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Tribute to Itai Dzamara – My ultimate hero

By Patson Dzamara

It’s now 28 months since those evil intoxicated men snatched you from us mukoma. I still hold on to the hope that one day you will be with us. I look forward to you mischievously calling me ‘mudhara’ or ‘dhokota’ on this side of life as before. 

Itai Dzamara
Itai Dzamara (Picture by Kumbirai Mafunda)

The past 28 months have been surreal for the entire family and me.

All sorts of incredulous and austere things have transpired. Before I delve into those nitty-gritties, I wish to inform you that I failed to uphold the ultimatum which you gave me.

You gave me up until the end of 2015 to get married, but I haven’t managed to do so as yet. I am positive that it shall come to pass in the not too distant future. Hopefully in your presence. 

When they abducted you, I could not remain silent. I stood up and acted against that injustice. Ordinarily, I should have been the last person to even think of doing that after what happened to you. I could not hold back neither could I afford to betray you. I had to emulate your example of selflessness.

In the past 28 months, I have been arrested more than 20 times, I have spent days in prison, and I have appeared in court more than 80 times. 

Mukoma, I have been abducted, tortured, falsely convicted, smeared, lost assets,  lost relationships not forgetting business and career opportunities but by God’s grace, I didn’t lose myself neither did I lose him. 

I am still standing mukoma. 

The temptation to give up has always been a constant companion but the example you set, not only for me but many progressive Zimbabweans, keeps me strong and going. You blazed an amazing trail. Caring less for your comfort and security, you stood and faced the monster head on. 

When everyone else was whispering, you shouted. When everyone else was shrinking into the cocoon of fear, you boldly took a stand. When everyone else normalized the abnormal, you boldly declared it was abnormal. You declared that “We are the people, we are the numbers, let’s go.” 

You are a selfless man who did it for Zimbabwe, not popularity. You did it for a better Zimbabwe. Itai, you are a hero to me and many other Zimbabweans. I draw inspiration from you and your brave stance in the face of oppression.

Whatever happens, I am thankful to God for allowing me to share the same womb and upbringing with you. Without me knowing or paying particular attention, I shared part of my life with greatness, your greatness. You are more than a brother to me; you are my ultimate hero. 

Thank you for sacrificing towards a better Zimbabwe. A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime, we shall come face to face with it. 

Namaste – The greatness in me salutes the greatness in you. 

I love and miss you. 

  • ayaas this kid is riding on the name of Itai. U seem to take pride in activism yenyu nana Linda yekubira gullible people mari dzavo. I don’t think yr brother Itai would approve of yr shenanigans if he was there. I remember when u sought sympathy from Zimbos by saying u were in ICU wen u never bn near the ward. Yr fellow activist Linda got into a brawl at Yolanda and wanted to turn it into a political issue. U are a disgrace lot to ol the people who fight for the betterment of Zim

  • Kwana iwe

  • This evil regime will be history one day. God is watching

    • Oh yeah and God is going to give you what you are asking for sucker . You deserve to die son of a bitch

  • I don’t see how your brother was a hero for asking a democratically elected president to step down. He wanted popularity and he got it. In politics you either win or you lose, your brother lost and it looks like you are headed the same way. Hypocrites

  • He will reappear before the 2018 elections.He is not missing for real.Just hiding from the public eye.Its all part of Zanu’s ploy to create another face of the people’s struggle and divide opposition votes in 2018.The beating and abduction were all staged and he was a willing participant

  • Hu hu hu kuhukura kwembwa dzinohukura nzou iri kuzvifambira zvayo ikakutsika woti mavara azara ivhu . Zanu Pf yakatadzwa nesu veganda jena imi zvenyu vana musvuu ganda musina chinhu ndimi mungazoigona ???? Rambai makarara kurota kwamuri kuita kuri kukupai kurotomoka isu tiri kuzviwona tinyerere munoti tiri mapofu ???pedzanai pachenyu kana mapedzana it will be time to reclaim our colony

  • Yes!!

  • EISH

  • akananzva pane utata

  • Nxaaaa

  • Muchapera asina hama yakafa ndiyani muhondo

  • Wakaonda shaa ishaya idzo

  • Mnangagwa knows very well were he is

  • Climbing the ladder of lies to gain hero ship.U are so evil Patson

  • I salute you mr Dzamara. Don’t dare listen to the very same people who abducted fellow countryman for and praise a wicked administration for their next meal.Progressive people of Zimbabwe will always support and stand in solidarity with the struggle Itai and others started. Yes another Zimbabwe is very possible in our lifetime. These spineless Mugabe boot leakers should help rig his age if they truly love him. The end of barbarism is nigh and never again shall Zimbabwe be run from a far east hospital bed.

  • Umwe ngaambovamba kambo kaya kanonzi Huku….

  • Sadly missed Itai

  • izvi hazvina ma results. siyanai nazvo

  • Ma 1 zozo