must give him that amount of money .

    • No ways. It was God’s doing. Everyone has to die at a certain point in time God knows how and where one will die. Some perished in Malaysian Airlines and never recovered Accidents are common my brother. Who told you the wife was going to live a life long enough to earn millions of dollars.No let the departed REST IN PEACE. Stop tormenting their souls by engaging in squabbles. This hubby might end up loosing more than what he is bargaining for because lawyers are smart. Think before you lip!!

    • any 1 is free to demand anything after an accident coz its just too much on King Lion and the company is flourishing after every accident pliz dont involve God in these King lion tactics

    • Onesimo thats why Zimbos u are backwards and stupid . This bus company is killing people and it is making profit buying new buses.T

    • Onesimo Mutembwa 😲 OMG ,you are misinformed those people get millions from the airline insurance so 500 thousand is really reasonable in this case FYI easpecially for reckless driving

    • Onesimo Mutembwa so we might as well go around killing people randomly because they are going to die anyway one day, is that what u are saying? ChiKristu munochiwanza baba. Insurance companies n road accident funds are supposed to pay victims in instances like these bt wt the Zim economic state I doubt if there’s any fund set aside for road accidents. The husband has every right to sue this bus company

    • thank you…chimwe chichristu chinongo pinzwa nepasina

    • Uri dofo Onesimo Mutembwa

    • Mai Nyamweda,according to Montreal Convention, airlines can pay UPTO US$145 000 to EACH Victims families which will collectively amount millions not millions per individual

    • We can’t disassociate life, death from God Wilson Claki Nyakoko,i think it is the other way round, we are stupid because we don’t think rationally!!

    • Onesimo itawo semunhu mukuru hanty.zvawakatopfekawo suit ingawani

    • Onesimo.zvauri kutaura hazvina basa isu tiri kuti vanhu avo vaiva mabusiness people vaishandira mhuri yavo Ko zvivhunze mhuri yacho iri kurarama sei?

    • AnaOnesimo Mwari wamunamata ndiSatan this bus company have been killing people for many years changing names and u are supporting this evil business they help families of their victims.

    • Wilson Claki Nyakoko don’t be insultive because you will never learn. If you are a family of a victim I understand but ngatisaite shungu dzegurwe rinozviruma makumbo. My argument is $500 000 is too high We are only here to read and say our views. Good luck with his lawyers.

    • Onesimo hatizi kukutuka but tiri kuudza kuti king Lion wapedza kuraisa vanhu nehuman errors.

    • Im with u Onismo, this man wants to benefit from his wife’s death and after that he will marry another wife, i will understand if the wife ddnt die she was the one who was supposed to be compasated. This man is dangerous he can sell his wife.

    • Bonnie.. I think u should think before u open your brain b4 your mouth. She was his wife a bread winner in a family if King Lion did not kill her they should have been at another stage in their lives. It does matter that he is going to marry another woman they should meet his demands he should benefits from wife’s death Ko inhema here

    • This man is correct he should be paid

    • 500 is far less than the value of his wife ngaapiwe iyoyo just to relief him

    • Who should pay him the bus owner or the bus driver, coz the bus owner is also at loss and it is not the bus owners fault,probably it is the drivers fault so let the man demand his money from the bus driver that is if the bus driver is alive

    • Divine the owner is responsible for the welfare of the man’s wife it doesn’t matter if the driver is wrong or right. The company must pay this man’s demand.

  • Itori shoma

  • Ukaipihwa tikuuyawo uzodemander wo

  • Is it necessary to mention in the headlines that the man is from Masvingo

  • Ndofunga manyaradzo anga asati aitwa.Varume dai taibhadhariswa roora rakadai nana tezvara tai dii?

  • guys l dont say l support this guy ndikuda kutozivawo my point is maybe nemitemo yaveko mazuvano kuti munenge makachata may akuenzanisa aye amunoti marights where as like kumurume ukafa especialy uri pabasa mukadzi anosara achipiwa mafull benefits emurume wake so ndofunga hameno paakabaser napo in terms of law mafungiro anguwo

    • Mafungirewo ake murovererei maoko…….. Zvoratidza zvega kuti anofungasei uyu anotadza kunyora zvakanaka

    • Murume kana makachata ari iye NEXT OF KIN zvakangofanana you are entitled to your wife’s benefits

  • Ari right. Handit imari yekuchekeresa?

