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Olinda wants to get pregnant by Tytan

Five months after her separation with Stunner, Olinda Chapel, is in a happy state as she has moved on with her life.

Tytan and Olinda
Tytan and Olinda

During a Facebook Live video on Tuesday evening, Olinda poured her heart out saying she was glad that she was finally over the heartbreak, thanking musician, Tytan Skhokho for making her happy.

She said she had been dating the Mukoko hit-maker for the past three months and it has been nothing short of bliss.

“Tytan makes me so happy. It’s so nice to have a person who prioritises you whereby you’re the first person he sends a good morning message and the last he speaks to before he sleeps.

“I’m still getting to know him but he’s a very loving and gentle person,” said Olinda.


As a result, the mother of two boys said she would be hibernating as from July 1 to focus on her relationship with Tytan and make babies. Tytan will be in the UK, where Olinda is based, this week for the Miss World Zimbabwe UK pageant in which he is a host.

“As from July 1, I won’t be available so these are my last days on this platform. It’s about time I have another baby, preferably twins who are girls as I’ve two boys and want to balance the equation. So I’ll be here on my bed most of the time working on that.”

Olinda also reflected on the break up with Stunner which she filmed live on the same platform in January this year and laughed about it.

“I cried a lot and I’ve no more tears left. I was so depressed and never believed that one day I’d reflect on it all and actually laugh about it.

“I remember the day when I said enough is enough and shared my story with people on Facebook crying. It was funny because as I was on Facebook Live, someone would switch off the Wi-Fi to interrupt my recording and I’d switch it on again. I’d three phones with me as well in order to ensure that I’d vent on Facebook.”

Those who watched the live video on Tuesday which has since been deleted supported Olinda while some felt that she was not over Stunner as she was still speaking about him.

She, however, responded saying people needed to be supportive of her new love and be happy for her before blocking all those who posted negative comments. The Chronicle

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