Zimbabwean author rubs shoulders with South Africa’s young millionaires

Known as ‘God’s Author’ the Zimbabwean born Christian author and success coach Brilliant Pongo was amongst the key note speakers at a glitzy seminar held in Africa’s richest square mile in Sandton South Africa.

Pongo was a guest to one of South Africa’s latest ‘power couple’ Miz Mzwake and Charisma Tancredi, who hosted the Business and Relationship Seminar.

The Seminar took Johannesburg by storm with a line up of speakers that ignited the stage, which was held on Saturday the 29 July 2017.

This seminar with an undisputed touch of class brought together a wealth of talented entrepreneurs, public speakers, and South Africa’s young millionaires.

The popular Ref Wayne much loved and recognised for his ‘shaya poverty shaya’ catch phrase, ignited the stage and wowed the seminar delegates.

Louis Jr Tshakoane of Undercover Billionaires, shared some very profound nuggets wisdom with the delighted delegates at the Business and Relationship seminar (BARS).

Leon Dupreez, Founder of Encounter Ministries International, shared some very inspirational remarks and Shalton Rambuda from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) also contributed a wealth of information much to the advantage of the delegates at BARS.

Brilliant Pongo who is CEO of U.K based school of success, completed the lineup of key speakers, an author of note in his own right, known as ‘God’s Author’. Pongo took to the stage to launch and reveal Miz Mzwake Tancredi’s new book titled ‘Command Your Success’.

Amongst the delegates who attended the seminar was the current Mr South Africa and the runner up to Mr. South Africa.