  • Masvingo yanetsa MuZimbabwe

  • Haa Masvingo ine nharo

  • those transport companies should have insurances for passengers

  • No wrong in taking legal action, damage and loss experienced is subjective hence the figure, however its upon the courts to navigate the matter. How many times have we read individuals suing individuals or companies for defamation of character and for figures as big as 2 million.

  • This means king lion must pay that money to each and every family that lost their loved ones

    • Taura hako He is misinformed

    • Yeah vanhu vese vakakosha zvakafanana saka at least king lion wacho anofanirwa kuratidza kuti he is truly sorry for what happened

    • But not to the tune of this ridiculous amount

    • Onesimo Mutembwa no he’s not,that’s his right only the court can make a determination kuti anopiwa marii.that will make drivers careful pa road if people start making claims .the money is paid by insuarance companies that’s why they are there

    • He should get a job and stop exploitingon others for survival he was obviously milking the poor woman up to her death. I hate lazy men

    • Vamwe vachazvionerawo if they want to claim for compensation. Right now the court has to deal wt the issue at hand yemurume uyu

    • Munenge muchishandisa mutemo upi

    • Enda kunalawyer wako akuitire,ndirobasa ravo

  • ndobasa re passenger insurance

  • Ari right hake kuda kuripwa thou mari yake yakavandisa. But company yacho inayo here mari yese iyoyo.$500 000 multiply by all number of passenger vakafa nevakaremara. Inobvepi.

  • What is your problem if that’s wat he’s claiming pamwe ane vana vadiki vakasara.ndobasa re insuarance ye mota iroro ,mazimbo makapata let him claim zvaanoda it’s not your money and don’t judge Him.ln other countries they claim more nxaa

    • True that

    • iwe urimuchii nekugwara ikoko

    • Very true.akatosiya a 3 yr old.vana ivavo vanoda kuchengetwa

    • Haa hama dzangu kupusa kwadzo kunorwadza umwe akutobvunza kuti anga akapedza kuroora here this guy is within his rights.if a Zimbabwean is involved in an accident in other countries like Sa, Botswana they are being paid. People wake up and smell the coffee

    • Kupata kwacho kunotosemesa ndosaka tichitongwa ne a 94 yr old man. Vese vari ku opposer this man are zanuids vakajaira kudzvanyirirwa nxaa

    • kkkkkkkk

    • What of if it was your death

    • hapana kupata apa no one applies for his or her property to couz funeral couz naiyewo King Lion aitodawo mari after vanhu vasvika zvakanaka

    • u guys are criticising this man but do u know kuti iye e owner we kinglion arikuto claim wo Mari ku insurance for that bus

    • Charles Maverudze King lion might have claimed for those deaths from the insurance company ,so let him get his wife’s compensation.He is well within his rights .He might not get what he’s asking for ,that’s why you start off with a high figure to allow room for compensation

    • That’s true maZimbo marombe chaivo ndobasa reInsuarance iroro. Dai uriwe wafirwa wainzwa sei. Kusaziva kufa chokwadi.

    • ndoshamisika nemunhu anoti mazimbo madofo marombe wat wat asi iyewo ari muzimbo ko kana iwe uchiziva dzidzisaka vasingazive kuti zvinofamba sei.tese todzidza toziva usina kutuka.my thots…..

  • itori shoma

  • Ko sei pasina kubatsirwa pavanhu vaita accident munyika yedu becoz vanhu vazhinji varikuita zvirema mumaroad

  • Your Wife is worth More than $500 000 yes. But Do you think ts possible? It’s just a lot of drama over something Unnecessary cool down bro

  • Gud move
    Njodzi dzichaita shoma mumigwagwa

  • The driver of the bus was said to have been speeding and not listening to passengers who gave him warnings of speeding,so it was the driver’s fault and king lion must pay.

  • How many pple are paid out nePassanger insurance after these accidents. Not even 10% and those who are paid are paid peanuts. That’s why o said road accident funding should be raised than increasing road blocks. Where you find these buses or Combi paying more than $200 every week to bribe the police

  • These killer-buses should’ve been pulled off the road a long time ago. I think the Minister of Transport has a lot to answer on this.

