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Makandiwa sued for ‘fake prophecies’

By Brian Chitemba

United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife, Ruth, are being sued for US$6,5 million over alleged “fake prophecies, fraud and defamation”.

Prophet Makandiwa and wife Ruth

Harare-based businessman Mr Upenyu Mashangwa and his spouse, Blessing, filed the lawsuit at the High Court last Thursday, giving the Makandiwas and UFIC 10 days to respond.

The Mashangwas — both ex-UFIC members — allege Prophet Makandiwa in 2012 misrepresented that they would encounter a “debt cancellation miracle” and encouraged them to continue “seeding”.

However, the couple’s house in Marlborough, Harare was later attached and sold for US$500 000 instead of US$700 000.

They are now demanding the US$700 000 from Prophet Makandiwa.

The court papers read, “When making the representations, first defendant (Prophet Makandiwa) and second defendant (Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa) knew that it was, in fact, false and fraudulent. When the first and second defendants made the representations, they intended the plaintiffs to act thereon and in the result, increase on their monetary contributions to first, second and third defendants.”

The Mashangwas also want Prophet Makandiwa to pay them US$1,7 million for recommending a de-registered lawyer who was to dupe them.

Prophet Makandiwa is said to have prophesied during a UFIC church service that Mr Tichaona Mawere was a brilliant lawyer who would never lose a case.

The following week, he allegedly advised the couple to engage Mr Mawere in their frantic bid to recover US$1,7 million from money lender McDowell International.

Mr Mawere failed to win the case, resulting in the Mashangwas engaging another lawyer who then won the case at the Supreme Court.

However, the US$1,7 million could not be recovered as McDowell International was placed under provisional liquidation at the time Mr Mawere was “playing court games with fake High Court orders”.

Mr Mawere allegedly duped Mr and Mrs Mashangwa into paying US$37 000 in “legal fees”.

The court papers read, “When making these representations, First and Second Defendants knew it to be false in that the said Tichaona Mawere was, in fact, not a registered lawyer and, therefore, he was not competent to represent anyone.

“For a period of about 18 months, the said Tichaona Mawere produced fake High Court orders, which were brought to the attention of the First and Second Defendants who insisted that everything was in order.”

According to the court documents, Mr and Mrs Mashangwa gave US$1,1 million to Prophet Makandiwa and his church between 2011 and 2016.

Occasionally, it is alleged, Prophet Makandiwa would invite the millionaires to the pulpit, parading them as examples of success in UFIC.

The couple is said to have contributed between US$1 000 and US$25 000 monthly to the Makandiwas and UFIC monthly, with Prophet Makandiwa promising them commensurate benefits.

“Plaintiffs were induced by the misrepresentations made to them by the First and Second Defendants, and had they known the true facts, they would not have made such contributions.

“Wherefore, Plaintiffs’ claim jointly and severally, the one paying the other to be absolved is for the payment of the sum of US$1 100 000 together with costs on a legal practitioner and client scale.”

The Mashangwas are demanding US$2 million compensation because their name was used to advance Prophet Makandiwa’s interests.

In addition, the couple alleges suffering “mental anguish” after publication of their private life on Facebook page “The Truth About Prophet Makandiwa”.

“Plaintiffs were used to market the First Defendant’s prophecies for the advancement of the Defendants’ interests and their prophecies as the success story of the prophecies when, in truth and in fact, this was sheer misrepresentation.”

Venturas and Samukange Legal Practitioners are representing the Mashangwas. The Sunday Mail

  • By who

  • Fake prophets and corrupt politicians are hand in glove.Fake prophet steal from the sheeples and bribe the corrupt politician for cover up.Some are accused of rape but still nothing happened to them.fake prophecies, sins in school bag to Israel etc.All fake and deceit.No salvation to all those things they talk about.

  • He must learn to prophecy what leads his congregation to eternal life not things of this world can someone say AMEN

    • Amen

    • Amen

    • True

    • Amen Amen

    • like he dosent Prophecy & preach about it u dnt knw the going @ city sports u jus wait to hear frm media & other grapevine

    • Do you really understand prophecy if so how can someone learn to prophecy because you will only be used by God as his mouth piece to relay his message and you will not be able to suggest what to say or not. You will be just a vessel.

    • Overseer which God uses a person to take out from poor miserable people taking advantage of their ignorance to steal frm them promising them lies

    • Can you explain about the widow who gave two mites in the temple and Jesus said l tell you of all the people who gave this widow is the greatest because she gave all she had.

    • the word of god has beem taken. for granted.Sometimes to advance personal ambitions. I am watching from a distance.everything has become a fuss

    • Overseer Widzo, l think there is a complete difference between old prophets from the bible and these we have now, To my understanding to be a Christian is to be like Christ Like. To reply you on the Widow point l will say , Jesus said of all she was the greatest giver that was true ,but you guy you always coat the Bible on the matter which favors you at a point, Why are you also not looking at what Jesus did with the offering money,Did he buy himself luxury stuff ? Built hotels which benefit himself? ,but prophets of today are doing that , is that being Christlike ? To me no Prophets will eat my 2 cents ,yangu inodyiwa nevabereki vangu ,vano beggar pa robot, nevanogadzira beer

    • Amen

    • Mark 7 vs 6-7 it is in vain that they keep worshipping me,for they teach commands of men as doctrines,8 you let go commandments of God and cling to the tradition of men

    • Amen

    • Takudzwa Kadira l agree with you on what you said but let’s not overlook the fact that some of these prophets own large campaonies and farms. And that many valnurable children’s school fees are being paid by these prophets, l have seen the elderly being assisted, boreholes being drilled for the less previledged, houses have been constructed for the poor, l have also seen the sick being healed, the blind have been healed, the lame walking, generational cases being broken, by the same prophets you despise. Problem is that when these good acts are being done nobody cares,

    • The issue of giving will never go well with the kingdom of the devil. Tithes , if a Christian is not paying his tithes he’s stealing from God. And don’t give if u don’t understand u can carry a Case.

    • haaa people have to learn and pray hard on their own because pasirino pashata,bhuku dzvene rinotaura rega kuti chenjerai ,zvichireveyi izvi? hanzi vhurai meso ne nzeve because muchashandiswa nevenhema muchiti ndivo vechokwadi……can I ask something please, why do we have to pay for a front seat in a church? ? is this what you call Godly prophecy? please be wise this is reality

    • Amen Anthony Muronda I’m not going to read other comments above. I agree with u 100%

    • Amen

    • Taura hako Albert what people don’t realize is that secret yekunamata iri mukupa. Most think ukapa munhu unenge waita loss. That’s why most offerings achibiswa macoins highest amount being dollar. It cannot be tithing zvayo but just to give someone anything meaningful zvinotonetsa.

    • Amen

    • Albert Berto Muzenda

      Tithes are paid to who???

    • Inhema dziripachena idzi bcoz Makandiwa haadi zvema journalist sezvinoita mamwe maporofita andisingadi kudoma nemazita

    • Kupa hakumanikidzwe after all pamari yadyiwa hapana yako saka problem iripapi? hapana basa raMwari rinofamba pasina mari ngavadye mari dzedu imi venyu vasiri maprophets murikungovapa wani

    • amen

    • Kupa mafundisi ndo giving yacho here yakarebwa mushoko?
      Charity begins at home hamawee! Wobvisa tithe mai vako nehama vachidya nhoko dzezvironda ???
      Imiweee. Kana kuriko kunamata itai mega

      • amuregi

        So tithe inoperable mai vako?

