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Leave Mugabe alone, Mbeki says to South Africans

Political leaders who have “overstayed their welcome” must be shown the door by their own people, former President Thabo Mbeki said at the weekend.

Thabo Mbeki seen here with Robert Mugabe

“Political leaders should not stay in positions forever, I agree,” said the statesman during a discussion with young people involved in his foundation in Johannesburg on Saturday.

“…But who makes sure that they go?”

Mbeki then turned to the example of Zimbabwe.

“I would fight with any South African who stands up to say: ‘I, as a South African, say Robert Mugabe must go’,” declared the ANC stalwart.

“I say it is none of your business.  It is the business of the people of Zimbabwe…

“If the people of Zimbabwe think that President Mugabe has overstayed his welcome, let them say…president, please go away.”

Mbeki suggested that the larger context of decolonisation needed to be understood in these kind of scenarios.

“The colonial system was exactly about taking away the possibility for us to determine our own [destiny],” he said.

“Now I sit here as a South African and me, I’m going to say to the Zimbabweans: ‘You shut up. I’m going to decide for you who your leader is’ … It is wrong,” stated Mbeki.

Turning to the recent Fees Must Fall protests around university funding, Mbeki said that the issue had to be addressed within an understanding of all of South Africa’s needs and the limit of money available.

He said as students, they might be “addressing the thing that is in [their] world: fees must fall” but someone from an area that did not have proper infrastructure “is thinking, there is no water…no clinic…no roads…millions of unemployed…”

“Idealistically, I wish we could have it all, including fees must fall,” said Mbeki. Radio Vop

  • Voetsek Mr Mbeki.

  • What happened to your (AU) peer review system?

  • PeterPan

    Shut up Mr. Mbeki. We haven’t forgotten how you stood by Mugabe 2008. Had it not been you, Zimbabwe would be a “liberated” country.

  • That’s stupid everything happening in zim directly affects sa let them speak. So far millions of Zimbabweans are in sa with or without papers. Soo mr mbeki/mr there is no crisis in zim is still at it nxaa

    • Patrick Guramatunhu

      So you still do not understand what happened during the GNU!

  • Mbeki contributed to Zimbabwe mess he is a Mugabe sympathiser He had business deals with zanu voesk mbeki

  • quiet diplomacy this guy worships Mugabe

  • People r being killed for tht Mr Mbeki. You blocked America when they wanted to solve our problem. U r cruel to us Mr Mbeki. Mujuru his former vice is jobless. Who else can push him out.

  • Mbeki mutengesi

  • Rwendo

    Coming from someone who stepped in to save Mugabe in 2008 because he thought Tsvangirai and the MDC were wrong for Zimbabwe; to contradict his own conduct like this, he must think people are truly dumb and he himself very smart. Little weasel.

  • Bornfree

    Kusaguta kunyarwa Mbeki… Mudhidhi wakawora. Tora Bob munofa

  • All those mimosa mines belongs to him

    We’re suffering because of Mbeki.I hate him,he making business out of our problems

  • Klwe

    Is it worth making a comment of the useless Mbeki?

  • let nikuv decide nt zim

  • We’re suffering bcz of u Mbeki. Do u still remember yr words back 2008?? “no crisis in Zimbabwe”

  • By so doing you are poking yo nose into zim afairs. Just keep quite and sit down. Gara pasi
    We know you have some interests

  • shokoinazvo

    Chigwai chevhudzi rewhite ichi chinema1 Whyky too much

    • kiddnile

      Going by ignorant Mbeki comments the world should not have intervened in SA. Where would SA be today.Mbeki is a fool of great you proposition.

  • Mbeki is responsible for all this suffering in Zimbabwe, he poorly mediated during talks. He committed crime this old chap

  • He is protecting his Mimosa mines, stupid old chap

  • Mbeki you are also failing to show Zuma the door.

  • Sure coz this is a true son of soil kkk

  • Mbeki is a stupid fella who is responsible for all the evil in Zim. How dare he raises his mouth today. What did he do during his term in office to promote good governance in neighbouring states.

  • The problems faced by Zimbabweans its you Mbeki.You are now busy stealing Zim minerals with your old friend

  • u have brains bt dnt think u made zimbabweans suffer to this day u shit

  • Mother fucker

  • Mbeki’s quiet diplomacy led Zimbabwe into its current decay! The world should not listen to him!!

    • Lle

      Spot On!

  • Mbeki is supporting uncle Bob becoz he have farms inZim when he was in exile during apartheid he know every evil things done by ZANU poor finish

  • Mbeki you’re stupid, you forgot what you said simply because they gave you shares at zimplat

  • siyanai naMbeki imi vanaJukwa -mikosho yamadzimai enyu-



  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    Many Zimbabweans have yet to understand that it was MDC’s fault that that the GNU failed to get even one reform implemented. We are not ready for self government!

  • Stupid Mbeki shut up.

  • What’s wrong with this fella?

  • Hands off our President. Long live Cde Rg Mugabe

  • Mosunukanyoko mbeki u are the devil of zimbabwe

  • fuck him… he should have left us alone also

  • Futsek Mbeki shut up& sit down!Nowonder they kicked you out as president coz you are useless!

  • They must jail him this fool how can you say there is no crisis in Zim??

  • Lethal Sansole

    Mbeki you are very confused.

    Saka its ok that Mugabe can go gallivanting in the DRC killing thousands of people looking for diamonds but in respect of his activities at home you are telling people to keep quiet?

  • I dont think maverenga zvakanyorwa zvanzi south afrincans leave Mugabe alone .so whats your problem are you southafricans ayhas

  • josefa chinotimba

    Yes you are saying that,but for how long have we said that Mugabe must go achirambirapo?Isn’t it that in 2008
    he lost the elections to Dr Tsvangirai hands down,and you as the mediator supported him to stay put?

    Mbeki,if you have nothing to say,please keep quiet,okay.Remember,Zimbabweans are suffering a lot under this regime.I used to like you until the time you started supporting Bob,i then realised that you were insane.Yes insane.

  • Mukanya

    Mbeki imboko!!