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Will Nkosana’s good looks get him votes?

By Nixon Nembaware

Enter the handsome Nkosana Moyo! He is rightly named ‘Nkosana’ which literary means the ‘prince’ but will the Prince be heir to the throne one of these fine coming days. 

Nkosana Moyo
Nkosana Moyo

Will his fatherly looks, confident gaze and an assuring face bordered by tints of grey hair be useful in his bid for the post? Like it or not, call it trivia or dismiss it as stuff for some Hollywood gossip tabloid, Nkosana’s looks will be a factor in the 2023 elections.

Those who will not vote for him will consider his downsides: first of all, he is Ndebele (some backward Zimbabweans will not say it but they will not vote for a candidate with a Ndebele surname) in a country that is rotten in its under-structure and led by a content of leaders who from the Gukurahundi times are very tribalist.

Secondly Nkosana is coming at a time when the MDC and its allies are looking for more allies not stand-alone candidates. The MDC and its offshoots and formations believes it has monopoly over opposition politics and anyone who opposes it is an enemy.

They believe anyone who opposes Mugabe owes them support. Nkosana’s looks will definitely be a sway factor. Even if he gets two votes, one of the votes will be because of his looks (probably from his wife.) He can even get three votes, if he has a ‘small-house’ like most of our politicians.

Looks worked their magic in the 1960s in Zimbabwe. A clean shaven, articulate teacher clad in a safari suit and think rimmed spectacles, parted hair and Elvis Presley styled side-bands, who had travelled the world charmed the masses in a 1960 rally than the rugged looking nationalists.

Even though the nationalists had genuinely been fighting the real wars whilst the elegant gentleman was listening to Elvis Presley and having fun with Ghanaian beauty. This is the same guy who later showed us his quest for western elegance donning Savile row suits, Rolex watches and traveling the world non-stop. He was purely an academic with no clue how to run a country and he never mastered the game till his glory days expired and he became an epitome of failed governance.

It’s basically the looks, the deportment, eloquence, good timing and the tricks that got the catholic bred Kutama-boy to power much to the detriment of the Zimbabwean dream.Voting is not necessarily controlled by the content of ideologies and political rationality alone, its controlled by a multiplicity of factors including perception and looks of the candidate.

I have had informal chats been talking to people about Nkosana Moyo.  Many Zimbabwean still do not know him. This will be a turn-off for would-be voters, because in the eyes of the Zimbabwean conservatives/nationalists, you need to have “died for this country” and have liberation war credentials for you to dream of being part of the gravy train.

On the other hand to the Zimbabwean labour party/democrats namely the MDC you need to have been harassed by ZANU P.F (which is the MDC’s equivalent of war credentials) for you to be part of the chosen few. In both parties, there is one post that no citizen should aspire for and that is the post of the president because the incumbents are sacred demigods whose failures should not be mentioned.

From the day he made his presidential intentions clear, I showed about 20 and men and ten women ladies a picture of Nkosana Moyo. I would simply flash a picture and ask if you they knew the guy. Six out 10 of the men did not know him and 4 out of ten of the women did not recognise his face. Of the men, five of them were from rural areas and one out of five recognised and named him.

Of the ladies all the rural women failed to identify his face and did not know that he was intending to run for presidency. (You would probably think they are insane and out of touch but this goes to show that you assumptions of the enlightened voter is mythical) As our conversation would continue the issue of his looks came up, in some instances I had to induce it.

One lady described him as “Sexy” and even jokingly remarked “where is Mrs Moyo.” One said, “I would vote for this guy, just because of his looks.” The other a 29 year old NGO worker said, “he has a father-figure look, I can trust him” One gentleman said, “he has more live that mudhara” One of the ladies asked me “have you heard of the sexy grandpa the one who was trending on social media last year”. She pulled out her phone and showed me a picture of Irvine Randle.

