Chivayo marriage splits family

Businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivayo’s marriage to Harare-based Sonja Madzikanda has not been welcomed by some members of his family, it can be revealed.

Wicknell Chivayo with wife Sonja Madzikanda
Wicknell Chivayo with wife Sonja Madzikanda

If his sister, Moe’s words are anything to go by, there is bad blood between them and the new sister-in-law whose marriage has created the rift in the family.

And Moe was not present at her brother’s marriage ceremony this past weekend.

In several Facebook comments, Moe — who is based in the United States of America — lashed out at Chivayo’s decision to marry Madzikanda, saying she now “resented” him.

“Considering none of his six sisters are attending this circus (the sisters whose names she can’t memorise because they are too many) . . . I suggest some of you can go and represent coz pressure yacho ma1 and misquoting people . . . This story is becoming boring, don’t you think?

“That’s why less people are showing interest. Hopefully now that they are gonna get married, we can stop hearing daily that they had eaten sadza with what meat,” Moe said in one of the posts.

In another post she wrote: “ Hesi mhani KingYaya and QueenWicknell happily ever after till money do them part when the king finds out Queen is a comic book millionaire and owes more than he owns. Good night send us pictures of the $50k that they said he was going to pay, I want to see it.”

Moe went on to destroy Chivayo’s bank cards, which she kept with her in America running her brother’s errands

It also turns out that Madzikanda has also been bad-mouthing Chivayo’s sisters and mother, with Moe blaming Chivayo for telling his new wife about his family.

“Wicknell should just have left me beefing with his girl. He should have never insulted the whole family on social media over a girl apa he was lying futi.

“That’s what made me resent him coz if he can lie like that about his family pane vanhu I wonder what he says behind closed doors, so spare me the lectures I’m never saying sorry to anyone. Not to him or his girlfriend, wife or concubine or whatever she is. Case closed,” she wrote.

Word on the street is that Chivayo paid about $17 000 to the Madzikanda family.

In his response, Chivayo said his sister was foolish to think he will ditch his wife because the sister said his wife was scruffy.

“Listen if she (Moe) doesn’t appreciate me, and doesn’t respect my choice then it’s not my fault, she’s my sister, she is my baby, that’s my last born, but if she’s stupid enough to go on social media and display my business and fight the girl that I’m intimate with, that I sleep in the same bed with, that makes me scream all night then she’s stupid because she can’t win that battle,” Chivayo said in a live video on social media recently.

“Because the girl will just come in my bed and say I don’t like your sister and I will say for real my sister is foolish. If she says I want you to delete her number, I will delete it, or if I hear you talking to her I will dump you,’ we are men, we are fools and she’s a bully in bed, when you lie in bed you’re told this and that and you will say sorry over and over again, we are men, we are weak.

“And if she (sister) thinks she can control me over someone I sleep with, she is a fool, she’s stupid, these are matters of the heart, I will take my girl any day. She will realise it later in life that she misses me.

“She’s stupid, she misses me very quickly, if I go to America right now, and if I don’t get to see her she will cry for a month, or my brother came to America and didn’t see me, she will cry. She’s being childish.

“For her to get known it’s because of me because she says she’s Wicknell’s sister.

I asked her why she would want to fight with my girlfriend ‘do you want me to marry her?’ Don’t forget the bedroom power, that whole blood is thicker than water is nothing.” Daily News

  • Do we marry for our families or ?

    • As long as you live in the extended family setup you will have family values,guides etc in your choice of a partner

    • Wakurasika saka paunonyenga yu consult your relatives? Then if one marries to please hama saka hapana a perfect partner coz hakuna munhu angambozofarirwa nemunhu wese! Yes we mite have our African values but unoroora munhu waunoda kwete kufadza vanhu!!

    • Thus different from what Wellington Sithole said. The issue of family values is not like you should court your girlfriend after consulting but the values gave you an insight of what your wife should be like. Its not taught to someone but you adopt the family values when you’re growing.

    • George Samaz Mutika,all am saying is. In the extended family setup you know it by yourseld if your family accepts mvana/chirikadzi/pfunda/chirema as a partner. If you dont know that then kana uchirarama muExtended family setup you will have problems with your relatives. Haven’t you hears of parents who say mukadzi/murume wako handimude pano/handitambire roora rake? Thats what am talking about

    • Believe it or not family members rarely complain about the spouse just for the sake of it, so better listen when they raise a flag or you will regret it for the rest of your life!!

    • Family yangayajaira kudya mari yemuchinda manje pauya Hurumende itsva vavakuchema

      • Gymbunny

        That’s true, it’s same with girls, some vanochembera vabereki vachida kurova bhanzi chete, vanotya kuti blaz vakauya hapasisina kudya anytime

    • I am with you George zvekuroorana zvotangira pakunyenga izvi, the fam shld raise yu in a way youta kuti uzive selection

    • It is a stupid story too that we are wasting our precious time instead of attending to our 2,2 mill jobs created

  • Mari nechibhambi zvikabatana Tuku anoridza gitare rake zvake akanyarara.

  • Godo munoriwanźa.tsek mháni

  • So wat

  • Kkkkkk ko zvanziiko nemukadzi uyo?

  • Saharawifoxx

    Ka Moe kanovava aka. Kanoda shondo svinu kadzikame

  • Thats non of our business

  • Kochamunotinyaudzira choo kanhi nhai

  • Tiudzei zvikuitika kunedzimwe nyika tanzwa pano nezvawikiro wenyu uyu

  • hamenoikoko

  • Shane

    Bedroom power my foot kkkkkkk

  • Marriage is for two the rest are only there to witness so dont change yr mind my man

  • dzisiri dzenyu siyanaivo nadzo ,,,,, dzekumba kwako wambodzipedza here

  • Wicky is correct

  • Sir itai zvamunoda musaudzwe zvekuita


  • Nehanda and it’s interest to fakery lol, who is behind this Nehanda Disney Journalism lol

  • gwindingwirineshumba

    First time Sir Wikinero saying the truth. You stand by your wife when relatives attack,otherwise they will make you marry their choice instead of yours.

  • Mutengesimukuru

    Stupid “bedroom power” blablabla, you are not men enough if you choose your wife over everything, a real man is fair to his wife, family and friends and real wives respect such men.

  • bhutsumutandarika

    Bedroom power??? Lets see how powerful is the bedroom power when yo have it.

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