      • amuregi

        So tithe inoperable mai vako?

  • Musashovora muzodziwa waMwari

    • Dzikama

    • Ndozvinotaurwa nebible

    • Tinashe chidoni rega ndikuudze sorry zvako Tora Bible uzviverengere kwakanzi kuchsuya vaporofita venhema Ndivo kaa avo so plz pa social media pano tibvirwe apa tigarirwe pasi

      • amuregi

        Muporofita wenhema anoita sei?

    • Take a seat

    • Muzodziwa waani? Wakamuona achizodzwa? Muzodziwa chaiye ukamuona unomuziva iwe?

    • Chidoni, do you know that the only anointed one of God is Christ….. Saka Sekuru Makandiwa ndi christ but a fake and false one…..

      • amuregi


    • Verenga Shoko vakuru

    • Johari comrade

      Ana Tinashe Chidoni musoro wako wakazara mvura. Hapana zenith muzodziwa wamwari. Imbavha dzese idzi.

    • Does the real Bible say so, really??

    • Thus right

    • yowe

      I was waiting for this comment hahahaha

  • This fake prophet must face God’s anger whilst he is still alive

  • Fools are always parting with their moneys

  • Kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndokwadzino mhanyira…We told them kuti hakuna zviriko uko ivo vakati “touch not the anointed one of God’Now they are crying foul asika yadeuka yadeuka.Nhasi vamwe vave nemahotels akavakwa nemari dzemupiro vamwe vave nedzimba kuSandton kuSA ivo vatendi vakangomirira the fulfilment of prophecy nanhasi.Munochemei hama?lnga takazvitaura wani kuti takabvako kumhunga hakuna ipwa

    • isu tiriko hatibve ikoko regai vaidye yangu Prophet he deserves it ana Mushangwa avo pane zvavari kuto tsvagavo avo frm Ufic to Phd to Celebration

      • yowe

        I hope you also help those in need.

    • Muri kudyiwa makasvinura

    • Taura hako hama vachinyanya kuda zviporofita than ku tsvaka Mwari

      • amuregi

        Munenge muchitsvaga Mwari kuti akuitirei?

    • huporofita uyu hurikuita vanhu matsaga patown,, kupusa kwevanhu uku

    • Kelvin hupenyu hunoda kuzvishandira nekuzvinamatira usatsvage chiporofita hama.Zvinamatire wega izvozvi hauna kana bhasikoro asi muporofita vakufamba nendege mukawo Kelvin muka hama

      • amuregi

        This is not kingdom mentality. Every believer is part of a body and that believer should contribute to the well being of the body, (Eph 4:16). There are other scriptures that buttress this, ‘do not forsake to assemble is is the manner of some…and exhort one another as the Day approaches(Heb 10:25). Ephesians 4;11 tells us Christ Himself gave us the five ministries as a gift for the church(body)’s edification, and Christ is going to present this body (church) as a bride without spot to Himself (Eph 26-27). So be careful about this ndozvinamatira ndega business. There are no selfish individuals in the kingdom. If you think a brother or sister is erring, you admonish them in love (Col 3:16) and meekness (Gal 6:2) kwete kutukiririra zvatiri kuona pano.
        In the Kingdom you just don’t work from your strength, it’s called pride in self ability, but the Lord gives you, POWER to get wealth Deut 8:18. My thrust of argument, you do not forgo Kingdom principles because something seems to go wrong

    • Eish wabaya gudo nekuzasi kwaro

    • kikikiki Timmy iweka!

    • Kkkkk ahh heyi

  • LIES

  • It’s about time

  • Dont blame the so called prophets but those who go to them. The bible says it clearly that there will be false prophets.

    • Which ones are true bro,whenever there is fake,the original is also there isn’t it,since murume munonyatsopiwa pamweya show us the way.

    • nhai

    • Pray for descerning spirit.U cant sue the man of God for what God showed him.They believed the prophecy,doubting destroys faith#may the holy spirit lead

  • Okay . Fake prophets then show us the real and true prophets since God has given u the grace to discern? Name two or three true prophets for us? Because for there to be a fake product on the market that means there is an original?

    • None wangu. Itorai cash United. Namata Mwari direct. Waona mari wochengeta mubereki nehama ndochinamato ichocho kwete kundo seeder

    • Thts true mr Zephania Wenjiri

    • True prophets were there during Jesus time.

    • In Zimbabwe we are miles away frm getting true prophets never look for them connect yourself direct to Christ

      • amuregi

        What is a true prophet?

      • amuregi

        And what is a false prophet?

    • Prophecy is one of the gifts of the holly spirit so says the bible. So you people mean that the holly spirit is limited to the bible come on guys. A fake currency can not enter into the system when the original is not yet into circulation. A very good question from the writer here.

    • Amen Daniel

    • Real prophets were there up until Jesus came into this world,now we communicate thru him not prophets.

      • amuregi

        They ARE there now (Eph 4:11). It’s not anyone’s fault that you can’t identify them

    • hapana zve

    • can I prophecy

    • Batanai Magomba amen

    • Mugabe 1

    • @Muzenda unondinyadzisirei so before Jesus Christ there were No prophets? Mind of people who are preaching to u religious mentality must be wiped away.

    • I am not a UFIC member but your comment touched me….who is the real and the fake one now?

    • Makandiwa is fake.

    • Chris Muzenda not defending the post And neither am I a fan to these prophets and I also agree that we now talk directly through Jesus, however that there are no real prophets after Jesus, do your research on the last days of Jesus on earth and here what he was saying but you also start from Acts 2 vs 17 and you will see that you are speaking against the Bible directly. Fake prophets do exist and we were warned about them and also real prophets we were also promised

    • @Muzenda unondinyadzisirei so before Jesus Christ there were No prophets? Mind of people who are preaching to u religious mentality must be wiped away.

    • real prophets,Elijah,Jeremaih,Nathan,

      • amuregi

        And you don’t know that the 12 apostles were also prophets, taking the meaning of apostle? You don’t know that Paul had a prophetic ministry? And you don’t know that Christ himself promised us that we shall do greater works than He did (John 4:12) part of which is to prophecy?
        I probably jumped the gun, what does
        “real prophet”mean to you?

    • Tru that

    • Taura hako Daniel

    • The BIBLE is the only true prophet left inspired by God

    • Chokwadi

    • among the real ones, Makandiwa is not counted for he preaches his own mindset

    • It is important to remember that the early Church did not have a completed Bible, so God granted this revelation for the purpose of teaching His message to the Church. Now that the bible is complete why do you have to rely on prophets when you have the complete bible?Today, however, a prophetic word can be spoken in the church in the sense that God’s Word can be proclaimed based on Scripture and the leading of the Holy Spirit. But there will be no new revelations that will replace or contradict God’s written Word

      • amuregi

        It’s not relying on the prophets but the five fold ministries that Jesus Himself gave to the church for its edification. Muridzi we church saw it fit to have all of the five. Han

      • amuregi

        It’s not relying on the prophets but the five fold ministries that Jesus Himself gave to the church for its edification. Muridzi we church saw it fit to have all of the five. Han

    • Fortune Kaseke Acts chap 2 talks about what? I thought Jesus died so that we no longer have to go through prophets bit direct now.