This will probably sound silly to most Zimbabweans who in my view are still all hooked on the myth of the Rational voter. (Bryan Kaplan) The assumption that just because the average Zimbabwean has wallowed in poor living conditions under the hands of Mugabe would vote for Morgan Tsvangirai is one key myth.

How do you explain the Trump win (with all his misogyny and lack of tact and the presidential grooming and deportment that Clinton exudes) the Mugabe win (with all his apparent failure and lack of a clear vision), The Zuma win (with all his innumeracy, corruption and silly blunders akin to that of a naughty teenager). Assuming that somewhere in the enclaves of the world a completely rational voter exists is wishful thinking.

The best you can do is to redefine rationality in an irrational way so that the new rationality would suit your ends. Even if it exists rationality has its limitations and the voter is impressionable and as gullible in ways we may ignore. The level of numeracy and literacy (since Zimbabweans noisily talk of their higher level of numeracy and literacy as second only to that of Tunisia in Africa) does not have a positive correlation with political enlightenment. No wonder why you hear a 40 year old educated Zimbabwean saying “Mudhara uya akapenga pa Chirungu haaaa anotaura mudhara uya”.

Celebrating English eloquence at a time when what Zimbabwe needs is an economic turnaround, reintegration into the international community, board based prosperity, a functional health delivery system,an environment that fosters enterprise  and employment to name just but a few.

This just shows you how the rationality is just but a myth. If Rationality exists the people of Tsholotsho would not have voted for Jonathan Moyo with his ideological inconsistencies where in the early 1990s he was an avid critic of the man he now utter praises.

We all want political battles to be decided on substance and politicians to be judged by  the content of their character and ideas, but research shows that those assessments are greatly influenced by signals we perceive on a subliminal level through an individual’s looks, through their body language, and even the pitch and cadence of their voice. The surprise in recent research is that a candidate’s appearance can lead to a far greater vote swing than even the cynics had imagined.

Researches in American universities found that the effect of a more competent look amounted to an average vote swing of 13%. (Alan Schroeder:Presidential Debates: Forty Years of High-Risk TV). “All other things being equal, good looks will get votes,” said sociologist Barry Glassner, author of “Bodies,” a book that explores in detail about the attractiveness quotient in people’s lives.

And then, in 2005, Princeton psychologist Alexander Todorov found out that beauty didn’t tell the whole story as there were other factors and variables but they also concurred that voters appeared primarily drawn to faces that suggested competence.

The 1960s Presidential debate between Richard Nixon who looked nervous and with a haggard appearance, to the television viewers and the cool, dapper John Kennedy opened the eyes of political analysts to a critical variable whose influence many had ignore. I have watched the debate several times and indeed Kennedy was on point and visually convincing.

Many attributed Kennedy’s tiny margin of victory – less than one percentage point – to the impression left by that debate. Richard Nixon was said to have been deemed the winner by Americans listening on the radio and John F. Kennedy was preferred by those watching TV (this was a time when American TV viewership had increased). I am not sure but I am told they had to put Nixon on a milkshake diet to fatten him up and it worked better in the subsequent debates but the damage had already been done.

More recently in America’s 2008 presidential debate Barack Obama, despite a well-documented disadvantage in terms of race, won handily over John McCain on the physical impressions front. Obama’s deep voice, engaging hand gestures and habit of gazing on, intently, as McCain spoke, exuded a sense of charm, respect and competence. McCain, with his obviously forced grins and habit of rolling his eyes at Obama’s words, appeared angry and unlikable.

Meanwhile McCain’s white hair, bad shoulder (I say this with respect to those living with disability and also because some say he was injured whilst fighting for his country) and slight limp made him seem frail. In the next election, he faced a tougher competition from Mitt Romney who like David Cameron of Britain had a stiff posture and a muted body language that made him appear arrogant and posh.

One columnist for Politico.Com said, “Romney has chiselled-out-of-granite features, a full, dark head of hair going a distinguished grey at the temples, and a barrel chest. On the morning that he announced for president, I bumped into him in the lounge of the Marriott and up close he is almost overpowering. He radiates vigor.”

