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Nkosana Moyo’s first shot misfires – ZUNDE

By Benjamin Paradza

Nkosana Moyo’s entry on the political scene can only be good for democracy. ZUNDE respects and encourages people’s fundamental rights and freedom to participate in the politics of their motherland.

Nkosana Moyo
Nkosana Moyo

As we have previously said elsewhere, having more political and other organizations that have as their core business challenging the evil undemocratic dominance of ZANU PF means our democratic family is growing.

In a family one child cannot be and will never be exactly like another. We differ in looks, height, perceptions and ideas.

At some point in our journey as a family we must identify what we share, such as our parents, values, experiences and traditions. This is what brings us together more than anything else.

From where we stand as ZUNDE, we think that Nkosana Moyo showed himself to be a man of honour and courage by dissociating himself from the ZANU PF corrupt regime.

That you cannot take away from him. However, as far as I recall, that is about all we know about Nkosana Moyo. He left the political scene and went underground never to say a word about anything — not even a word of solidarity with the people he now seeks to govern as President.

It almost seems that he had decided to have little or nothing to do with helping his fellow countrymen until a couple of months ago when he was pushed by someone or some force to have a go at it.

For that reason, he does not stand out as a genuine fighter for democracy. As commentators are stating in the media, he will need to do a lot of work to let people know who he is, where he is coming from, what he stands for and convince them that he can be trusted.

All we can do for now is to welcome him to the fight for a better Zimbabwe and to wish him well.

Of concern to ZUNDE is his dig at how he views the land reform programme and indigenization which he says he supports. He does not want to qualify his statement and so far he has not told us how he will rectify an already bad situation. According to him it is execution that he disagrees with. We would like to hear more about how he intends to correct what has already gone wrong with these policies.

ZUNDE acknowledges that land and industry are the backbones of the economy anchored by good governance and the rule of law. They are the chief source of livelihood of the nation in terms of jobs and production. They cannot be recklessly placed in the hands of people who do not know the value of those means of production.

We are not only talking of jobs and livelihoods, we also talk of the revenue base that takes care of the vulnerable and the infirm. Think of thousands of graduates from agricultural colleges like Chivero, Mlezu, Gwebi and the Universities. They are trained to work the land productively. As ZUNDE we believe these are some of the skills to look at as we move forward.

We are also concerned that Nkosana Moyo does not believe in unity of the opposition in this fight for democracy. ZUNDE has spearheaded the calls for a united opposition and we cannot keep quiet when someone starts to preach disunity.

The people have asked for unity and we are striving to give it to them. What sort of a leader would you be if you are going to trash the concept of a coalition formed primarily to bring about change as one? If Nkosana Moyo’s entry had been characterised by a loud call for unity of the democratic forces, he would have won a lot of hearts.

The nation must listen carefully to these new kids on the block and not be carried away in the wind like feathers. Zimbabwe needs its people to give their mandate to leaders who have the passion to fight the ills that the ZANU PF regime has brought on us.

Dr Nkosana Moyo, we wait for your manifesto but so far, the little you have said is not encouraging. Your first shot seems to have misfired. We expect a lot more from you.

Benjamin Paradza, Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe

President of ZUNDE

zunde.org; [email protected]; @zundezim

  • Funny opposition parties seem to be scared of nkosana than zanu pf why not direct your ammunition to the ruling party

    • are u forgetting Nkosana attacked othr opp parties on his launch?

      • Tsvangirai, Bob in disguise.

        they seem more concerned about who is going to lead than ousting Zanu. anyway its his constitutional right to run for presidency.
        i think thats ballsy just telling it like it is

    • What did he say?

    • so far the pomp and funfare is confined to hotels and newsrooms, the time shall come when reality checks are exercised. Politics is a game of numbers, play a tribal card at your peril, the outcome is inevitable.

    • From the very onset he failed the gauge time of entry, message of entry and again failed to read Zim politics, they are bound by Political Parties,……being a learned Dr and failing the read a simple judgement means he is a poor planning fellow or idiot or Both.

      • prodigy712

        You possibly are being simplistic. We need to re-imagine out politics and how we organize it. He may fail, but he is on the right path. It is up to you and me to have a value based conversation about where the country needs to be and not get trapped in the politic of it.

        The way politics was socialized coming from a liberation movement agenda will never allow the development of a next generation state. It often pushes the wrong candidates forward. It creates acceptance of political careerism, even we the electorate are fooled in thinking that the amount someone spends in the trenches is a qualifying criteria to lead.

        His message is for the next generation. What kind of Zimbabwe do we need? Lets therefore create a foundation and structure that will become the basis on which we build this.

