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If you’re Zimbabwean… Read This !!!!!

By Mr Bhaudhi

Zimbabweans are the most cruel and pathetic individuals on the continent, most of them. I am a Zimbabwean, born and raised in the dusty streets of Machipisa, Harare. I speak for myself and believe you me I am also on the list. You see most Zimbabweans are just as arrogant, cruel and pathetic as Robert Mugabe and his crew.

Zimbabweans protesting the hyper-inflation that turned them into "starving billionaires"
Zimbabweans protesting the hyper-inflation that turned them into “starving billionaires”

Did you know that 2 out of 10 kids in Zimbabwe are HIV positive? Did you know that out of 1200 kids in one primary school more than 300 are orphans? Did you know kuti out of 10 families 3 are being managed by anambuya. Grannies who are not working, Grannies who are not even on pension. Grannies who lost their children and are now taking care of their grandchildren. They are not even taking care of the kids, they are just looking after them. Nzara dzega dzega.

I was shocked today to see a 6 year old girl taking care of her 2 year old brother in some newly erected slums close to Mukuvisi river. Imagine in a school with 1200 kids, 900 have been chased away because of $5! The headmaster even went to an extent of reducing the school fees to $2 dollars but still all the 900 kids are still at home just playing with bricks and zvikweshe.

The buzz is only in the cbd and other few townships. In rural areas 90% of kids are out of school. No money for school fees. Vamwe vakafa kungoiswa mugumbese and get buried without a coffin. In these rural areas old people are taking care of your kids while you roam the streets of Johannesburg and Maputo. Did you know that the Musina border processes more than 30 dead Zimbabweans daily???? Now lets talk of Mozambique, UK and the other countries…

In these rural areas a few headmasters have even reduced the school fees to $1 ! $1 and still orphans are still being chased for such a small fee. As a Zimbabwean in Diaspora how much is your daily lunch? How much do you spend on weekend with friends? How many pairs of shoes do you have? How much do you spend on data bundles and airtime per week?

I know it’s your money but does it hurt just for you to sponsor $20 to a random kid back in Zimbabwe? Just one kid! We all know what is happening in Zimbabwe, let’s put ZANU PF aside. Lets forget about politics for minute. How would you feel that there are kids in Zimbabwe who haven’t eaten in 6 days? You might say they are not your kids but if you cannot see pain in a random child who is homeless and hungry then you don’t deserve to be a parent.

When was the last time you visited your old school, be primary or secondary school and just donate “a box of chalk” not a chair or table but just “a box of chalk”. They say people died of cholera, I was told today vanhu vakafa nenzara, they died of starvation. Another Granny cooked a last meal and poisoned her entire family of orphans. Zimbabweans we are so heartless and tiri mhat# chaidzo, especially we who are based in the Diaspora.

I am out of words and flabbergasted with how kids are living in townships and rural areas, Vana chaivo, 9 year old girls picking bones to go and sell just to take care of their old sick granny. Mwana ane 4 years kubatidza moto kuti abikire ambuya sadza without relish. Just pap and water. Some war vets are even using some other kids to to help them farm just for a plate of food.

As a parent of two kids in the Diaspora, zvandaona nhasi will never be forgotten. I actually had to park my car by the roadside and cried, I weeped. How can it be? How can a child spend 1 year without bathing with soap? How can a child spend a weeks eating sadza without usavi for weeks.

In the Diaspora my kids have weekends out at kfc or Nandos or steers, they leave half eaten plates of food. Our kids all do these things but in his day and age to find a child in rural Zimbabwe who have never seen a tv, fridge, microwave, projector or even a stereo?

We have Sir Wicknell, Chiyangwa, Ginimbi, Olinda, Pokello and lots of people but as Zimbabweans we are wicked to the core. We have lots of guys and sisters pa UK and South Africa who are making it big. Varoyi can never compete with us. We brag and show off our hot wheels, cribs and accessories while there is one child in rural domboshava who is suffering.

I am not worthy of being called  a ZIMBABWEAN and you’re also not worthy too. I can never carry a Zimbabwean flag right now. As Zimbabweans we pretend to be rich on facebook and instagram. We pose on hired cars and hotel rooms. We spend money on expensive wines and luxurious getaways and we have turned back on our orphans. Ndiani manje acha chengeta vana?

