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Man tries to rape sister as punishment

By Walter Mswazie

A 22-year-old Zaka man will spend the next five years in jail after he was convicted of attempting to rape his 31-year-old sister as punishment for siring children out of wedlock when she was still staying in South Africa.

Appearing before Chiredzi senior regional magistrate Mrs Judith Zuyu last week, the man whose name cannot be revealed to protect the victim, pleaded not guilty to one count of attempted rape.

Mrs Zuyu however, convicted the man due to overwhelming evidence and sentenced him to 10 years in jail.

She suspended five years for five years on condition of good behaviour. Delivering sentence, Mrs Zuyu considered that the man wasted the court’s time by denying committing the crime yet it was clear that he had an intention of raping his sister given the overwhelming evidence.

“You wasted the court’s time and you deserve harsh sentence. How dare can you attempt to rape your own sister in full view of your other sister? Your behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. You should be kept out of society for long,” said Mrs Zuyu.

Prosecuting Ms Precious Rusere said sometime in April this year, the man arrived home and found his two sisters in their bedroom hut. He then accused the other of having had “kids without a father” when she was in South Africa.

“The man arrived home at around 8pm and started accusing one of the sisters of siring children in South Africa out of wedlock. The woman had been previously staying in South Africa where she had sired two children with an unknown man.

“When the helpless woman attempted to respond, the man started to assault her threatening to rape her the same way she had been abused while in South Africa, in full view of the other sister. He pinned her and tried to force himself onto her with an intention to rape her but she screamed for help,” she said.

The court heard that the screaming attracted a neighbour who rushed to her rescue. The neighbour then made a report at Zaka Police Station leading to the man’s arrest while the woman was taken to hospital for medical examinations. Sunday News

  • Attempt to rape…….then 5 years….hezvo nhaaimi.
    Koo dai ari azenge azoinyika mukati akatundira….azenge achatopuhwa makumi mashanu chaiwo.
    Koo kuzoti dai anga ariiye amubvisa humhandara ….hezvo!
    Kooo kuzoti……………………
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  • Not a real human being he’s almost a creature

  • Although the guy was guilty the sentence was too harsh

    • trying to rape your own sister who is a good 9 years older than you? Too harsh? When was he appointed guardian of her vagina? What would this miscreant do if it was a younger relative? Even 15 years is not enough

  • Woiteizve wezhira???

  • Maybe he was drunk by the time he returned home.

  • It has been a loooong wishing to hit things so that was his chance to prove his wishes its not abt the children ” SATAN

  • Pakaipa

  • Was a 22 year old moyo of Gwanda who murfered Nduna now is a 22 year old again facing rape charges

  • Masvingo yazviita zvekare

  • The two sisters had to make sure he gets locked up The young man is innocent on attempted rape but guilty of physical assault on her sister.All brothers don’t get along well with their sisters who bear children out of wedlock.I can safely say on this particular day this young man had had enough of mockery by his friends at the beerhall concerning his sister.Thats is why he got home angry. It’s unfortunate he has been convicted of a crime he didn’t commit(attempted rape) Pinning her sister down was part of the fight scene.Brother22 sister 31 Please reinvestigate this case

    • That’s not an excuse to assault ivo vaimuseka vacho kubhawa zvekumba kwavo vavazvipedza here hapana musha usina zvawo

    • Precious Magozore true but this guy should have been convicted of assult not attempted rape Zvekusekana kubhawa especially kuruzevha mundari is unavoidable.They call it munemo kuZaka uku.The sisters just wanted to fix this young Am sure vanga vasingagari zvakanaka nenyaya yasister ava.i am looking at this case based on same situations I witnessed

    • True Onesimo asada kuraper coz dai akamubvisa hembe taiti shuwa manje haana problem i think vana vakugara voga vabereki vakafa maybe saka vana vakuvengana

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