    • Ephesians 4: 11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers . does this means we have no prophets?

  • Jesus could have left big business empire during his time,he never talked about earthly materials,there is a God up there and he will separate junk from good let’s not judge but the works are there to speak for themselves, let those with eyes use them wisely amen

    • Taura hako iwe

    • amuregi

      You are lying. I am sorry if I sound rude…mark 10 vs 29-30 and the famous John 10:10

  • Most Christians are lazy to pray for themselves. Vanongoda zvinhu zvemasaramusi. Ini handishoori machinda anozviti maporofita awa. Zvimwe zvacho zvavanoita zviri pachena kune munhu ane ziso rekuona, kt hakuna chikiristu chakadaro. Regai vadye dzemapenzi. Gore richavhurika vanhu maziso voona kt kwanga kuri kuitiswa ivo vanenge vavaka vowanawo kuchengeta mhuri dzavo. Vanawo ma verse ekuzvi protector nawo. Ngatinamate Mwari vadikani

    • Exactly. Haana kumbotumwa kuti enda unoita seed ikoko. Unondoita seed kun’anga sei, ko ku seeder kuna Mwari. Apa ukatarisa hama dzake ne vabereki muchinda iyeyu dziri kutambura apa achiti ndiri ku seeder

    • saw his house mansion i dont know wat to call it mhhhhh

    • Asi hangu kutaura chokwadi handina pandakaona mubible pachitaurwa dzeseeding.Mazimbabwe kuda zvinhu kwakanyanya!!!

  • Nonsense , he failed to pay for his debts he wanted a miracle to happen to have debts cancelled . Doesn’t the bible say , pay John what belongs to John

  • I wonder how the Mushangwas became millionaires and yet they showed height of stupidity?

  • The reason why you say is fake is because you dont understand the word,”prophecy”.

  • ivo vanhu kudao ma miracles. ayas. but i stil dont understand how such a huge debt can stil be made to dissappear in the name of Jesus usina kubhadhara. chete panwe ndoo ma miracles acho.
    Cynthia Pasipanodya huya uoneo

  • The Most High God is watching. Only one day He is going to stretch His hand to put to rest this whole madness. So funny to hear some of is calling Our Most High God through their gadgets, funny funny funny, ################################################################,just saying nje. God forgive me if I am judging these guys. Only God has made me into a beautiful new creation.

  • Tarisaiwo face yacho guruvhani regadzi.

  • Nhau dzenyu modziwanepi nhai? ??

  • We are nt moved by the lies we are & we will remain united as a familly in Christ

  • Read Mathew 24 and understand wat it said and 2Petro 3 to the end understand those chapters

  • Who forced you in the first place to seek prophecy from him? it’s strange that people spend most of their money and time defending prophets from attack from people yet they can’t do that in defending Jesus Christ. Who has proved now that the prophecies are fake?

  • One of the elements of FRAUD is misrepresentation which causes a victim to act to his prejudice. The misrepresentation should be capable of fooling a reasonable person, eg ,you can’t pass a cup of soil for sugar, nor can you expect refined diesel to be siphoned straight from soil direct into your car tank. People who get fooled this way are grossly unreasonable. Of course, like all average criminals, Makandiwa knows what he is doing is wrong, he is not ignorant to the fact, but he is heartless.

  • Vanhu vakungoda minana/masaramusi hapachina kutenda kuti Mwari vanonzwa minaminato yedu Regai vadyiwe zvafanana nezvehapurakatapura zvataiona muzvikoro !!

  • Daniel may u pls ask God to show you the orignal, t seems u r blinkered hausat watanga kunamata kana uchitenda kut bere ihwai

  • The Most High is watching.

    • Yes he is , and does not support falsehoods.

  • Zimbabweans w dont learn at al,just lk at this guy welambogini,wh sues prophet urbert Angel,h z wallowing in court cases nd h z suffering,Dont play wth Prophets,as aithutic Prophet Makandiwa h z in prophetic

    • I dnt think its cz he sued a prophet But its cz his or her monies were not from his sweat but from fraud.

      It’s not surprising that these Prophets one day they will wallow in courts and lose that money they are taking from the Poor especially

    • poor people????we do they get the money if there are poor???

    • Mr tshosa being poor doesnt mean yu dont have money at all but the amount you have renders you poor

    • fear no man But God alone zveun’anga zvekutyisidzirwa izvo

    • haiwa musatityise apo….ave mwari here

    • WeBentley not lambo,

  • This guy can Prophsy,h z th sam prsn wh prophsyd abt Hilary Clington’s,h prophsyd abt our own currency issue here in Zim,h does it again on China,France,Zambia,Britain,h hs shwn t us tht h dsnt just talk bt h can see

    • hapana chinoonekwa apo itora mari united iyo

    • Its true Lawrence, plus the death of Margaret Thatcher, the crack inside the Kariba dam wall, the diamond boom etc. Prophet Makandiwa is a true man of God and no matter how people plot or fight, they will never bring him down. lts unfortunate we have people like Baba Vangu who speak from an uninformed position & probably blinded by hatred. Right now people dont want to talk about the fact that Mai Titi was healed of cancer in a dream by Prophet Makandiwa just because she chose to tell thr truth

    • haiwawo makatsva vafanha rohwai mari makanyarara

    • satan anopa wisdom kuvana vake kuti vasatende kuvaranda vaMwari

    • Pamberi nema Prophets edu

    • so why today awekusungiswa kwanai

      • amuregi

        Do you know difference between kusungiswa nekuwanikwa munhu anemhosva? Shoko rekuti kukwana ramunotambisa iri ka!! Maybe you need to look closer to home kutsvaga asina kukwana

    • Nhasi isunday musatangane nesu please ….those are predictions even fortune tellers can tell u all that information. Alot of political analysts knew trump was going to win based on different opinion polls and trends. Margaret Thatcher was well into her 80s and very ill even my baby niece who is 6years old could have told u Thatcher is going to die. If u want a prophet then look at prophet Elijah ndiwo anonzi mabasa emweya Mtsvene kusunungura tribe yese. Zvinei neni zve ku predictor about money people’s deaths. Yambutsai vanhu varurame

      • amuregi

        Christ said there is no greater prophet that John the Baptist, iwe wotaura zva Elijah. Where did you get it in scripture kuti prophet anomirira kusunungura tribe is the barometer of a good prophet? Ndepapi pakanzi vanhu vanoyambutswa kana kuti vanozviyambutsa nekutenda John 1:12?

    • Basa rekuporofita zve mari ne kufa kwevanhu zvinei nesu izvozvo? Open ur eyes 😌😌😌

    • Hillary Clington 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Even fortune tellers had foresee some stuff that you have said.

    • Jayne Yeu you are very very very correct, i agree with you very very much..Makandiwa is just clever enough to watch TV BBC, CNN,National Geographic etc and get tipped on world events which most of his followers don’t bother to even watch.. and clever Makandiwa then uses such info and opinions and analysis from experts to blind and fool his followers who get excited and say its “prophecy”.