These kids have lost hope to live, some have lost the hope of having a dream. We have pastors who drive expensive cars and designer clothes. They take our tithe and offerings and buy exotic cars, they never plant a seed back in Zimbabwe. They only plant if they want pictures for other charity campaigns. We have lost our souls without knowing. How many Zimbabweans are in diaspora? More than 4 million, Just Imagine if we all can adopt just 1 child back home and cover their school fees especially in the rural areas.

All it takes is to pick up a phone and call your former school. Ask to do a remote adoption and pay school fees for just 1 random child. Just $5 4 Pounds or R100. The guardian angel from heaven will bless your hand. Don’t waste time, USAID iri kuzama kuvapa chibage but they are eating maize meal with nothing.

I was raised by USAID, MASHAMBA NZOU. They paid my fees and now I am in the Diaspora. I am so ashamed that I have forgotten where I have come from. But today that will change, I will adopt a random kid from my primary school and pay their fees. Lets work! Ndatenda hangu.

Mr Bhaudhi

  • This is so true

  • I have always said this to my friends about shona people. I want to believe the idiot who wrote this is a shona also.

    • what do u mean

    • yes what do you mean. that doesnt make the ndebele superior. sister dont incite tribal war where its not neccesarry. the article says Zimbabweans. ndimi type inoshoresa ma ndex imi. saskam

      • Gugu

        While we don’t think we are superior my fellow Ndebele is saying most of this evil is done by Shona.Take for example your Mugabe how can a President visit another country,Malaysia,Dubai as and when he wants without invitation for that matter.What goes on in his mind when he is supposed to be a leader.Does he not have any shame that I am visiting another country every 2months.What do the Malaysians think of him that he leaves his people for fine dining in thier country which he has destroyed in his country.I dont think Malaysians love him and I have seen this with most Shonas that they steel and want to show off in the UK,Joburg,Dubais.Talk of Kasukuweres,Chombo etc.So yes writer Shonas, are the most evil people and you don’t love your country or think of your fellow countrymen.It’s all about me,me and show off.

        • Wasu

          So are you saying just because Mugabe is Shona, it then makes every shona person bad/evil, and every Ndebele person a saint? Sometimes its better to keep one’s thoughts to oneself if one is unsure of one’s own intellect. There is a lot of evil that has been committed by shonas, ndebeles, karangas, korekores.and the rest of mankind for that matter…….but the moment we label such along tribal lines we have completely lost the plot.

          I hope you re-think the implications of your thought process especially before going on a public forum and consider the impact your words will have on humankind…..lest you reduce yourself to another Mugabe….(The very person you say is evil….minus the benefits of state house of coz)

        • captain dugaz

          shallow mind

        • tee cee

          paying fees for some kid at a certain primary school has nthng to do wth mugabe even in countries where the economy is stable they are orphans

        • caleb2011

          Someone cannot travel by donkey or live in a cave yet he/she does have the money to spend. Life is very short to live miserable. Even Shaka or Lobengula did not live like the ordinary citizens of Zululand.

    • Keep your ideas to yourself.

    • what a blatant racist

    • Its about Zimbabweans here. Khumalo go back to your country

    • ko tinotukanirana chii ko nai?

    • Simba Takaidza Mabvunure shona and Ndebeles are the same race😸😸

    • so you agree kuti ndebeles are not Zimbabweans

    • Racist

    • Fuck urself….tribalistic minded

    • siphiwe khumalo,revise your manners,,you sound just like that shona idiot

    • When Jesus said it is finished he was referring to your brain

    • Learn to see pple as pple u idiot..tribe irikupinda papi look at facts and not tribe u fool rotten to the core ..heaven is not for tribalists like u

    • Mukanya

      To which primitive four-legged animal kingdom do you belong to, if you are not Zimbabwean?

