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Mbeki desperate to remain relevant

By Benjamin Semwayo

When we all thought that Thabo Mbeki, the former President of South Africa who was consigned to the dust bins of history, had settled in his new territory, he has reappeared, spewing his characteristic garbage. His successor, Jacob Zuma, once described him as a decapitated snake. Now his apparition has emerged to warn all and sundry against resisting Mugabe, his partner in crime in violating the rights of Zimbabweans.

Former South African president Thabo Mbeki
Former South African president Thabo Mbeki

Zuma is certainly turning in his political grave in the South African wilderness, and as malicious as he has always been, has leapt to Mugabe’s defence against the voices of reason among South African politicians who feel Mugabe has abused Zimbabweans for too long and must now be reined in.

Leave it to Zimbabweans to reject their own leader, he admonishes his compatriots, conveniently ‘forgetting’ they rejected him resoundingly during his tenure as the South African head of state, and instead of respecting the verdict of the people he let him off the hook.

That this comes at a time when we had all but forgotten that he ever existed must forebode ill for Mugabe. Perhaps in the land of the politically dead that he is living in he saw the doom that is stalking Mugabe, that will reveal itself at the next election, and felt compelled to play the part that he had always faithfully played in his earlier life, that of protecting Mugabe from being toppled. It is certainly a harbinger of some seismic event when a headless snake starts talking.

Mbeki has gone down history as the most hated foreign in Zimbabwe for abetting Mugabe’s litany of crimes including the mass murder of thousands of political activists, rigging elections, ruling illegally and causing poverty on a grand scale in a country that was one of the most prosperous in Africa and on course to become a global economic powerhouse.  

Mbeki clearly has no inkling how much anger the mention of his name generates in Zimbabwe. Thousands of funerals were held in Zimbabwe as people mourned lives that were curtailed prematurely on Mugabe’s whims, and when they looked to Mbeki for protection in his capacity as the Head of a powerful neighbouring country and Chairman of SADC, he gave his nod, not to the legitimate request of the innocent downtrodden, but to the heinous actions of his northern counterpart, for which he must have been rewarded plenteously. 

In doing that he demonstrated a shocking lack of conscience, caring only for material gains.

World leaders along the length and breadth of the globe condemned Mugabe acutely, but Mbeki stood by him, sweeping under the carpet all his sickening atrocities while assuring the world that he was doing something behind the scenes through his myopic ‘quiet diplomacy’, and the results would be seen soon, but his comrade’s conduct only got worse. Now even with the benefit of hindsight he has still not got it and soldiers on in his desire to see Mugabe protected against replacement.

Mbeki has caught the ire of people not only in Zimbabwe, but also in his country. Although it happened many years ago, it still defies all logic and beggars belief that a man of his stature and calibre would deny his subjects treatment for HIV and AIDS because he believed they did not exist, resulting in the deaths of millions of people who could otherwise have been saved, for which he became the laughing stalk of the world and became unpopular in his own country.

As it happens, Mbeki is wrong on just about everything, which is why when he left the political stage many hoped he had gone for good and would not be heard from again. It boggles the mind how he landed the presidency when traditionally at the chief’s court it was mentally bankrupt men of his sort who were tasked with skinning an animal while men endowed with insight and wisdom deliberated important issues.

To the Ordinary Zimbabwean, Mbeki is a wanted man whose hands drip with the blood of innocent men, women and children. He can do Zimbabwe a favour by keeping his views to himself not meddling in matters that do not concern him. As it is he has done irreparable harm, and by continuing to express sentiments that cause offence he is simply adding insult to injury.

But the saddest thing is that he is the typical African president. Many of Africa’s presidents are of Mbeki’ quality. The bane of these presidents is that they are not elected on merit, but assume office through all sorts of devious ways, including blatantly rigging elections, which violates the rights of nearly a billion people.

  • Bullshit, Mbeki did nothing that destroyed Zim.

    • He is an architect of the mess. And if not a crook too

      • Patrick Guramatunhu

        Zanu PF has been rigging elections since 1980, where does Mbeki come in there?

    • Why not be quit if you are not sure.

    • Did he lose the election for Zims opposition? Did he craft the electoral act to be vague? Did he win the vote for the Rulling party? The problem with Zimbos is,we want solutions for our running stomach fro those who have none running. Mbeki was acting accordingly,as per the Sadc agreed methods.