      • amuregi


    • His prophecy of a narrow Clinton win was wrong.He tried to spin it after the November 8 election

    • Makazonhonga here goridhe rakambonzi richadonha seguruva?

    • That’s what you want to believe and you are entitled to that but he must stop fake prophecies for money and just learn to pray to God without feeding people with lies for the sake of money, and riches . Good luck

    • Ngaaporofite kuti 15billion iripi uye nekuti Itai Dzamara aripi kana ari muporofita chaiye

  • Bfr u post yr negative comments,mind u this guy z dffrnt frm th rest of the​ prophets w knws,if u dnt knw wht t say,kp quite nd reserv yr enegy nd commnts nd also yr lif,unenge wazviitira a big favour

    • Thats intimidation directed to whom it may concern, IS’nt it?

    • Different in what sense mukoma. Anoinda wo kwa Magaya vane ka statement kekuti Zvasiyana, imi wo veku Ufic munotiwo Makandiwa akasiyana nemamwe ma Prophets. So wch is wch, please help me clarifying there

    • Haiwawo. Apply for a teaching job Kana usina zvekuita

    • You are brain washed

    • uchakarara zvako…zvake zvichiita nekureva nhema iwe uchingotambura.svinura uzvinamatire pachako.imbavha idzo…

    • Tsek

    • kkkkkkkk urukudya nayewo ka

    • Satanists

    • Lawrence Chisi uribenzi wake up and smell the coffee

      • amuregi

        Munhu anotukwa for his beliefs?? Really?

    • Kasi wakadyiswa mukongo rohwai mari ana dako muchingoti maporofita tsek

    • Kasi wakadyiswa mukongo rohwai mari ana dako muchingoti maporofita tsek

    • Lawrence Chisi do you even know what you are talking about?????? uchiri wakarara Iwe,this is reality baba……Jesu akambobhadharisa vanhu front seat or kubhadharisa kuti vanhu vamuone …..papi ipapo pazvakanyorwa muBhuku Dzvene,please ndipo verse yacho ndimbo verengawo maybe I’m lost

      • amuregi

        Tell us the context of the story yekubhadhariswa kwema seats for us to judge nyaya yako. Not half baked stories to win an argument. Ko kana yaiva fundraising for the poor? Ministry ya Jesu was different from what He commissioned us afterwards. 1) He often times did not want to be identified as The Christ by silencing demons’ testimonies. 2) His teachings, were not for everyone’s consumption (Mark 4:34), and yet He came for everyone (John 3:16). Yes you are lost if you dismiss a ministry for these flimsy reasons

    • 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Clamzy Tinashe hamusi kumuziva kan rabvarura point iri👏👏👏👏👏

  • Im amazed wth sm pple,u dnt blv in him,u dnt attend his chrch servics,mari irikudiwa its nt yrs,bt u hv th energy t commnt on issues thts dsnt consult u,thnk mazimba

    • Waisawo comment wani

      • Muchati Bhuu

        He is very dumb!! Kkkkk

        • amuregi

          How is he dumb?

          • Muchati Bhuu

            Read his post again.Kana usingazvione…cant help

          • amuregi

            You are right, you can’t help because yours is a comment that is completely devoid of reason and is unjustifiable. Which means it is just an insult. I saw that. I was just wondering if you knew it for what it is

          • Muchati Bhuu

            Newewo uri dofo…told you, you cant be helped.

          • amuregi

            There goes my confirmation!

    • Muchati Bhuu

      Chisi uri dofo kkkkkkkkk

      • amuregi

        Aita sei?

  • He is Zanu

  • Useless people dyiwai mari masuscum

  • Ndikoko Mashangwa hausisina mari

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk wandiuraya kani😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tora mari united . rohwai stereki mari nemface uyu anozviti Emanuel makapusa. uchanzwa mamwe makabiyasi achiti touch not nxaaaaaa getaway

  • Power power I love prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and prophetess Ruth Makandiwa

  • At the moment😳why are u surprised,inga vazhinji vanomira pa TV everyday vachinyepa vachiba
    Musi yeyi iye ndiye adii
    I don’t go to his church but that story there points to many pipo in this our beloved country
    Most churches these are now tuckshops

  • Jesus lived a,painful life l wonder why Christians of this era want an easy life.

    • living a painful life is not holly my dear because there are also blessings from the Lord inonzi ropafadzo ndeyepano pasi kwete yekuendesa kudenga

    • we dnt want an easy life but good life shoko roti Jesu akaenda pamuchinjikwa kuti ropafadzo ya Abraham iuye kwatiri zve pain pain aiva bhodo kana uchiuda gamuchira ka painful lyf nacho

  • It’s about time to close on these false prophecies preying on vulnerable people in the name of God. Also people should wise up

    • Muchati Bhuu

      Those guys with millions to splash cannot be called ” vulnerable”

  • water under the bridge.all fools

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk dzimww nyaya soooo

  • You journalists sometimes if you don’t have anything to say, just accept that reality than allowing yourselves to be tempted or attempting the devil to tempt you.

  • Yus

  • Kutambura chitadzo

  • Aaaaaaah guyz trust me please. I used to believed this fake ppl like something else.but this ppl they are doing businesses that’s true.ndakaendako INI ndicha believe hakuna zviriko hama.hatidzidzei kuzvinamati vanhu please please. Inga zvakanzi kuchauya maporofita enhema .ende vanhu vakawanda muchatizirako asi muchirasika.I wish vanhu muone chokwadii musati madyiwa zvakanyanya kkklk

    • sory I dnt trust u

    • There can not be a fake without an original

    • Jesus Christ is the original and in the Holy bible he warned us about fake prophets and more Churches some of the so called Churches are satanic. We don’t know which is which but we need to wisely use our Holy Bible and praying to God so that he can Bless us with his discerning spirit. We cannot see spiritual things with our naked eyes, we need the wisdom from the lord.

    • Kelvin Kevton Kandiado Ufic you don’t have to trust him ,but Him who created you because He is the one who said this words ,so you rather take is or liv it ,it’s all in you ……be wise!!!!

    • Dyiwai zvenyu mamboty madiii

    • Tarisai wish I could like your comment a million times.

    • tarisai l lyk yo comment a million tyms

  • To me him and his wife are Assholes..

  • The one who sued makandiwa must be sued also ….did makandiwa foned him to come at hid church?

  • Isaiah the prophet was given prophecy of our Christ though it took long enough like one thousand years nobody brought up the case to Obadiah, hebakuk, or Micah. but you want prophecy of today and miracles of today. you people. our Lord will come as athieve to steal his own. oh lord I pray today steal me from earthly people

    • Rupture is happening everyday wani dont pray for it. Your time will come ….

    • Rose Mangwende.as a believer I feel pain to see strong pastors going astray. Lord sayed no one Has cared for his flock…. And lord sayed” will feed my flock my own. And they will know me… Call me father and I will call them mine”. Rose… I’m not ashamed to say let my lord steal me from earthly people in simple rose I mean let God remove fake pastors, preachers and fake friends from me. Ibless you with psalm 31:1-3

  • How do u know that its fake prophecy ,can u prophecy the origionaal one .People do not judge any one ,judgement is God’s .And u are not petiant enough to wait guyz.