  • He is right Zimrights must assist him to win the claim

  • Ari 100% correct

  • mai vangu shumba iweeeee

  • His wife is worth $500k. He is not seeking fortune.

  • Haana brain murume uyu cz its an accident not murder. Shit yake

  • There is no amount of money worth one’s life! Just accept that death is there! Though lm not encouraging ruthless driving!

  • Saka muri kuti zvipere zvakadaro

  • Kana a winner case yake atipe wo yedu isu Taka muberekera mukadzi

  • Vatanga vanhu vaya vekuMasvingo

  • Every person who died in that bus ,his life is precious whether a bread winner or what ,if the bus company is compensating the loss of lives so every person who died in that bus must get a share , bcoz all those who died thy had their own roles in our society ,no matter some left their kids ,some died wthot kids bt all deserve the same share as human beings bcoz their lives were terminated ,their untimely death left some void which wl never be filled bcoz if john dies u wl never get him back as yo loved one ,so let every one hve a share no matter what life can not b measured or valued in terms of money ,even a toddler must be compensated when such disasters occurred?

    • havana ku claimer wangu anoda ngaaendeo

    • Am answering a post i read ,this is my opinion ,anoda ngaaende kupi ? These are only views claimed or unclaimed t does not move me either ,bcoz to claim money over a dead body as compensation for his death or her death is illogical ,nd greed munhu kana afa afa zvekubhadarwa haaaa hwau dyire dyire kuda kuita musoro ne mari ye mufi kana some people suffer from psychological diahorea ?

    • Really ?kusaziva kufa.Compensation has always been there .you don’t know about it coz you are one of the many Zimbabweans VAKAPATA KUPUSA PFUNGWA

    • company chaiyo inoripa munhu akakuvarira pabasa kokuzoti aurawa neneglegency hahaaa .the bus company shld compansate due to neglegency

    • I wrote English here we spoke about claiming 500000k is our clue ,competition comes in terms of burial ,food at the funeral nd a lump sum u dnt hve to claim that u want so much ,that is wat i answered ,nd i mentioned that some people suffer from psychological diahorea ,she is here a woman who replied my post saying ndakapata i did not express myself in shona bt English nd she read between lines distorting my post by throwing Garbage at my post , she didn’t read how the story started kuda kunzi amai nhingi vanyora post mo social media , read the main post where we spoke about claim ,kwete kutaura kunge uri kuma periods

  • Wakadii kufamba nemukadzi wako pamwe mungadai muri mese

  • Just accept the death and her life will never come back but 1/2 million if u have it through this catastrophe u will squander it and marry another woman and it Wii force u to throw him through the window when the bus is in motion for u to always live claiming thousands

  • Of course the man is entitled to some compensation but to demand such a exorbitant amount is absurd.

    • No it’s not ,it leaves room for negotiations so that he gets something for the children

    • yes very true. but knowing that he will hardly get even 10k why start so high and weaken his case prima-facial?

    • Gift Menzi Cele zvinhu zvacho makata unomboedza pane kungo nyarara nekuti Ma driver acho vanozonyanya wo.kuita reckless driving .Dai kuchinzi mupenyu driver wacho kuto suwa driver wacho Ko he was reckless with people’s lives.

    • hhayi usubhale ngolimi engingaluzwayo

  • Wow i think he wants to buy his wife back from death

  • libya loccabi bombing , quaddafi , paid $1 milliom per passenger n they were 220 passengers ,, $2.2billion was paid , ndangoti turu

  • loccabi bombing , quadaffi paid $1million per passenger , of all 220 who were killed in that plane crash , he forked out $2.2billion in total , ndangoti ndipfuure nepano

  • Death is painful… Accidents happen, but seeking riches in the name of the dead is also bad. 55

  • Good lack

  • He wants to spend it with his small house…

  • Akarwadziwa veduwe

  • Ngaapiwe mari chete

  • how much did he pay for lobola that is the cost of his wife .just gues not more than $5000 five thousand he paid to get his wife from real parents

  • Will that bring her back???