        • Truth.com

          You are one person who really understands what Nkosana is all about. As long as we ascribe to the old political paradigm of populist campaigning then we will remain in the mud. Sometimes I am convinced that the problem in Zim is deeper than the ruling party we condemn, the Zimbabwean mind is simply still politically backward and primitive to move on to the next level. Already you have Chamisa saying its Morgan or no one else, really? We are literate but very ignorant as a nation. Nkosana is bringing the future not telling you what you want to hear!

          • prodigy712

            You are right in that our problems are deeper than the ruling party. The behavior of the ruling party is the effect, the cause is more sinister. We are own enemy breeding monsters.

            SA gave Zuma the mantle, now he is proving to be the biggest headache and presides over the most corrupt government in modern day SA, to the point of almost tearing ANC apart.

    • Tsungu share with us what he should have done

      • Chief Nhema

        He attacked the opposition more. he attacked ZANU PF at the launch. He will soon learn the game. Well done Zunde!

  • Ketina Chikwanda

  • If a man is not saying anything about his country then he might be worki.g for the inteligience of that same country

  • He is not a politician.

  • Why now

  • In my opinion he is the right man for that job. Besides being political zim now needs a leader who is business minded. So I put my weight that guy.

    • If this strategy could work Simba could have won.He is disappointing most Zimbabweans.He suddenly pitches up on the political scene towards an election aiming to win the Presidency.HE KNOWS HE WONT WIN.I HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT HE IS BEING PAID TO SPLIT VOTES AND HE AIMS TO COLLECT MONEY FROM DONORS AND ENRICH HIMSELF IN THE PROCESS.HE DOES NOT HAVE THE INTERESTS OF ZIMBABWEANS AT HEART. He is in a small way helping the ruling party to win the election.He is honestly going to deserve a big CHEQUE from the ruling party for splitting the opposition vote then facilitate a win for the ruling party.He is an enemy of the revolution towards a democratic change for Zim.To be honest many people who I just talk are disappointed by the actions of this man.In Zim one does not attract more votes because of academic credentials and business acumenship.Simba Makoni has to workshop this doctor.He also has to learn basic things like shaving and clarifying his manifesto to the grassroots people.He is a greedy optimistic stranger to the electorate and very few voters are ready to waste their vote.However the few who may vote for him would have have used their vote frightfully to vote for the allied opposition parties.I am deeply disappointed by this man who I also wish to find out if he is not tribalistic.

      • en b

        it’s a pity some people can’t accept Ndebele politicians, and run to play the tribal card, we have a long way as a country

    • My opinion he is not a right man.

    • sky you are right

  • Can Zunde give pipo like me one reason why I mustnt vote for Nkosana Moyo

    • Taura hako. Chii chinombonzi ZUNDE

      • Dembo

        Uri CIO you moron. Shut your foul smelling mouth up.

    • One reason “he is a non-entity like Simba Makoni only good for securing Mugabe a run-off since bhora musango is coming”. This bloke woke up and made himself a president.

      • prodigy712

        I respect self made people who venture into politics for a purpose. I will support them anytime over career politicians who’s only skill is mastery of politics.

        We need leadership and visionaries to take Zimbabwe forward. These qualities will define our trajectory post Mugabe and ZPF. Changing gurds does not equate to progress. Populism does not translate to capability. The world is very competitive and our mediocre rulers stand no chance in this global village despite filling stadia back at the ranch.

        A developmental agenda that unifies this land is what we need and our job is to chose an outfit or person fit for that job.

        • The swii

          i totally agree with you Prodigy712.The liberation played its role. That particular liberation mind set has no room in progression. The world is a competitive arena and it needs the wise and learned. Our current politicians are exactly that, politicians. Their mandate is strictly the abuse of poor to acquire wealth. Nkosana brings with him a different and fresh mind set which would enormously benefit the country.
          Personally I think a grand coalition is some what a desperate move anyways. But what makes it real NO NO is the individuals involved in it. Failed politicians in Amai Mujuru and Tsvangirai. Lets give Nkosana time and see what he is bringing to the table.

          • prodigy712

            100%. A coalition do or die is always based on who gets what job. So the founding principle is wrong off the bat.

            Take for instance BREXIT. America’s secretary of state sits with a business think tank around how to capitalize on the changes in EU. What of our dear leaders in gvt and opposition?

            This is the mindset that differentiates winners and losers. Winning in the global market is never a chance event and Zimbabwe will never succeed by fluke. Serious work has to be put in.