  • Kana musina nyaya nyararai siyanai nemunhu wamwari

    • Simbarashe my brother munhu wese munhu waMwari we were all created in the image of God but vese vakagamuchira ishe Jesus vapiwa simba rekunzi vana vaMwari

  • Vagara vanongovenga ava zimbabweans are better about politicx and about the poverty in the country to e extent of hating every man of God kkkkkk poverty and insanity are very close frnz some are now mentally ill they hate those God has placed as heroes of faith instead of working together with them pipo fight them
    Prophet makandiwa has proven to be a true prophet and a true man of God who operates in deep revelations and he is one of the best in the world when it comes to preaching and teaching
    I love this prophet guys when is judgement night tiendeko

  • When Jesus commanded the tree to dry out , it didn’t dry out there and there he went and cmeaftr that when he found the tree dry .So wait for your prophecy to germinate.

    • Ummmmm your qoute is not true read that story on Mathew 21vs 19 ” And seeing a fig tree by the road , he came to it and found nothing on it but leaves and said to it “LET NO FRUIT GROW ON YOU EVER AGAIN ” lmmediately the fig tree withered away .

  • Kkkk sued!?; its never gonna end well. Some will be in pain/ sicknesses/ failure,/ disappoint/generational curses/ leprosy/////……

  • From Ufic to Phd to Celebration smthng fishy abt this Oceans guy ahasi straight uyo manje he will nvr bring Ufic down we are united forever backed by Jesus Christ

  • Mbavha idzi

  • Even if you shout to this Prophet Makandiwa one day you will find ourself at UFIC seeking help in oneway or the other. What l can tell you is Prophet Makandiwa is from God.

    • Muchati Bhuu

      Kkk rega urohwe mari. Too much kupusa.

    • Ini I will kneel down and pray ndega….. Problem is as Christians we do not know what we are capable of.

  • Simon Sayz 😟

  • Probably be should try to be politically correct in his fake prophecies.

  • In’anga idzi. They know nothing pertaining the gospel of Christ.

  • Problem vanhu tirimadofo ekufunga vamwe varikutengeserwa zvidhinha ,nezvirimwa vachinzi zvakaanoitdwa kkkk mwari chihuyai vanhu vaye vatanga

  • Do not touch the announced of God, your punishment would be severe.

    • But checks and balances are necessary noone is holy even Jesus himself refused to be called one l will give an example in the Bible King David was an anointed one of God but when he took Uria s wife and later caused the death of Uria by sending him to the front line of the battle Prophet Nathan came to rebuke him Prophet Makadiwa is but human if he is being framed God will fight for him not us humans

    • I agree with you Lazarus, Prophet Nathan was sent by God to rebuke David , but these people who are accusing him are not even anointed.

  • Yaaa ngavasungwe if true

  • We await to hear *Plaintiff withdraws case & apoligises* Meaniwhile lets chew our data bundles & expect UFIC to close in a few days time! By the way how far with those Ghananian pastors we were told were to meet His Excellency re: banning of E.M? Tamirira hedu takatuta muhana neshanje!

  • let’s have full information pliz

  • Vry sad to blame the prophet. evry prophecy has instruction and he didnt follow the instructions thats y he is in the state he is nw. manje nw achapera mari kuma courts becz Prophet Makandiwa is anointed MoG God will protect him frm such pple who r used by the devil to defame the anointed of God.

    • vane ma funnies asina basa, I think there is something wrong wth these guys True if u ignore the conditions to a prophecy it’s as gud as u don’t hev a prophecy

  • Kkkkkkkkk wadyiwa makasa, chiporofita chafanana nekutamba makasa, sorry hako next time dzidza kushandisa faith dzako, wakatanga business nefaith rikasimuka wani, wobva washindisa chiporofita kuti chiuraye business rako usingatarise kwawakabva Kkkkk Shame on you.

    • Muchati Bhuu

      What business do these people do? Haasi matsotsi emuharare here aya. Ma”dealers” with no tangible business activities but still making money. Ana Tich Mataz.

  • The bible says don’t judge

  • Vanoenda ikoko vakapusa wese. Vachazoyeuka pekuhwanda vatotakare siyai zvirohwe mari

  • .

  • cursed are his followers who are blinded by his devilish charms from Ghana, I wonder why people are too blind to see that they are being milked by this false teacher Who even go an extra mile to misinterprets the Bible for the sake of popularity aaa zvaakuda mkoma Simba izvi

  • Interesting

  • Then show us true prophets

  • We destroyed industries and opened more clubs and churches pastors are now our bosses directors so to speak who to blame lets step back search for source of this unbecoming situation makandiwa earned his own way of making a living out of your pockets look around he is not the only one who came up with this formula today its a Sunday i wont say much coz……

  • If Zim is cursed wth fake prophets then show me 1 real prophet of God…

  • sued for fake prophecies?? were you forced to believe his prophecies? ridiculous!

  • Ko vanhu ava vaiiwanepi mazi millions ari kutaurwa apa, i support u Makandiwa wen pple came to church parading their money u shld tek it, no one forced them to take money from their pockets yafa yaka loader

    • Muchati Bhuu

      Agreed. Yeurere ngaidyiwe

  • How can they sue Him fr tieth,,,its even written in e bible wani kuti pay yr tieth,siayai munhu vaMwari akadaro,,he’s being used by God,,straight up ,,no 2 ways abt that

  • Kana zvavaomera unoona vakavhara kumeso kuti vasabude pacamera.unenge wakudeyi ikoko.bvunzayi ana soldier luv kuti maprophets ariko vanokuudzayi chokwadi

  • Sylvia Sakuringwa

  • Hona kanonzi prophetess kacho kanzwa nekubleacher zvako. Fake zvese

  • Satanic agency.

  • muchinyanya kuda minana tsvatu

  • thus my teacher

  • Varoyi

  • Who is next

  • heeee I see victory I see money I see this I see that you are blessed and you will never die.And you pay someone cash just for those simple words which I can declare over myslelf onmy own.Hahaha

  • vhura Star Fm kana uchida kunyangadziwA

  • Inzwa macomnts evana vaPapa ,

  • How can I know the difference between the two a fake prophet and a true prophet of God

  • This couple has been making headlines year after year suing Men and Women of God. There must be a problem with them. What I believe is that, Prophets Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa are true Servants of God, persecutions and criticism are expected in ministry. If you don’t face such forces, then your ministry won’t be that which was prophesied by the LORD Jesus Christ. Whatever you plan against these Prophets of God, you will never stop the work of God.

  • This Wil never happen as long as the God of Abraham exist love u prophet Makandiwa #this generation chero Jesu mupenyu chaiye havadi. Vegodo siyanai navo.

    • Could you please give me one testimony yezvawakaitirwa na prophet since u joined his church? How u feel that he is super well off but u have nothing? How does that make u feel? Do u think God favours him more than u? If he was truly sent by God isn’t he supposed to make sure u guys are ok since ariiye mutumwa mufudzi wehwai??? Serving the people not the other way round. I hope something is starting to click in your head. Today simuka muchurch and ask prophet urikadawo ma millions like him challenge him

  • Even long ago prophets were beaten, arrested and even killed being accused of being fake. so take care of what you do to these people


  • Its interesting how millionaires can be naive. Spending $25 000 for every church service. There would have been nothing wrong if it was a real church

  • Amen Anthony Muronda


  • We knew it one day the chickens will come home to roost. the miracles these guys purport to do are inconsistent with the first century church Jesus made the blind see ,crippled walk ,chronic sick heàled there not tomorrow or other day.