    • Why not be quit if you are not sure.

    • Why not be quit if you are not sure.

      • Patrick Guramatunhu

        And you tell us then what Mbeki did to land us in the 2008 mess?

    • Wellington Sithole you are very dumb

      • Mpho

        Ma jange you are the dumbest here.

    • Am in agreement wit yu Sithole,TOTALLY!

    • Ma JanGe, you very smart. Mbeki is never a Zimbo. And if you think your neighbor who is living large will solve you starvation. Go and start working now. What was Mbeki supposed to do in your own opinion

    • Sithole it seems you no nothing about what he did to the Zimbabwean people so the better you keep quite than to vomite your rubbish. This is the man who mastermind the fake government of national unity when Mugabe was beaten in the elections instead of telling him to go. He plan that deal so that he can safeguard his businesses in Zim. When people were killed whilst Mugabe was withholding the election results for a month he told the entire world that there is no crises in Zim, so that other countries can not intervine.

      • Mpho

        Dirwayi, you better keep quiet if you have nothing progressive to offer. Insulting others is not helping. I really wonder what you would have done if you were in Mbeki’s shoes.

      • Patrick Guramatunhu

        Nonsense, Tsvangirai started talking of a GNU before the March results were announced.

    • brother mune brain -kudarika mbodza idzi –

    • Taurayi Dirwayi, was Mbeki involved in the election. Did he stop Morgan from moving into power? Did Mbeki make the decision in his personal capacity or as a Sadc mediator? Did Rhaila Odinga get external aid to grab his office chair? Would the “loser”submit to Mbeki telling him to conceed “defeat” when he had refused to leave office? Your politics is bookish my bro. I gues you are one of those persons who applaude the policies of the Trumps thinking they will come to your home and solve your own problems. Anemudumbu ndiye anorara kumusiwo.

    • I will never like Mbeki for the rest of my life.

      • Mpho

        It doesn’t matter.

    • As long as you got nothing to do with his life,why should you like him

    • Sithole your problem is that you are part of Zanupf regime and you are a happy slave to the regime so its hard to liberate a happy slave like u.

      • Mpho

        Taurayi you should go back home and fight your own battles, instead of expecting others to do it for you.

    • I salute the West African regional block, ECOWAS not Sadc

    • Wellington Sithole u should understand first the responsibility had as a mediator.Did he discharge those duties without biase or favour.The election had been declared not free n fair after people had been murdered by Zanu pf militia for voting the opposition and there evidence to that effect in videos up to this day.The international community and other african states had condemned this.How can a seating President declare war on his citizens.Mugabe should have been declared the loser that he is up to this day but Mbeki propped him back and declared him President in the Unity govt

    • Taurayi Dirwayi, being Zanu or what is no one’s business. Why should you expect the next country’s president to solve your problems? Mbeki was not doing that task in his personal capacity but with the guidance of Sadc heads. And they kept quiet becoz they were happy with it. The aim was to reach a common ground for both parties

      • Gogo

        Musatanyoko wamai vako mwana wehure

    • #Sithole what is crisis ?pple are starving ,it takes a month to release election resuls .and Mbeki asked about zim whilst in America he said there is no crisis in zim ,if yu saports hm yu are crisis in yo brain as aGold gangster [vanouraira vanhu goridhe ]pashurugw

    • Lol am in Shurugwi right now. Dont lie lol. Who was Mbeki to declare the Zim situation a disaster? Why didnt the one who wanted to know come to Zim and see for himself? Why asking Mbeki who did stay in SA

    • Fuck u asshole

      • Mpho

        Watch your language. Faktoad!

    • Lol fuck whoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Not declared free abd fair buy who???

    • Sithole you are asking now who was mbeki to declare zim situation a disaster, but do you have an answer to why he lief that there was no crisis in Zim?

    • some people are very stupid. How can you support a very old man to lead 14 million pple as if he attends meetings without sleeping dueing sessions!

    • #Wellington Sithole

    • Patrick Guramatunhu

      Exactly! Zimbabweans do not want to take ownership of anything especially their own destiny!

    • shuto

      You are alien to your own self. If you know Zimbabwean struggle to democracy you will never isolate Mbeki. Lest we forget Mbeki. Its is seen from your uncouth first words which escape from your uncouth mouth. Shame on you. Just say your view without insulting. Prove that Mbeki is not to blmae. For me , i am with the writer .

