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Riots force Busy Signal to cancel show

By Jeffrey Muvundusi in BULAWAYO

Angry fans ran amok at the Large City Hall here on Friday — looting beer and foodstuffs in protest over poor sound quality which forced local star Winky D to leave the stage in the middle of a performance — before the overwhelmed organisers called off the big concert whose main act was Jamaican dancehall and reggae musician, Busy Signal.

Winky D performs at the Busy Signal show before he disappeared from the stage (Picture by Zimbabwe Standard)
Winky D performs at the Busy Signal show before he disappeared from the stage (Picture by Zimbabwe Standard)

Thousands of music fans who had paid through the nose to watch the Jamaican artiste were left fuming after the engineers failed to fix the sound system which meant the main acts Busy Signal and South African Busiswa, could not perform.

The chaos that rocked the venue led to the cancellation of the much-hyped gig.

Trouble started when Winky D was performing his hit song Bhebhi Rinobhowa. Unhappy with the poor sound quality, the Ninja President left the stage in a bid to push the sound engineers to address the problem.

But his spirited efforts proved fruitless as the technical glitches continued — prompting some visibly-drunk fans to resort to throwing missiles at the deserted stage.

In the ensuing melee, the enraged fans, who had paid $10 for the cheapest ticket, repeatedly chanted “Asifuni bumbulu” (We don’t tolerate nonsense)” while calling for Winky D to come back on stage.

As the drama continued, some fans took advantage of the chaos to loot food and beer that was being sold in the venue.

In the end, the show had to be abandoned before Tocky Vibes, Busy Signal and Busiswa could take to the stage.

Local songstress Sandra Ndebele who was also part of the chaotic show blamed the promoter.

“Fans were really looking forward to seeing the headline acts (Busy Signal and Busiswa) perform. The international acts did not even get much time to mingle with fans.

“I think this could have created the belief in the fans that the concert was real because there were some fans who thought they had been sold a dummy,” bemoaned Ndebele.

“It’s a bad outcome. Fans got angry and everything was messed up. My instinct told me to perform first because I know when there are many people lined up the sound tends to get messed up due to different plug-ins’’.

“This is bad for Bulawayo fans who were ready to rock with Busy Signal and Busiswa. I guess we will have to wait for another day or year,” weighed in award-winning rapper, Cal_Vin.

It was not clear whether the sponsors of the ill-fated concert, Y2K Promotions, would refund the fans.

Y2K Promotions is run by a Zimbabwean based in the United Kingdom. Daily News

  • I knew it!….I knew it…! U knew that my fellow Bulawayo brothers and sisters will mess up that show by VIOLENCE and this “asifuni bumbulu” crap..What an embarrassment, now people have confirmed that Bulawayo people are of a violent disposition and disorderly conduct and chaos.No wonder most promoters shun Bulawayo when international artists come to Zim and everything sstarts and ends in Harare then we cry and say its regionalism, marginalisation and tribalism.

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    Do not send reggae artists to Bulawayo

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  • dnt blame winky , dnt blame the fans bt blame the Promoter i cnt pay $10 for shit sound u here mi, violence inogaroitika iyi dnt include tribalism apo 2014 kwakafa vanhu 15 wani ku city sports

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  • Poor planning and lack of professionalism from the promoter

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  • Generally people were violent. Police were very busy at Byo Central attending to reports of violence. Violence was the order of the day. I failed to uderstanda why thy like violence despite poor sound

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  • Let’s bury this tribal hatchet. We have too much ground to gain than fight amongst ourselves. No stereotyping please there is no statistical demography to prove who was violent or not. What we must learn from this is there are better ways of solving issues than violence. Surely poor sound is something that can be addressed. Also it’s good to avoid main acts coming in too late in the night. Forget this tribal war… let the promoter be answerable. However, I may empathise but after the looting refunds are unlikely.

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  • Blame the promoter who made a killing and could not even hire proper sound equipment. Yikudelela abantu. Yibumbulu

    • Spot on Gugulethu Msimanga. Same old story since we were growing up. It’s always an issue getting good quality sound in Zim gigs. All because promoters are greedy.

    • The guy made a killing. There’s enough guys with good sound equipment. Even churches have equipment adequate for such gigs. The promoter is a con.
      The same shit happens here in the UK at our Zim/SA gigs

    • That’s why i never bother to attend these shows here. Day light robbery for your hard earned £

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  • I blame promoters especially 2kings its not about ndebele or shona wat happened at souljah love and calaz’s clash that was in harare

  • The problem is the Ndebele guys have no other means to solve problems kunze iwe Violence. Yes the sound system got bad but to cause the melee havoc was not solving the PROB … love it or not but Violence is in their system of things .On this issue Havasi Chinhu

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    The only good thing here is Y2K have announced that they will be refunding the Bulawayo concert goers