Earlier this year, xplaining why she lost election to interviewer Kara Swisher at the Code Conference 2017, former American Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blamed her loss at least partly on misogyny and an electorate that was kinda not yet ready for a female president.

She was quick to allay fears that maybe the electorate was ready since they had just finished working with a president of colour. She categorically acknowledged that President Obama was able to overcome racial barriers due to his appearance.

To quote, her verbatim she said “And you know, President Obama broke that racial barrier, but you know, he’s a very attractive, good-looking man with lots of —”. The conversation did not end there, even the interviewer acknowledged Obamas looks and said “Well, he’s likable enough,” to which Clinton responded “He’s likable enough, absolutely!” (pun was probably intended by the interview because Obama had once said Clinton is “likeable” during a debate in the 2008 presidential primaries but Clinton was genuinely acknowledging the fact that Obamas looks made a difference. 

Closer home, Morgan Tsvangirayi was teased by Mugabe because of his looks and calling him the nickname “chamatama”. More openly in 2013 at a rally in Nzvimbo Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe described Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai as “probably” the ugliest Zimbabwean man.

She went on to say the first time President Robert Mugabe, her husband met Tsvangirai, he came home trembling, as he had never seen an uglier man. Grace Mugabe said “He (Tsvangirai) is ugly both facially and in his heart,” Grace told a rally in Nzvimbo, Chiweshe.

“When Baba (Mugabe) first met him physically, he came home trembling and I asked him what the problem was, to which he (Mugabe) said he had never seen someone that ugly.”

Back in the days when the MDC was started avid supporters of Priscilla Misihairambwi used to passionately call her “chimoko chidanger” after a song that was trending those days where a guy was describing how beautiful his girlfriend was. This was because of her looks with nice flowing dreadlocks. 

Then ask me again Do looks matter – “Yes, they do” The answer will be disappointing to those who believe in the myth of the rational voter. Looks do indeed matter. But it’s not attractiveness alone that counts, but a group of traits people believe can be used to read in a character and their face.

The Bible in 1 samuel 9 verse 2 seems to acknowledge good looks as a factor in the selection of a leader , it says “Kish had a son named Saul, as handsome a young man as could be found anywhere in Israel, and he was a head taller than anyone else.” Nkosana has the looks but will he make it?

Nixon Nembaware is a Rotary Peace Fellow Class XII, International Christian University – Tokyo, Japan. You can reach him on [email protected] [email protected] or skype: nembawarenixon

  • They should

    • He is the only one who looks like he is gonna fall asleep at anytime in a meeting lol

  • If that’s what people are looking for but I highly doubt that.

  • I doubt that very much…..l think he will get a paltry 2% Zim politics is the toughest especially when it comes to presidential post people will smile at you and cheer you all the way to the pollung day but those same people will vote for the two obvious candidates

    • A lot is going to happen between now and election date never say never after all no campaigns have started yet for anyone to write off anyone

    • @ Shungu lets wait and see but l hve known Zim politics for quiet some time…..Mark my words the biggest beneficiary of these coming elections will not be a new player but the obvious horses

  • Chanes are like zero

  • Tsvangarai is and has always been the most popular leader since 1999. But the man has been betrayed by all of us, the Zionists of course and has always shown the signs of naivety. The way he handled his marriage issues, patronising fake prophets like TB Joshua is not different from expecting refined diesel to ooze from rocks like what those buffoons at ZANU PF did and all these exposed his weaknesses. I now feel Tendai Biti is the deal.

  • Am not sure of this

  • leadership and good looks are totally different. We dont vote someone just becoz he is handsome. Bein handsome or not its none of our business. We look at the history of the person and his manifesto. What he or she has to offer if we put him in the office. On the case of this guy surely he has nothing to offer.