  • Zvimwe rambai zvimwe rambai musango bvuma zvisina maturo muchinyanya kuda zvinhu murikumupa mega mari dzenyu haadziteweri kudzimba akatswinzinya ngaatsikwe aaaaaaa

  • What people don’t understand is that there is no church under the sun without its issues whether inside the church or from outside and that does not make a church a fake it only shows that a church is led by human being who is also subject to error. So when one goes to church he is not following to find errors there but to find good things there, which is Jesus Christ. Tsano mukada kutsvaga mhosva muvanhu hamudzishaye nokuti vanhu. Ndopaunozonzwa munhu akuti heeeeee kuzvinamatira wega. Problem ndeyekuti wakaenda kunotsvaga mhosva kuvanhu. Learn to be like a sieve and take only the good ndoyatinoti maturity mumu christu.

  • Ephesians 5:15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, 5:16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

  • About time

  • Imbavha idzi

  • JESU Chaiye vakamurova vakamupfekedza crown yeminzwa vakamurovera pamuchinjikwa wani akanga atadzei ??

  • if you want prosperity you hold the bible.When the white men to colonise us they came with bibles. makandiwa and co are using the same old tried and tested method. the bible is making them prosperous. this is a new form of colonisation

  • Ana mbavha ava ndozvavanotoda.Kubira vanhu masikati machena uku.Government should enact laws that deals with the Makandiwas and Magayas of Zimbabwe.

    • asi mukazvitarisa baba this rich people ndovakanganisa nyika just check mafigures emari yaai seeder yachoo anoda kupfuma kusvika papi they can not help the need regai vabirwe vakakanganisuka pfungwa kkkkkk

  • Guys why troubling yourselves endai kumachechi kwenyu moita zveko zvenyu zvekuswero tarisa nekunhongedza kuti he uyu azodai,regai vekwaProphet Makandiwa ,vaite zveko ,vekwaProphet Magaya vaite zveko ve Methodist voits zveko imi n’anga moita zvenyu kana mukaitaura zvipi nezvipi hamufe makationa kudzimba kwenyu.Spiritual things will not be understood by everyone.Ziva zvako imbwa yaSabhuku Mudhoni

    • Well said..mmmm wapedza….hamheno kuti chiii vanhu kungogaroda kuita vanoziva zvese….chingomhanirai kwacho kunokufadzai

  • Muchati Bhuu

    Yeurere ngaidyiwe…well done Makandiwa

  • We love you prophet makandiwa and mhamha,let them talk until their voices go voiceless, we always love your preachings we learned a lot

  • Funny enough even the educated believes in miracle money. Only hard work guarantees success.

  • Wanhu wakapusa wanotewera maporifita enhema hawapinde denga. Kudenga hakuende wanhu wakazingaira munofananidza Mwari. If someone is fake; just accept it Kwete kuitanharo dzisina basa. Hee miracle money; miracle babies; . Ende munonyaudza wanhu wezvimachurch zvine mazita anopera naMinistries.

  • Mbavha dzajaira kubira varombo idzi sungai vanhu

  • When Moses threw down his staff, the fake prophets did the same… And they all turned into snakes. Even the devil can perform miracles… Jesus parted with material things to feed his sheep, but these fake prophets own private jets and mansions while millions of his people are starving and suffering!!! These days people are just out for money… And the devil knows kuti as Zimbabweans muri pama1 and he presents better alternatives through these makandiwas, it’s high time people pray for themselves, mabvi haasi eDisplay…. It’s just people want the easy way out, quick riches and you’re encouraged to keep seeding lol. Jesus never told me to pay up for my prayers to be answered nxaaa!! He will burn in hell where he belongs

  • Even in time jesus was on earth noone believe in him.stop stop judge what you dont know .

  • Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is one of the most accurate prophets in this generation. Jesus said a Prophet has no honour in his own country and I understand that you from the same country with the Prophet.

    At least he is helping you to be famous as a page the more you post about him. But the sad story is that papers that wrote against men of God from history you would realize that they expired never to be remembered in history but the legacy of these mighty men still live on.

    MARK 6

    • The newspaper is reporting on a court action it has not taken a side. Just how gullible can the couple be to the extant of losing 1.1m and were they forced to give all that money away. No court will rule in their favour

  • Chickens are coming home 2 roast

  • Your hehanda is fake no information

  • Ukaona uchida ma prophet aya uribenzi

  • “Touch not my anointed ones ,do my prophets no harm”

  • Isu hedu tinongoenda kuchurch to praise the lord todzoka kumba zvenyu zvekunda miracles izvoka hamheno end up kuma court

  • Lose the fancy couch. …it drives me nuts. Go and sit in a normal chair. Come back to reality. He looks like a politician. ….rich backside in a plush chair….always. wake up Zimbabwe. You are being conned…

  • Where was he ???????paaipihwa mafake prophecy acho ‘stupid & confused .

  • U knw people of this world they won’t even one day publish wat the mans of God has done…which gud only they search wat they cn use to opposed servents of God…BT don’t worry the bible says WO to the who bring temptation…the battle is God

  • mazuva ekupedzira ayaaa vanhu vakuda mari havachatsvaga Mwari …..

  • Churches have become businesses, with the purpose of enriching the leader and their family.

  • Raramba kumeraka seed

  • I think there is something very wrong if a church leader (dare I call him prophet) is very rich and his followers are poor. Pane mubvunzo mukuru ipapo. That alone should ring alarm bells in your heads . You wear thousand dollar shoes but ma followers ako they are still renting, some can’t pay tuition fees etc….sei ariye ega arikukomborerwa bvunzai Mwari munzwe. At some point u will need to use c’mon sense God gave you. How do you justify that huge gap?

  • Foolish post

  • It’s high time.

  • Regai sawi nezviyo zvikurirane zvozoonekwa pakukohwa

  • Ndopaunzwa mumwe munhu achitoita nharo

  • Take heart sons and daughters of the most high, Our Prophet’s life is well well preserved and heavily defended

  • Double standards, why do you even go there?
    Why do you worship a man?
    Why do you believe in miracles, if you do and sleep with the results. Its a belief, it can or can’t happen.
    If you believe in life after death, the Lord God through the bible teaches you how to live in that world. Now you want wealth more than anything thats why you are following miracles. Live with it.Dont sue anyone!

  • VANOZIVA AVO TAZVIONA MUNOZIVA CHAIZVO…..KO NDIZVO MUNOZIVA KO MADII KUNGOZVIZIVIRA MUMWOYO YENYU….APA MUKUTSANANGURIRA ANI…..MaZimba tonetsa nenyaya yekutadza kuita MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS…BASI BASI …..Zvekuda kuvhura maVerse muchitsanangura siyanayi nazvo……munhu ingoziva zvaunoda nekuti believer woita izvozvo ….unyerere, kana wakwanisa woita nevemhuri.yako.kana wavagona….kkkk bt semaziviro andoita Takasikwa takasiyana So ZVATINODA , ZVATINOFARIRA ZVAKASIYANA …..saka tisayedza kuita convince each other zvatinoda nekufarira …..Umwe neumwe ndaangomuka achimhanyira kuSvondo yaanoFarira nekuNZWISISA ….Zvaunenge waona zvausina kufarira kune dzimwe kereke ingosiyana nazvo…ITA ZVAKO.IWE CHETE…..