    • Munashe Pawarikanda 🤣🤣🤣musadaro vamwe veduweee

    • He could be telling the truth how can 20000 be killed in a country then nobody says anything

    • munashe apa warikanda benzi iro

    • Insult all you want! There is absolutely NOTHING you can do – The internet has made you feel volatile yet in the streets you can’t even look Ndebele people in the eye, i see you everyday in Bulawayo and SA you are the shyest cowards to ever walk this earth or is it the guilty conscience? You can’t even have a 2min conversation with Nguni people idiots, Mugabe taught you bullsh!t. We will avenge our people. That is why you went to Korea to train and kill defenceless women and children – You hold 70% percent of the population in ZIM but you can’t stand up and fight for your children’s futures, whenever there is a demonstration you prefer closing your doors whilst having sex and cooking rat-stews. It’s funny how you complain of Mugabe but when we told that he’s a suskum you killed our parents. War is coming- We will frogmarch you from Bulawayo to Mashonaland. You bring your ugly black kids to Matland who don’t even have manners! Sizolisorter 1 day lingalindele soliquma amasende zinja.

      • Harry O

        In as much as i regret what happened in Matland, you are not worth being a human being my friend. You are filled with hate and stupidity. One Shona person does not represent all. His mistakes are not our mistakes. Why hate shona people for the crimes of a few individuals? If one person in your family is a prostitute, does that make you a prostitute, or your sister, your mother a prostitute?????? THINK BEFORE U WRITE YOUR RUBBISH HERE. If you want to kill someone, why dont you go and kill that person. You will do everybody a favour. Why waste your time and energy here???? Go and release your anger on the real person. Are u smoking rooibos…..

      • Gymbunny

        You do realize your ancestors were run out of SA by Shaka and Zimbabwe is the only place they found refuge? Mzilikazi killed far more Shonas and other tribes on his trip up North, raped countless, chances are your great grandmother was the very Shona you despise. Lets not take hostility from the past we had no control over and divert it from real issues like fixing our country. and also whilst you are busy ranting your Ndebele brothers are enjoying love with the Shona sisters, so relax

    • If anyone of you wants a war come to Tshabalala township Bulawayo, i will stab him or her right in the ass.

    • To hell this is our country for your own information,where is your mother.

    • To hell this is our country for your own information,where is your mother.

    • Try it and see,u forgot too fast

    • Try it and see,u forgot too fast

    • Voetsek wena son of a b!tch.

    • Voetsek wena son of a b!tch.

    • Harry O

      DAKO RAKO… What does being a shona or ndebele have to do with this? sis

    • ndopatinozokuudzai live kuti mandevere murimaroja muzim and hamudiwe kuS.A meaning u hve no place yenyu chaiyo on earth vapfana.

  • So you think thinks like this happen in Zimbabwe only and it is done by shona people only i dont know how you did your statistics but i think its baised

  • Yu very right braa full of themselves for nothing. …..

  • well said bro,especially the likes of chiyangwa,chivhayo ginimbi etc they’re always showing off about their riches.But let’s we not blame them maybe the sauce of those riches stricts any form of help.

  • Food for thought….. you have indeed challenged us.

  • Touched by your story but to put us in one umbrella isn’t good ,you go on insulting some of us who are even struggling to put food for our own kids on the table.Mhata nguwe and your colleagues who manage to take your kids to KFC and just waste money because as you say your kids don’t even eat half of those meals .

  • Usatijairire fok

  • Chokwadi chinogwadza ichi kana uri munhu kwete mha#



  • So wat?

  • kiddnile

    While the story sad reading and is factual ,the problems in Zimbabwe cannot be solved uncoordinated individual efforts by those who can afford. Our problems will only be solved after the heartless and corrupt Malawian and zanu pf are no longer in power. Look Ian Smith much as he was a racist-cared 1000 times more than the Malawian Mugabe. Mugabe is not and was never patriotic
    Our challenges are great but we will not make progress for as long as the country is under Zanu pf sanctions.

  • chokwade chorwadza its true most of all they want easy life thts why many are yellin recieve in churchies ryt nw selfish nd un organised cnt even say enough is enough to a corrupt government

  • I myself ain’t cruel and pathetic and i never stoop so low that i start denigrating my fellow country men. Western propaganda had sunk into your scalp.

  • Ndokumbirawo usatituke. A good idea can easily be ignored if it is communicated wrongly. What causes u so much anger like u fell from the sky today n found everything wrong. Understand that people are tired of placing their hard earned money in wrong hands. As the idea come to u bro create a channel and we ll follow.

    • Thank you

    • Exactly

    • The swii

      Wisdom right there

    • Ninety Two

      Very true. Many have tried and have ended up regretting after their donations end up in the wrong hands.

