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Zim-born killer jailed… faces UK deportation

UNITED KINGDOM – A Zimbabwe-born drug dealer who murdered a man for failing to pay a £10 debt has been jailed for life and faces deportation.

Joseph Zulu (left) has been jailed for life. Nicholas Grant was given 11 years for manslaughter
Joseph Zulu (left) has been jailed for life. Nicholas Grant was given 11 years for manslaughter

Joseph Zulu, 23, stabbed Adam Watt, 38, outside his Hemel Hempstead home with such force the knife cut through bone in his upper chest.

St Albans Crown Court heard Watt had been punished “for running off”.

Another man, 18 year-old Nicholas Grant, was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter and jailed for 11 years.

The jury heard that Watt fled after meeting the two men to buy crack cocaine and heroin worth £10 on the evening of 7 January.

Zulu then called Grant and the two men confronted Watt outside his home in Evans Wharf, Aspley Lock, where he was fatally stabbed at around 01:10 GMT.

He died in hospital five hours later.

Judge Andrew Bright QC said: “Adam Watt was a customer of yours. The motive was to punish him for running off. You could not be seen to allow a customer to run off with drugs without paying for them.”

The jury found Zulu, of no fixed address, guilty of murdering the former chef, as well as conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. He will serve a minimum of 25 years.

Grant, of Sunnyhill Road, Hemel, also admitted conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and was sentenced to a total of 11 years.

Jacqueline Brewin, 47, of Sacombe Road, Hemel, who drove the two men to and from the area of the killing, was cleared of all charges.

Zulu, who was born in Zimbabwe to a father from Lebanon and mother from the Congo, came to the UK when he was 11 years old.

Prosecutor Rosina Cottage told the court that Zulu could now face deportation, however Hertfordshire Police confirmed he will serve his sentence in the UK first.

In a statement read to the jury, Alexander Watt said his son had been in a constant battle with drugs.

“Although Adam’s addiction ruled his life, it never erased his love for his family and his deep routed decency.” BBC News

  • ngavagare naye ikoko handi he was born there kkkkk hatidi mhondi kwedu

  • Deportation after saving a life sentence lol

    • They will deport his remains when he dies of old age in prison. Lol

    • Kkkkk confusion from reporter

    • You dont understand UK law, the reporter is right. Sentenced to life but with minimum 21 years in jail which means he can be released after 21 years

    • actually life sentence here means 25years, and 25 years dzacho anopika 13years obuda, so he can still face deportation..

    • the repoter.says he wil save a minimum of 25, wre do.u get that 21 and life sentence is 25 years means whn thy day two life sentence means 50 years in jail

    • Lovington Brown Paraiwa you are lieing.There is no no murder convict saves half sentence.Its life in prison with a minimum of years set by the judge,after that one is eligible to apply for parole.

    • Lieutenent Rebel, What u mean i am lying, I work kuhigh secure unit , they count day and night as 2 days, It’s not parole but gore rekujeri it’s 6months. Usamhanye kuti ndirikunyepa. Ask anyone who knows the law.

    • Lovington Brown Paraiwa In England and Wales, life imprisonment is a sentence which lasts until the death of the prisoner, although in most cases the prisoner will be eligible for parole (officially termed “early release”) after a fixed period set by the judge. This period is known as the “minimum term” (previously known as the “tariff”).

  • Zulu’s Father is from Lebanon & his mother is from Congo????,,,, how’s he Zimbabwean & where’s his “Zulu-ness” coming from??

    • You can be Zimbabwean by registration, by birth and by descent Mr zororo mudede

    • Mandla Mkhwananzi ,,,, my point is ZULU name,,, there’s no Zulu in either Lebanon(his father’s country) and neither is there a ZULU in Congo(his mother’s country of origin),,,, did you read the story??

    • Hativazive ndeveikoko ndokunyika kwavo ikoko garai navo ndevenyu

    • This story doesn’t make sense. Zulu not a Lebanese name or Congolese name. And how did he come to being in the uk in the first place.
      And deporting him back to Zimbabwe after he’s sentence will not be a punishment at all,by that time Zimbabwe will be back on its feet and will be paradise again.

    • I did read the story very much,long back names used to have boundaries today we even have british citizens with shona names even nigerians represented england in under 20 world cup

    • Hey hanzi “Zimbabwean born” patrick pabatisise ipapo! Vardy is zimbabwean born but mu British wani!

      • James

        Point of correction Vardy was born in Sheffield England

    • Joseph Matigimmu

      You are very right kana neni that was my question pandanga ndichiverenga

    • Vardy Zim born??? Didn’t know that!!

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  • Saka surname yekuti Zulu akaiwanepi kana baba vake vari vekuLebanon then cogoleese mum?? Imika imi, zvamunotaura munozviwanepi? MuZimba full stop not rubbish idzo. Anyway paaanomuda mujeri Zimbabwe inenge yavharwa 😂😂

  • How does it work. Jailed for life and deported.?

  • Deport him to where? Lebanon? Congo? But certainly not Zimbabwe.

  • You have a point there Chris. They probably will deport his remains when he has completed his life sentence. Should be interesting.

  • Zulu, who was born in Zimbabwe to a father from Lebanon and mother from the Congo, came to the UK when he was 11 years old.

  • hatimude kuno kp him there in ur prision asvigwe mkosho ikoko

  • How does he come to hv Zulu as his surname? Something wrong with this man’s identity. His Lenaneese father and Congoleese mother should hv facked papers somewhere somehow.

  • It is possible to have Zulu as a surname because it is a common name in southern Africa as a whole. His mother is from Congo but might have had Zimbabwean links and that could be the reason he was born in Zimbabwe. Or is father might have been from Lebanon by birth and Zimbabwean by decent.

  • Jailed for life and faces deportation …? Help me understand

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  • A case of parents buying Zimbabwean Passports and getting into to England but now son to be deported to a country that’s not even his.
    Haayasi dai akangoita zvechikiro achitoshanda so shame

  • Why jail him so he can have after holiday at the tax payers expense ,just deported the trash and make sure he can’t ever travel to Europe again end of . 😡

    • Deport him to where? You want to give us your “trash” but continue to enjoy the cream of our personnel working there?

    • I agree totally !!!!!!!

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  • Vebhora munoramba navo moda kutipa mhondi imwi

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  • Kwatonhora

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