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Yadah fans run amok

By Austin Karonga

Yadah FC bouncers and supporters ruthlessly beat up Tsholotsho supporters during a Castle Lager Premiership match yesterday.

LEADING FROM THE FRONT . . . Yadah Stars owner Prophet Walter Magaya (centre), caught here training with his players, believes his club will shake the domestic Premiership this year
LEADING FROM THE FRONT . . . Yadah Stars owner Prophet Walter Magaya (centre), caught here training with his players, believes his club will shake the domestic Premiership this year

With little goalmouth action on the field, Tsholotsho fans began to belt out crude songs insulting the Yadah FC owner Walter Magaya 10 minutes before the end of the match.

This did not go down well with the home side’s bouncers and fans as they took up arms to defend their church leader.

Some of the visiting fans managed to escape the furore unscathed but there was, however, a duo that was savagely beaten up by the Yadah mob.

The police officers at the venue tried to stop the beatings but they were overwhelmed by the home side’s mob.

What was surprising is that even after the chaos, not even a single person was arrested while the injured fans were led away. 

Back to the match, it was an electrifying first half with action swinging from one end to the other as both teams had equal opportunities to break the deadlock but were denied by some excellent goalkeeping.

Tsholotsho goalkeeper Chang Mariyon was the busier of the two but stood his ground as he shut out Yadah’s numerous raids.

The visitors’ forward Lucky Nyathi had two good opportunities to give his side the lead but was denied by the home side’s goalkeeper Tafadzwa Dube.

Johannes Sibanda should have given the home side the lead after he had been set up by new signing Roderick Mutuma but shot straight at Mariyon.

The biggest chance to score, however, fell to Nqobile Mpala six minutes before the break but his shot crashed against the crossbar.

In the second half, the match was a drab affair with only Mutuma coming close to scoring when his header was cleared off the line.

Then the off field drama took centre stage when the Yadah followers’ patience had ran out with the Tsholotsho entourage. Daily News

  • Aah yavatanga iyi vanosvitsana kuma pena chete

  • They think that Magaya is the President??He is mere mortal ari kutotsvagawo mari

  • KKKK why didn’t they kneel and pray? Mwari Mwari nemuromo…

  • When Peter chopped off the ear of one of the soldiers who came to arrest Jesus, Jesus rebuked him. True Christians do not fight but live all to God. This behaviour just shows what kind of pple they are

    • A Church is a gathering of sinners who want to be perfected.No human being is perfect.No Church in the world can claim to have perfect people.Don’t speak as if you are perfect yourself.

    • They don’t even have to be there coz today is their worship day, isn’t it supposed to be their sabbath day today? It’s like going into a pub and hearing people insulting the prophet you love and you fight for him there, what are you even doing there?

    • @Farai Raison Gwaringa.u hav spoken th truth

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  • Vana va Papa and they claim to be holly fuck all of them

  • Wanonyanya maNdebele, ngawarohwe. They must focus on crying for KFC jobs not to mock the Man of God.

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    • You are an idiot of unspeakable proportions.So tribalist and hateful.I am sick and tired of uneducated people who have no compassion towards the disenfrenchised.By so saying crying for KFC jobs actually makes the case why many marginalised communuties feel that Shona people are equally complicit.

      You could simply have addressed the specific team’s behavior towards yours rather than dragging the whole tribe into this trash.Trust me there are so many people out there who couldn’t care less about football.What do they have to do with this?So insensitive, arrogant and condescending.

      If this scam whom you call a man of (god) was really a man of (God), he would have realised the amount of damage he has done to our society.People like yourself are truly simbolic of this damage.So telling.There is no Zimbabwean bigger than the other.Respect other citizens.Don’t be part of this administration’s divisive rhetoric which has only left us torn apart.Think!!!

    • Thats uncalled for. Do not tribalise everything. Tribal hatred is not good. We can never develop this country, let alone overcome our pressing problems as a nation, if we allow ourselves to be divided along tribal lines. Both Shona and Ndebele people are unemployed. Its a national problem. Why then mock and taunt Ndebele people about KFC jobs. Grow up and be tolerant and considerate.

    • Can you use your real name not that fake iwe imbwa kiti rombe kusaziva kuti nyika dzese dzinamarudzi akasiya zimunhu reMasvingo

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    • Get away mese, mandewere anodenha sitereki, ngawarohwe. How can they sing songs to humiliate Man of God? Anyone who does not see anything wrong with this is equally stupid and anofanira kurohwawo.

    • It think you must be street wise if u want to comment,firstly u were not there and secondly dont ever use tribal lines in anyway that shows how shallow minded u are, such incidents happen in sports anyway whether shona or ndebele, but try to respect other people ,if you nothing to say keep quiete

    • Nadia Van Royeen, we expect better from munhu anoenda kuchurch. Learn this, its very easy to insult than to encourage. When we insult, we are being used by the devil. But remember, whatever we do, God is watching. Inga Jesus akatukwa wani, akapomerwa mhosva dzaasina kupara, akarohwa zvakaipisisa, akatakudzwa muchinjiko unorema, akaurayiwa. Saka kana zvaidaro kuns Jesus, zvinotadza kudaro kuna Man of God sei.

    • Proverbs 13:25
      The one who spares his rod hates his child, but the one who loves his child is diligent in disciplining him. Sakakurohwa kwemunhu kumuda, its just disciplining him no big deal. Even Jesu akarowa vanhu muchechi wani.

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  • No to violence,a 100 000 dollars fine will be most appropriate


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    Pay you will! Youu doing your stupid mischief at a time when our bhora governing body is stone broke.
    You shall jump up high!

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  • Mamonya ku church. Yuh pakaipa. Zvebhora hazvinei ne denga izvi, injuga idzi kkkk

  • Things of the world and worshiping God do not mix, imagine Peter and Paul leaving the work of God to do some worldly sport. In contrast, Christ actually stopped them from doing their worldly jobs to concentrate only on their work of God. So who is the true prophet here?

  • no 1 is goin to dare and fine magaya, he is a god lol

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