    • Gymbunny

      Also he assumes just because he had forgotten where he came from, everyone else had, that’s not fair and not true. Many of us are looking after our families in Zim. Charity begins at home and starts at grassroots. The bigger issues he raises are institutional and can be resolved or tackled by government and welfare policies including public health. but Zimbabweans are nice people, the best on the planet. Musangitituka pese pese. I am proud to be Zimbabwean!

  • Chinjai maitiri

  • Bhaudhi, if you’ve been doing nothing about the poor stop dragging all of us into your world, we ain’t the same.

  • On point sir the truth hurts tirimha#

  • Nyaya yako yakanaka but ukutitukirei?

  • [email protected] Bhaudhi.We are such arrogant n stupid individuals who think they are smarter bt suffering to death. Tjovitjoo!

  • Chee

    They voted Zanu PF so Zanu PF must help. Helping munhu nanomuka achiti pamberi nezanu mangwana. Kwete bodo no

  • Not even one comment above blamed Mugabe for our socio, economic and poor welfare. A clear sign that Zimbabweans are not only ignorant but also dumb and blind. Showboating is all Zimbabweans know, displaying cars, clothes, gadgets and cash when the country is suffering. Just yesterday our own self made millionaire Chiyangwa was on social media showing off his hotel room to starving fellow citizens. That says a million words of Zimbabwean attitude, too self centred and uncivilised.

  • Wataura chokwadi Bhaudhi

  • Manyara Manyara

    Well! Are you glad you got that off your chest as it was obviously weighing heavy on you? Ko why kuzotuka? Wadikutaura nyaya yako zvakanaka. Kuda iwe wangawakanganwa kwawakabva asi isu tiri muno hatina kukanganwa. Tine vanasikana kuEpworth uko watinopa mapads every month but you don’t hear about it. No need for a broadcast. If you are feeling guilty that you have been doing nothing, then that is your problem. Wadi kutsvaga futi Chiyangwa naWicky and take it up with them pane kutuka every Zimbabwean! That would be more useful. Dzidza kutaura.

  • Zee

    Saka ndizvounotitukira izvozvo. Getaway mhani. Pane vanhu vakawanda varikubatsira kunze uko. Approach yako yakadhakwa

  • Proud Zimbabwean

    Mr Bhaudhi the mistake you made is insulting all Zimbabweans. You need a lesson in PR. If this is the first time you’ve been touched then you’re actually behind. As we speak I sponsor a child through World Vision. ($48/month) At the end of last month a contributed more that $1 000 at my church which raised more than $15 million for Various projects around the world. I know of a Zimbabwean pastor who works here full time but is building classrooms and clinics in rural areas. I can go on and on.
    All this excludes the assistance we’ve been sending back home: sending kids to school college, funerals. My family and Others I know have done a lot. Of course a lot needs to be done to help those with no families in the Diaspora.
    If you want to help more get yourself organised form a charity organisation and raise funds start doing more but stop painting all Zimbabweans with one brush because patakatanga wanga usipo ende hatina kutumwa
    However you need to know that the very fact that we have ZANU PF in power means we do not have the necessary infrastructure that will make it is to channel help where it’s needed most

  • He should direct all this to a failed government not zimbabaweans..mismanagement, corruption, etc of the gvt. Not individuals. In any normal country the gvt takes care of its people not the other way round. Here in namibia education is free to all its citizens, even university they get funding from gvt. So leave zimbos out of this mess!

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    Iwe Bhaudhi utikwanire! I am sure you haven’t been home for quite some time! You just don’t go into rural areas and start donating staff! even giving out money! Yes I know you said “lets put ZANU PF aside!” but ZANU PF is the architecture of everything that is wrong in Zimbabwe, you cannot go and start giving kids food or whatever you may have, without getting a clearance from a ZANU PF official! THAT’S A FACT! According to ZANU PF, everything needs to be vetted first before its given to “our people”! ZANU PF will rather see kids and the elderly starve to death than allow anyone who is outside ZANU PF structures do anything for the people! The rural people are kept starving so when election time comes, there will be hand-outs from campaigning ZANU PF politicians!