  • He refused to criticise Bob while he was in power

    • Patrick Guramatunhu

      That did not stop you forcing Mugabe to stop rigging elections!

  • True dat!!!!!!

  • That Mbeki baboon is a very stupid buffoon who deserves to be castrated

  • The American President wanted solve Zimbabwean problem once and for all he was blocked by Mbeki rty here in SA. Mbeki is our enermy number 1.Now he is fighting SAfrcans never to help us yet he knows very well tht several innocent Zimbabweans had been killed and many many more r going to be killed between now and the election day. Nothing such things r happening in South African. When South Africans killed fellow African brothers he doesn’t talk about it. This guy is a sell out.

    • dako rako mai vakafa -America kuda kuita sei-

    • ramai vako

    • you a fool kune nyika ipi yaka gadzirirwa dambudziko rayo neAmerica ine mufaro ???haikona kuda zakapfawa kunge honye

    • love more ignorance resides in you

    • You believe in white man to much. I see you are not able to solve yo own problems. You want someone to do that for you, mukadzi achaenda nevamwe varume coz of that

    • Hauna nyaya bhururu. Cuba was and still a big problem for USA to solve, you think it will that easy like the snapping of fingers. Mbeki knew that allowing American influence into southern Africa will be a recipe for disaster. Wise up bhuti

    • Some people think Not. America solving whose problems?

    • America mbavha zvayo yaida kuti ikapedza neZimbabwe yozotevera imomo muSouth Africa macho i think pple do not read news globally so that they know the results of these war mongers

  • musade kuita chimhata mhata pano -Zimbabweans if they have a problem it must be solved by Zimbabweans -majority of us Zimbabweans we dont want micky mouse organisations -siyanai navaMbeki-

  • Which probs are u talking of y cnt u solve them leave mbeki alone.zuro makanzi ne tajamuka garai kudzimba mukati hatidi,Tsvangirai chero riribenzi zvaro arikuzhamba endai mundoregister kuvhota hamudi saka munodei,saka pamberi namugabe wacho

  • Ingomwa Mbeki kana mangamusingazvizive haana mwana so he has no experience of feeling for someone

    • unevangani vana iwe-

    • Hatiregei kutuka munhu nekuremara kwake kana chiri chokwadi. State the facts only please imagine munhu asina mwana akaverenga zvawanyora anonzwa sei?

    • Anoziva baba vemwana ndimai vake.Hakuna murume anofanirwa kumboganza kuti ane vana pasina DNA testing.

    • Hahahahaha mapopota ndabva ndaita kakufungidzira zvamuri

  • Mbeki knows he screwed up, let him live with that !

  • any African leader who do not protect white people’s interests and white MONOPOLY capital would be demonised and tarnished .
    you are my hero Mbeki

    • You can say that again

    • Amatshona sometimes

    • Mandla its not about being tribal but about defending our sovereignity

    • Says the man with a name like Sir Hamilton πŸ˜‚.Did you notice that the Chinese also take our money?Who brought them here?And Mandla you’re an imbecile if your default response to challenges is tribalism.

    • wizzy read and understand first , that is if you understand english

    • @ mandla sokhela – im a proud Shona , i love Shona .
      i never wish to be somebody but love myself , my life , my wealth , my culture and everything of mine .

      thanks for calling me with my tribe . i love it , im proud of everything Shona including the majestic Great Zimbabwe / Dzimbadzamabwe (house of stones)

      thanks once again

    • Mandla you are a rock lizard, Hamilton you are frog!

    • kkkkkkkkkkkk

    • You are shitting man.

    • Shonas were born muderers they will also live their lives nt seeing hw wrong it is to b barbaric even the rats hate you

    • manhla mandla mandla 3 times wake up bro

    • Msunukanyoko ukhuluma inyoso ngoba awukaze ulahlekelwe abakini ezandleni zalezidlova,uyinto yokuphanjaniswa namafu mgodoyi

    • Wizzy Zvoushe we have tried to civil with our shona brothers politically and having realised that there was nothing called dissidents in Matabeleland it was all a ruse to create a one party state,we have been continuously bitten and dressed down by you guys who are the majority and where the zanu gets their lifeline, had you guys been concerned by the wellbeing of everybody I will expect to hear you guys calling for an investigation into the so called moment of madness which cost us our parents;grandfather’s,mom’s,sisters and even our aggressive breed of dogs ,I will only stop pointing my fingers your way when you start questioning why the well armed forces of the country took over six years to hunt the less than 120 dissidents who surprisingly survived most of them unlike the 20000 civilians who were not so lucky,The famous dissident Thambolenyoka is a zanu pf member and in its provincial executives πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜, maybe he earned his stripes

    • Mqoe I’m sure you are familiar with Zanu PF’s campaign methods.It doesn’t matter if Shona,Ndebele or Tonga people vote against them they will never concede power.Do you really think Mugabe would ‘investigate’ himself?True healing and reconciliation is only feasible when he’s gone.

