‘Men can only do menial jobs at Women’s Bank’

Females will occupy all high-paying jobs at the mooted Women’s Bank, a Cabinet minister has said, adding men will be doing menial jobs at the financial institution.

Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister Nyasha Chikwinya
Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister Nyasha Chikwinya

Women Affairs minister Nyasha Chikwinya told the Senate last week that the Women’s Bank will be officially launched by September, nearly a decade after it was first mooted, with its headquarters housed at Trust Towers along Samora Machel Avenue in Harare.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said in his 2017 national budget statement that $10million will be availed to capitalise the bank. “

Chikwinya said they were finalising renovations to ensure that the bank begins working, with a woman chief executive officer and finance person already hired and working, she said.

Asked by Chief Musarurwa the criterion used on the recruitment of staff and that “are you only going to focus on women or you will also be recruiting men,” Chikwinya said affirmative action will be used.

“On that issue, we are quite flexible because we have males who are doing the general work such as cleaning,” she said amid loud interjections by male senators.

“Protect me madam president,” she pleaded with Senate president Edna Madongwe amid heckling.

“The issue of employment is where we use equal opportunity of 50:50 but we want it to come in as a statute. Once the 50:50 rule becomes a statute, it will no longer be for women only.

“Section 17 provides for gender balance. We are going to take it to the National Assembly and bring it here and once it is passed, you can get the menial jobs because for high posts, I think women will be heading,” Chikwinya said.

She added that “recruitment is done by the board, which is their work.”

Affirmative action will also be considered for lending by the Women’s Bank, she clarified.

“Men are not allowed to take a loan; we do not have money to give you,” Chikwinya said.

“You should visit every other bank for loans but with this one you cannot. Let us use this one to help women who have been disadvantaged all along.

“This is positive discrimination and we are not ashamed of it.”

She said men can bank money with the Women’s Bank but cannot access loans.

“We can work together but in terms of accessing the loans, we cannot accept men. I wish you could just understand that and give us a break for a short period.

“We are saying the 52 percent of women in Zimbabwe need to have that opportunity to access loans,” Chikwinya said. Daily News

  • Kuliwa namadoda yini? Kuhle ngoba abanye babo high paid imali yabo iyodliwa ngolova.

  • mt darwin

    I strongly advice all men NOT to bank a penny with that stupid bank.

  • I strongly advice all men NOT to bank a penny with that stupid bank

  • Dis kind of woman can turn a man into a slave, just ve a look at her

  • Kane murume ikaka ?

  • That’s segregation at its worst!!!!

  • I think women turn to be cruel if they are given power if you want to try it marry your maid.

  • Let there be a male organization which have any form of discrimination and listen to the noise

  • “Bank will employ more Women”

    • Is it by merit or by gender basis???

    • ..sort of,coz its a Women’s bank..but cannot say high paying jobs are for Ladies..meaning Men will do odd jobs😨


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  • Saka 50-50 yacho inenge iripapi manje.dai yanzi Men’s bank ine varume chete chete vakadzi vaizhamba.i feel pity for those who are married.they gonna be abused in the name of gender equality.ndoda kumbonzwao kana kuona murume anoisa mari yake imomo.

  • Now that’s discrimination and shouldn’t be tolerated

  • Afirmative action or discrimination? Food for thought.

  • Segregation at its worst, u will soon realise that to be employable is by merit and not by gender basis

  • As MEN we cant stoop so low by going to work for this Menstrual bank which will be leader by CUNTS

  • Typically an idiot. Brainless

  • The bank operations will not even commence before gossiping. #gossipers kkkk

  • Sexism

  • Thats gender discrimination….will it be rifht for men to do the same?

  • These people in zanupf never get it right,they lack moderation in their policies.Everything is stretched to the extreme and it all goes wrong.Women empowerment yes,but this kind of populism landed us where we are today.Someone is trying to justify the appointment of Bona Mugabe there,dont be fooled.

    • It is not even populism because populism appeals to the ordinary people. This is misandry and fake feminism meant to create divisions between men and women

  • Obaba bazoba ngoma thanyela,otea boy,abalindi,etc,utsho njalo yini Chikwinya?

  • All client wil be women…

  • All men don’t bank a single penny in that bank!!

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  • Then we must also create a Men’s. Women think they are a charity case who deserve to be employed and promoted on quotas instead of merit. Why do you cry for equality when you see yourselves as unequals.

  • So is this gender equality or what? I’m happy that the sentiments brought to exposure the vulnerability of men under the leadership of women. It is very unfortunate that younger generation is being treated with impunity just bcoz their forefathers had failed someone. This is none other vengeance !!!

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  • This will be a bank full of gossiping and in house fighting, competition of who is wearing what today haaa…. am a woman and I have seen it before#, never has such a set up worked before.

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  • Poor politicking coz its election time nhema dzoga

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  • If women have the same capabilities as men (like some of us always argue), then jobs should be gotten on merit

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  • discrimination at its best, we don’t want to seed this type of behavior it is morally wrong and offensive therefore it should not be condoned.

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  • That is outrageous. Whilst there is nothing wrong with women coming together and starting a bank as the shareholders, selecting who works there who holds what position based on gender is highly discriminatory if the constitution is ever regarded in this country, it reverses all the gains of the fight for equality that lobby groups have been fighting for. Same thing with racism issues, our politics have given birth to a culture that sort of like subconsciously defines racism to be racism when it is done by one race against another race, it is as if it is okay for a black person to be racists against a white person. If you are fighting against racism you need to lead by example and not be racist against other races, if it is fight against discrimination and inequality then it has to apply both ways, you do not correct the imbalances of inequality by making the less weight side overweight and leaving the other one worse off.

  • Hopefully women will constitute the majority of the depositors and actual deposits as well

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  • Is that equality that they have been fighting for all along ?learn to lead by example.

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  • and who would put their money there.i know that even the other women will never put their money there..women dont trust each other

  • is that not gender discrimination….if men had a bank and do the same..streets will be full the next day…theres no reason for men to support anything that discriminate against them

  • In this bank men would be cleaning toilets,the floor,dishes or standings at the entrance as a guard and serving tea to the manager.Is this the Zimbabwe we really need?One should get a job by merit not this nonsense.

  • And you are preaching against gender discrimination

  • Recipe for disaster

  • This so called empowerment thing has been misinterpreted by most women in Zimbabwe.Man are now being excluded in everything they plan yet they want to be on that men’s objectives.kujaidza gudo anokamhina.Discrimnation in society.

    • its just one bank brian not everywhere stop.being.emotional

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  • Sounds like a retaliation but for the why

  • Gender discrimination

  • What’s the gender of the majority of workers in Zim? Add the fact that women normally despise anything led by other women, you have a perfect condition of a still-born idea!!

  • Ridiculous
    This whole women empowerment thing is being misinterpreted. Read the following article. Very informative :


  • The women will be so happy that they’ll vote for the right MAN for president 2018. Then everyone will be happy

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