  • those followers

  • So y’all thnk this ngga is real

  • Wake up nd hustle hard than ktuka mzodziwa washe(tsvagai mabasa)

  • The bible says judge not that you may not be judged. Read the bible and pray to God for understanding. If you think they are fake don’t go there and don’t judge them. If you think they are true then follow them. Do what the Lord wants u to do. Talk if there is something to say not because you have to say something.

    If they are false and u follow them then u will perish.
    If they are false u don’t follow then and u judge them you will perish as well.

    Be humble.

    Pray, inspire, and seek God.

  • So which one are the true prophets then?

  • Every person has a choice to believe what they want, who they want. Iwe kana uchida zvaana papa, n’anga, njuzu, mapostori zvirikwauri. Hapana munhu anofanira kusarudzira munhu kwekuenda kana kutenda. Hapana akabatirwa demo kunzi huya kwangu. Kana pane zvisina kukuitira ndiwe wega wakazvitsvaga.

  • Thousands of orphans and the elderly are being looked after by this Prophet, a number of children’s homes are now under Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa’s care, school fees are payed for hundreds of children from all corners of this country every term, boreholes drilled in some places dzakanga dzatambura nekushaya mvura, varwere vatadzikwa kuzvipatara vopreswa still hazvionekwi kana kupembedzwa basa kutaura zvisinamaturo

  • Oh generation of vipers, how can ye being evil speake good things!!

  • Munonyanya kuda masaramusi and quick fix of problem. If you believe and love the Lord, your own two knees will lead you out of problems and to eternal life. The Lord I pray to in the Salvation Army has done wonders for me. I count my blessing everyday. Zvekubatwa misoro muchipunzirwa pasi, kandai pasi. Kana usati waziva wega mashandiro edenga uchatambudzika. Munopa maporofita mega mari dzamashanda nedzamakorokoza pasina ari kurohwa neshamhu. Vane musoro inga ground breaking ceremonies makadziona mega hotel is now open to the public. Read your bible and pray everyday for God to grant you wisdom and desires of your hearts. Suing? Nothing wrong in trying. Bad dancing doesn’t hurt the ground but you can be laughed at each time someone sees your photo in action or in person.

  • Marwadziwa nei endai kumasvikiro enyu amajaira

  • Makandiwa haana mhosva those who follow his stupid prophecies and believe in him are the ones who should be arrested Makandiwa aripa kutsvagawo like anyone

  • wat does Nehamda radio know abt prophecy .dnt talk abt pple u dnt noe abt those are pple of integrity if they say smthing they hv seen it fo sure.u pple u listern to media for the things of God pray m God will show u who they are

  • Ndiani akatenga Jesu nemari vanhu verengai Bible kwete kuenda kuminana kun’anga

  • GOD himself says,’touch not my anointed ones.and also do not judge others unless u want to be judged

  • Muchavhurika meso emweya ndiani pamapostori 12 ekutanga akaita hupfumi hunenge hwetumaporofita twemasutu

  • Iwe nyaya dzakounodzowana kupi rega kusairira vamwe mugomba remoto itswa wega .

  • Kkkkkkk madzibaba marwadziwa nei hanty iproject yake here

  • Mathew 7 v22,23 Jeremiah 23v30-32 1timothy 6v9,10 hebrews 13v5,6

  • a prophecy is frm the spirit . the

  • paida

    vakuru avo nemhuri yavo havazivi kuna Mwari here? Prophet havatori ma seeds kana offering. Varikuitira Mwari wavaipa mapepa.

  • There is no such thing and such a profession as a prophet. Zimbabwe wake up this is twenty first Century.. Its 2017.

  • I love UFIC God’s time is the best, whoever is behind that be forgiven!

  • Haikona kutamba nevanhu wamwari imi.

  • No Persecution, No Promotion . Along persecution comes promotion .


  • Now for the miracle trail

  • Only Genuine Prophets are criticised. The more Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is persecuted , it shows there is God in him. This man is a Member of Parliament in the Heavenly places. He is a General who sits in the cabinet of the most high God. Right now our country is facing cash shortages but Prophet Makandiwa prophesied about this 7 years ago. Zimbabweans we are poor not because God does not love us But we have failed to honour Greatness. 2nd Chron 20 vs 20 it says. ” ….. believe in His Prophets and you shall prosper”. USA is even ready to listen to Prophet Makandiwa . But Zimbabwe varidzi venyasha tikuterera Satan kudari Muporofita. We surely need deliverance…..

  • fake prophecy kkkkkkkkkkkk, you guys must be joking because my father that I know doesn’t miss and if he says it, it happens. you that is saying is a fake prophet you are the one that is fake. please people shut up if you have nothing to say about him. why do you only report things that destroys the reputation of someone what about all the good they have done.

  • challenge

    asi UFCI kunamatirana rudzii kwekubvisirana zvikwereti? mari yacho munenge maishandisa chii?

  • Perfect Pat

    Anodyiwa haatauri dyiwa urinyama iwe lol

  • This men his a true Prophet kana usingamude siyana naye ko unorweyi naye hondoyako iripapi chii chaunotaurira zvakashata pamusoro pake akukumbira

  • Finally our govt is now standing up to protect its people. Thank you Almighty!

  • Aaah imi vanhuwe , tsvee kusunga mutungamiri arikuvimbisa nhema makuti nanga nanga nema Prophetes …

  • fake prophets using juju to prophesy.mampoti marohwa mari here .muchaty baba nemuridxo rampai muchingity papa stupidy people.

  • Papa

  • mukasangwarira munoshandiswa be gospel of prosperity ramuno nyanyoda

  • Tukakanai sitereki for Makandiwa.munhu dzidza kunamata wega kunamwari kwete kumhanyira kumaporofita.

  • Cosmos

    Its never surprising to find Christians suing each other for false prophecies. The falsehood originate from the bible, a book full of fiction and false prophecies . That includes the new testament that has false prophesies from Jesus. First let me say that no one really knows what Jesus said about
    anything. The gospels were not written till decades after his life by anonymous writers using the pseudonyms Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Paul’s letters were written before any of the gospels, so Paul had nothing to go on, and that’s why he doesn’t mention the details of Jesus’ life in any of his letters. However, according to the gospels, Jesus, several times, predicted he would come again
    to earth after his departure. Matthew 24 contains Jesus’ purported prophecy of the end of days and the time of his second coming. In verse 34 Jesus said that “this generation” would not pass before all these things had been fulfilled. This would appear that Jesus meant the generation then living in his own time. We find the same thing when we take a look at two other passages (Matthew 10:23 and Mark 14:61-62). In Matthew 10:23 Jesus nearly pinpoints the time of his second coming. He told (verse 5) his twelve disciples, that they would not have finished going through all the cities and towns of Israel spreading his message before he had come again; verse 23: “But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come.” It is obvious that all twelve disciples are nearly 2000 years dead, and there is no sign of Jesus. Then there’s Mark 14:61-62: “But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?And Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” Jesus told the high priest then living that he would live to see Jesus return in his second coming. It is obvious that the high priest is nearly 2000 years dead, and there is no sign that Jesus ever returned. The plain and simple truth is (1)Jesus never said these things, they were later ascribed to him, or (2)If Jesus really said these things he was mistaken, wrong. So based on these false prophecies, I will give Makandiwa a two thumbs up. He is just following jesus.