    • I don’t think what you said is true. We vote for someone not because of what they are capable of doing but because of their popularity.
      Simba Makoni was the best candidate in 2008. Joshua Nkomo was the better candidate in 1980.
      As Zimbabweans, we ve been our own failures.
      If Nkosana was to stand, he will be way way better than all these other guys.

    • i dont disagree with you its your opinion. Vote for him bra

  • perhaps and only perhaps his so called”looks” will hve an effect on the women and the gays not to leave out the author of this crap as for me i jst see a man who is jst like any other man and its so unfortunate for him Zim politics is more abt balls than good looks

  • May be in mars not this time.

  • Let’s go nkosana

  • If l answer yes or no to this stupid question I will be an idiot! It’s just someone asking if Morgan’s ugly looks will ever get him statehouse!

  • Tsotsi iro, matsotsi aya

  • So that will be a ruff competition for Tsvangirai in that case

  • Hatidyi kunaka kwavamwe baba isu

    • The Doctor never offered his looks, don’t play mischief here! Listen to his message

  • Only God knows

  • MDC T is the ONLY hope for change in Zim not all these nonsense vote splitting briefcase parties.

    • Zanu PF will also tell you that they are the only hope for Zimbabweans.

      Did you say something about vote splitting? Oh, but who ones the vote that thou fear will be split? WHO? If any vote is going to get to the Doctor then it was never Tsvangirai’s!

      Any party will always start as an idea, very small, without membership however it is what is on offer that will carry it forward. This is never about removing President Mugabe but fixing our country!
      It looks like someone hasn’t listened to Dr Nkosana Moyo and is fast trying to dismiss him because he afraid he will runaway with the bone

    • You see what is happening from my own experience, Nkosana Moyo is in the right direction BUT the time he started campaigning now is not enough to convince the majority as we are hearding towards elections in no much tym to come. But personally I support his preaching for rebuilding a better Zimbabwe.

  • 1chikara che ZANU Morgan Tsvangirayi

    • And because if that Chikara has been made to stay in the bush where Zvikara live for almost 17 years now.

  • Kwatonhora

    Urikutaura zvechingochaningochani

  • Ndewekupi

  • Same old bustard

  • Which, what, good looks??? Zimbabweans are not fool to vote for a zanupf project which is meant to kill Zimbabwe and benefit zanupf and its projects like Nkosana. The people of Matabeleland are so wise that they can not vote for someone who is used by and for the protection of gukurahundi perpetrators. Being a project of gukurahundi perpetrators makes Nkosana an enemy of the pple of Matabeleland, Nkosana is a disgrace to ndebeles. Nkosana is against ndebeles, economic development, rule of law and a New Zimbabwe. SHAME ON YOU NKOSANA!!!!

    • Makuona zvimimvuri mvuri ka chese chese hanzi kune Zanu PF kumashure kkk haa yas.

      …asi hana dzavo dzave busy kurova… Papinda Game Changer haaa aaah

    • At least we now know who is more afraid of Dr Nkosana Moyo

    • Now you are out to use tribalism again. Purporting to speak on behalf of amandebele. Rubbish. You are speaking for yourself and you know that.

    • The swii

      Where are you getting your facts from?Please share with us and justify your accusations.This ignorant analysis of politics is what is killing us.

    • Having first name Nkosana & surname Moyo does not make one Ndebele. Nkosana’s father is Shona and mother Ndebele. Schooled at St Ignatius in Mashonaland East. Married to a Shona woman.

      People write things they don’t know. Midlands Province is a melting pot for mixed marriages and Shona & Ndebele people. Vamwe vanhu so. God have mercy.

    • Most Moyos are in Matebeleland l understand your [email protected]

    • Ndeapiwo matanho avari kutora for free and fair elections?

    • Muhammad Khaled AL Fayeed actually Mberengwa is home to most Moyos.

    • Hear hear who is speaking …Whatever project Nkosana stands for, it remains his democratic right as a Zimbabwean to declare and offer himself as a presidential option..

