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‘Charmer’ sires 108 children with 25 wives…had first child when he was 44 years old

An 87-year old man from Chipinge South holds the record of having fathered 108 children in a space of 43 years.

Sekuru Tauzen Mujaji and kids

Sekuru Tauzen Mujaji of the Shangani tribe was born in 1930 and had traditional challenges that resulted in him only being able to have his first child in 1974 when he was 44.

The only child in his family, Sekuru Tauzen says it has always been his desire to have many children despite the challenges he is having in raising them.

With a record 108 children and boasting of having had at least 25 wives, Sekuru Mujaji says he does not use any enhancements to help him with his fertility, adding he still feels strong to sire more children if only he finds people to help him support his family.

Sekuru Mujaji’s wives also confessed he has such charming powers and is still irresistible to this day.

Local Member of Parliament  Enock Porusingazi, who donated an assortment of food stuffs to the family, with the help of the Manicaland Minister of State  Mandi Chimene, says the family needs financial support as well as land for farming.

Sekuru Mujaji currently has 10 wives and 35 children going to school.

The others have since left for South Africa in search of greener pastures.

One of his children has a disability, which doctors, however, say is a condition that can be corrected with physiotherapy. B-Metro

  • how do yu take care of 108 children and 25 wives iwe uri wanga,kana iri mishonga ngaipiswe

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    • Thats true, this is women abuse, poligamists are usually lazy. Each woman works for her childrens ‘upkeep whilst he sits and eats like a king.

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    These are bad records we shouldn’t waste time talking about. We should focus on something positive. Why journalists appear to praise this nonsensical behaviour is a mystery. This old man will continue making babies because he is being praised for it. Yet the children born from such an environment have similar experiences as those born from a street urchin. Everybody should be crying and sympathising with the children born from this man rather than making the man a hero.

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