Porsche driver targeted by ‘Rolex Gang’

Video footage containing another brazen robbery allegedly at the hands of the “Rolex Gang” has surfaced in which they rob a motorist at an Illovo petrol station. 

The gang is infamously known for terrorising victims in the northern suburbs. Their modus operandi entails following victims before robbing them of their possessions.

The video in which a white Porsche stops at a filling a station was posted on Sunday on Twitter.

Moments later, a white Audi SUV, which appears to have been following the Porsche stops adjacent to it.

A man steps out of the Audi and approaches the driver of the Porsche – who at the time is being attended to by a petrol attendant.

The man appears to be speaking to the occupant in the Porsche but quickly returns to the Audi where it appears as though he is collecting something in the car, leaving the petrol attended slightly confused.

Moments later, two of his accomplices jump out of the vehicle, one wielding a gun which he points at the Porsche driver before robbing him.

The trio then casually return to their vehicle and make a get-away.

Police could not be immediately reached for a comment. IOL