  • son of africa- loyal and patriotic. salute!!!

  • Thabo u are. .
    A production of feces or excrement,
    u are doing an act of defecation, stooling. ..

  • Thabo u are. .
    A production of feces or excrement,
    u are doing an act of defecation, stooling. ..

  • There is a great problem with us Zimbabweans if someone talk his opinion different with what u think you label him names. U were expecting him to disrespect an elected president of a sovereign country. U cheer when Khama talk rubbish and is there any change with his hostility approach to Zimbabwe.

    • Godfrey wake up!!! Quote what Mbeki said and i will tell you why he is an idiot,

    • You just dont have to salute wrong doings,yes the your president was elected as you put it but for wrong reasons thats why your country is in this bad state,noone is force to agree or like what Mbeki said, if you like it other people dont

    • What a pathetic response to a very good article. Who elected mugabe?

    • muZanu pf ukapa your opinion like what this snake called Mbeki did unonzi you are a sellout ,that is why you people continue to chant down mai Mujuru today ,when Khama gives his opinion makuti he is talking rubbish ,l think you are missing something here .Tirikudzvanyirirwa nechisekuru ichi but ukada kt uzvitaure unoiswa mu acid saDzamara ,kudzidza kusakupusise kusvika ipapo uye usatye kutaura pfungwa dzako ,mentality yematongero emurungu haina kubuda muZimbabwe

    • Tell.them.Godfrey. Thats the major setback in Zim. We are cushioned by silly pampering fro Khama and the West who do nothing but sjambok our Zimbos out there. They will do nothing for us

    • what did he said? #Peter_Scorcher

    • elected by who? Does Nikuv represent the people of Zimbabwe?

    • If that opinion is evil we won’t keep quiet. Mbeki imboko

    • He said the pple of Zimbabwe shld solve our problems scolding each other doesnt build Zimbabwe we still use analogue system of thinking others are going digital. Please if u think that one’s opinion is rubbish then whats the importance of argument. Pliz Mbeki was talking from his own perspective not the position of SA. Pple should respect his opinion.

    • What’s the difference between analogue and digital? I failed to understand yr example here Godfrey.

    • Botswana is still under the colonial rule being run by wolves in ships skins.

  • smart diplomacy

  • Even hre in Akasia kkk

  • African leader yamakaka

  • munhu arikuenda ne$2.5 million every trip yekuti kana nyika ikaita coup iye can start a decent life out there but tikada kuti tizvigadzirise takunzi muri ma sellout .Zimbabwean problems can be solved by us yes he is right but we are being blocked by grand pa .

  • Zimbabweans,its time to have some proper identity and help yourselves.Forget Mbeki,forget Mugabe because all these people are now 3/4 through with their own futures.

  • Mbeki’s position among elderly African statesman will forever be tainted by the way he handled Zimbabwean electoral violence and siding with Mugabe, in the international community he is sort of a pariah and Zimbabwe is a time bomb waiting to be detonated over his head should he dare go against other elders like Obasanjo.

    As 2018 nears Mbeki feels discomfort of what may transpire seeing Mugabe is now a moving mummy, a loss of ZANUPF and he will be called out and suffer a tainted image. He is one man a new Zimbabwe government will aim shots at destroying his reputation. But you made your bed Mr. Mbeki.

  • Mbeki screwed up big time that’s why there are many Zimbabwean economic refugees in SA never expect a snake to eat its kind hence his Dictator’s support.We know his mining business in Mimosa.If the dictator wants to sprint against Bolt that’s rediculous

  • Zimbabwe should be the Switzerland of africa and South African know this.
    They were happy to see Zimbabwe collapse completely.
    Zimbabwe is now South Africa biggest export destination in sadc would this have happened if Zimbabwe had remained on course.
    The real enemy is the South African black elite who betrayed their own brothers. Their time is coming the ANC will soon have to fight for every single vote their Liberation credential are over. They have treated you worse than the whites ever did. The whole of Zimbabwe sitting waiting and praying for the fast death of Mugabe but it’s not that simple.