    • Hear hear who is speaking …Whatever project Nkosana stands for, it remains his democratic right as a Zimbabwean to declare and offer himself as a presidential option..

  • Who is the ugliest of all the participants if I may ask???

  • Not at all

  • Mother Nature

    Kulu bae

  • Dont mislead this guy.Hewont get anything nomatter how clean he is

  • NO!!!

  • He is late , in the mean time my vote is on Tsvangirai


  • If it were by physical merits and handsome faces then Tsvangirai and Mugabe would be far away from those thrones. Politics favours the ugly coz they give it. Ask mr Trump

  • Not from me. My vote goes to MDC T

    • That’s democracy is it! And someone’s will go to Zanu PF and the other to the Dr. then they will be counted and one is them will be a winner. Thank you!

    • Shungu our number one enemy is Zanu pf. Lets join hands and remove the party which does nt believe in democracy so that we will practice true democracy vaenda vese vanhu vezanu

    • ZANU PF vanhu ve Malawi vose avo. Ndosaka vasina basa nesu mashona original Zimbabweans. Tarisai muone kuti vose matop officials eZANU PF ndiyani mushona original except Walter Mzembi only? Vamwe vese vakakuiwa vana especially vanhu vemasvingo province vana General Amothy Chimombe, vana Zvinavashe, vana Mzenda, vana Zvobwo, nema Brigadier from Masvingo province vakauraiwa because vangavaakuda nyika yavo back kumashona varidzi veZimbabwe. Including Solomon Mujuru was a shona. Not vamwe vese vamunoona varipo variku enjoyer hupfumi hwenyika yedu havasi vemo avo. Malawi nezambia ndosaka vasina basa nemashona varikuvauraya. Angoda kusimudza musoro otouraiwa.

  • Good looks!?damn,even good looks dont buy you votes.my lil bro with that name is….i dont know what to say coz he is the real prince prety

  • Looks deceive

  • This is time for all other parties to unite against one common enemy this guy pops up, what tha fuck

    • There is no need to unite those who don’t have a message with those who have it. They will mess up the day for you! Munhu ngaamire kana aine message tione. I am afraid those who fear vote splitting are afraid that the smart who have been following them will flock away towards the sound message of the Dr. If enough numbers flock away plus the fence sitters then he will get the Presidency

  • The swii

    If I read correctly I think the writer is talking about the 2023 elections.Not the Watershed 2018 elections.If he does stick around till that time i genuine give him a chance.

  • My president

  • Hey sell this man’s ideas don’t play mischief and try to divert attention to looks bla bla bla

  • 2023 he will be too old

  • Party spoilers nxaaaaa. Where was he all the??? What fatherly look does he have??? Ngaaende kuDotito uko tione if he can pull any meaningful crowd then maybe we can believe him. Zvenyu zvekuti confident look pa fb hazvishandi izvi. Tikuda munhu anonobvongodza ma strongholds eZanu pf chete tozivaka kuti that is game changing

  • Zanu pf will win again, maybe u can tell me something new, that I don’t know.

  • I dont see the good looks! Besides this is not a beauty contest

  • As if it’s a beauty contest.

  • Goodleader i say!

  • As my aunt would say, ” What a load of Bulldust! ”
    A leader is as good as his followers .
    An Election is not a beauty pageant!

  • Me i’m not a politician but i’m encouraging you original shona people to for Tsvangirai because he trying to take our land back to us varidzi venyika chaivo. Because vese vamunoona vakafa vanga varimu ZANU PF vakafira kuti vakanga vaakuda nyika yavo kubva kuvanhu vemalawi varikutiira hutsinye munyika yedu, saka pavakatanga kuda kumutsa misoro ndopavaiuraiwa sehuku. Solomon Mujuru akangofa sedambe, especially vanhu veMasvingo province. Vana General Amothy Chimombe, Vitalis Zvinavashe, nemamwe ma Brigdiers from Masvingo province ndovanga vakabata Zimbabwe ndovaingotambisa Tsvangirai front chete kuti titore nyika yedu. Ndokubva zvabatwa ndokuuraiwa sehuku. Makaona kuti 2008 MDC yaka winer because Masvingo yese yanga yavotera Tsvangirai because varume vanga varimu ZANU PF varive Masvingo. Ndopavakatanga kufa sehuku. Tirikuda nyika yedu back.