    I am saying this from experience, I went to my rural home primary school, I had some bread and powdered milk that I had brought for kids in the lower grades to take home! Before I we could unpack everything, from the van, there comes some ZANU PF “youths” who wanted to know who had “authorized” my donation! to cut the long story short, I ended up giving the whole Van-load goodies to them, so they can distribute them later “to the deserving only kids” ….up to now I have no idea where the food went and I am pretty sure the kids never got to see any of the food staff!

    So Baba Bhaudhi…..Zimbabweans need to help, but please don’t force me to donate staff through ZANU PF!

  • Whoever wrote this story you are an ass. Instead of preaching unity, you talk about self hate. If you are a failure please do not brush everyone the same. What are you doing to change your community? Sit down!

  • Ninety Two

    Why look to those in the diaspora. If the Zimbabwean people stopped sponsoring theses so called men of God and fake prophets things could be different. There is money in Zimbabwe.

  • Ndiwe wega wakadaro

  • Ndiwe benzi not ini

  • U say 30 dead bodies are processed everyday at Mussina border post, where did u get those statistics, coz thats a gross exaggeration of figures n misleading zimbos! get your facts right before just uttering to the public!

  • Get rid of the root cause of this starvation and build the country thereafter. It is a noble idea you are bringing up,but ,most importantly we need to rid our country of Zanu and build it from there

  • Get rid of the root cause of this starvation and build the country thereafter. It is a noble idea you are bringing up,but ,most importantly we need to rid our country of Zanu and build it from there

  • Shupikai Nesango

    Mabhaudi FAKE CRY for charity funds which are then abused to buy LUXURIOUS goods all in the name of Children (some use G-D). Go and clean up Machipisa in your backyard before you school us.

  • tee cee

    gud piece of an article with some sensible points

  • Ichokwadi maZimbabweans tine hutsinye hatikwanise kubatsirana, unonzwa munhu achivhara wangu mwana Ari kunyora Cambridge but pakupedzisira vese Vana paMSU, .

  • Ichokwadi maZimbabweans tine hutsinye hatikwanise kubatsirana, unonzwa munhu achivhara wangu mwana Ari kunyora Cambridge but pakupedzisira vese Vana paMSU, .

  • #freedomfront

  • You are the cruel and pathetic one old man don’t drag us in your mud puddle

  • Who else wrote this is a fucken mother fucker stupid n uneducated bastard who rely on social media

  • Black Jesus

    No matter how much money we give to our starving millions, it won’t solve the problem. How much aid have we received all these years and nothing has changed. We judge a government by how well our poor are looked after so don’t come after us but go after that useless so called government in Zimbabwe.

  • Well said. Chokwadi chinorwadza but this is a fact

  • I agree with yu James

    I was just about to say show me what you have done

    True put the idea down ask ppl to help.

  • taps

    Machipisa is a shopping centre. No one was ever raised there.

  • Ian Douglas Smith.

    Zanu Pf which you are putting aside is the main contributor of all the hell you have mentioned and many more you do not know.if we contribute money or clothes the will not reach those children in need.they will end up being distributed to Zanu Pf suppoters by Mugabes wife.Lets remove ZANU PF and everything will be noemal on Zimbabwe.We love our country but we are in Diaspora because of these animals.

  • Mbulumakhasana

    Ya linyile maShona! It’s about time the Ndexit happened sitshiyane lamanyala wenu.

  • speak for yourself

    Speak for yourself. I am a very loving and kind Zimbawean. Do not generalise speak for yourself. Its funny you are removing Znaupf from the whole puzzle and yet Zanupf is the main piece in the jigsaw. If there was proper social care management these children and elderly would not be suffering like they are now. Yes people can help but how far does this help go? As long as ZANUPF is in power this will continue. I am surprised you have only learned that there is so much poverty in Zimbabwe and yet you call yourself a Zimbabwean. Most people in the Diaspora look after their own relatives and it is not easy. Many Zimbabweans would have died if people in the diaspora had not and if they stop supporting. So please don’t just write your nonsense.

  • Taliban

    The Zim problem is at Bob’s door step. To use the writer’s aggressive term, Mhata ndi Robert Mugabe, Hure rake Grace nedzimwe mhata dzinovanamata saana Chiwenga. Until and unless we learn to kill as they kill us we are in for a long rough ride. Nothing else will make sense