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Three Kenyan men sentenced to death for stripping woman

Three Kenyan men who stripped and attacked a woman in a bus have been sentenced to death by a magistrate in the capital, Nairobi.

The assault led to protests in Nairobi demanding that women’s rights be respected in 2014

The death sentence was imposed after the three were convicted of robbery with violence, a Star newspaper reporter told the BBC.

A further 25-year sentence for stripping the woman was suspended due to the death penalty handed down.

The incident was recorded and shared widely on social media three years ago.

The video sparked protests, with hundreds of women marching through Nairobi.

Chief magistrate Francis Andayi said that those convicted had taken part in a “senseless and uncouth attack that they seemed to enjoy because they were cheering as they stripped the woman”, the privately owned Daily Nation newspaper reports.

This episode was part of a wave of sexual assaults in Nairobi during 2014, the BBC’s Anne Soy says. BBC News

  • Yah vry good

  • What was e cause? Unfair justice, don’t underate capital punishment? But murderes are walking free????

  • Mamagistrates anogona basa kana achidaro 100% kugona

  • Good

  • @Harold whats good about this judgment??

  • Their President Kinyata is the one who deserve dat sentence

  • Every human deserves dignity but thou shall not kill

  • excellent judgement… i watched the video…..where is the joy in stripping someone s sister,mother or daughter

  • Your Country is tough baboo Moses Musa

  • inini1545

    I am not a lawyer, but my feeling is death penalty, in this scenario is inappropriate. 10 years with hard labour would have taught the peps a hard lesson. Death penalty is to extreme for this crime.

  • They did not kill so why are you killing them your country’s justice is very tough. God says don’t kill

    • ZimMatata

      The women who got stripped are good as dead. There will live with the pain of humiliation for the rest of their lives.

  • mapuwei madzihwa

    These 3 stupid guys should have been hung by their balls for ten minutes and let them go.Stripping a woman is inhuman but killing was a too hash punishment

  • stupid judge chi chinoshamisa pa Ku stripper munhu zvitsva here kana mumba tinongo stripper wani

  • Its too harsh