Zanu PF humiliates Soul Jah Love

By Vasco Chaya

Zimdancehall chanter Soul Jah Love was last week dressed down in Mutare at a Zanu PF rally addressed by President Robert Mugabe.

Soul Jah Love real name Saul Musaka
Soul Jah Love real name Saul Musaka

Soul Jah Love, who was set to perform at Mugabe’s meet-the-youth-rally, was left with egg on the face after Zanu PF youth leader Innocent Hamandishe openly dressed him down in front of thousands of party supporters who were gathered at Sakubva Stadium to hear the nonagenarian leader speak.

The loved Zimdancehall artiste was set to share the stage with Freeman and Seh Calaz among others.

He undoubtedly attracted much of the attention from the 93-year-old veteran leader, a development that did not go down well with Zanu PF officials.

“Apoo hei hei, ndo-indiscipline iyoyo . . . Soul Jah Love hachisi chinhu . . . mukadaro haaridzi pano,” Hamandishe, who is the Zanu PF youth league national commissar, told the party supporters, as Soul Jah Love’s fans could not wait to see him perform.

“Makuda kutiudzira kuti Soul Jah Love zvine basa rei, cutter-yi zvamuri kuita kumberi uko . . . iwe Soul Jah Love ita discipline dzokera ugare kumashure uko . . . chii chaunoda kuti itira ipapapo . . . wakufarisa,” he further said.

Soul Jah Love’s manager Benjamin Nyandoro downplayed the issue when contacted by the Daily News.

“It is not a big issue; it was just a communication issue. There were two stages at the event and we had received signal to go and set on one of the stages . . . but you know how fans react when they see an artiste,” Nyandoro said.

Prior to the event, a local music analyst had warned musicians to be careful when dealing with politicians as they are good at abusing artistes.

“It is sad indeed; it is only in such times that politicians acknowledge the power of artistes. When it’s over and done, do they (politicians) care?

“Artistes get used, abused and refused, and history has shown that Tambaoga, Andy Brown,

Simon Chimbetu, Nonsikelelo, Hosea Chipanga and Brian Mteki among others are some of the examples of finished musicians after being used by Zanu PF politicians,” a leading music analyst who refused to be named for fear of victimisation told the Daily News last week before the event. Daily News