Son of Cecil the Lion shot dead by trophy hunter in Zimbabwe

By Jonathan Mitchell | The Standard |

A cub of Cecil the Lion, the animal shot dead by a US dentist in 2015, has also been shot and killed by trophy hunters, it emerged today.

Much-loved Zimbabwean lion "Cecil", pictured on October 21, 2012, was lured outside the Hwange National Park boundaries by bait and shot by a bow and arrow (AFP Photo/)
Much-loved Zimbabwean lion “Cecil”, pictured on October 21, 2012, was lured outside the Hwange National Park boundaries by bait and shot by a bow and arrow (AFP Photo/)

The six-year-old lion, Xanda, who was in his prime, was killed just outside the Hwange National Park in north west Zimbabwe, not far from where Cecil was killed in 2015, according to the Telegraph.

It is believed he was shot dead by professional hunter Richard Cooke from RC Safaris, who when realising the lion was being monitored handed his collar back to researchers.

The Lions of Hwange National Park posted on Facebook: “Today we heard that a few days ago, Xanda, the son of Cecil the Lion has been shot and killed in a trophy hunt.

“Xanda is still a young father at 6.2 years old and has several young cubs. We can’t believe that now, two years since Cecil was killed, that his oldest cub Xanda has met the same fate.”

According the Telegraph, the death of the young lion was discovered thanks to an electronic collar which monitored Xanda’s movements in the area.

Andrew Loveridge from the Department of Zoology at Oxford University, which has a team supplying and fixing collars which monitor the lions in the Hwange National Park told the newspaper: “I fitted it last October.

“It was monitored almost daily and we were aware that Xanda and his pride was spending a lot of time out of the park in the last six months, but there is not much we can do about that.”

The shooting of Cecil the Lion in 2015 sparked outrage across the globe and caused widespread anger among conversationalists.

He was killed with a rifle in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, as part of an organised hunt by Walter Palmer, an American recreational big-game hunter.

Celebrities and politicians led the global backlash to the shooting.

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      Family ya Cecil ngairipe ngozi. Vanopera vese.

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  • Stop crying about these lions you fools when they kill an innocent 10yr old girl you kept quet and a cub lion is killed u make a lot of noise nxaaaaa

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      I hope you and your loved ones die of cancer

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      Thanks Tichy!!

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  • am with Tichy on this one.people pulling out their hair because a man killer has been shot.where was thus uproar when a little girl was killed by these beasts?no tears for the lion from me

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  • Whilst at it let’s not forget a lion killed a ten year old girl last week

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      the human population needs to be managed

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  • shit…. this lions are killing our kids and no one is talking about them

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      This happens because humans encroach into animal habitat destroying their livelihood causing lions to come to your homes. This planet was not meant just for humans. Don’t forget, trophy hunters and poachers don’t target lions only but all game that is source of food for lions.

  • Kikkkkk is that silly animal the Economy? Does the lion revitalise our Industry? Does the lion create jobs? The lion was busy feasting on kudus and bush bucks whilst its a punishable offence for humans to consume……..

  • Yah wats the fuss abt dead lions….we have better issues to worry abt…put those issues on ur tourist magazines…. Its shit news to us

  • We always slaughter our cows tat have names now and then….and they dnt kill our children…. U dnt see us writing abt them

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  • Zimbabweans need to stop even making a case out of this animal cruelty, these trophy hunters are allowed legally and pay a fortune to the government to shoot these animals, I bet you there are no receipt books for that money

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  • What was this one’s name? Ian Smith?

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    a good trophy hunter is a dead one

  • How come I am the only Zimbabwean who know the meaning of the lions name? Ixanda, a house or hozi in Shona.

  • Why do you call and give them permits when you don’t like them?

  • Nehanda Radio now boring, reporting like ZANU & its mouthpiece Herald

  • ……..and when you think of the havoc these lions are causing in our communities ; very painful

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    A trophy remains a trophy be it cast in bronze,gold, diamond, platinum or etc!! eventually it has to be taken.

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