Bev makes ekasi debut

Raunchy dancer Bev Sibanda and her Sexy Angels will tonight show off their dancing skills at Umqombothi Sports Bar for their Bulawayo fans with the dancer saying she is ready to rock the stage.

Dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage
Dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage

The last time Bev was in Bulawayo was in April at Private Lounge five days after she allegedly suffered a miscarriage of Andy Muridzo’s child. The show was a joint birthday party for her and Zoey Sifelani.

Hapaz Mapimhidze, Bev’s manager, said a recovered and rested Bev who will arrive this morning, is geared up to dish out the best for her loyal Bulawayo fans.

“Apart from dancing on the night, Bev is also a singer and will belt out tunes from her only album Tapinda and other tracks she has done with other musicians in Zimbabwe.

“Bev is ready to rock the stage. This time we have new tracks and even new dance routines that people I believe will enjoy,” said Mapimhidze.

Umqombothi spokesperson Zandile Moyo said they were looking forward to hosting Bev and the Sexy Angels.

“Bev is coming to Bulawayo to get people dancing and singing during the night. She is a total package as apart from dances that she’s known for, she can also sing. This I believe can enable her to pull through the whole night,” said Moyo.

She said before she performs at Umqombothi, Bev will undertake a tour of bars around the city.

“Bev wants to get an appreciation of the bars around the city and see what they have in store. She’ll be at the Cecil Bottle Store, then go to Private Lounge to interact with fans and dancers.

“Thereafter Club Connect, then take her personnel to Club 263, before visiting Shisha Bar at Bradfield Shopping Centre. Thereafter she’ll proceed to Umqombothi for her performance,” said Moyo. The Chronicle

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            Hauzive manje TSM. Unenge uchitsvaga Bev kanhi?? I said kunenge kune a wide range ye zvimoko. Sharaude hauizive? Zvino khuluma futi. Mind you Byo is the City of Queens.

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