  • He will not win anything unless he fights in chematama”s corner

  • This is over digressing . People should give this opportunity a serious thought. Zimbabwe has not only gone through terrible economic meltdown but also the magnitude of social damage amongst our people. Some of the murder cases being reported are shocking. If ZANU takes over again, Mugabe will hand over power to another person who will lead the country for another 38 years. You can imagine the dwindling traces of humanity that ensues.

  • Do looks put food on peoples tables?
    Do looks create employment? He should jus campaign we dont give hoot bout his looks
    Paachawana mavotes sa shakesphere maya ndopaachaona kuti looks are petty in politics

  • vusimusi

    Nkosana is indeed likeable. He looks presidential and I would be proud to call him my president. The opposition is right now very fragmented and it needs a unifying figure. Nkosana in my books fits the bill. The other presidential contenders like Morgan, joice, Welshman etc command a sizeable constituency but will they get the required 50%+1 vote on their own to take the presidency? I’m not sure. There is also the personal dislike for each other amongst key opposition leaders driven by egos that I do not see any of them prepared to work under the leadership of the other. I think this is the space the likes of Nkosana should claim. He is not compromised by corruption and he was never party to the disintegration of the opposition. I see him as the candidate with perfect credentials and if the opposition rallies behind him he could deliver the vote. After Mugabe Morgan, Joice, Biti, Nkosana and all can contest elections independent of the coalition if it gets necessary. The generational mandate for now is to get rid of that idiot Mugabe. If the opposition does not come together soon then Ngwena yaenda “nechinhu chedu”

  • Kkkkk his looks–‘-Is he looking for a wife.

  • Most Zimbabweans are now psychotic just cannot tell the difference between what is real and that which is not! They over analyze things and end up confusing themselves, just doomed to fail and Zanu PF is taking advantage!

  • He has the qualities. But he just has to start now and hit the ground running and go out there
    on a big massive campaign project, the time is still there for him to heavily feed the Zim masses with his name and manifestos and what he has to offer. Nkosana Moyo should not relax but put heavy campaign strategies and build up a strong team of hardworking energetic campaign tacticians from both government and the private sector and ordinary folk especially in rural areas. Political can campaigns have changed and politicians must now have new ways of campaigning besides rallies and appearing in newspapers or TV.Political campaigns should be done the same way a big company campaigns when introducing a new product to the market or promoting s product >they go all out all over the country road shows, campaign t shirts caps,fliers, leaflets etc everywhere till the target market and newer customers get interested in the product offered. Nkosana is the right package he has the brains,humility, looks, punch to be the President of Zim.But he should also get in good books with the CIO,Army, Police bosses and get close to them and assure them of better things to come or even good packages.he has to also play it a bit dirty and cleverly even buying out some influencial vote riggers in government.That’s how you play politics and win it besides the ballot box.

  • In politics, good looks wl count for nothing.Am afraid mr Moyo wl get a rude awakening come 2018.

  • What good looks ???
    He juss looks like a Muslim to me nemandebvu ake
    And halumj chinhu

    Where have u ever seen a normal person who come to run for presidency kwasara a few months to vote ?

  • Now its about good looks

  • paita ngochani journalist

  • If looks counted so much in politics surely Tsvangirai would not have trounced Mugabe in 2008

  • I will vote for him .

