Form 3 pupil whips mum with belt on consultation day

By Andile Tshuma

A form three pupil at Wanezi High School allegedly whipped his mother with a leather belt on consultation day while teachers and other parents looked on in shock.

File picture of a teacher in a class with pupils
File picture of a teacher in a class with pupils

Bewildered teachers at the Brethren in Christ-run institution ended up calling the police when the boy started using foul language on Saturday afternoon.

The pupil — who cannot be named because he is a minor — was allegedly angered by the fact that his mother was taking the side of one of his teachers who had revealed that he was playful and needed to work harder.

A member of staff at the school said the boy took off his belt and lashed his mother in full view of his teachers and other visiting parents.

“A female teacher attempted to intervene but the boy, who seemed possessed, roughly pushed her away and she fell to the ground. There was no controlling him.

“He was like a raging bull that was prepared to destroy anyone and anything in his path,” said the member of staff who declined to be named.

“Even male parents seemed afraid of him. He really became wild. I suspect there is something we don’t know about this incident that triggered him off. The fact that the teacher said he was playful and his mother agreed, seems too trivial.”

Sources at the school said the pupil is a problem child and a bully.

“The boy is just a problem. He is a handful to deal with. He gives teachers, prefects and fellow students a problem. It is unfortunate that it seems like even his family cannot control him. It was a relief when the police finally arrived,” said a teacher at the school.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele said the school had decided to deal with the matter internally.

“The school is dealing with the issue as an internal matter. If there was police presence, the officers may have been there on other business”, he said.Renowned culturalist Reverend Paul Bayethe Damasane said it taboo for someone to raise a hand against a parent.

“Culturally, it is unheard of. It is a shame. Lihlazo lamahlazo. It is a disgrace, it just doesn’t happen in society. Insulting or assaulting a parent, particularly one’s mother whose parenthood is undisputed as one would have slept in her womb, is totally unacceptable. Nothing good can be salvaged from a person who does such a thing,” he said.

“Biblically, by insulting, disobeying or assaulting a parent, one would be inviting curses for himself and his offspring for generations to come. It is a degree of disrespect that one just cannot fathom.”

Rev Damasane said in as much as the pupil could be blamed, sometimes it would be a manifestation of socialisation that a child may have gone through.

“We could curse the child for those actions, however, those are learnt behaviours. A child may have grown up seeing an older father figure in the family assaulting a female member of the family, be it a mother, or an aunt.

“Perhaps it’s a single parent home where a father figure is absent. All those are possibilities to factor in. Children learn certain behaviours from society through the process of socialisation,” he said.

The Wanezi High School Headmistress, only identified as Mrs Khumalo, could not be reached for comment as the school’s phone rang unanswered.

Matabeleland South Provincial Education Director Ms Tumisang Thabela said she was away on leave and referred questions to the office. The Acting PED could not be reached for comment as he was said to be in a meeting. The Chronicle

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    • I have also seen Tongogara primary school ,Joshua Mqabuko airport ,Robert Mugabe housing scheme ,Rekai Tangwena street and yet their families don’t benefit. It’s a demon in this country.

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  • And people scrambled to their phones to take pictures and not to help the poor mother !

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  • Why did teachers and other parents looked instead of stopping him?

    • they shld hv bushed him heavily

    • which jail ,its all because of us parents how talks of children’s rights everyday, this is a taste of our own medicine.

    • Is it really part of our culture not to discipline kids? We have taken things too far. Now its the kids in charge. Teachers have also given up. Dont forget that parents rush to complain and even sue teachers in cases where teachers beat up students.

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  • There is no demon,obvious the same mother was busy spoiling the kid in private so the kid has shown the world the failer of being raised properly

    • Yu tell the real truth

    • We don’t know this child so let’s stop demonising his mum.Most parents strive to give their kids a good upbringing.

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  • This is the result of ill-discipline. Now who will control him if he cannot listen to the parent who pays his fees and feeds him. Soon he is gonna kill her…mark this

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      • Nyongolo

        i don’t see any wrong phrasing or writing

    • You hv never made an error yourself????

    • Godserves Mangena really! Controlling your kids PERIOD

    • Alex Muregi

      Reminds me of a good old adage…spare the rod and spoil the child.