            I for one think Moyo is in the right mindset for the movement. Our current politics has yielded nothing for ordinary citizens and continuing on that path will just continue to lead to nowhere.

          • macron macron

            My man our current situation needs think tanks who will emerge when we come out of a bushwar. Talking smart at this stage will not win us anything. Let these dull like Tsvangirais deliver us for now then we can talk about thinktanks later. This time we are more cleverer we will not let him play around with us like Mugabe did. In any case his gvt will be more fragile and easy to remove as it will surely be removed

          • prodigy712

            I will do my part as an active citizen to not stand by and wait for someone else to be a messiah. No one person can do it alone.

            I believe in what Moyo stands to represent, something I have been discussing with my peers over the past 4 years or so. Moyo left to prove it on his own will not succeed. He needs your support and network to turn the minds of our people. That a slogan is empty words coming from an empty stomach, that the
            future of Zimbabwe lies in the collective wisdom of the competent and
            capable “not just politicians”.

            Failure to do this, we will be discussing the fate of a failed country 20 years on in different forums across the globe while time passes by.

    • Nyagwe Zunde yacho chii? Wat we r saying leave character assasination paside and tell us wat you going to do wen u in Gvt

      • Dr Dotito

        If you see character assassination in this article, then you’re very new to politics. Not sure why you’re even commenting. Kwanzi neZunde ‘mauya asi toda kunatsa kuziva pamakamira’. Zvakaipei?

    • Shoko Mukanya

      Do you know him? Resigning from Zanu PF thats about all. What did he achieve as Minister? Nothing!! So how do you trust snd vote for a man you dont know? That is the reason why you should not give him your vote unless you are a tribalist and you dont care who you vote for as long as he is your kind

      • prodigy712

        Google is free. He has done a lot more than many ministers combined.

        • Shoko Mukanya

          Like what you dim wit??? What’s a lot??

          • prodigy712

            He has an impressive career, C-suite level in global financial brands. He is a though leader and respected banker given the platforms he is invited to addressed. This is public info…….Ndipo panoti self-made.

            Isu ma dim wit we celebrate these successes in our families and friends. We push and inspire one other to master your area of influence be it business for those who are entrepreneurial or professional for those who find themselves in employment.

            Saka imi vachenjeri munoitawo nezveyi? perhaps I can learn a thing or two

  • Time 4 change


  • What democracy is there when only a perennial loser is allowed to contest elections! This is ubsurd for real

    • 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

    • Reuben

      Who stopped you from contesting?

  • there is lot that that is looked at when you want to choose a leader. In the Zimbabwean context, someone who, firstly made of steel, has a clear cut political and economic direction, prepared to work with any one qualified to be part of gvt executive, embrasive and more importatly is future oriented.

  • A serious person who’s really pain by the current situation in zim should not concentrate on individualistic ideas, he must build own mainstream opposition. Those you see forming parties now are bogus otherwise masquerading as opposition but they aren’t.

  • So 18years as an opposition is being in touch with the people

  • Politics hadzina kuchipa

  • Nkosana Moyo is probably the best candidate in the opposition but unfortunately our politics is about personalities rather than capabilities that’s why they will be stuck with clueless Tsvangirai in opposition forever

    • prodigy712

      Its your responsibility to educate the late adopters of this reality. Building a country such as where Zimbabwe finds itself is a very difficult task and the skills needed cannot be faked.

      Our fate lies in collective wisdom choosing the right trajectory for this motherland. Dont be dissuaded or despair. The more you passionately speak truth, the more it becomes a possible reality.

  • If you think this guy has a chance or believe in these antics, then as Zimbabweans we have a very short memory span, what’s wrong with us, this guy is using the exact same strategy that Simba Makoni used in 2008, it’s tried and tested as a blueprint of failure as far as the plebiscite is concerned, academic honours and a clean cut image don’t win elections in Zimbabwe, watch this space, whatever he does goes against the ultimate goal of unsitting Zanu Pf in 2018…

    • Wanyora wafunga thanks

    • Exactly my opinion

    • Thanks Churchill. I cant add or subtract anything from your well thought out piece. Mutambara aripi nhasi nerobotics dzake?

    • The truth is Tsvangirai won the elections with a 73 percent victory. Zanu just found a hide away in Makoni and stuff . That’s why they resorted to violence.

    • prodigy712

      The context and circumstances are different from Simba. In any event, the real truth is that unsitting ZanuPF is the ultimate goal. Assuming so means we fail to diagnoise what led to this situation in the 1st place. We need a different type of politics. For me, MT presents the same politics as Zanu albeit in a fresh face. Coalitions are problematic from England right down to Africa. Its even worse in Africa where the are primarily negotiated on the basis of jobs for the boys.