    • South Africans in collusion with their politicians are owning whatever little businesses remain in Zimbabwe. Most ministers have business interests in Zimbabwe including Mbeki,Zuma,Jeff Radebe,and many more and they will prop Robber MuggerB at all costs,then bribe some opposition politicians as they see in south Africa they can’t steal Willy nilly

  • Hermish Dunga

    how on earth we Zimbaz would have expected Mbeki to get us out our mess,we relagated ourselves to the background and expected an outsider to decide our future,the problem was in front of us all and is still in front of us but we can’t act ,we can’t speak,we should blame ourselves first and then mbeki

  • Mbeki the son of soil will never and has never sold out on Zimbabwe, his decision was key, strategic and appropriate for a country that was already in a critical crises.at that point also on.the verge of civil unrest. That scenario was dangerous and bad for RSA. Zimbabweans has to roll out a long term.strategy to turn.around fortunes. I don’t hate Mbeki.or anyone but I trust and strongly believe that there is always light.at.the end of the tunnel. Which Zimbabweans is this author referring to that that they hate hournerabl Tabo Mbeki ndokufarisa ikoko.

  • mbeki and mugabe are birds of a feather. mbeki knows the end of the mugabe regime will expose his dodgy investments in Zimbabwe.

  • Mbeki denied us freedom

  • Mbeki sided with with Mugabe to cripple Zimbabwe,s economy so that south Africa remain sound for he knows if Zimbabwe economy picks up south Africa will look stupid,that is subortage

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  • this Mbeki guy is also responsible for causing xenophobic violence….remember his statement….” there is no crisis in Zimbabwe” the South Africans responded by killing foreigners including Zimbabweans….now people are suffering because they protected Mugabe……people talk of underhand payments to Mbeki…..we heard was given farms…mines…for protecting Mugabe. this thing about liberation movements is like a gang of thugs protecting each other……unity of liberation movement should be based on economic prosperity…..not protecting bad governance…….

  • Mpho

    The author is plain biased i think he/she is captured by the Guptas

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    It beggars belief that even Zimbabwean intellectuals should still fail to accept the reality that it was MDC’s leaders who started the GNU negotiations before SADC took over and that it was MDC leaders who failed to implement even one reform during the GNU.

  • shokoinazvo

    Chihwayi chebudzi rewhite ichi chinowanza whiskey. nxaa

  • Isaga remufudze

  • Nwanawasa

  • Mwendamberi

    lance , where did you get this pathetic writer .

    His article is more personal and driven by emotion rather than logic .Nothing substantive.
    When you label your misinformation under ” opinions : it doesn’t mean you can write “bottle store ” rhetoric .

    Please keep this type of wanna be writers at Musvo .com or some other gossip website .

    For instance :

    .this idiot said and i quote :
    “..Although it happened many years ago, it still defies all logic and beggars belief that a man of his stature and calibre would deny his subjects treatment for HIV and AIDS because he believed they did not exist,”

    Thats both disinformation and misinformation.

    Mbeki said he had never claimed that HIV did not cause Aids. “This false accusation was made by people who benefitted from trumpeting the slogan ‘HIV causes Aids’ as though this was a religious edict,”
    Mbeki said instead , a virus cannot cause a syndrome.
    – Since then many researchers including , advocate Anthony Brink and Chris Rawiins, have come out in support of former president Thabo Mbeki’s views on HIV/Aids.
    Brink, who has written several research books on the treatment of HIV including his most noted book Debating AZT: Mbeki and the AIDS drug controversy, said Mbeki was correct in what he wrote and said .

    This excuse of a writer is not clearly blaming Mbeki for the Zimbabwean crisis is he ?
    How pathetic .
    What’s wrong with asking for Zimbabweans to solve their own problems .
    Isn’t his stepping down from power in response to S A people evident enough to highlight his opinion on democracy ?

    If this Benjamin Semwayo guy is probably the worst writer to ever acquire a platform on Nehanda radio.

    Wait , she even aware Mbeki is no longer the president of SA…or maybe he just came out of prison .

    Write a children`s book or something ,mhani.

  • Politicians are target the next election, but Leaders are target next generation.