    • The mother made him. She made him a spoiled kid. It’s an eye opener to many parents

  • So you mean that guy i see on this photo is the one who whipped his mother

  • Young offenders straight to get some rehabilitation. ….vakaramba vachirera imbwa nemukaka vacharumwa worse. …mwana aguta kunyarwa uyo….he should learn stay within his limit or he might have gone mental & then medical attention

  • When kids are growing up, don’t listen to this Child Abuse stuff if they are naughty, “Beat!!!!!” Beating is love to the naughty. They wont do this stupid behaviour. Also stop spoiling but love your kids parents. Hezvo!! who ever thought this could happen muZimbabwe makazara shamhu kudai.

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    • Then the single mother would have sued the good Samaritans from here to high heaven. I once saw it. It’s costly to beat another person these days.

      • Alex Muregi

        …you are right, the folly of some parents is astounding

    • Did we read the same article or do you know this family.Nowhere in the article does it state the mother’s marital status.Its Rev Damasane speculating about the boy’s family life.Many kids are being raised by single parents due to one reason or another but they are well behaved.

    • Such behaviors are so common among kids raised by single mums’ especially when they let the children stay with grandparents

  • Probable he is a very dull student who did nt want the mother to view his performance

  • He will see the result

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  • As for me I can say sorry to that particular parent ,but to the whole nation its a good lesson because its us who is crafting these so called children’s rights.think of it if manages to beat his mother how abt the teachers.kwakarohwa vamwe abt 4 more parents I believe tinoongorora zvee mimwe yemitemo yatakabvumirana

  • Kushaya shanhu uko..parents dnt ever spare the rod coz u will be spoiling your child pliz..its a shock to hear that someone has beaten his parent,its not a demon but kujaidzwa dai pakaita one mubereki akamurova nxaaaa

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    • If we all report this post it will be taken down

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  • the Parliament passed the law of not beating or disciplining these kids which is even contrary to the word of God,childrens needs to be disciplined not protected like eggs

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  • What about when he becomes an adult and manages to buy a gun?

  • This is pure black bad ancestral spirits on this boy…mamhepo/yimi moya amadlozi amabi.Its either that or the mother of this kid failed to raise this kid properly from a young age and spoilt him to a point of no return.A kid who has been taught to fear and love and respect his mother will never ever dare try even to answer back his mother even as a grown man can be slapped by his mother in public and never ever answer back or react violently. That’s how we all fear and respect our mothers.This kid is doomed for life now. Its either he is mentally ill or he has become one of those kids impossible to reform and discipline and groom even if they come from a very good background with good parents. The kid is delinquent,he needs to be taken out of that school and into a teen reformatory institution like the one in Luveve Bulawayo.

  • Tendai Mupone

    This is beyond my wildest imagination. At most I can picture an angry father lashing his wayward child in public. I have never heard of mothers who would use such an accession or reason to enforce discipline. Yet this child has the nerve to take off his belt to beat up his mother. What more does he do back home. I am inclined to think she may be a step mother who he blames for his parents divorce. But still I am finding it hard to imagine the humiliation she suffered.

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  • Nehanda can you please take down that pic. That’s my nephew there. I don’t think the parents will be amused by this. and it’s st. Ignatius college… Mai matwins huyayi muwone

  • Mona Gunundu have a look at this

    • true its now out of hand…this is not the first time mufunge

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  • Thank you boy for beating the hell out of your Mother who spoiled you

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  • That’s what parents get for mis-raising their kids!

  • The mother made him. She made him a spoiled kid. It’s an eye opener to many parents

  • So is that him in the picture? If so, then the article claims identity cannot be revealed to protect him as he is a minor (my foot). If not him, then why use someone else’s photo (he may be victimized) 😩

    • sorry this person omin the picture is now a doctor.they have been abusing this picture for 7 years now and I feel annoyed cause this is my son who is well brought up

    • tht z nt the person bein’ discussed on the pic man

  • Sibonweyinkosi Millie

  • Akomana why would they put Jambo’s picture there? Thats an old picture 2007/2008 MBC St. Ignatius they should sue!

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  • even th bible denied this.he is cursed pasi nekudenga bt very soon he wil see ma consequences azvo.

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  • Chokwadi

    One guy nailed it “Perhaps it’s a single parent home where a father figure is absent.”. Study in America has shown that all prisoners, drug addicts, teenage pregnants from very different backgrounds have one common characteristic : raised by single mothers.

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