  • Is ½ a million going to bring your wife back.it just shows how much u value money and not life

  • l think he should demand a million that cash hez demanding its too little. Life is priceless

  • The bottom line is these bus companies must pay compensation. They can’t afford to be reckless with people’s lives. This accident is a clear example where lives were lost due to recklessness. Hefty compensation fees will force the bus owners to think twice on matters of safety.

  • Very correct

  • Anopenga,it was an accident,that why we need to have life insurance

  • Kuno kuSouth kune Road Finds yaunopihwa zvichienderana ne % yawakwara kana vakafirapo mhuri hako inosara ichipihwa mari iyoyo as long une South African ID not less dan half million rands, mukai varume dis guy is 100% right

  • ummmmm zvakaoma veduwe tinoziva kuti rufu mutemo vamwari haisi nzira yekutsvagisa mari iyo mari yakadaro unenge uchirangarira mukadzi vako here kana kuti unenge vakufarisa zvako zvirikwaari muridzi vebus semunhuvo anoziva kuti kune vana vakasara vaitarisirwavo kuchengetwa namai asi rufu haruuyi nemunhu hama dzangu mana mwari vatendera tinongofa chero uripapi

  • No payment from company only insurance pays

  • Mai vana T

    Guys lets not insult people we dont know and the situations we are not in. I know this family, the wife left five very young kids and she was very hard working. This man was very hurt….imagine uri iwe wasiwa nevana five…very young. He is hurt and of course hazvidzosi mukadzi wake but he is a man desperately looking into the future of the small ones left without a mother. Lets not be quick to judge, nhasi ndiye mangwana ndiwe.

  • We must have a road accident fund, this man is right, though money won’t bring his wife back nor compensate the emotional pain he’s gone through for the loss of his wife.

  • guys lets be fair enough ofcourse due to ma legal actions i dont know how far is he going to win the matter . But ndorwunonzi rufu no one can applies for the terrible death like that one . Nayewo King lion akatofanana nemi makafirwa nekuti aitodawo vanhu vaiva mubhazi rake .

    • Amanaka kufirwa kwerudzi urwo kunorwadza, ngavaripe vari zvrikudiwa vari zii, not kungomhanya kutenga twumacoffin netwugrocery twevhara muromo.

  • King lion plz dnt give any cent to this guy…or even respond to such silly corncen…tsagai mabasa ..

  • u guys are criticising this man but do u know kuti iye owner we kinglion arikuto claim wo mari ku insurance for that bus

  • Vicariously liable. The man is right

  • Mudhara

    surely it pains to read some of the comments. Am one of the father mwana watete vangu she left vana vanoda kuchengetwa 2 sets of twins. Mwana wedu was someone ai tsvaga mari for the family. There are a lot of projects that were not completed. Even if mukwasha aka piwa mari that will not replace our daughter. I dont want to mention by name the comments i have been readinng. Dai mambosangana nazvo then you will understand the pain that we went through.That amount is far less than what are daughter was going to achieve, if she was going to survive.

  • Mudhara

    surely it pains to read some of the comments. Am one of the father mwana watete vangu she left vana vanoda kuchengetwa 2 sets of twins. Mwana wedu was someone ai tsvaga mari for the family. There are a lot of projects that were not completed. Even if mukwasha aka piwa mari that will not replace our daughter. I dont want to mention by name the comments i have been readinng. Dai mambosangana nazvo then you will understand the pain that we went through.That amount is far less than what are daughter was going to achieve, if she was going to survive.

  • regai munhu akaclaime mari vana 5 vakasiiwa vanoda kuchengetwa and ndiani akati amount yataurwa ndoyaanopuwa its uo to the court to decide vari kuti anopenga im sure hamusati masangana nazvo kana zvauya kwenyu tichanzwa modawo maakuchema

  • Pfeee masvingo yabva yapindira

  • Murume uyu anopenga. Ngaarime donje kana kutengesa mvura. Ndiye akaroya bhazi kuti ribheuke achifunga kuti achapihwa half million dollars. Airasa haafe apihwa mari yakadaro. Muroyi anoroya bhazi.

  • 80 people like this hey

  • King lion wacho akatorasikirwawo ne bus rake arikutoridawo futi so vese vakarasikirwa noone to blame maybe the driver probably king lion will demand his bud from the driver if the game is like that

  • Yeah ngavamupe mari yaari kuda zvipere