  • Should Zimbabwe be a Sharia state?

  • If Jesus was called fake

  • Makandiwa said “if there is anyone who feels that l am a fake prophet he is free to come at our church and deliver me of those evil spirits which lm accused of using” and its now more than 3 years yet no one has gone to deliver him and prove he is a fake prophet…musakanganwe n’anga dzeku Ghana dzainzi dzichauya kuzomufumura bt upto now varipi

  • Matanga futi, siyanai nababa vangu, isu Denga ticharipinda because of this Great Man of God

  • Hamusati matanga kutaura henyu lolest…

  • Perfect Pat

    Church inonakidza amana I miss being lied to by some of these prophets .Idya Mari zvako iwe makandiwa yemafuza aya

    • Cosmos

      Prophit prophets vanodya dzemarema

      • Perfect Pat

        In desperate times people will do anything to get out of poverty and be blessed but the unfortunate thing is that these wolves in sheep’s clothing are taking advantage of their followers .Manje vanonamata Makandiwa vachashama

  • Kkkkkkkkk this is just the beginning

  • Dont judge! ! Who are you to Judge?

  • The best preacher ever !

  • takazvitaura kuti manu wenyu uyu apa achitengesera vanhu ballpoint pen ne 100$ kuti mwana arikunyora form 4 apase hakuna zvakadaro

  • Kuda zvakachipa kkkk.

  • Murikubhadhara vanhu kuti vapandukire prophet Makandiwa vavanyepere but hazvishandi taurai muchaneta isu tazvijaira hukurai henyu

  • Fake Prophets must fall

  • Ad

    That couple is a satanist couple this is a how Satan has advanced against the church and God ,tithes works I have seen its blessing since I was a teenager,iam not a ufic member but if you listen to prophet makandiwa and apply by faith the principles he teaches you prosper


  • Me and Prophet Makandiwa forever connected. Mari yangu vachaidya kusvika ndafa

  • You should have paid your debts with all that money you were donating to Makandiwa. The only debt that God has canceled are your sins nothing else. If you truly believe in God, you know better to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

  • Handei hedu kumadzidzdaddy

  • Being a false prophet does not necessarily mean that you prophesy lies. It has more to do with the spirit driving you

  • Mr Chisi what do you mean when you say Makandiwa is different? Do you take lightly nyaya yake yekuti God needs a prophet to restrain Him from His hot anger? That was utter blasphemy and nothing less.

  • Hahahaha stupidity and lack of primary education combined lead to little reasoning which is intoxicating. How do you prove what evidence can be presented in this case, it is his word against theirs. But I still say find a way to prove Makandiwa is guilty, all just because I think he is a fraud.

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    So these idiots saw it fit to “seed” money rather than pay debts? And you blame Makandiwa? Stupidity has no cure for sure!!

  • Nonsense publish real issues admin nxaa

  • I belong to Ufic no matter wht those are lies that man can see!His God will come after them

  • You shall know the truth and it shall set you free John 8 vs 32 who is the truth himself the way and life Jesus Christ John 14 vs 6 saka tinodirei kutsvaga vanhu vakaitawo sewe vanotori nezvinhu zvikuru zvinobatika zvavari kuita to help the community iwe kana salt haupe munhu takarasima nekutaura zvakaipa pamusoro pema prophets ari kuparidza Jesus Christ hameno asi musatora basa ra Jesu rekutonga vamwe ngatinamate

  • Saka mhosva yacho inosvika mari yakawanda kudaro $6,5 million ndeyei? Kana kuuraya munhu hakuripwe mazimari akawanda kudaro.haaa pakaipa.

  • Vatanga nxa aMakandiwa nhasi nezuro Magaya ko mangwana ndiyani ummm munopererwa nenyaya sure

  • Ndicho chiporofita imi mabvi enyu amuna ane imba inenge ndege yari kuvaka nemari yemuri yamunomupa apa imi vechurch kana mouya munonzi booker kupinda chte mumba yakavakwa nemari dzenyu svunuraiwo manhu.Vukani phakamsai munodyiwa makasvunura sematemba kuda.School fiz ,rent, food ,mbatya dzekufeka auna asi unowana yekupa mufundisi .Ontop of that kana asipo akuna anobvumidzwa kuparidza murimadununu zveshuwa

  • Why deviate from the word of God muchifambira minana. Fambirai shoko and pray and fast for yourselves. God everyone a unique spiritual gift and your task is to identify it and conquer evel through your work for God. These things gets me thinking of the level of education yevanhu vanonyeperwa so yet Zimbabwe boasts if the most educated nation. I don’t blame the money makers, I blame those who walk with their two feet to dish out their hard earned money. They are not forced or fetched from home. If u have faith in God then you’ve more faith in yourself because God created us in his own image and invested his power in us and sometimes believing these fake things means you underestimate God’s power in you hence why would you believe in his power in another person. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • I n i vibration

  • chiremba wematombo

    The law should be applied heavily on these fake prophets who are daily fleecing ordinary and poor people who are duped by these Nigerian/Ghanaian trained fake prophets. I have relatives who are losing so much money to these prophets and when you try to get them to see the truth, they always say its the work of the devil? These fake prophets have become filthy rich from cheating the gullible and poor in this country.

  • Amen!

  • HOO YASUNGWA MBAVHA IYI TAZVITAURA KARE KTI IN’ANGA INOBA nebhaibheri vachapepuka zvavo vanoendako

  • chatsva😅😅😅😅😅

  • You cannot buy God’s favour.

  • 6.5million? 😂😂😂😂 filing a lawsuit is not prohibited, LETS SEE IF YOU WILL WIN THE LAWSUIT #MariYaperaKaMakutsvanzvadzira #UFICforLIFE

  • Kkkk Guys munoibudirira here nyaya yenyu iyi,yekunyengedzwa naSatan to sue a man of God,ok ngaritambwe bhora tione,kana mukaadya mamillion acho amurikuda kkkkkk,ndaseka zvangu,musazouya muchikumbira ruregerero ka.

  • kkkk

  • 2 Thessalonians 2:9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2:13 But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: 2:14 Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2:15 Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle. 2:16 Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace, 2:17 Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work.

  • he is a bloody fake,he’s just good at guess work,and when that guess work is predicted right,thats when weget a lot of noise from fake gullible xians,mere fortune seekers who care less about their salvation.

  • Hapana need yekuda maporofita mhani Hebrews 1 vs 1

  • Ola

    WE must have gone very dry of news! Its very disappointing that these stories are making headlines, what about the economy, technical, political and other spheres! Is this how low we can stoop as a country?

    Personally, I believe in never fighting any Man of God as he is accountable to his master. Why do we judge the people that God has called?

    Do we have credible evidence pertaining any of these matters?

    • amuregi

      None whatsoever, just keyboard warriors commenting on issues well beyond their remit. Some ignorance is depressing but unfortunately we live with it

    • amuregi

      None whatsoever, just keyboard warriors commenting on issues well beyond their remit. Some ignorance is depressing but unfortunately we live with it