  • Zvigotipei

  • hatidi kutambisirwa nguva vaivepi baba ivava……..zvipiko

  • Trust the media to hype this man’s candidacy. Zimbabweans are no fools. This man will be lucky to get more than 100,000 votes overall.

  • If looks count ,Trump wouldn’t be leading USA.

  • Nehanda are you comparing Nkosana’s looks to other party leaders’ looks vis-a-vis their losses in past elections

  • I can see another dictator in him.this guy is just selfish why can’t he just join hands with other oposition parties and remove zanu pf .just because he wants the tittle ‘President’,he’s just a joke as far as I am concerned

  • Lance usade kutinzwa

  • Once again the poisonous political journalism takes grip of Zimbabwe. People diverted from real bread and butter issues to concentrate on petty personal attributes. What we must look at is if he is able to deliver and improve our country. It doesn’t matter that one can win the Mr Ugly Zimbabwe competition or the Mr Handsome one. Let us please mature and learn to make informed decisions.

  • Presidential seat is open to every1 and mese munoshora Moyo munei zvenyu zvitsvene? He is man enough atoshinga kukwikwidza. Imwi munoshora makadii kutanga kare kukwikwidza?
    Same pple vanoshora Moyo are te same vanoshora Mujuru,Tsvangirai kana Mugabe. Saka moda ani? Ipapo u r down South muma kitchen bt moshora hake aneshungu dzekusunungura nyika. Ndebvu dzinozivei? Hamuna baba kana hanzvadzi dzine ndebvu? Smtyms vamwe munozvishambadza hw concerned but dull you are.

  • Presidential seat is open to every1 and mese munoshora Moyo munei zvenyu zvitsvene? He is man enough atoshinga kukwikwidza. Imwi munoshora makadii kutanga kare kukwikwidza?
    Same pple vanoshora Moyo are te same vanoshora Mujuru,Tsvangirai kana Mugabe. Saka moda ani? Ipapo u r down South muma kitchen bt moshora hake aneshungu dzekusunungura nyika. Ndebvu dzinozivei? Hamuna baba kana hanzvadzi dzine ndebvu? Smtyms vamwe munozvishambadza hw concerned but dull you are.

  • Who cares about his looks

  • Who cares about his looks

  • Seriously NR, looks?? Since when does a man depend on looks? And a politician for that matter…

  • mr author you are a joke to think that we eat the looks.

  • Its a fact that Ndebeles are cute

  • Its a fact that Ndebeles are cute

    • Cute but empty upstairs..its a fact too

    • If you were not empty that country will be somewhere today but you are busy doing corruption bringing the country unless if that’s you see as full upstairs

    • You are an exception to that rule because cute isn’t a word I would use to describe you

    • hes not a ndebele but a karanga frm belingwe,makuva,chief chingoma

  • who said he has good looks?

  • who said he has good looks?

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Nkosana Moyo mukaranga uyu anobva mudunhu maChief Chingoma kuMberengwa akafunda pachikoro cheMakuva Secondary ichovo chakadzidza Alum Mpofu uya aiva CEO weZBC . So zvokuti mundebele handizvo ko iwe hauhwi sei asingapikisi Mnangagwa vanhu vamwe

  • Sorry maan ..The majority of us are not homosexuals.

  • Sorry maan ..The majority of us are not homosexuals.

  • If it’s about his good looks then his age group #will vote him.

  • The author needs to see an optometrist

  • clement moyo

    Hayi mani Nkosana is too soft for Zimbabwean politics. This is the kind of politics that need a strong and aggressive man and not Nkosana. Nkosana should try the diplomatic lines of politics. Why, is he dull – he just doesn’t get it, does he.

  • Tavengwa

    Let him shave or dire his hair first then we can talk

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    The writer has nothing of substance to say and so devotes the whole article to trivial!

  • lot chitakasha

    Very interesting, part banter but hugely serious on the challenges facing the country. Yes looks might gain him a few votes but they will not lead to an anointing..bhora I think is still in Morgan’s court. Good read!