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‘Serial killer’ Jindu seeks release on bail

By Cynthia Dube

A suspected serial killer from Bulawayo who allegedly shot dead his friend and a neighbour before burying their bodies in shallow graves in Burnside suburb, wants to be released on bail.

Rodney Tongai Jindu

Rodney Tongai Jindu (26) of Glengarry suburb yesterday submitted a bail application to Tredgold Court magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya, stating that he is a good candidate for bail pending trial.

Mr Tashaya referred the matter to the High Court and Jindu is set to appear before High court Judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi today for bail hearing. In his application, Jindu said he deserves bail and the State must not mislead the courts into ruling against his application.

“The State is hereby encouraged to not go into the merits of the case which must be reserved for a competent court of law but instead must focus on the matter at hand, that is bail pending trial. The rule of law is that the accused person is presumed innocent till proven guilty,” reads the application.

“The State is urged to stop misleading the honourable court by getting into the merits. Section 50 of the Zimbabwean constitution states that “any person who is detained pending trial for an alleged offence and is not tried within reasonable time, must be released from detention whether conditionally or unconditionally, or no reasonable conditions to ensure that after release the accused person attends trial, does not interfere with State witnesses or commit other offences.”

Jindu, who is a father of two minor children, said he is a suitable candidate for bail because he is a bread winner at home and would not run away from ‘mere allegations’ levelled against him.

“I am willing to stand trial and prove my innocence in a competent court. I am also willing to submit my valid passport and report three times per month at Queens Park Police Station. The courts are supposed to take note that l am of fixed abode. I am not going to commit any offence if the courts grant me bail and it is my prayer that the courts throw away the State’s response to oppose my bail,” reads the application.

“There is no way that l will run away from the police because l surrendered myself to the police station on February 20 this year concerning the death of the deceased. The court must take it into consideration that I am deprived of my freedom while l am innocent.”

Two weeks ago, Jindu told magistrate Mr Tashaya that he wants the State to release his Nissan Gloria Sedan car so that his mother, Ms Engelina Mawaro, can use it to bring him better food at Khami remand prison.

He said he cannot stand prison food and therefore required regular and better cooked meals from home.

Last month Jindu refused to confirm his statements, telling the magistrate that he did not write them freely and voluntarily.

Yesterday he queried why the State was alleging he was the last person to be seen with his deceased friends, when they had not asked every person in Bulawayo to confirm the allegation.

Jindu is facing two counts of killing his neighbour Mboneli Joko Ncube (30) and childhood friend Cyprian Kudzurunga (28).

He was arrested on February 3 for allegedly killing Kudzurunga of Queens Park East and further investigations linked him to the death of Ncube on January 29. The Chronicle

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