Wicknell’s US$50K lobola

By Adoration Bizure

Harare businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivayo has revealed that he paid every cent of the bride prize charged by his in-laws and even added a bonus bull on the 10 cattle asked from him.

Wicknell with fiancee Sonja Madzikanda

Chivayo opened up to H-Metro on his new marriage and said he is now looking forward to a new life with his wife Sonja Madzikanda.

Amid the excitement, Wicknell kept his social media followers updated with videos.

While the actual lobola was less than the US$50 000 he had actually expected to be charged, close associates told H-Metro that Wicknell spent at least US$50 000 on the day and most of the transactions were in cash.

Going into the weekend, Wicknell showed his followers Oliver Mtukudzi rehearsing for the event, revealing that the superstar charges US$4000 to perform at private functions.

On Saturday morning Wicknell posted a clip showing a truckload of groceries, which are part of lobola and then followed it up with another one showing wades of US$ notes placed on a bed as he was about to take off for the ritual.

He is now planning a ‘white wedding’ soon and he used his social media to promise an open invitation for his followers although this is bound to change when the day approaches.

Despite a busy Sunday schedule, which included birthday celebrations, Wicknell spoke to H-Metro about his special day, including that the in-laws charged him less than US$50 000.

“I am happy because I am now married to the woman of my dreams. The lobola ceremony was very organized, there was abundant food, alcohol and entertainment was provided by Oliver Mtukudzi.

“I was hoping that I was going to marry for more than US$50.000 but I wasn’t charged all that by my in-laws so I managed to pay what was required in full.

“I was made to understand that marriage is not a matter of buying someone but simply kubatanidza hukama.

“We also added a bull on the ten beasts which we had been charged and I am happy that I am now officially a married man.”

Chivayo had previously gone on social media stating that he would be disappointed if his in laws charged him less than US$50 000 bride prize for his wife.

The flamboyant businessman also revealed that his new wife is expecting.

“My wife is pregnant and very soon she will be going to USA to deliver and I am so excited about the new life ahead of us,” he said.

Speaking on why he had taken his time to settle down to marriage, Chivayo said it took him years for her to agree.

“I am so hard to convince and most of the women around me did not have what it takes in terms of I expect from a wife.

“I thank God because all the qualities I needed for a wife I found them on my wife, she is beautiful, she loves God, she is educated and above all she’s someone who was not after my money.

“I started proposing to her since 2009, and it was not an easy experience different from most of these uptown girls who would easily say yes to a millionaire like me.

“The fact that my wife comes from a well up family is also an added advantage to our marriage because I know she is not after material things.

“Her family gave her a good upbringing, she is well-travelled and enlightened about life,” he said.

Because of the life he has started, Wicknell said he was going to become mature and dump his childish acts.

“Now that I am married I have made a resolution that I now have to grow up.

“If there were any childish things which I used to do I will surely have to change,” he said. H-Metro