      Our politics should be development centered around the Zimbabwean citizen. Moyo knows what he is talking about and has a fair chance of getting it right.

    • Churchill une brain dzinonyatsoshanda iwewe. Ndazviona. Dai waro vazhinji vedu vachishandisa brain like you do. A least i have companyy!!!!

  • At times in life u need to go under ground and reflect on way forwaard. When working against zanu pf timing is key or else all sorts of aallegations will follow and accidents and all sorts. Howeveer we all kno the man can do the job.

    • Davidzo

      Imwe underground unodzoka waita sa Saddam Husein, lol.

  • Ini zvemuZimbabwe zvandiconfusa politics dzecho so people cannot agree on one individual

  • ZUNDE leave Nkosana alone. Character assasination will not yield you anything. Fight the real enemy and leave this man alone. As a Zimbabwean i dont really knw much of things you have done for the people. A small number if none, know about your existance, so shut up and ride your bicycle and leave us alone

    • If telling the truth is what you call character assassination, then his character was already dead before he even showed up as a presidential candidate

    • Truth according to who? Who is ZUNDE anyway? I dont support Nkosana Moyo, but let the best candidate win without decampaigning the character he is. Bring the facts on the table and convince people to vote for you.

    • Dzingai

      ‘Shut up and leave us alone’ – sounds like ZANU PF talking😁

    • It’s character assassination,its the plain truth.Telling it as like Iit is.

    • Sky Naidoo according to who? the point am making here is not about Nkosana, but ZUNDE

  • “He left the political scene and went underground never to say a word about anything — not even a word of solidarity with the people he now seeks to govern as President”.

    You are very right

    • prodigy712

      You fail by assuming he should have been the people’s spokesperson. He is a private individual just like you and me. The difference is he has decided to stand and be counted.

      He was not a politician or an activist. He is a man who believes Zimbabwe can be better than what it is. Such views from critics are really baseless and have no bearing to the future that we should be discussing or debating about. It only serves to reaffirm the notion that one should be a career politician before earning stripes to lead. Leadership and politics are 2 distinctly separate institutions. One can lead without being a politician, yet one can be a politician and fail dismally at leadership.

  • Another good publicity for Dr Nkosana Moyo

    • Cde Chinx

      Thought it was publicity for Zunde. They don’t mince their words.

  • Kkk

  • Is there any problem with him for going underground.?Dont disparage the man,only the electorate will decide wether they like him or not.

  • The ballot box will have an answer to wether Moyo is a failure or not.He is in the deep end.Let him prove his worth.

  • Guys the suborn truth is how does Nkosana appeal to the people of Mashobaland, Manyikaland Midlands since he appears to from Matebeland sides the shonas and the like seems to be in control you may want to dispute that but that’s the truth without mazezuru ruling in Zimbabwe is difficult. Ma Shona are majority

  • 2008 Simba did the same, hazvidi kuudzwa munhu izvi

  • Zimbabwe has too many arm chair critics who can slaughter you literary

  • Ah handiti it’s democracy. Anyone is free to be a candidate. Kutukana ndoo kunei nxa

    • Kutyei

      Hapana atukwa. Kana nyaya yapinda mudariro, mumwe nemumwe ane maonere ake. Ndiyo democracy. Hasha itai shoma. Kwete kuitasamai Chimene vasvuta mbanje yenhoko dzembudzi!

  • Cant help but wonder if he isnt another Simba Makoni sent to split the vote.

  • Zim has more than 40 registered political parties,
    really ?? Did you know that?

  • Politics has no definitive entry point .

  • ZUNDE is nothing. Vanhu varikungodawo kuhwikwa but zheve takavhara. Haticheuki kana zvipopi zvichihukura.

    • Wezhira

      Matocheuka vakuru!

  • Stupid why had u bn silent all these yrs. Go to hell

  • Who z Zunde by the way 😊 let those who feel can lead try their lucky.but zvisinei mafungiro enyuwo Vezunde varoberei mawoko😆😆

  • a lot of candidates are shacking many esp so called opposition,murikutyei,dn fear any1,otherwise u arming zanu.munhu wese ada mudariro zvosarira isu vavhoti

  • uyazi uTsvangirai wenu lo uyatsvangayira yena ngokwakhe, Tsvangirai can’t rule for he doesn’t not the rules, look a man from Gambia who is now President pulled what left us green with envy, Biti Tendai confirmed mdct had claimed victory, that was later confirmed by Zanu that unleashed terror on people of maShonaland, on operation dubbed ” mavotera papi “, leave Simba out of this, a poor carpenter always blame his tools, anyone blind to see that Tsvangirai is seeing stars, refer to reccent events, Mliswa saga, Mujuru marraige which is on rocks, his mis informed affair with Warvets, Army Chiefs, all these are guilty and are making fool of your dear leader, lingathi asiltshelanga!, yekani ukwenza the same mistake ka 1980, put Country and Constitution and people!

  • Achembera ko haana vazukuru kandi .ngaatuke mugabe timzwe akbovharirwa nekupondwa sa tsvangirayi. Him and mujuru are the most evil working on deviding votes so we continue sufferig to death

    • Sekuru Gondo

      It’s his right to participate in politics asi zvekupinda achituka varipo, uuuumh, aita mutserendende pareza. VeZunde mashoko vanawo ende havadzori tsvimbo.

    • Dividing votes… how?

    • If yu dont understand simple things ask your kids than to embarrass yourself here with silly questions

  • this guys cant even built a decent house for his parents or do anything for his area and wants to lead zim come on he has never did anything other than for himself and you think he will fight for Zimbabweans its just people are desperate to have someone who is not Mugabe or Tsvangirai and cabal and just thowing names and suddenly the nutty professers has looked at his cv and thinks he can be president somebody should tell him to stop watching movies or following American politics this is africa

  • I just want a regime change…who is going behind the steering? how ?..I don’t mind

  • Nkosana is a nonentity in politics. His first speech confirmed this and one wud really wonder whether he has achieved all what he is acclaimed to have achieved. How can he talk of the opposition as water & petrol? What is he himself, water or petrol? Who in the grassroots where it matters most know him? Where was he to try & seek relevance now? He is just another zanu pf project created to woodwink the electorate, but we now know

  • At present Zimbabwe needs a leader who is not a warvet ,not a tribalist, who can’t tolarate corruption, not promicious,who v
    and who have pple at heart.

  • Lingethuki maShona, ngowakini!

  • Gamba

    Huyai kuno kuZaka rinopisa, Hurungwe ne Dotito…..Takakumirirai tiri pasi pemuchakata tichimwa chikokiyana. Motipakurirawo zvamunazvo sevatungamiri vamangwana. Hazvisi nyore kungomuka muguza wofumo gwauta uchiti ndavakukwikwidza pachigaro chamambo.

    • prodigy712

      As a people, we have to look up to the elite and enlightened to provide the wisdom and thinking capacity. We cant work with lowest common denominator pasi pamuhacha. Those who are in the know have to influence the thinking of those who may not be aware. Indeed it is in the insights of the wise and technically capable that our nations hopes lie.
      Fixing a multi-layered broken economy and institutions such as we have in Zimbabwe needs the collective working of sons and daughters like Dr Moyo to put it on a path of recovery. Politics will not do the work, and trust me, politicians are the least likely to do that which is needed. Vakatoteya kupinda pana Chombo atorewo mapurazi

  • He thinks kutiza huminister kwaakaita makes him our Darling…. Ooh hell NO Mr fundi…. We are not that dull…we maybe under oppression yes but that doesn’t makes us vote for you…better join forces with the opposition and speak with one voice!!!!

  • Marujata

    NM akushaisa mufaro right? You know he is too clean and too good.
    Murmurmur poor pple.

  • since when have we voted fr a president frm Matebeleland.minority pple cn nt lead us.ABIG NOOO

  • Matakadya kare haanyaradze mwana, what matters is here and now. DR Moyo could be our knight in shining armour. Let him be.

  • Beware he is another Mutambara

  • If he love Zimbabwe he must fund Opposition not to contest

  • This guy is just fresh meet for the juggernaut. He does not have a single cell.On the internet he can win but on the ground he is mincemeat one does not need teeth to chew.

  • NO

  • Tsvangirai is a “Failer”.

  • He won’t win. Full stop

  • We need a good looking nan at the state house… This dude got my vote…. Tired of seeing mhwabha pls

  • Denis Moyo Hunt

    We agree with Vince Musewe: Zimbabweans must realise that liberation politics is now dead and we now need inclusive developmental politics led by a new breed.

  • “A very smart person”

    To those Zimbabweans doubting Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Vice President “should be given a chance…he is a very smart person,” Presidential aspirant, Dr. Nkosana Moyo says.

    His comments are contained in the first ever public grilling of the former Industry and Trade Minister by a large panel on ZimEye.com in the running weeks before his final announcement of entering the Presidential race made last week. team Lacoste!

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